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Many of our staff who went to Gen-Con UK this September reported back that there had been a great deal of public interest in our staff only 'Womble of Darkness' tee shirts. People had expressed an interest in buying such an item... so how could we say no?

As a result we are pleased to announce that WWOTLTSW is making the design (and a variant) available here on our website for people to download and use themselves. Below are two files, both GIFs, which you are welcome to download and use for printing tee shirts (for your own personal use mind, you don't want the Vercotti Brothers after you...)

This way you do not have the mark-up from us for the cost of a Tee, and you decide where the logo goes.

We don't want money for this service, it is all part of our new scheme to get you cheap promotional clothing.

We call this scheme "ShareWear", and hope that you like the idea.

wpe3.gif (214100 bytes) wpe1.gif (214114 bytes)

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This page is purely a work of parody and satire, please try not to take it TOO seriously, OK?
Oh yeah, the Spice Marines figures really are available from GZG.
Have a fun day :-)