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Welcome to the WWOTLTSW Home Page

On these pages you can see articles that have been produced over the years about the White Wizards, their products (especially the amazing Womble of Darkness™ range), and the new directions our magnificent leader Jonathon Chirp will be taking the company now that he is finally at his rightful place.

We have also uploaded catalogues (both old and new) so you can see what's been going on over here.

Although the layout of these pages is unusual, we are gathering all the articles by their date of origin rather than the more usual (boring!) organisation by subject, we feel it will help to show the company's roots as well as the ways in which we are developing.

We also present, for the first time, sharewear! The clothing range of choice for anyone who wants to show their support of the Wizards.


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Oh yeah, the Spice Marines figures really are available from GZG.
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