John's Homes
1940 - 1980
The life of John Lennon,
as told through the homes in which he lived.

1968 - 1972
An illustrated Plastic Ono Band discography.

1966 - 1972
An illustrated Filmography of
John and Yoko productions and guest appearances.

Television Appearances
1963 - 1980
An illustrated history of Television appearances
made by John alone or with Yoko.

Radio Interviews
1964 - 1980
A list of John & Yoko appearances on the
Radio, includes significant home taped speech recordings.

Home-Video and DVD
1981 - today
An illustrated guide to all official
home-video & DVD releases.

The John Lennon Play
June 1968
"The John Lennon Play: In His Own Write" was a one act production
staged at the Old Vic in London by the National Theatre.
John discussed the play in a Television interview.

Art & Vibrations
August 1968
John and Yoko's first Television interview together was for
"Frost on Saturday". A review for the October Beatles monthly
book magazine and a transcript from the show
are available here.

Rolling Stone Interview
September 1968
As the 'White album' sessions drew to a conclusion,
Jonathan Cott interviewed John in his London flat.
**Note that many copies of this interview floating around on-line are incomplete**

You Are the Plastic Ono Band
July 1969
Derek Taylor explains the concept of the Plastic Ono Band,
with additional thoughts from John Peel.

Live Peace in Toronto
September 1969
Roadie Mal Evans' account of the
Plastic Ono Band's live appearance in Canada.

The World of John and Yoko
December 1969
A transcript of a documentary in which a BBC camera crew followed
John and Yoko for five days at the start of the final month of the 1960's.
Includes the notorious meeting with Gloria Emerson.

Man of the Decade
December 1969
A TV programme broadcast across the United Kingdom on the
penultimate day of the 1960's, Desmond Morris nominated
John Lennon as his choice for the 'Man of the decade'.

Primal Therapy
Summer 1970
An interview with Arthur Janov and an extract
from Pauline Lennon's book in which she describes
one of John's most important therapy sessions.

Howard Smith Interview
December 1970
A transcript of a Radio interview in which John & Yoko
talk about Primal therapy, relationships
and their twin Plastic Ono Band albums.

Red Mole Interview
 January 1971
Robin Blackburn and Tariq Ali talk with John & Yoko
for their underground magazine "Red mole".

Grapefruit Interview
 July 1971
Steve Turner meets the Lennon's for a chat.
"We came together to talk about Grapefruit,
Yoko's book of poems, and ended up talking about Jesus"

Lennon Library
A personal selection of books and
magazines on John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

Lennon People
Links to official, and tribute sites of
those folks who came into John's life.

More Articles and Interviews
Links to articles and interviews that span
John Lennon's entire career.