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Ready Steady Go! (1965 editions)
Ready Steady Go! logo 1965Keith Richards on Ready Steady Go!Keith Moon on Ready Steady Go! 1965
Presenter Keith Fordyce left the show at the end of March. From 2nd April Kathy McGowen would host it on her own and artists would now be required to perform live rather than mime. The Who thrashing out "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" on the 2nd July edition endures as one of the most wildly exciting TV rock clips of all time.

Notable appearances:-

15/01/1965 Rolling Stones - "What a Shame", "Time is On My Side" & "Down the Road Apiece" / Kinks - "Tired of Waiting For You"
29/01/1965 The Who - "I Can't Explain" & another unknown song (first appearance of many, Donovan also made his debut on this date)
26/02/1965 Rolling Stones - "The Last Time", "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", "Pain in My Heart", "Play With Fire" & "I'm Moving On"
19/03/1965 The Kinks – "Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy" / Them - "Here Comes the Night"
02/04/1965 Yardbirds - "For Your Love" (First edition with live performances)
09/04/1965 Rolling Stones - "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", "Pain in My Heart", "I'm Alright" & "The Last Time"
16/04/1965 John Lennon & George Harrison interviewed (The Kinks also on this show)
23/04/1965 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (only appearance, probably did "Crocodile Walk")
14/05/1965 Spencer Davis Group (first appearance of many) / Kinks - "Set Me Free"
21/05/1965 The Who - "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere"
04/06/1965 Rolling Stones - "The Last Time" & "Play With Fire" / Yardbirds - "Heart Full of Soul"
25/06/1965 Them - "One More Time"
02/07/1965 The Who - "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" & "Shout and Shimmy" (Live not mimed, survives)
09/07/1965 Yardbirds - "Heart Full of Soul"
30/07/1965 Kinks - "See My Friends" / Yardbirds - "My Girl Sloopy"
06/08/1965 The Byrds & The Who (without Daltrey who was ill, Byrds probably did "All I Really Want to Do" and maybe "Mr Tambourine Man")
13/08/1965 Nico - "I'm Not Saying"
27/08/1965 Rolling Stones - "Mercy, Mercy", "Cry to Me", "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" & (over credits sans Jagger) "Apache"
03/09/1965 The Who -  "Dancing in the Street" & "My Generation"
10/09/1965 Rolling Stones - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Oh Baby" & "That's How Strong My Love is" (all live, survives incl miming send-up of "I Got You Babe")
17/09/1965 The Small Faces (first appearance, probably did "Whatcha Gonna Do About it")
01/10/1965 Yardbirds - "Evil Hearted You" & "Still I'm Sad"
22/10/1965 Rolling Stones - "Cry To Me", "She Said Yeah" & "Get Off Of My Cloud"
29/10/1965 Yardbirds - "Evil Hearted You" & "Still I'm Sad"
05/11/1965 The Who - "Man With Money", "My Generation" & "Shout and Shimmy"
12/11/1965 Marc Bolan - "The Wizard" (first appearance)
19/11/1965 The Who - "Love Hurts", "My Generation" & "Shout and Shimmy" (replacing headline act The Kinks who had to pull out)
03/12/1965 The Who - "It's Not True" & "The Kids Are Alright"
10/12/1965 Kinks – "Till the End Of The Day"
24/12/1965 Christmas Special including The Who "My Generation", The Animals and The Kinks (Group members took part in a pantomime of Cinderella, Eric Burdon as Fairy Godmother!)
31/12/1965 The Who "I Can't Explain" & "My Generation" (mimed)

Gadzooks! It's All Happening
This series was BBC2's immediate successor to "The Beat Room" which had come to an end the previous week. The new show was compered by singers Alan David and Christine Holmes with resident dance troupe The Beat Girls. The title was changed to "Gadzooks! It’s the In Crowd" at one point and eventually shortened to just "Gadzooks!". David Bowie (then known as Davy Jones) was reported to have initially been banned from appearing on Show 6 because of the length of his hair, the producer Barry Langford told the press "Kids today don't want this long-hair business. For his own sake, Davy should have his hair cut.", but Jones was given a reprieve and told that he could appear - so long as he agreed to give his appearance fee to charity if there were complaints from viewers. Presenter Alan David left the programme on 5th July 1965 because "Not enough people are looking in." (the relatively new channel BBC2 was only available in certain areas and to those with specially adapted TV sets at the time), a BBC spokesman responded "The programme is being re-shaped" and it appears that Roger Whittaker then took over until it was axed after 8 consecutive months on air. Nothing from the series is known to have survived.

All shown in black & white
Show 1 - BBC2 Monday 1st February 1965, 6:55-7:25pm (Incl The Animals / Marianne Faithfull)
Show 2 - BBC2 Monday 8th February 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Graham Bond Organisation)
Show 3 - BBC2 Monday 15th February 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (The Nashville Teens / DDDBM&T)
Show 4 - BBC2 Monday 22nd February 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Marianne Faithfull / The Moody Blues)
Show 5 - BBC2 Monday 1st March 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Manfred Mann)
Show 6 - BBC2 Monday 8th March 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Davy Jones [Bowie] & The Mannish Boys "I Pity the Fool")
Show 7 - BBC2 Monday 15th March 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (The Who "Shout and Shimmy" & "I Can't Explain" / Donovan)
Show 8 - BBC2 Monday 22nd March 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Chuck Berry)
Show 9 - BBC2 Monday 29th March 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Alexis Korner)
Show 10 - BBC2 Monday 5th April 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (The Animals)
Show 11 - BBC2 Monday 12th April 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (John Renbourn)
Show 12 - BBC2 Monday 19th April 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Them)
Show 13 - BBC2 Monday 26th April 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 14 - BBC2 Monday 3rd May 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 15 - BBC2 Monday 10th May 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 16 - BBC2 Monday 17th May 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (John Lee Hooker / Nashville Teens)
Show 17 - BBC2 Monday 24th May 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (David Bowie)
Show 18 - BBC2 Monday 31st May 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 19 - BBC2 Monday 7th June 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (The Who "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere")
Show 20 - BBC2 Monday 14th June 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 21 - BBC2 Monday 21st June 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 22 - BBC2 Monday 28th June 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 23 - BBC2 Monday 5th July 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 24 - BBC2 Monday 12th July 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 25 - BBC2 Monday 19th July 1965, 7:05-7:35pm (The Animals)
Show 26 - BBC2 Monday 26th July 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 27 - BBC2 Monday 2nd August 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 28 - BBC2 Monday 9th August 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (The Byrds)
Show 29 - BBC2 Monday 16th August 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 30 - BBC2 Monday 23rd August 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 31 - BBC2 Monday 30th August 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 32 - BBC2 Monday 6th September 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 33 - BBC2 Monday 13th September 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 34 - BBC2 Monday 20th September 1965, 7:00-7:30pm
Show 35 - BBC2 Monday 27th September 1965, 7:00-7:30pm

NME Poll Winners Concert (1965)
Beatles - NME Poll Winners Concert 1965Kinks - NME Poll Winners Concert 1965Alan Price - NME Poll Winners Concert 1965
The NME Poll Winners Concert was an annual awards event from 1963-1972 organised by the weekly pop newspaper New Musical Express and held at the Empire Pool in Wembley. The 1965 show, which took place on Sunday 11th April in front of 10,000 fans, was particularly memorable as it featured The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Them, The Kinks and The Animals and, unlike the 1966 concert, the ABC cameras were allowed to record both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones sets for inclusion in the TV broadcasts - shown in two parts over consecutive Sundays. Note that Alan Price left The Animals a matter of days/weeks after this performance with the announcement of his departure being made public on 5th May 1965.

Beatles - "I Feel Fine", "She's a Woman", "Baby's in Black", "Ticket to Ride" & "Long Tall Sally"
Rolling Stones - "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", "Pain in My Heart", "Around and Around" & "The Last Time"
Them - "Here Comes the Night" & "Turn On Your Love Light"
Kinks - "Tired of Waiting" & "You Really Got Me"
Animals - "Boom Boom", "Talking 'Bout You" & "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

Part One - ABC (ITV Midlands & North)* Sunday 18th April 1965, 3:15-4:40pm (black & white)
Part Two - ABC (ITV Midlands & North)* Sunday 25th April 1965, 3:15-4:40pm (black & white)

*Anglia and Westward also showed the programmes at the same time as ABC whilst ATV London and Southern showed them at the later time of 4:10-5:35pm. Scottish showed Part One on 25th April (from 3:40pm) and Part Two on 2nd May (from 3:25pm).

Top of the Pops (1965 editions)
Top of the Pops - Jimmy Saville 1965Top of the Pops - The ByrdsTop of the Pops - The Rolling Stones 1965
Incredibly, none of the Beatles' exclusive recordings made for TOTP during 1964 and 1965 exist except for 20 seconds or so of "Ticket to Ride" which was re-used on an episode of "Dr Who" (the cast watching the performance on a "time and space visualiser"). The biggest loss Beatle-wise is "Yes it is" as there is no visual record of that song being performed anywhere.

Partially surviving edition - BBC1 Thursday 12th August 1965, 7:25-8:00pm (black & white)

Notable appearances (not promo films or the audience dancing to the disc):-

07/01/1965 Them - "Baby Please Don't Go"
21/01/1965 Kinks - "Tired of Waiting For You"
04/02/1965 Animals - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
25/02/1965 Marianne Faithfull - "Come And Stay With Me"
25/02/1965 Pretty Things - "Honey I Need"
04/03/1965 Rolling Stones - "The Last Time" (exists)
11/03/1965 The Who - "I Can't Explain" (appearing in the "Tip for the Top" slot as last minute replacements, The Who mimed twice more to this on 25/03/65 & 01/04/65)
18/03/1965 Yardbirds - "For Your Love"
01/04/1965 Them - "Here Comes the Night"
15/04/1965 Kinks - "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy"
15/04/1965 Beatles - "Ticket to Ride" & "Yes it is" (pre-recorded with no audience, brief snippet exists)
03/06/1965 Donovan - "Colours"
03/06/1965 Kinks - "Set Me Free"
10/06/1965 Rolling Stones - "It's Alright"
10/06/1965 The Who - "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" (The Who returned the following week to mime this song again)
17/06/1965 Rolling Stones - "I'm Moving On"
24/06/1965 Yardbirds - "Heart Full Of Soul"
15/07/1965 Animals - "We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place"
05/08/1965 Kinks - "See My Friends"
12/08/1965 The Byrds - "All I Really Want to Do" (exists)
19/08/1965 Rolling Stones - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
30/09/1965 Small Faces - "Whatcha Gonna Do About it"
21/10/1965 Yardbirds - "Still I'm Sad"
04/11/1965 Rolling Stones - "Get Off My Cloud" (pre-recorded with no audience, exists)
11/11/1965 The Who - "My Generation" (returned a week later to mime this again, and again on 02/12/65)
09/12/1965 Kinks - "Till The End Of The Day"
16/12/1965 Spencer Davis Group - "Keep On Running"

Bob Dylan
Recorded 1st June 1965 at the BBC studio's, the recording was broadcast in two parts. Off-air audio made with a domestic recorder exists of both shows.

Part One.....
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Mr Tambourine Man
Gates Of Eden
If You Gotta Go, Go Now
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
It Ain't Me Babe

Part Two.....
Love Minus Zero / No Limit
One Too Many Mornings
Boots Of Spanish Leather
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
She Belongs To Me
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Part One:- BBC1 Saturday 19th June 1965, 10:50-11:20pm
Part Two:- BBC1 Saturday 26th June 1965, 10:30-11:00pm

Repeat:- (Part One or Two?) BBC2 Saturday 12th March 1966, 8:40-9:10pm

Dont Look Back
Don't Look Back
The film of Bob Dylan's Spring 1965 UK tour documented by D. A. Pennebaker includes footage of Bob sparring with reporters, meeting fans, relaxing in the hotel rooms with Joan Baez, Donovan, Alan Price etc. as well as performing several songs at the Royal Albert Hall. The most often seen sequence is the "Subterranean Homesick Blues" opening section in which Dylan displays a series of cue cards emphasising words and phrases in the song.

Reporter: Would you say that you cared about people particularly?
Dylan: Well yeah, but you know, we all have our own definitions of all those words, "Care" and "People".
Reporter: Surely we know what people are.
Dylan: Well, er, do we?

Film released 17th May 1967 (96 minutes, black & white)
British TV Premiere:- BBC1 Friday 30th May 1986, 10:20-11:55pm
Home Video released August 1986 by Virgin
Region 2 PAL DVD released 7th May 2007 by Sony BMG (Region 1 DVD had been available since 2000)

Wholly Communion
Wholly CommunionAdrian Mitchell - Wholly CommunionAllen Ginsberg - Wholly Communion
"The International Poetry Incarnation" at the Albert Hall, London on 11th June 1965 had very little to do with music, but it was the event that really set the counter-culture ball rolling in Britain with some notable scenes of 'freaking out'. Peter Whitehead decided only hours beforehand to film it, borrowing £100 to hire equipment and shooting it all on one camera, the images were later synched up to a superior BBC audio recording and the result was this 33 minute production. The star attraction was Allen Ginsberg, although the most celebrated segment was Adrian Mitchell's savage ironies on Vietnam: "I was run over by the truth one day, ever since the accident I've walked this way, so stick my legs in plaster - tell me lies about Vietnam....". The film has never been shown on any of the main TV stations in the UK although clips have turned up on numerous '60's retrospectives.

Film released May 1966 (33 minutes, black & white)
Region 2 PAL DVD released 29th October 2007 by BFI

1965 The Beatles - Help!
The Beatles 2nd movie, again directed by Richard Lester, though this time filmed in colour. Written by Charles Wood and Marc Behm, the plot revolves around Ringo (who had shown himself to be the most capable actor among the four band members in their original picture), the drummer having been sent a ring by a 'fan' which belonged to an eastern cult - Members of which then arrive in London in a desperate bid to retrieve it. The British television premiere in the summer of 1971 was the first of a weekly series of Rock 'N' Roll films broadcast on BBC1 under the "Pop Go The Movies" banner, the "Help!" album re-entered the UK charts soon afterwards for a two week appearance where it peaked at #33. A late change to the schedules on the night of 9th December 1980 saw the film shown as a tribute to John Lennon, though it was arguably the least appropriate of the Beatles Movies given that Lennon had never disguised his disappointment with it.

Songs in the film
"Help!" (Mock TV performance)
"You're Going to Lose That Girl" (Mock studio recording)
"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" (On the couch with Eleanor Bron)
"Ticket to Ride" (In the Swiss alps attempting to ski)
"I Need You" (Surrounded by army protection on Salisbury plain)
"The Night Before" (as above)
"Another Girl" (By the sea in the Bahamas)

Film released 29th July 1965 (92 minutes, colour)
UK TV Premiere :- BBC1 Tuesday 6th July 1971, 7:30-9:00pm (colour)
2nd broadcast:- BBC1 Tuesday 26th December 1972, 3:30-5:00pm
3rd broadcast:- BBC1 Thursday 26th December 1974, from 10:30am-12:00pm (Boxing Day morning)
4th broadcast: - BBC1 Tuesday 10th August 1976, 6:44-8:11pm
5th broadcast:- BBC2 Saturday 22nd December 1979, 6:35-8:02pm (Part of "The Beatles at Christmas" season)
6th broadcast:- BBC1 Tuesday 9th December 1980, 7:30-8:57pm
Home Video released 26th March 1990 by VCI inlay scan
7th broadcast:- ITV Sunday 14th June 1992, 2:05-3:45pm
8th broadcast:- ITV Sunday 28th February 1993, Early Hours
9th broadcast:- Central (ITV Midlands) Sunday 1st January 1995, from 12:05am
10th broadcast:- West Country/HTV/Anglia (ITV Regions) April 1995, various days & time
1st UK Satellite/Cable broadcast:- Sky Movies Late 1995, Evening
BBC2 Saturday 27th October 2007, 7:50-9:20pm [pre-video release mono print]
Region 0 PAL DVD released 5th November 2007 by EMI/Apple
BBC4 Sunday 25th November 2007, 7:00-8:30pm
BBC4 Wednesday 16th January 2008, 8:30-10:00pm (Part of "Pop on Trial" season)
BBC2 Saturday 5th September 2009, 10:45pm-12:20am (BBC2 N.Ireland at 11:30pm)
BBC4 Thursday 10th September 2009, 11:10pm-12:40am

The Beatles in Help!
BBC2 Saturday 27th October 2007, 12:05am-12:35am (This was the documentary that was also included in the DVD release)

The Beatles at Shea Stadium
Filmed in colour on 15th August 1965 with parts of the soundtrack doctored with new vocals and instrumentation in January 1966.

TV Premiere: - BBC1 Tuesday 1st March 1966, 8:00-8:50pm (All UK TV was still black & white at this time)
Repeat:- BBC1 Saturday 27th August 1966, 6:15-7:05pm (Another black & white screening)
Repeat:- BBC2 Sunday 23rd December 1979, 5:30-6:20pm (First colour broadcast in UK, part of "The Beatles at Christmas" season)

Charlie is My Darling
Charlie is My Darling - Mick JaggerCharlie is My Darling - Keith RichardsCharlie is My Darling - Brian Jones
Film of the Rolling Stones short tour of Ireland, 3rd-4th September 1965*, directed by Peter Whitehead. The film mostly captures the band off stage, notable for an interesting interview with Brian Jones and a drunken hotel scene in which Keith plays piano and Mick impersonates Elvis and recreates the opening of The Beatles "I Feel Fine".

*The band played two shows in Dublin on 03/09/1965 and two in Belfast on 04/09/1965.

Brian Jones: "The future as a Rolling Stone is very uncertain. My ultimate aim in life was never to be a pop star. I enjoy it, with reservations, but I'm not really, sort of, satisfied - either artistically or personally."

Film given limited release March 1966 (50 minutes, black & white)
Region 2 PAL DVD released 3rd August 2009 by IMC Vision

The Music of Lennon and McCartney
The Music of Lennon and McCartney - Granada TV 1965Peter Sellers - The Music of Lennon and McCartney 1965
Recorded 1st & 2nd November 1965 with John and Paul introducing guests who had covered their songs (including Peter Sellars and Marianne Faithfull) plus The Beatles miming to their latest double A-Side single "Day Tripper" & "We Can Work it Out".

TV Premiere:- Rediffusion (ITV London only) Thursday 16th December 1965, 9:40-10:35pm (black & white)
                     All other ITV Regions showed it on Friday 17th December 1965, 9:40-10:35pm (black & white)
Repeat:- Channel Four Monday 30th December 1985, 8:30-9:20pm (black & white)

Other TV/Film appearances 1965
??/01/1965 Them - Interview [Ulster TV, b&w] (rec 04/01/65 standing next to a jukebox)
09/01/1965 Kinks [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Possibly previewed "Tired of Waiting For You" released following Friday)
20/01/1965 Kinks - "You Really Got Me" & "All Day and All of the Night" / Rolling Stones - "Oh Baby" & "Down the Road Apiece" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (Stones rec 15/12/1964, see also 03/03/65)
24/01/1965 The Animals - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w]
25/01/1965 Syndicats [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]

??/02/1965 Jimi Hendrix (Providing backing for Buddy & Stacey) - "Shotgun" [Night Train, USA TV b&w]
01/02/1965 Yardbirds [That's For Me, Rediffusion b&w] (Monday tea-time show hosted by Anne Nightingale)
08/02/1965 The Animals [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]
12/02/1965 Rolling Stones - "Walking the Dog", "Heart of Stone", "Little Red Rooster" & "Around and Around" [The Big Beat '65, Australian TV b&w] (rec 29/01/65)
16/02/1965 Kinks - "You Really Got Me" & "All Day and All of the Night" [Hullabaloo, USA TV b&w] (Miming on a set resembling a yard at the back of some shops)
17/02/1965 Bob Dylan - "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" & "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" [Les Crane Show, USA TV] (plus interview, audio exists)
20/02/1965 Pretty Things [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Most likely did new single "Honey I Need")

01/03/1965 Pretty Things [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]
03/03/1965 Rolling Stones - "Heart of Stone" & "Suzie Q" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (rec 15/12/1964, some confusion over whether "Heart of Stone" shown on this date or 20/01/65)
09/03/1965 Marianne Faithfull [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w] (Probably did "Come and Stay With Me")
11/03/1965 Mick Jagger [Granada in the North, Granada TV b&w] (interviewed by Michael Parkinson for a late night slot before midnight, exists)
13/03/1965 Them / Marianne Faithfull / Moody Blues [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Them almost certainly did "Here Comes the Night", Marianne probably "Come and Stay With Me")
18/03/1965 The Who [Seize Millions De Jeunes, French TV b&w] (Excerpts from The Marquee rec 16/02/65 for a French documentary about Mods)
19/03/1965 Them - "Here Comes the Night" [Big Night Out, ABC b&w] (Not 100% sure on this one, said to have recorded for an ITV show on 18/03/65 which was shown on Saturday)
29/03/1965 Yardbirds [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]
30/03/1965 Kinks - "Got Love If You Want it" [The Red Skelton Show, USA TV b&w]

03/04/1965 Beatles - "Eight Days a Week", "Yes it is" & "Ticket to Ride" [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (rec 28/03/65, lost)
10/04/1965 Kinks / Donovan [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Kinks probably did "Everybody is Gonna be Happy", Donovan most likely did "Catch the Wind")
19/04/1965 Pretty Things (Blokker Festival) [Dutch TV, b&w] (Date is day of recording, tx details not known)
20/04/1965 Donovan [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w]

04/05/1965 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w] (Probably did "Crocodile Walk")
06/05/1965 Marianne Faithfull [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w] (Almost certainly did "This Little Bird")
08/05/1965 The Byrds - "Mr Tambourine Man" & "I Knew I'd Want You" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w] (McGuinn not wearing glasses)
02/05/1965 Rolling Stones - "The Last Time", "Little Red Rooster" & "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" [Ed Sullivan Show, b&w] (lost?)
20/05/1965 The Who [Three Go Round, Southern TV b&w] (Lost)
22/05/1965 Rolling Stones - "Oh Baby", "Play With Fire" & "The Last Time" [Hollywood A Go Go, USA TV b&w]
26/05/1965 Rolling Stones - "Little Red Rooster", "The Last Time", "Play With Fire" & "Satisfaction"  [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (Howlin' Wolf also on this show, the Stones watch)
29/05/1965 The Who - "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (The Who's only appearance on this show, rec on 23/05/65 - mimed, lost)
30/05/1965 The Animals - "Bright Lights Big City" & "Bring it On Home to Me" [Ed Sullivan Show, b&w]

01/06/1965 Syndicats [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]
05/06/1965 Rolling Stones - "Play With Fire" & "The Last Time"  [Shivaree, USA TV b&w] (rec 16/05/65, interview section not tx'd but archived)
09/06/1965 Bob Dylan [The Wednesday Play: The Man Without Papers, BBC1 b&w] (Small acting part for Dylan)
12/06/1965 Rolling Stones / Kinks [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Stones may have plugged their live EP released previous day, Kinks possibly did "Set Me Free")
12/06/1965 The Byrds - "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better" & "All I Really Want to Do" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w] (McGuinn again not wearing glasses)
15/06/1965 Ivor Cutler [Music Stand, BBC1 b&w]
18/06/1965 John Lennon [Tonight, BBC1 b&w] (Lennon promoting his 2nd book "A Spaniard in the Works")
23/06/1965 The Byrds - "Not Fade Away" & "Mr Tambourine Man" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
26/06/1965 Them / Pretty Things [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Them most likely did "One More Time", Pretty Things had released "Cry to Me" the previous day)

07/07/1965 Kinks - "Set Me Free", "Tired of Waiting", "It's All Right" & "Long Tall Shorty" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
17/07/1965 The Byrds - "Mr Tambourine Man", "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better" & "All I Really Want to Do" [Hollywood A Go Go, USA TV b&w]
24/07/1965 Rolling Stones - "Down the Road Apiece" & "Little Red Rooster" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w] (rec 16/05/65)
31/07/1965 The Kinks - "Set Me Free" & "All Day and All of the Night" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w]
??/??/1965 Kinks - "Bye Bye Johnny", "Louie Louie", "You Really Got Me", "Got Love If You Want it", "Long Tall Shorty", "All Day and All of the Night" & "Hide and seek" -
                [Discorama, French TV] (Live in concert, Paris 24/Apr/1965, scheduled for 07/Jul tx but cancelled as it was deemed too wild for primetime TV. It was shown at a later date due to public demand)

01/08/1965 Beatles - "I Feel Fine", "I'm Down", "Act Naturally", "Ticket to Ride", "Yesterday", "Help!" [Blackpool Night Out, ABC b&w]
07/08/1965 Small Faces [Lucky Stars (Summer Spin), ABC b&w] (Probably did "Whatcha Gonna do About it" released previous day)
10/08/1965 Pretty Things / Moody Blues [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]
11/08/1965 Rolling Stones - "Oh Baby" & "Down the Road Apiece" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
21/08/1965 The Byrds [Lucky Stars (Summer Spin), ABC b&w]
28/08/1965 Leaves - "Too Many People" & "Love Minus Zero" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w]

01/09/1965 Kinks - "I'm A Lover Not A Fighter" & "Beautiful Delilah" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
02/09/1965 Kinks - "Set Me Free" & "See My Friends" [Drop in, Swedish TV b&w]
12/09/1965 Beatles - "I Feel Fine", "I'm Down", "Act Naturally", "Ticket to Ride", "Yesterday", "Help!" [Ed Sullivan Show, b&w] (Frustratingly one week before the show was in colour)
16/09/1965 Rolling Stones - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" / Byrds "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" & "The Bells of Ryhmney" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (Stones rec 28/07/65)
21/09/1965 The Who [The Who, Dutch TV b&w] (20 minute special with the band recording a live set on 20/09/65 at a studio in Amsterdam)
23/09/1965 Pretty Things "Honey I Need" / Yardbirds - "For Your Love" & "Heart Full of Soul" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
30/09/1965 The Silkie [Five O'Clock Funfare, Rediffusion b&w] (Probably did "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away")

02/10/1965 Yardbirds - "Evil Hearted You" [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w]
02/10/1965 The Who - "I Can't Explain" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (The Who's debut on US TV, rec 03/08/65 in England, live performance)
04/10/1965 The Byrds - "The Times They are a Changin'" [Hullabaloo, USA TV colour] (Also a bizarre vocal version of "Do You Believe in Magic?")
07/10/1965 Kinks - "Who'll Be the Next in Line" & "See My Friends" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
14/10/1965 Animals - "Boom Boom", "We've Got to Get Out of This Place", "Bring it on Home to Me", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"  & "Talkin' 'bout You"  [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
16/10/1965 The Byrds - "Turn Turn Turn" & "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w]
17/10/1965 Animals - "The Work Song" [Ed Sullivan Show, colour]
??/??/1965 Animals - "It's My Life" [Hullabaloo, USA TV colour] (exists in b&w but apparently tx'd in colour, live vocal, watched by girls with their heads pushed through walls like mounted moose heads!)
19/10/1965 Animals [Five O'Clock Funfair, Rediffusion b&w] (BFI lists Animals for 28/10/65, probably did "It's My Life")
19/10/1965 Them - "Mystic Eyes" & "Gloria" [French TV, b&w] (a slower live on-stage version of the best record of the year "Mystic Eyes")
??/??/1965 Them - "Gloria" [French TV, b&w] (Miming in a studio, an amalgamation of takes of the band placed in different positions rapidly mixed together)
21/10/1965 Kingsmen - "Louie Louie" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (a pretty lame version of a classic, this was not the original vocalist who sang on the record)
23/10/1965 The Byrds - "Chimes of Freedom" & "Turn Turn Turn" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
28/10/1965 Animals  [Five O'Clock Funfair, Rediffusion b&w]
31/10/1965 The Beatles [Les Beatles, French TV b&w] (Live concert in paris rec 20/06/65)

02/11/1965 Rod Stewart [Rod the Mod, Rediffusion b&w] (half-hour doc looking at a weekend in the life of a 20 year old trying to make it on the music scene)
04/11/1965 Moody Blues [Five O'Clock Funfare, Rediffusion b&w] ("Everyday" was the Moody's latest release)
06/11/1965 Rolling Stones - "Good Times" & "Mercy Mercy" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (rec 28/07/65)
06/11/1965 The Byrds - "Set You Free This Time" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w] (Crosby wears McGuinn's trademark rectangle shades, they also swapped guitars)
06/11/1965 The Byrds - "Turn Turn Turn" [Hollywood A Go Go, USA TV b&w]
12/11/1965 Small Faces [Crackerjack, BBC1 b&w]
15/11/1965 Rolling Stones - ""She Said Yeah" & "Get Off My Cloud" [Hullabaloo, USA TV] (rec 11/11/65)
23/11/1965 Marc Bolan - "The Wizard" / Them [Five O'Clock Funfair, Rediffusion b&w] (Them probably mimed to "Mystic Eyes")
30/11/1965 Animals - "We've Got to Get Out of This Place" & "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" [The Red Skelton Show, USA TV colour]

03/12/1965 Bob Dylan Press Conference [USA TV, b&w] (rec at Poetry festival for KQED-TV, 51 minutes in circulation)
07/12/1965 Spencer Davis Group [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w] (Probably did "Keep On Runnin'")
04/12/1965 Kinks [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (Probably did "Till the End of the Day")
04/12/1965 Brian Auger Trinity - "Do Lord Remember Me" / Animals - "Rosie" & "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (all rec Aug/65 at Richmond Festival, Long John Baldry singing for Trinity with Driscoll & Rod Stewart)
06/12/1965 Yardbirds - "I'm a Man" [Hullabaloo, USA TV]
07/12/1965 Spencer Davis Group [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffsion b&w]
08/12/1965 Small Faces [Here Comes the Pops, Rediffusion b&w]
08/12/1965 The Who - "My Generation" [Glad Rag Ball, ATV b&w] (45 min special of a multi artist concert at the Empire Pool, Daltrey walked off stage due to the sound system but came back when the groups own gear was set up.)
09/12/1965 The Who - "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" & "Shout and Shimmy" / Yardbirds - "For Your Love" & "Hang On Sloopy" / Graham Bond Organisation - "Hoochy Koochy Man" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
                       (Graham Bond with Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker, all above rec Aug/65 at Richmond Jazz festival in London originally on colour vt but only shown and now existing in b&w)
10/12/1965 Kinks [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w] (Probably did "Till the End of the Day")
11/12/1965 Mamas and the Papas - "I Call Your Name", "Somebody Groovy" & "California Dreamin'" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (also did backing vocals for Barry McGuire)
12/12/1965 The Byrds - "Mr Tambourine Man" & "Turn Turn Turn" [Ed Sullivan Show, colour]
16/12/1965 The Who - "My Generation" [Three Go Round, Southern TV b&w] (filmed in Battersea Park)
16/12/1965 Bob Dylan Press Conference [USA TV, b&w] (rec by CBS, 8 minutes)
16/12/1965 Pretty Things - "Big City" / Yardbirds - "Heart Full of Soul", "For Your Love"  & "I'm a Man" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
23/12/1965 Yardbirds - "I Wish You Would" [Shindig, USA TV b&w]
30/12/1965 The Who - "Daddy Rolling Stone" / Kinks - "Milk Cow Blues" [Shindig, USA TV b&w] (The Who rec 03/08/65 in England)
25/12/1965 Mamas and the Papas - "California Dreamin'" & "Somebody Groovy" [Shivaree, USA TV b&w]
29/12/1965 Kinks [NOW, TWW b&w] (2nd edition of the "Now" series which had replaced TWW's "Discs A Go-Go")
31/12/1965 Small Faces [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w]
31/12/1965 David Bowie [Golf-Drouet, French TV b&w] (Lost?)
31/12/1965 Velvet Underground - Brief clips in report about Piero Heliczer's film 'Venus In Furs' [CBS Evening News, USA TV b&w]
??/??/1965 Yardbirds - "Still I'm Sad" [Belgian TV, b&w] (Opens with the bands' shadows only)

Bob Dylan - "Maggie's Farm" (Newport Festival) [b&w] (filmed on 27/07/65, it was  included in a 1967 film "Festival" filmed over the course of three Newport festivals 1963-1965)
Graham Bond Organisation - "Harmonica" [Gonks Go Beat, colour] (Sci-fi film includes Graham Bond Org number with Ginger Baker on drums and Jack Bruce on bass & harmonica)
Small Faces - "I Got Mine" [Dateline Diamonds, b&w] (On stage but miming, the action switches back to the actors dialogue half-way through the song)
Syd Barrett - Syd's First Trip [8mm private film, colour] (Syd & friends wandering around cambridge, possibly on LSD or possibly not)

Promo films 1965
The Who - "I Can't Explain" (Miming with Pete & John stood directly in front of Marshall amps on 08/03/65  & in a record shop in Shepherd's Bush, this was shown on Rediffusion's "That's For Me")
Beatles - "Day Tripper", "We Can Work it Out", "I Feel Fine", "Ticket to Ride" & "Help!" (mimed promo's shot on VT in one day 23/11/65, more than one version of some songs, the latter 3 made for end of year review shows)
Yardbirds - "For Your Love" (Dressed in costumes, Knights etc. with Jeff Beck now in the band and all pretending to drop dead at the end, rec 16/06/65)

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