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Ready Steady Go! (1963-64 editions)
Ready Steady Go!The Animals on Ready Steady Go!Them on Ready Steady Go!
"Ready Steady Go!" was a weekly pop show produced by the commercial London area station Rediffusion, broadcast by most ITV regions on Friday evenings with its' catchphrase "The weekend starts here!". RSG was generally thought of as more "with it" than its' rival show "Top of the Pops" on the BBC as the show had more of a focus on the youth movement rather than trying to reflect the record buying tastes of the public at large (though given the period, a lot of the surviving material is still very much on the square side). The regular presenters were Keith Fordyce (aged 34 when the show started) and Cathy McGowan (20).

1st programme - ITV (most regions) Friday 9th August 1963, 7:00-7:30pm (black & white)

Notable appearances:-
23/08/1963 Rolling Stones - "Come On" (first appearance)
04/10/1963 Beatles - "Twist and Shout", "I'll Get You" & "She Loves You" (first appearance, survives)
22/11/1963 Rolling Stones - "I Wanna Be Your Man" (President Kennedy assassinated whilst this show was on air, 6:15-7:00pm)
07/02/1964 The Kinks - "Long Tall Sally" (first appearance of many)
14/02/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away", "I Wanna Be Your Man" & "You Better Move On"
20/03/1964 Beatles - "It Won't Be Long", "You Can't Do That", "Can't Buy Me Love" (survives)
20/03/1964 The Animals - "Baby Let Me Take You Home" (first appearance of many, survives)
03/04/1964 Rolling Stones - "I Just Want to Make Love to You" & "Not Fade Away"
10/04/1964 Rolling Stones - "Walking the Dog", "Not Fade Away", "High Heeled Sneekers" & "I'm All Right"
24/04/1964 Rolling Stones - "Mona", "Route 66" & "Not Fade Away"
15/05/1964 The Pretty Things (first appearance, didn't have a record out yet but most likely did "Rosalyn")
22/05/1964 The Yardbirds - "I Wish You Would" (first appearance)
26/06/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now" & "Good Times Bad Times" (Just back from first tour of USA)
24/07/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now"
07/08/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now" (Brian Jones & Bill Wyman were the guest hosts)
23/10/1964 Marianne Faithfull (first appearance, probably did her new single "Blowin' in the Wind")
06/11/1964 Beach Boys - "I Get Around" & "When I Grow Up (to be a Man)" (only appearance, survives)
20/11/1964 Them - "Baby Please Don't Go" (first appearance and a rare surviving clip of Van Morrison's band)
20/11/1964 Rolling Stones - "Off the Hook", "Little Red Rooster" & "Around and Around" (survives)
27/11/1964 Beatles - "I Feel Fine", "She's a Woman", "Baby's in Black" & "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey" (survives)
31/12/1964 The Animals (Special edition as "The New Year Starts Here", 11:05pm-12:30am)

A certain Mr Paul Gadd is briefly seen at the very end of the Beatles set on the 27/11/1964 edition, he worked on the show as a crowd controller.

It's The Beatles!
It's The Beatles! BBC tv 1963It's The Beatles! BBC tv 1963It's The Beatles! BBC tv 1963
A live performance with an audience, recorded earlier in the same day the programme was broadcast. Only a latter portion of the show survives.

TV Premiere:- BBC1 Saturday 7th December 1963, 8:10-8:40pm (black & white)
[A "Juke Box Jury" Beatles special was recorded and tx'd by BBC Television the same day 6:05-6:35pm (black & white)]

Top of the Pops (1964 editions)
Top of the Pops 1964Rolling Stones - Top of the Pops 1964Moody Blues - Top of the Pops 1964
TOTP was the BBC's flagship pop programme for over 40 years, the format was based on the singles chart and mostly stuck to a rule whereby only acts moving up the chart (or remaining at their previous week's position) would be invited onto the show to mime to their hit. The first year saw all of the major acts appearing including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Kinks and The Pretty Things, though sometimes performers pre-recorded VT inserts (in the BBC studio but not in front of an audience). The four presenters - Jimmy Savile, Alan Freeman, Pete Murray and David Jacobs - were rotated week to week and sometimes hosted the show in pairs. Not a single show from 1964 exists in full and there are very few surviving clips, the earliest examples being from the 26/02/1964 edition (The Dave Clark Five & Billy J Kramer).

1st programme - BBCtv Wednesday 1st January 1964, 6:35-7:00pm (black & white)
Moved to Thursday - BBC1 Thursday 24th September 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (black & white)

Notable appearances (not promo films or the audience dancing to the disc):-

29/01/1964 Rolling Stones - "You Better Move On"
04/03/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" (partially exists)
25/03/1964 Beatles - "Can't Buy Me Love" & "You Can't Do That" (pre-recorded with no audience)
29/04/1964 Rolling Stones - "I Just Want to Make Love to You"
01/07/1964 The Animals - "House of the Rising Sun"
01/07/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now"
08/07/1964 Beatles - "A Hard Day's Night" & "Long Tall Sally" (pre-recorded with no audience)
29/07/1964 Beatles - "Things We Said Today" (had been pre-recorded with above tracks)
19/08/1964 Kinks - "You Really Got Me"
02/09/1964 Marianne Faithfull - "As Tears Go By"
05/11/1964 Kinks - "All Day And All Of The Night"
05/11/1964 Pretty Things - "Don't Bring Me Down"
03/12/1964 Beatles - "I Feel Fine" & "She's a Woman" (pre-recorded with no audience)
31/12/1964 Moody Blues - "Go Now" (exists)

Beatles British TV Specials 1964

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! New York Meets The Beatles
Granada production utilising some of the Maysles Brothers footage of the group's first visit to the USA. In the US the Maysles footage was eventually aired as a documentary called "What's Happening! The Beatles in the USA" on 13th November 1964.
TV Premiere:- ITV (All regions) Wednesday 12th February 1964, 10:25-11:05pm (black & white)

The Beatles Are Back
The return from the USA. The programme itself is thought to be lost, though the content was most likely ITN News footage which still exists.
TV Premiere:- ITV (All regions) Sunday 23rd February 1964, Time varied by region - London was at 11:30-11:55pm (black & white)
Repeat:- ITV (All regions) Saturday 29th February 1964, 5:15-5:45pm

Around The Beatles
Recorded 28th April 1964, mimed performances with an audience and guest stars.
TV Premiere:- ITV Wednesday 6th May 1964, 9:45-10:45pm (black & white)
Repeat: - ITV (Not all regions) Monday 8th June 1964, 6:08-7:00pm (black & white) *This broadcast was an edited version
Home Video released 29th April 1985 by PMI as "The Beatles Live: Ready Steady Go Special Edition" [The spoof Shakespeare play sequence & all guest appearances were edited out]

Follow The Beatles
Documentary, mostly recorded on the set of their movie "A Hard Day's Night" Spring 1964. Exists (sans actual movie snippets) but cannot be broadcast due to rights issues.
TV Premiere:- BBC1 Monday 3rd August 1964, 7:50-8:20pm (black & white)

A Hard Day's Night

The Beatles first movie was this comedy directed by Richard Lester and written by Alun Owen based on a slightly exaggerated snapshot of the Fab Four's day to day lives in the eye of the Beatlemania hurricane. The first British television screening of the film in December 1970 was responsible for a surge in sales of the "A Hard Day's Night" album, it made a one week re-appearance in the charts at #30.

Songs in the film
"A Hard Day's Night" (Played over the title sequence showing the band trying to escape a crowd of screaming girls into a train station)
"I Should Have Known Better" (Playing cards on a train in the guard's van)
"If I Fell" (Rehearsing for a TV show)
"Can't Buy Me Love" (Larking around on a big playing field)
"And I Love Her" (Mock recording for a TV show)
"I'm Happy Just to Dance with You" (TV performances in front of an audience)
"Tell Me Why" (as above)
"She Loves You" (as above)

Film released 6th July 1964 (87 minutes, black & white)
UK TV Premiere :- BBC1 Monday 28th December 1970, 4:05-5:30pm
2nd broadcast :- BBC1 Monday 27th December 1971, 9:40am-11:05am (Boxing Day morning)
3rd broadcast:- BBC1 Wednesday 26th December 1973, 10:35am-11:55am (Boxing Day morning)
4th broadcast:- BBC1 Tuesday 3rd August 1976, 6:45-8:08pm
5th broadcast:- BBC2 Tuesday 25th December 1979, 3:00-4:23pm (Part of "The Beatles at Christmas" season)
Home Video released 6th July 1984 by Vestron inlay scan
6th broadcast:- ITV Sunday 14th June 1992, Late night
7th broadcast:- ITV Sunday 28th February 1993, Early hours
8th broadcast:- Central (ITV Midlands) 14th October 1994, Time unknown
9th broadcast:- Westcountry/HTV/Anglia (ITV Regions) April 1995, various days & times
1st UK Satellite/Cable broadcast:- Sky Movies November 1995, Evening
Region 2 PAL DVD released 30th September 2002 by Miramax
BBC2 Saturday 3rd May 2003, 3:27-4:50pm
BBC4 Sunday 6th June 2004, 7:30-8:53pm
BBC4 Monday 12th December 2005, 10:09-11:32pm
BBC2 Sunday 9th September 2007, 11:30pm-12:55am (one hour later in Northern Ireland)
BBC4 Friday 25th January 2008, 11:30pm-12:55am (Part of "Pop on Trial" season)
BBC2 Saturday 16th August 2008, 11:45pm-01:10am
BBC2 Monday 25th April 2011, 11:15pm-12:40am (ten minutes later in Scotland)

The Beat Room
The Beat Room - BBC2 1964Ray Davies, The Kinks, The Beat Room 1964Steve Howe, The Beat Room, 1964
From 20th April 1964, viewers in London and the surrounding area finally had access to a 3rd television station with the launch of BBC2, which was broadcast in higher definition 625 lines as opposed to 405 lines on BBC1 and ITV. The new channel's first regular venture into the pop scene was this weekly series of live performances shown on Monday evenings, produced and directed by Barry Langford and presented by Pat Campbell with resident dancers 'The Beat Girls' and resident band Wayne Gibson with the Dynamic Sound. A newspaper reviewer, having watched show 2, described the participants as "Shaking with the passion of enraged gibbons."
Only Show 14 survives, but does so on VT with a priceless stunning live performance by The Kinks of "You Really Got Me" and "Got Love if You Want it" and also includes The Syndicats (with a very young future 'Yes' guitarist Steve Howe) as well as a 47 year old John Lee Hooker. Lost footage includes several appearances by The Animals, David Bowie (as Davy Jones & The King Bees doing "Liza Jane"), The Pretty Things, Marianne Faithfull and The Who (as The High Numbers appearing in 'The Beat Room Audition Spot' performing "Bring it to Jerome" and "I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying").

All shown in black & white
Show 1 - BBC2 Monday 6th July 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The Animals / Lulu / Millie)
Show 2 - BBC2 Monday 13th July 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The Animals / Long John Baldry / Inez Foxx)
Show 3 - BBC2 Monday 20th July 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The Animals / Nashville Teens / The McKinleys)
Show 4 - BBC2 Monday 27th July 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (Davy Jones [Bowie] & The King Bees / Georgie Fame / Elkie Brooks / Kenny Lynch & The Echoes)
Show 5 - BBC2 Monday 3rd August 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (Manfred Mann / Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions / Barron Knights)
Show 6 - BBC2 Monday 10th August 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (Marianne Faithfull / Manfred Mann / Memphis Slim / The Untamed Four / Long John Baldry / The Hoochi Coochi Men)
Show 7 - BBC2 Monday 17th August 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The Naturals / The Cherokees / Troy Dante & The Infernos / Tommy Tucker / Christine Holmes)
Show 8 - BBC2 Monday 24th August 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The High Numbers [The Who] / Swinging Blue Jeans / Brenda Lee / Tommy Tucker)
Show 9 - BBC2 Monday 31st August 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The Hollies / Screaming Lord Sutch / Tammy St John & The Trends / Rockin' Berries)
Show 10 - BBC2 Monday 7th September 1964, 7:35-8:00pm (The Pretty Things / Dave Berry / Georgie Fame / Lesley Gore)
Show 11 - BBC2 Monday 14th September 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band / Peter & Gordon / Bill Haley & His Comets / Sally Kelly / The Wranglers)
Show 12 - BBC2 Monday 21st September 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Repeated on Saturdays on BBC2 early evenings from this point: The Animals / Alexis Korner / Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers / Lulu / Little Eva / The Walkers)
One programme was repeated on BBC1 on Sunday 28th September 3:30-4:00pm (Under the "BBC2 Showcase" banner, presumably this was the 21/09/64 edition)
Show 13 - BBC2 Monday 28th September 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated / The Badd Boys / Herman's Hermits / Little Eva)
Show 14 - BBC2 Monday 5th October 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (The Kinks / The Syndicats / John Lee Hooker / Tom Jones / Julie Rogers - complete show exists)
Show 15 - BBC2 Monday 12th October 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Brian Poole & The Tremeloes / The Roosters / Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds / The Beat Chicks)
Show 16 - BBC2 Monday 19th October 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (This edition went out as "Beat Extra": The Honeycombs / Nashville Teens / Carl Perkins / Dionne Warwick / The Hell Raisers)
Show 17 - BBC2 Monday 26th October 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Julie Grant / The Dixie Cups / Little Walter / Peter & The Headlines / The Roosters)
Show 18 - BBC2 Monday 2nd November 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (The Moody Blues / Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders / The Breakaways / The Rockin' Vickers / Sugar Pie Desanto / Diana Dors)
Show 19 - BBC2 Monday 9th November 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (The Beach Boys / Sonny Boy Williamson / The Beat Merchants / Troy Dante & The Infernos)
Show 20 - BBC2 Monday 16th November 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Heinz / Rockin' Berries / The Farias / Jackie De Shannon / The Paramounts / The Farinas)
Show 21 - BBC2 Monday 23rd November 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Marvin Gaye / The Poets)
Show 22 - BBC2 Monday 30th November 1964, 7:30-8:00pm (Adam Faith / Isley Brothers / Alan Elsdon & The Voodoos / Howling Wolf & Hubert Sumlin / Shelly Jam Douglas)
Show 23 - BBC2 Monday 7th December 1964, 7:00-7:30pm (Rockin' Berries / Lulu / Christine Holmes / Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions)
Show 24 - BBC2 Monday 14th December 1964, 7:00-7:30pm (Marianne Faithfull / Nashville Teens / Georgie Fame / The Naturals)
Show 25 - BBC2 Monday 21st December 1964, 7:00-7:30pm (This was the last show to be repeated on Saturday: Tommy Quickly / Gerry & The Pacemakers / Remo Four / The Untamed / The Three Bells / Twinkle)
Show 26 - BBC2 Monday 28th December 1964, 7:00-7:30pm (The Artwoods / Karol Keys / The Hell Raisers)
Special "Beat in the New!" - BBC2 Thursday 31st December 1964, 11:35pm-12:50am (New Year's Eve special with The Kinks / Billy J Kramer / PJ Proby / Julie Rogers / Pat Campbell / Merseybeats / Rockin' Berries / Christine Holmes)
No programme on Monday 4th January 1965, Wrestling shown from 7:00-8:00pm
Show 27 - BBC2 Monday 11th January 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Moody Blues / Georgie Fame / Dave Berry / Dodie West / Etceteras)
Show 28 - BBC2 Monday 18th January 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Johnny Thunder / Babity Blue / Sorrows / Righteous Brothers)
Show 29 - BBC2 Monday 25th January 1965, 7:00-7:30pm (Paul Anka / Cliff Bennett / The Gamblers / Julie Grant / Lancastrians)

Other TV/Film appearances 1964
06/01/1964 Beatles - News report [Scene at 6.30, Granada b&w] (backstage at a concert in Manchester and chat about forthcoming US trip, rec 20/11/63)
12/01/1964 Beatles - "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "This Boy", "All My Loving", "Money" & "Twist and Shout" [Sunday Night at the London Palladium] (performing live on a live tx hosted by Bruce Forsyth, lost)

01/02/1964 Bob Dylan - "Times They are a-Changin'", "World War III Blues", "Hattie Carroll", "Girl From the North Country", "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" & "Restless Farewell" [Quest, Canadian TV b&w]
08/02/1964 Rolling Stones - "I Wanna Be Your Man" & "You Better Move On" [The Arthur Haynes Show, ATV b&w] (rec 07/02/64)
09/02/1964 Beatles [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w] (Live from NYC)
16/02/1964 Beatles [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w] (From Miami)
22/02/1964 Beatles - Report on the return home from the USA [Grandstand, BBC1 b&w] (Group interviewed by David Coleman)
23/02/1964 Beatles [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w] (rec 09/02/64)
25/02/1964 Bob Dylan - "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" [Steve Allen Show, USA TV b&w] (Plus interview)
29/02/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (rec 23/02/64, lost)
29/02/1964 Beatles - "All My Loving", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Till There Was You", "Please Mr Postman", "Money" & "I Want to Hold Your Hand" [Big Night Out, ABC b&w] (mimed, rec 23/03/64, also took part in comedy skits with hosts Mike & Bernie Winters)

04/03/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" [Scene at 6.30, Granada b&w]
20/03/1964 Beatles [Variety Club Awards, BBC1 b&w] (presented with awards by Labour party leader and future Priminister Harold Wilson, rec 19/03/64)
23/03/1964 John Lennon [Tonight, BBC1 b&w] (Lennon promoting his book "In His Own Write")

04/04/1964 Animals [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w]
09/04/1964 Beatles - Q&A session [Star Parade, Tyne Tees b&w] (rec 03/04/64 answering straight to camera, fan questions then edited in plus brief group interview)
18/04/1964 Beatles - "This Boy", "All My Loving" & "I Want to Hold Your Hand" [Morecambe and Wise Show, ATV b&w] (rec live 02/12/63, also took part in comedy banter with hosts and sang "Moonlight Bay" with them)
27/04/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away", "High Heel Sneekers" & "I'm Alright" [Top Beat Prom, BBC2 b&w] (at the Royal Albert Hall, same day so poss live tx)

05/05/1964 Beatles - Interview [Roundup, Scottish b&w] (lengthy interviews rec 30/04/64)
06/05/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" [Three Go Round, Southern b&w]
09/05/1964 Rolling Stones - "Hi Heel Sneakers" [Open House, BBC2 b&w]
03&10/05/1964 NME Poll Winners Concert [Big Beat '64, ABC b&w] (rec 26/04/64, live performances)
                 Beatles - "She Loves You", "You Can't Do That", "Twist and Shout", "Long Tall Sally" & "Can't Buy Me Love"
                 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away", "I Just Want to Make Love to You" & "I'm Alright"
12/05/1964 Bob Dylan - "With God On Our Side" [Tonight, BBC1 b&w]
12/05/1964 'Radio Pirates' [World in Action, Granada b&w]
18/05/1964 Paul McCartney - Interview [A Degree of Frost, BBC1 b&w] (Chat show rec 15/04/64)
24/05/1964 Beatles - "You Can't Do That" [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w] (interview rec on set of AHDN movie and outtake of "You Can't Do That")
30/05/1965 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" & "I Just Want to Make Love to You" [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w] (rec 24/05/64, lost)

??/06/1964 Bob Dylan "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" [Hallelujah, ABC b&w] (rec 14/05/64 for a Sunday religious slot, audio exists)
08/06/1964 Beatles [Beatles in Nederland, Dutch TV b&w] (TV special rec 05/06/64 with interview and mimed performance, Jimmy Nicol on drums replacing ill Ringo)
13/06/1964 Rolling Stones - "I Just Want to Make Love to You" [Hollywood Palace, USA TV b&w] (rec 03/06/64)
18/06/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" [Mike Douglas Show, USA TV b&w]

01/07/1964 Beatles - Live at Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia [Beatles Sing for Shell, Australian TV b&w] (rec 17/06/64, Ringo now recovered and rejoined the band for this gig)
04/07/1964 Rolling Stones [Juke Box Jury, BBC1 b&w] (all 5 Stones making up the panel of judges, rec 27/06/64, lost)
??//07/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now" [Thank Your Lucky stars, ABC b&w] (rec 04/07/64, lost)
07/07/1964 Yardbirds [The Cool Spot, BBC1 b&w] (1st in a series presented by David Jacobs, mixing pop with dancing on ice!, lost)
11/07/1964 Beatles - "A Hard Day's Night", "Long Tall Sally", "Things We Said Today" & "You Can't Do That" [Lucky Stars (Summer Spin), ABC b&w] (Miming on a live broadcast, lost)
19/07/1964 Beatles - "A Hard Day's Night", "And I Love Her", "If I Fell", "Things We Said Today" & "Long Tall Sally" [Blackpool Night Out, ABC b&w] (Live on a live tx, also took part in comedy skits with hosts Mike & Bernie Winters, lost)
22/07/1964 Animals [The Rehearsal Room, Tyne Tees b&w] (introduced by David Hamilton + interview, "Baby Let Me Take You Home" by a wall with girls watching from behind gate, "House of the Rising Sun" in the TV studio, exists)
22/07/1964 Yardbirds - "Louise" & 'I Wish You Would" [Go Tell it On the Mountain, Granada b&w] (Guesting on a Peter Paul and Mary TV Special, exists)

08/08/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now" [Lucky Stars (Summer Spin), b&w] (rec 28/07/64, lost)
17/08/1964 Kinks [Discs A Go-Go, TWW b&w]
25/08/1964 Rolling Stones - "It's All Over Now" [Here Today, TWW b&w]

12/09/1964 Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" [Hollywood Palace, USA TV b&w] (rec 03/06/64)
22/09/1964 'The Flip Side' [World in Action, Granada b&w] (Documentary on pop incl Stones clips from Bridlington show 11/07/64)
22/09/1964 Rolling Stones - "Tell Me", "Carol" & "It's All Over Now" [The Red Skelton Hour, USA TV b&w] (rec 05/08/64)
26/09/1964 Animals [Open House, BBC2 b&w]
26/09/1964 Animals / Them [Lucky Stars (Summer Spin), ABC b&w]
30/09/1964 Animals - "Around and Around", "Bring it to Jerome" & "Talkin's About You / Shout" [Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Granada b&w] (Also featuring Jerry Lee Lewis & Gene Vincent)

07/10/1964 Beatles [Shindig!, USA TV b&w] (rec in England 03/10/64)
16/10/1964 Beatles - "I Should Have Known Better" [Scene at 6.30, Granada b&w] (mimed, rec 14/10/64)
16/10/1964 Pretty Things [Dig This, Scottish b&w] (local Scottish Friday tea-time pop series hosted by Pete Murray)
18/10/1964 Animals - "I'm Crying" & "House of the Rising Sun" [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w]
23/10/1964 Beatles - Report on Dundee concert [Grampian Week, Grampian b&w] (rec 20/10/64 including interview and stage footage)
23/10/1964 Kinks [Dig This, Scottish b&w]
24/10/1964 Pretty Things [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w]
25/10/1964 Rolling Stones - "Around and Around" & "Time is on My Side" [Ed Sullivan Show, USA TV b&w]

??/11/1964 Rolling Stones - "Around and Around", "Off the Hook", "Time is On My Side", "It's All Over Now" & "It's Alright" [The Teen Age Music International Awards Show, USA TV b&w] (rec 29/10/64)
05/11/1964 Rolling Stones [Quoi de neuf?, French TV b&w] (rec 19/10/64)
11/11/1964 Pretty Things / Kinks [Top Beat, BBC2 b&w]
12/11/1964 David Bowie - Interview [Tonight, BBC1 b&w] (Bowie & band representing The Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Long Haired Men)
14/11/1964 Them [Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC b&w]
21/11/1964 Beatles - "I Feel Fine", "She's a Woman", "I'm a Loser" & "Rock and Roll Music" [Lucky Stars Special, ABC b&w] (mimed, rec 14/11/64)
24/11/1964 Yardbirds [Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion b&w]
25/11/1964 Animals / Rolling Stones - "Little Red Rooster" & "Around and Around" [Glad Rag Ball, Rediffusion b&w] (rec 20/11/64, lost)

05/12/1964 Rolling Stones - "Around and Around", "Little Red Rooster", "Off the Hook" & "Empty Heart" [Lucky Stars Special, b&w] (rec 29/11/64, lost)

Jim Morrison - Florida State University Promotional Film [USA b&w] (Morrison appears in two scenes playing a prospective student)
The Animals - "House of the Rising Sun" & "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" [UK Swings Again, colour] (mimed performances by The Hollies, Swinging Blue Jeans, Brian Poole etc.)

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