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Recent Site Updates

1st April 2014:- Granada Kick Off Match titles from 06/Jan/1980 are here (Thanks to Steve Williams!!!)

1st March 2014:- A missing ITV broadcast of an England game (of sorts) has been added to the Mexico '70 page - On 03/Jun/1969 an England XI played a Mexico XI in Guadalajara in an unofficial international for which no caps were awarded. Two players were sent off including Alan Mullery as England won 4-0. The game was played at 3:30am on Wednesday morning our time and so ITV showed delayed coverage late Wednesday night. (Thanks to Glen Isherwood for spotting that one!!!)..... An overlooked Home International broadcast in 1969 is Sunday afternoon highlights of Northern Ireland v Wales on ATV Midlands only, most other regions had showed highlights of this and England v Scotland on Saturday night, but it looks as though ATV showed near enough the full 90 minutes of England v Scotland in that slot and then waited until the following day to catch up with the action in Belfast. (Thanks again to Glen!!!)..... Back in December, the BBC uploaded clips from the farcical 1982 World Cup Draw which can still be watched here (Thanks to David Williams!!!)...... A missing Big Match regional game on 08/May/1982 was Norwich City v Orient, see the action plus Brian Moore looking at the 2nd tier league table here, there's also footage from Anglia's 'out of region' game at Sheffield Wednesday the following week here (Thanks to Mark Bunn!!!)..... A few more youtube uploads:- Friday evening Granada Kick Off titles from 1972 are here and 1973 here, there's also Barry Davies interviewing Matt Busby and the end titles of the Sunday afternoon show from 08/Mar/1969 here ...... Finally, a When Saturday Comes tribute to Bob Gardam can be read here.

RIP Tony Hateley

1st February 2014:- The full Sunday 02/Aug/1970 Watney Cup programme, showing the QF clash between Reading and Manchester United, has been uploaded to youtube here, note that they've used the 1970 World Cup theme <John Shakespeare Orchestra's "The World At Their Feet"> and that Moore says that the Derby County v Sheffield United SF would be shown in midweek <They ended up broadcasting Hull City v Manchester United instead> (Thanks Danny!!!)..... More missing Big Match regional 2nd/3rd games added:- 12/8/72 +E, 16/12/72 +E, 10/3/73 +E, 15/9/73 +M, 27/10/73 +E,  06/04/74 +M, 12/10/74 +Y, 12/04/75 +M (Thanks to Edward Skingsley!!!)...... This Southern TV continuity clip from 17/Mar/1981 includes a trailer for Midweek Sports Special the following night, and despite not being mentioned among the teams scheduled to play, Newport County's Cup-Winners-Cup tie was the main match (Thanks Robin!!!)..... 40 minutes of early Central continuity clips includes, at the 13 minute mark, Gary Newbon informing viewers that Star Soccer on 31/Jan/1982 would be an extended edition at the earlier time of 2:15pm, there's also a mention of England v Czechoslovakia during a trailer and the World Cup 1982 titles later on, see here...... ATV intended to show 05/Feb/1972 Derby County v Notts County [FA Cup R4] but Derby refused to allow cameras because the appearance fee was a paltry £87.50, Brian Clough told a reporter "I could take more money standing outside the ground selling programmes." ATV's cameras went to Birmingham City v Ipswich Town instead.

RIP Bob Gardam
(director of Anglia's Match of the Week and later The Big Match and much of ITV's networked football coverage)

1st January 2014:- Some midweek match updates - Gerald Sinstadt commentated on 12/Feb/1979 Manchester United v Fulham despite the TVTimes billing Hugh Johns. The 08/Apr/1981 clash between Ipswich Town and Cologne [UEFA Cup SF 1st leg] was shown as a 2nd match on ITV that night. The BBC game for 07/Nov/1979 was Ipswich Town v Grasshoppers and on 25/Nov/1981 there was also a League Cup tie as well as Aberdeen v Hamburg, this being Aston Villa v Leicester City (Thanks to Andrew Dean!!!)........ Added further This is Your Life entries to the list of football related ITV broadcasts on the Extra Time page, all of these editions, presented by Eamonn Andrews, still exist unless stated - Joe Mercer was the subject of the 25/Mar 1970 edition<wiped>,  Bobby Moore on 06/Jan/1971, Matt Busby 12/May/1971, Gordon Banks 08/Mar/1972, Bill Shankly 10/Jan/1973 <wiped>, Jack Charlton 02/May/1973, Derek Dougan 16/Jan/1974, Don Revie 24/Apr/1974, Denis Law 19/Feb/1975 <wiped>, Dickie Davies 19/Mar/1975, Bob Paisley 28/Dec/1977, Kevin Keegan 14/Feb/1979, Emlyn Hughes 27/Feb/1980, Laurie McMenemy 29/Oct/1980, Jackie Milburn 09/Dec/1981 and Kenny Dalglish 16/Feb/1983. Surprisingly, given their close associations with ITV, neither Jimmy Greaves nor Brian Clough were featured as far as I can gather. Post 1982/83 season guests included Pat Jennings on 16/Nov/ 1983, Bryan Robson 23/Jan/1985, Peter Shilton 19/Mar/1986,  Billy Wright 17/Jan/1990 <the show was now being hosted by Michael Aspel>,  Nobby Stiles 20/Nov/1991, Nat Lofthouse 07/Apr/1993, Francis Lee 27/Apr/1994, Jimmy Hill 29/Mar/1995 <the series now back on BBC1, though still produced by Thames>,  John Motson 18/Oct/1996, Bob Wilson 09Nov/1998,  Ian Wright 24/Jan/2000,  Vinnie Jones 30/Nov/2000,  Mick Channon 07/Mar/2001, John Barnes 04/Apr/2001 and George Best 06/Mar/2003 <his second appearance>. Also, in the very early days of the series on BBC television in the 1950's, Stanley Matthews appeared on 12/Feb/1956 and this edition still exists, he was originally pencilled in for the very first edition on 29/Jul/1955 but that was cancelled when the Daily Sketch revealed the guest of honour in advance, so they got Ralph Edwards - the presenter of the US version - to host the first show and Eamonn Andrews was himself the victim (Thanks to Robin!!!). Another tenuous football related edition of This is Your Life was the 18/Feb/1981 edition featuring Derby County fan Tim Brooke Taylor in which the entire Rams team rode into the studio on tandems (Thanks to Keith Osgood's cousin Darren Light!!!)

RIP David Coleman

1st December 2013:- The Wolves 1980 League Cup section of the Central TV series Glory Days, shown in 2008 and presented by Stan Collymore, is here...... Further to the 28/Apr/1974 QPR v Leeds details mentioned last month, LWT apparently still turned up and recorded the game but it didn't go out, the drama of Manchester United's relegation in the Granada match that same afternoon may have convinced LWT not to bother paying extra money to QPR to show the Loftus Road clash which was, as it turned out, a bit of a bore (Thanks to Ed Skingsley!!!)...... A bunch of missing Big Match regional game keys have been added for the 72-75 period (Thanks again to Ed!!!)..... A clip from 19/Mar/1975 Anderlecht v Leeds United [European Cup] is curiously in black & white here (Thanks Robert!!!)..... Full match coverage of 12/Mar/1975 England v West Germany, as relayed by Eurovision and shown live in cinemas across England,, is here. ITV only showed highlights (Thanks to Mark Jones!!!)..... Brian Moore, and not Martin Tyler, commentated on ITV's coverage of the 1979 UEFA Cup final, see the video here which includes the MWSS titles. Some rare footage of 21/Apr/1971 England v Greece [Euros Q] here and 15/Nov/1972 Wales v England [WC Qualifier] here  (Thanks to Football Gaffes Galore!!!).... Added a few more screen grabs to the Home Internationals, European finals and midweek pages (Thanks again to Football Gaffes Galore!!!)..... All broken off-site links have now been re-directed to internet archive pages or, failing that, deleted.

1st November 2013:- George Best's goal v Leicester City in the Granada televised match in May 1969 is here (Thanks Robert!!!)...... Midweek highlights of 18/Sep/1974 Leeds v Zurich, the full programme, has been uploaded this month here, the title sequence and theme tune is the same one Yorkshire TV used for their Sunday broadcasts with Pele kicking off under the ITV Sport logo followed by various clips of Leeds and the Sheffield clubs........ An off-air of the full 1981 League Cup Final Replay broadcast is here...... and a youtube upload that's been up for a while which we overlooked is a Hugh Johns voiced trailer for 01/Mar/1978 Aston Villa v Barcelona, it's around 4 minutes into this Thames TV continuity clip (Thanks to Brian for those!!!)..... LWT intended to show QPR v Leeds United on the 28/Apr/1974 edition of The Big Match but QPR wanted extra money that would match a cash offer from a close circuit company that intended to relay the game live in Leeds. LWT refused to pay extra as they had already paid for the contract and made an appeal to the Football League, but they ended up showing other region's games that weekend instead.

1st October 2013:- Leeds United v Sparta Prague is now confirmed as ITV's match for 02/Dec/1970, see here (Thanks Andrew & Jeff!!!)...... Mark Bunn has been through the Portsmouth Sports Mail archives and all of the blank TVS entries are now confirmed as being programmes that showed other region's games. The 2nd/3rd match keys on this site double up as indicators for shows that are known to be archived in full, so we won't be listing those on the TVS page for now, but you can have a look through the regional games listed in the Portsmouth Sports Mail via this docx file here (Thanks Mark!!!)....... According to the Glasgow Herald, 13/May/1975 Scotland v Portugal highlights were shown on BBC1 Scotland that night, this must have been a late change as The Times lists Shinty instead (Thanks to Philip Jackson for spotting that one!!!)

RIP Ron Fenton

1st September 2013:- Added several ITV World Cup screen grabs to the 1974 and 1978  pages, you can view a video clip of the source of the 1978 images here (Many thanks to Geoff for all of those!!!)..... Liverpool's televised European Cup tie at Crusaders on 28/Sep/1976 was the 5-0 2nd leg win, not the 1st leg, there's also some VT of Liverpool's Tue/10/Apr/1973 UEFA Cup SF final 1st leg win against Spurs, so maybe that was shown as a late change or saved for Kick Off / On The Ball, note that BBC1 had Wednesday highlights of Juventus v Derby that week..... The LWT 29/Dec/1973 match between Spurs and West Ham was an 11:15am kick-off and so John Camkin commentated as Brian Moore had to present On the Ball (Thanks Jeff!!!)............ This is Your Life - George Best, tx'd 17th November 1971, is now up on youtube here (Thanks Danny!!!)

RIP Dave Wagstaffe

1st August 2013:- Added a Star Soccer studio screen grab from late 1981, this comes from a tape of test promo's for the new Central TV service, the clip is most likely sourced from the 20th September 1981 edition as it's immediately followed by a glimpse of action from Notts County v Ipswich Town....... Some rarely seen clips of ITV's coverage of the 1969 FA Cup Final are online here (Thanks to Al for spotting that one!!!)...... And there's a rare STV football continuity clip from 3rd March 1982 which previews some European midweek action here (Thanks Robin!!!).

1st June 2013:- Contrary to popular belief, the appalling state of the Wembley pitch circa 1969/70 was not caused by The Horse of the Year Show, which was never held there. EDIT:- It was actually the Royal International Horse Show in the summers of 1968 and 1969. (Thanks Robin and Mark Jones!!!)......  During the 12/Sep/1970 LWT match between Orient and Sunderland, the players, officials and cameramen had to run for cover in a torrential downpour! The 02/Feb/1980 edition of The Big Match actually showed the Midlands game as their main feature whilst Spurs v Southampton was shown last, probably because the White Hart Lane clash was a 0-0 draw..... Also added a handful of missing regional match tags to The Big Match page (Thanks Jeff!!!)..... The 15/Aug/1970 edition of The Big Match showed a brief clip from a *4th* fixture - the Cambridge United goal in a 1-1 against Lincoln City, this being United's first goal scored in the Football League (Thanks to Jamie Pollob!!!)..... A two page TVTimes article from 25/Sep/1976 on the opening edition of the three part Thames TV series Saturday's Heroes <on Jimmy Seed> is here and here. The programme still exists in the Thames archive...... Brian Moore is confirmed as the commentator on the 24/May/1978 England friendly at home to Hungary, see this youtube upload....... And finally a moment of unique unorthodox commentating from John Helm on the 08/May/1982 Bradford City v Bournemouth match, just after Bradford had scored their first goal, see here.

RIP Brian Greenhoff & Ron Davies

1st May 2013:- A complete edition of The Big Match from 27/Dec/1969 <presented by Jimmy Hill because Brian Moore was ill> has recently been uploaded to youtube here (Thanks Robert!!!)...... Two matches ITV intended to cover during the three month strike on  25/Aug/1979 are known to be Arsenal 0 Manchester United 0 and Nottingham Forest 4 Coventry City 1 - these games were to be included on Big League Soccer, which was sold abroad to the USA, Australia and New Zealand, the programmes were produced by Thames TV and often used BBC footage, the series ended in 1988. (Thanks Dan!!!)...... And finally here's the Granada Kick Off Match titles plus ad break bumpers for season 1976/77.

RIP Tony Grealish

1st April 2013:-  A missing televised match from after the end of the regular 1968/69 season is Granada coverage of the outstanding 17/May/1969 fixture between Manchester United and Leicester City, which would most likely have been Barry Davies' last commentary for ITV as well as being Matt Busby's last match before Wilf McGuiness took over as manager, Leicester needed to win to stay up and so ATV also showed it as a late programme change, but Leicester lost 3-2 and were relegated. Anglia. Westward, HTV, Border, Ulster and Yorkshire also showed it, probably Tyne Tees as well (Thanks to Robin for spotting that one!!!!)..... Staying with 1968/69, clips from the first match ever to be shown on The Big Match <and Brian Moore's first TV commentary> are on youtube here (Thanks Richard!!!)..... For highlights of the Euro '76 semi-final between Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands, Brian Moore's commentary feed from Yugoslavia failed for extra-time and Martin Tyler then had to describe the action off-tube in London, Tyler's job that night had been to edit the 1st half highlights, but within minutes of finishing that task he was whisked to a voiceover booth to pick up commentary (Thanks to Daniel Mann for relaying that story!!!)..... A page on BBC Radio commentator Peter Jones, with audio links, is here (Thanks Robin!!!)..... The 07/May/1983 ITV documentary "Paisley: A Champions Farewell" is on youtube here..... Added a section on World of Sport theme tunes to the Extra Time page, Don Harper - who was responsible for the classic 1968-81 WOS theme tune, issued an electronic version in 1973 and released it as a single under the guise of 'Homo Electronicus', you can listen to that version here...... A photograph showing the behind the scenes set-up of the World of Sport Results Service can viewed here, you can just make out the teams listed nearest to camera and deduce that the photo was taken on 3rd April 1976....... Details of official releases of The Big Match theme-tunes have been added to the LWT page.

RIP Tony Gubba

1st March 2013:- Another item for the list of 'football related stuff' on the 'Extra Time' page is Terry Venables' guest appearance on the LWT chat show Russell Harty Plus broadcast in the London area on Saturday 16th March 1974, this was memorable for Venables' full-blown rendition of "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For?" with several of his QPR team-mates sitting among the audience - There's a brief clip, as repeated in 2006 on The Jonathan Ross Show with an embarrassed Venables watching himself back, on youtube here .... Also added a list of games and guests on Bobby Charlton's Football Scrapbook series to the 'Extra Time' page, the list may possibly be missing one or two editions (Thanks to Rik Anstee for those!!!)....... An interesting page on BBC Radio's Sports Report and Sport on Two is here including several available audio downloads (Thanks Robin!!!)...... Another good blog for fans of 70s/80s football is "For Those Watching in Black & White" which you can find here (Thanks Keith!!!)..... The Westward TV football commentator circa 1969 was Don Arnold who had also presented the station's twice weekly sports desk, Don probably voiced all of the matches Westward covered from 1968/69 until Gary Newbon took over for 1970/71,  he died of a heart attack in 1978..... And finally the first episode of the BBC's excellent 1995 history of football series Kicking and Screaming is on youtube here, though the audio is somewhat overloaded so set your volume low before playing.

1st February 2013:- A missing football documentary programme from our 'Extra Time' list is Robson's Choice which was produced by Tyne Tees in 1981 and broadcast in various regional slots around March/April 1982 <possibly earlier on Tyne Tees itself>, the programme followed the fortunes of schoolboys on trial at Ipswich Town under the scrutiny of manager Bobby Robson (Thanks Brian!!!!)...... A list of 1970s/80s BBC radio commentaries that were mostly NOT announced in advance, and some of them crucial title deciders, can be found here (Thanks Robin!!!)..... And I've finally identified the original Granada region Football theme tune (1968-1975) as being Herb Alpert's version of "Magic Trumpet" from his 1966 album "What Now My Love", you can listen to the full length version here. The tune had originally been recorded by its' composer Bert Kaempfert who released it as a single under a different title "Happy Trumpeter" in 1962, listen to that version here.

1st January 2013:- The Bobby Charlton episode of This is Your Life broadcast on 26th November 1969 <show 2 following its' Thames Television revival>  has been uploaded to youtube here (Thanks Danny!!!). We now have a page on the regional LIVE games broadcast 1992/93-1996/97 as well as those shown live on ITV during the 2001/02 season here (Thanks to David Carswell, Robin Carmody, Mark Bunn and Andrew Boyd for their help in putting it all together!!!) Also added lots of commentators to the 1988-1992 The Match period (Thanks again to Andrew Boyd!!!) and further match notes and host/studio guest details to the 1990 World Cup section (Thanks to David Browne!!!). Any further significant updates to the 1990's sections will now be listed towards the top of the 92-97 page, though I should add that I want to avoid listing highlights for that period as it would be a bit of a nightmare trying to distinguish proper highlights from goal clips included on home video's, local news, matches shown abroad etc. so we'll just stick with LIVE British broadcasts from 1988/89 onwards. Currently missing are the live midweek games shown on ITV from 1992-1997 but we'll get around to listing those eventually. Finally, the Tyne Tees match for 29/Dec/1979 was LWT coverage of Crystal Palace v Middlesbrough with Roger Tames commentating - see this video at the 1:38 mark, footage of Newcastle v Charlton on the same date apparently exists but must be newsreel.

1st December 2012:- The missing fixture on the last edition of The Big Match on 07/May/1988, following Chelsea's decision to refuse to allow cameras into the ground, was Crystal Palace v Manchester City and you can view it here. Another regional broadcast missing from our post '83 lists is 13/Dec/1986 Plymouth 1 Derby 1 which was shown on TSW at 10:30-11:00pm with Pete Barraclough commentating (you can view an edit here and lots more Derby footage via that same youtube channel). The listed 20/Oct/1984 Aston Villa v Norwich footage was almost certainly just a report and not proper highlights (Thanks to Mark Bunn for those!!!).....  Another correction to the post 1983 section is that Central TV continued to broadcast  a limited amount of FTA live games for a further season after SKY had won the right to show lower league matches from 1996/97, some of the Central games were also shown by other regions - for full details of Central's coverage that season see here (Thanks to David Carswell!!!!)..... The 2nd volume of Tottenham Hotspur: The Big Match DVD is now available, the matches included are: Spurs 1-0 Arsenal 2 May 1970,  Spurs 2-0 Man City 29 September 1970, Spurs 1-0 Liverpool 10 October 1970, Man City 0-1 Spurs 1 May 1971,  Spurs 3-0 Crystal Palace 18 September 1971,  Spurs 3-0 Everton 6 November 1971, Spurs 2-0 Stoke 19 February 1972, Spurs 2-1 Crystal Palace 9 September 1972,  Spurs 2-0 Sheff Utd 23 December 1972, Spurs 1-0 Derby 29 September 1973, Stoke 1-2 Spurs 21 February 1976, Spurs 1-0 Leeds 11 September 1976, Brighton 0-2 Spurs 31 January 1981, Spurs 2-0 Aston Villa 21 March 1981, Middlesbrough 1-3 Spurs 29 August 1981, Southampton 1-2 Spurs 31 October 1981 and Spurs 2-1 West Ham 20 November 1982 (Thanks to Gordon Hargreaves!!!)

RIP Dave Sexton

1st November 2012:-  The theme tune for ITV's coverage of Europa 80 was a piece by Nigel Hess - not Ode to Joy as previously suggested - and was probably specially commissioned, you can have a listen to it by right-clicking/save as here (Thanks to Robert Howell for digging out his VHS off-air of the Italy v England game!!!)....... For the 1982 European Cup final between Villa and Bayern Munich, Ron Atkinson and Jimmy Greaves were the studio panellists. For the 1983 ECWC final between Aberdeen and Real Madrid, Denis Law was the sole panellist sat alongside Dickie Davies - and Davies handed over to Jock Brown and Billy McNeil for those in the Scottish regions and Brian Moore and Ian St John elsewhere. Highlights of 17/Oct/1984 Spain 3 Wales 0 were shown on ITV's Midweek Sports Special as well as the already listed live coverage on S4C, Bob Symonds was on-site to provide commentary for around 25 minutes worth of action (Thanks again to Robert Howell!!!)...... A football themed edition of Granada Television's children's pop music/variety show Get it Together broadcast on 18th March 1978 is now up on youtube here (Thanks Darren!!!)

RIP John Connelly

2nd October 2012:- A new book "Except for Viewers in Scotland... The Story of Scottish Football on Television" by Ronnie McDevitt has just been released for Kindle by Apex Publishing, see Amazon link here (Thanks Ronnie!!!).......
"Except for viewers in Scotland who have their own regional programmes" was a phrase heard only too often throughut the 1960s and '70s and usually meant those watching north of the border were missing out on football action from the south. But the televising of Scottish football has its own tale to tell, from TVs earliest days in the 1950s when there was opposition to broadcasting of even the most important matches to the present day when the very survival of some clubs is said to depend on income from Satellite televsion.Following extensive research on the subject Except For Viewers in Scotland takes us through those times highlighting the struggle the TV companies had to get Scotlands national game on the air, the effect the ever present threat of industrial action had on their coverage and the reaction of the viewing public over the years. The book also looks closely at the arrival of television itself in Scotland in 1952 and key moments in broadcasting history such as the birth of STV, the colour revolution of the early Seventies and the coming of Satellite television. Who were the unlikely club that pioneered the first broadcast of a football match in Scotland? Which players scored Scotlands' first `colour' goal and which was the last international to be shown in black and white? How did Sportsreel manage to lose the winner in an Old Firm match, who scored the first goal on Sportscene and why did Arthur Montford introduce Scotsport on Channel 4 on a Wednesday morning in the mid 1980s? The answers to all of these questions and so much more can be found in Except For Viewers in Scotland."

RIP John Bond

7th September 2012: A bundle of terrific screen-shots have been added this month, these include 1971 Home International captions/studio panel shot, images from the 1974 UEFA Cup final 2nd leg, the 1974 Yugoslavia v England friendly and the 1976 USA Bicentinial tournament. Note that Hugh Johns commentated on Yugoslavia v England in 1974 whilst Brian Moore merely presented from the studio in London (Thanks to Geoff for grabbing all those images!!!)..... Added details of Yorkshire Television's 1982 3 part series of Past Gloriesto the Extra Time page (Thanks Robin!!!)..... 1978/79 and 1982/83 season repeats of The Big Match Revisted continue to be screened on ITV4 in very early Saturday morning (78/79) and very late Saturday night AND Sunday morning (82/83) weekend slots, details of the games to be shown can be found on myDigiGuide's ITV4 listings pages here (Thanks to Mark Bunn!!!)...... Andrew Boyd has sent in another list of co-commentator/studio panel updates here (Thanks Andrew!!!)...... And finally "Tottenham Hotpsur Big Match 2" from ILC media is due out on DVD on 19/Nov/2012, see the Amazon link, there's also a box set which is presumably volumes 1 and 2 together, see here (Thanks to Simon Bayliss for spotting those!!!)

6th August 2012:- A complete edition of The Big Match from 14/Mar/1970 is on youtube here (Thanks Stuart!!!)...... Almost the full 90 minutes of the BBC's coverage of the 1972 UEFA Cup final 1st leg between Wolves and Spurs at Molineux was released on DVD earlier this year, the disc also includes 5 minutes of ITV highlights of the 2nd leg, see Amazon link here (Thanks to Jeff Lewis!!!)...... Ulster TV showed 06/Jun/1979 Denmark v Northern Ireland LIVE, this must have been a late change as it's not listed in The Irish Times but is included in The Guardian's regional listings (Thanks to Richard Rees for spotting that one!!!)..... and finally a rare off-air recording of Star Soccer from 02/Apr/1983 has turned up here, Burnley v Wolves is followed by some chat between Gary Newbon and Jimmy Greaves plus a look at the table.

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