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Full Length programmes on youtube

The Big Match 21st December 1969, Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United

21/Dec/1969 LWT The Big Match here
28/Dec/1969 LWT The Big Match here
15/Mar/1970 LWT The Big Match here
22/Mar/1970 LWT The Big Match here
22/Dec/1974 LWT The Big Match here
05/Oct/1975 LWT The Big Match here
07/Dec/1975 LWT The Big Match here *Loss of audio towards end
01/Dec/1976 The Mid-Week Match here
24/Sep/1978 Granada The Kick Off Match here
02/Dec/1979 Granada The Kick Off Match here

Recent Site Updates

April 2015:- A missing entry for the ITV Football Archive Programmes section is Yesterday's Heroes produced by Granada and running for two series in 1993 and 1994 featuring two guests each week looking back on their playing career, presented by Elton Welsby (Thank to James Minifie!!!)...... It's about time this site had a map of the regions, so I've created one based on page 180 of the 1977 IBA yearbook and added it to the Extra Time page here, I've also tidied that page up a little, the 'other football related stuff on ITV' section is now actually readable after being divided up into season's rather than one big solid block of text.

March 2015:- Some footage of the 19/May/1971 Real Madrid v Chelsea ECWC Final, a match that was apparently not screened by British television on the night, can be viewed from the 4:30mins mark into this TVE upload (Thanks to David Barron!!!)..... The one longtime missing World Cup TV theme from the internet, the BBC's 1974 'Striker', finally turned up last summer on youtube here...... A compilation of all surviving goals from ITV's 1968/69 season archive is here.

RIP Dave Mackay

January 2015:- The initial Granada Kick Off Match theme tune for season's 1975/76 & 1976/77 has been identified as the backing track for The Smoke's May 1974 b-side "Looking High" released on the Decca Label as the flip side to "My Lullaby", you can have a listen to it in full here (Thanks to Mike Whalley!!!)...... 25/Jan/1975 Coventry City v Arsenal FA Cup highlights as seen on The Big Match are here (Thanks to Jamie!!!)

RIP John Neal

1st December 2014:- The Big Match main game for the weekend of 29/11/1969,  following the postponement of Spurs v Everton,  was 35 minutes of Southern coverage of Southampton v Crystal Palace with Simon Smith commentating. We were not previously sure if LWT had shown this or the Granada match between Liverpool and Arsenal first. Both games were recorded in black & white (Thanks to Edward!!!)..... Hugh Johns' penultimate commentary for Star Soccer, 08/May/1982 Stoke City v Notts County, is now up on youtube in two parts here....  An addition for the "Other ITV related list" on the Extra Time page is the European Penalty Prize Final broadcast on 06/Jun/1976 with Brian Moore, see the opening section here (Thanks to Matt Poole!!!)

1st October 2014:- The 12th April 1969 recording of The Big Match fixture between Arsenal and Leeds United was affected by a technical problem and the last 22 minutes or so of the game was not recorded, but fortunately no goals were missed. The studio guests that day were Arsenal's Ian Ure and the winner of the Golden Goals competition. The second game, Manchester City 1 Sunderland 0, was the goal only (Thanks to FootballGaffesGalore!!!)....... Star Soccer exports to North America were re-titled All Star Soccer, you can view the opening titles plus an American voice introducing a February 1978 edition here.

1st September 2014: The missing 1969 Home International commentators for the Scotland v Northern Ireland match on 6th May 1969 <as shown in England> were Brian Moore & Joe Mercer according to the TV Times which also lists Gerald Sinstadt & Danny Blanchflower for the live London region screening of Northern Ireland v Wales on 10th May, which would have presumably been Blanchflower's last commentating job for ITV (Thanks Robin!!!)....... A lovely way for Match of the Day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the programme by having Barry Davies commentating on the Crystal Palace v West Ham fixture on 23/Aug/2014 together with retro style graphics. There was also a one hour Match of the Day at 50 documentary broadcast on Friday 22nd August, though this was guilty of re-writing history in overlooking the Sports Special and Saturday Sport highlights which began 9 years earlier as well as the ITV Anglia and Tyne Tees regional football programmes which had pioneered weekly extended highlights of a single match two years prior <Harry Redknapp was most likely thinking of Sports Special when he was reminiscing about viewing BBC highlights on a tiny screen as a kid>..... and finally you can follow the 1980/81 season on twitter as 'live' with links to TV coverage here (Thanks to Mark Bunn!!!)

RIP James Alexander Gordon

1st August 2014:- A terrific bunch of uploads here including World Cup previews and draws from 1974-1982, from which I've added numerous screen grabs to the site (Thanks Geoff!!!)...... 11/Oct/1980 Star Soccer footage of Birmingham City v Aston Villa is here including Gary Newbon's intro and post match chat. The opening titles to the 08/May/1982 edition of Yorkshire TV's The Big Game is here and the excellent 'Big Match Action'  blog charting the history of football on television up to 1992 includes a late 1970's picture of ITV presenters, producers and commentators taken outside Thames TV's studios here (Thanks to Mike Whalley for those!!!)...... The introduction for the very first edition of Match Time and a shot of Martin Tyler in the commentary box <his first game for Granada> on 29/Aug/1981 for Everton v Birmingham City is here (Thanks to Mark Bunn!!!)

1st July 2014:- Missing commentator for ITV highlights of the 1974 World Cup Qualifying Play-off match between Yugoslavia and Spain was Hugh Johns, a clip was included in ITV's World Cup '74 preview programme on 12th June (Thanks to Matthew Gilbert!!!)..... A transcription of The 1970 Esso World Cup Coins Promotional Record with Brian Moore can be read here (Thanks Nigel!!!)..... Good to hear the voice of John Helm on ITV again, calling goal highlights on some of the World Cup games, and Barry Davies who's still commentating for the BBC at Wimbledon at the age of 76.

RIP Sandy Jardine

1st June 2014:- The Midlands Star Soccer edit of 30/Jan/1982 Ipswich Town v Notts County highlights plus post match chat, an interview with Notts captain Don Masson and the end titles with the 3rd and final Star Soccer theme tune is here......Finally solved the mystery of the ATV match for 17/Jan/1976, we had three possibilities listed, -one of which didn't even take place that day!, but it turns out that the main Star Soccer game that weekend was Granada coverage of Burnley v Derby County with Hugh Johns commentating for ATV viewers, you can see Charlie George's goal at the 43:22 mins mark here (Thanks to Brian for spotting that one!!!)

1st May 2014:- The mystery League Cup 2nd Round fixture covered by ITV on 06/Sep/1972 was Tottenham Hotspur v Huddersfield Town (Thanks Robert!!!)....... The footage of 24/May/1970 Ecuador v England shown the following week on ITV's 'World Cup '70' preview programme had an off-tube commentary added by Hugh Johns and was on colour film, not b&w VT as previously assumed. The Big Match regional games for the weekend of 16/Feb/1974 were the ATV (Coventry v QPR) and Southern (Southampton v Wrexham) FA Cup ties, whilst for 04/Apr/1981 the Midlands game was shown first, before the London game (Thanks Ed!!!)...... For Yorkshire on 04/Oct/1981 it is thought that some sort of industrial action forced YTV to screen Granada's Match Time during  the opening half of their Sunday afternoon football slot, then - after the break - they cut to Leeds v Aston Villa with John Helm doing a voiceover introduction, you can see a few clips plus Derek Dougan's on pitch interview with the Leeds scorer here (Thanks Brian!!!)...... The North West TVTimes billed Peter Lloyd as commentator for Granada's 12/Oct/1968 match, Lloyd would have been filling in whilst Barry Davies was on Olympics duty and so the same arrangement may also have applied for Granada's matches on the 19th and 26th October 1968 (Thanks Robin!!!)

RIP Sandy Brown

1st April 2014:- Granada Kick Off Match titles from 06/Jan/1980 are here (Thanks to Steve Williams!!!)

1st March 2014:- A missing ITV broadcast of an England game (of sorts) has been added to the Mexico '70 page - On 03/Jun/1969 an England XI played a Mexico XI in Guadalajara in an unofficial international for which no caps were awarded. Two players were sent off including Alan Mullery as England won 4-0. The game was played at 3:30am on Wednesday morning our time and so ITV showed delayed coverage late Wednesday night. (Thanks to Glen Isherwood for spotting that one!!!)..... An overlooked Home International broadcast in 1969 is Sunday afternoon highlights of Northern Ireland v Wales on ATV Midlands only, most other regions had showed highlights of this and England v Scotland on Saturday night, but it looks as though ATV showed near enough the full 90 minutes of England v Scotland in that slot and then waited until the following day to catch up with the action in Belfast. (Thanks again to Glen!!!)..... Back in December, the BBC uploaded clips from the farcical 1982 World Cup Draw which can still be watched here (Thanks to David Williams!!!)...... A missing Big Match regional game on 08/May/1982 was Norwich City v Orient, see the action plus Brian Moore looking at the 2nd tier league table here, there's also footage from Anglia's 'out of region' game at Sheffield Wednesday the following week here (Thanks to Mark Bunn!!!)..... A few more youtube uploads:- Friday evening Granada Kick Off titles from 1972 are here and 1973 here, there's also Barry Davies interviewing Matt Busby and the end titles of the Sunday afternoon show from 08/Mar/1969 here ...... Finally, a When Saturday Comes tribute to Bob Gardam can be read here.

RIP Tony Hateley

1st February 2014:- The full Sunday 02/Aug/1970 Watney Cup programme, showing the QF clash between Reading and Manchester United, has been uploaded to youtube here, note that they've used the 1970 World Cup theme <John Shakespeare Orchestra's "The World At Their Feet"> and that Moore says that the Derby County v Sheffield United SF would be shown in midweek <They ended up broadcasting Hull City v Manchester United instead> (Thanks Danny!!!)..... More missing Big Match regional 2nd/3rd games added:- 12/8/72 +E, 16/12/72 +E, 10/3/73 +E, 15/9/73 +M, 27/10/73 +E,  06/04/74 +M, 12/10/74 +Y, 12/04/75 +M (Thanks to Edward Skingsley!!!)...... This Southern TV continuity clip from 17/Mar/1981 includes a trailer for Midweek Sports Special the following night, and despite not being mentioned among the teams scheduled to play, Newport County's Cup-Winners-Cup tie was the main match (Thanks Robin!!!)..... 40 minutes of early Central continuity clips includes, at the 13 minute mark, Gary Newbon informing viewers that Star Soccer on 31/Jan/1982 would be an extended edition at the earlier time of 2:15pm, there's also a mention of England v Czechoslovakia during a trailer and the World Cup 1982 titles later on, see here...... ATV intended to show 05/Feb/1972 Derby County v Notts County [FA Cup R4] but Derby refused to allow cameras because the appearance fee was a paltry £87.50, Brian Clough told a reporter "I could take more money standing outside the ground selling programmes." ATV's cameras went to Birmingham City v Ipswich Town instead.

RIP Bob Gardam
(director of Anglia's Match of the Week and later The Big Match and much of ITV's networked football coverage)

1st January 2014:- Some midweek match updates - Gerald Sinstadt commentated on 12/Feb/1979 Manchester United v Fulham despite the TVTimes billing Hugh Johns. The 08/Apr/1981 clash between Ipswich Town and Cologne [UEFA Cup SF 1st leg] was shown as a 2nd match on ITV that night. The BBC game for 07/Nov/1979 was Ipswich Town v Grasshoppers and on 25/Nov/1981 there was also a League Cup tie as well as Aberdeen v Hamburg, this being Aston Villa v Leicester City (Thanks to Andrew Dean!!!)........ Added further This is Your Life entries to the list of football related ITV broadcasts on the Extra Time page, all of these editions, presented by Eamonn Andrews, still exist unless stated - Joe Mercer was the subject of the 25/Mar 1970 edition<wiped>,  Bobby Moore on 06/Jan/1971, Matt Busby 12/May/1971, Gordon Banks 08/Mar/1972, Bill Shankly 10/Jan/1973 <wiped>, Jack Charlton 02/May/1973, Derek Dougan 16/Jan/1974, Don Revie 24/Apr/1974, Denis Law 19/Feb/1975 <wiped>, Dickie Davies 19/Mar/1975, Bob Paisley 28/Dec/1977, Kevin Keegan 14/Feb/1979, Emlyn Hughes 27/Feb/1980, Laurie McMenemy 29/Oct/1980, Jackie Milburn 09/Dec/1981 and Kenny Dalglish 16/Feb/1983. Surprisingly, given their close associations with ITV, neither Jimmy Greaves nor Brian Clough were featured as far as I can gather. Post 1982/83 season guests included Pat Jennings on 16/Nov/ 1983, Bryan Robson 23/Jan/1985, Peter Shilton 19/Mar/1986,  Billy Wright 17/Jan/1990 <the show was now being hosted by Michael Aspel>,  Nobby Stiles 20/Nov/1991, Nat Lofthouse 07/Apr/1993, Francis Lee 27/Apr/1994, Jimmy Hill 29/Mar/1995 <the series now back on BBC1, though still produced by Thames>,  John Motson 18/Oct/1996, Bob Wilson 09Nov/1998,  Ian Wright 24/Jan/2000,  Vinnie Jones 30/Nov/2000,  Mick Channon 07/Mar/2001, John Barnes 04/Apr/2001 and George Best 06/Mar/2003 <his second appearance>. Also, in the very early days of the series on BBC television in the 1950's, Stanley Matthews appeared on 12/Feb/1956 and this edition still exists, he was originally pencilled in for the very first edition on 29/Jul/1955 but that was cancelled when the Daily Sketch revealed the guest of honour in advance, so they got Ralph Edwards - the presenter of the US version - to host the first show and Eamonn Andrews was himself the victim (Thanks to Robin!!!). Another tenuous football related edition of This is Your Life was the 18/Feb/1981 edition featuring Derby County fan Tim Brooke Taylor in which the entire Rams team rode into the studio on tandems (Thanks to Keith Osgood's cousin Darren Light!!!)

RIP David Coleman

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