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On The Ball
On 2nd January 1965, a new 4½  hour programme called World Of Sport was introduced to ITV's Saturday afternoon schedule to rival Grandstand on BBC1, it was produced for the network by ABC and was originally hosted by Eamonn Andrews. Following ABC's demise, London Weekend Television took over production in the summer of 1968 and Andrews was replaced by Richard Davies, who had previously been employed on the programme as a reporter and commentator. Davies soon became one of the most recognisable faces on TV and as 'Dickie Davies' a household name throughout the 1970's and '80's*.

Early in the 1968/69 season World Of Sport was including a five or ten minute "Soccer Round Up" at around 2:20pm, by 21st September 1968 this had mutated into "On The Ball" which appears to have initially consisted of brief conversations with the four ITV commentators working for the major regions (Brian Moore, Hugh Johns, Danny Blanchflower and Barry Davies). On 4th January 1969 the slot was expanded to 25/30 minutes and moved to the start of the programme with Jimmy Hill also becoming involved. Now the host, Brian Moore had to present On the Ball from whichever ground he had been assigned to commentate for The Big Match and the location had to be obscured from view to prevent potential punters from staying at home and watching the match on TV the following afternoon instead. Probably for this same reason the link-ups with the other commentators were apparently dropped for the start of the 1969/70 season which in turn allowed for more air-time to be given over to Jimmy Hill - who remained an integral part of On the Ball until he left ITV after the end of season 1972/73. Hill was not replaced, although there were numerous guests, but in August 1978 On The Ball was dropped in favour of "Headline" co-presented by Dickie Davies which gave ITV scope for addressing potentially more pressing sporting issues at the top of the programme. Brian Moore was furious and almost left ITV over the decision (the BBC were eager to take him). It was eventually agreed that former Liverpool and Scotland player Ian St John would sit alongside Dickie Davies for "Headline" whilst Moore would now be able to concentrate on his Big Match duties having secured himself an improved contract, yet on 27th October 1979 (following a three month strike that took ITV off the air) On The Ball was restored, albeit now presented by Ian St. John.

In the early 1980's, 'Saint' in London would link up with the ATV studio's in Birmingham for a chat with the 1960's Chelsea, Tottenham & England legend Jimmy Greaves (already a regular face on Midlands ITV as a summariser for Star Soccer and the sports section of ATV Today/Central News), the pairing proved successful enough to warrant Greaves eventually travelling down to the London studio and assuming equal air-time in what had essentially become a comedy double act (with Saint playing straight man to Greaves' off the wall observations). After a run of almost 21 years, World Of Sport came to an end on 28th September 1985, the final show was hosted by Dickie Davies with On The Ball following the wrestling and news at 12:50-1:40pm. There was however a reprieve for the Saturday afternoon ITV football preview - On 5th October 1985 the newly titled Saint & Greavsie show debuted at 12:05-1:20pm and it ran for seven season's.**

See here for a November 1976 On the Ball article from the TVTimes.

*Dickie Davies delivered the all time classic TV clanger when, during a World of Sport broadcast, he mis-pronounced "Cup soccer " as (what sounded like) "Cock sucker".

**Saint & Greavsie was axed after Euro '92 when ITV faced the prospect of a new season bereft of any rights to show action from the newly formed Premier League. "On The Ball" was then partially resurrected for sporadic previews of the European champions league and later enjoyed a full blown renaissance when ITV wrestled Premier League highlights from the BBC in 2001, but it was dropped once again after they lost Premiership rights in 2004.

Brian Moore presenting "On The Ball" early-mid 1978.
LWT's "The Big Match" used this same set for the 1978/79 season.

World Of Sport Results Service / Theme Tunes
The closing sequence of World of Sport, which traditionally followed the Wrestling, was the 'Results Service' presented by Dickie Davies with the actual results read by Bob Colston. At the start of the 1968/69 season this section began at around 5pm, by the mid-1970's it had been moved forward to just after 4:45pm to catch the results as they came in (The half-time scores would usually appear around 3:55pm). Some of the regional commentators would make an appearance by giving a report direct to camera from the gantry and they'd also do their own plug for the following afternoon's local highlights show which would be shown in their respective region's after World Of Sport had finished. Davies would also go through all of the regional matches to be shown the next day with the aid of a caption. The results service continued after the demise of World Of Sport in 1985, initially as a programme in its' own right (4:45-5:00pm) before eventually being absorbed into the Saturday tea-time ITN News bulletin. For mid-week games News At Ten could usually be relied upon to come up with the goods, best delivered by Alastair Burnett.

The classic World of Sport theme tune of the 1970's, accompanied by a title sequence of planes and trailing banners, was "World of Sport March" by The Don Harper Orchestra. The full length 1:58 minute original recording was released as a single on the EMI/Columbia label in December 1968, the composer is listed as 'Jackson' - this being the real surname of Don Harper* (the cat no. of the single was DB 8519 with "England 88" on the b-side, it was re-issued in 1971, a shorter 1:40mins edit of the A-side was later included on a compilation CD). Given the release date of the single, the recording was most likely first heard on the programme itself when LWT took over production in August 1968 or very soon afterwards, so the 1965-1968 ABC/Eamonn Andrews era probably had a different tune, or at least an earlier version. An inferior re-recording of "World of Sport March" was introduced towards the end of 1980/early 1981 accompanied by a new title sequence which opened with the Earth eclipsing the sun. Don Harper's tune was replaced altogether in 1983 with a Jeff Wayne composition** and this coincided with another change to the title sequence which simulated a CRT electron gun building up the World of Sport logo.

*Don Harper was also responsible for the 1972/73 season Big Match theme "Cheekybird" and in November 1973 he issued a synthesiser version of "World of Sport March" as a single under the guise of 'Homo Electronicus', that version was never heard on the actual programme, nor was a 1975 jazz version issued by Harper on his "On the Fiddle" LP (this particular version ending with a homage to the full-time results sting).
The font used for both World of Sport and The Big Match (in the early days) was the Amelia typeface designed by Stan Davis in the United States in the mid-1960's, it was also used for The Beatles' animated film Yellow Submarine in 1968.
**Jeff Wayne's theme wasn't commercially available until the 4:40mins full length version was included on a CD compilation “Lost in Transmission” in 2015.

Left - "World of Sport" caption detailing the games to be shown on Sunday 23rd March 1980
Right - Dickie Davies hosting the 7th June 1980 edition.

Map of the ITV regions
ITV regions map 1977
The ITV regions based on the IBA 1977 Television and Radio Yearbook map showing the coverage areas of the main transmitters.
The larger Eastern portion of the Yorkshire TV area (both North and South of the Humber) was Anglia territory until July 1974.
January 1982 saw Southern, as well as the smaller eastern portion of LWT/Thames, replaced by TVS, Westward by TSW and
ATV by Central. Also that same month Border claimed the stray fragments of North Granada territory.
Most of the grey areas were filled in with small relays associated with the nearest main transmitter.

The full list of transmitters with their start dates, as published in the 1977 IBA yearbook, can be downloaded here...
page 1 (UHF) / page 2 (UHF) / page 3 (UHF & 405-line VHF)

Ground Locations
Google Earth desktop version users can download a KMZ file of the ground locations by clicking the icon above.
This will show the exact locations of all of the Football League venues during the 1968-83 period.
Clicking on the pins will show the club's corresponding ITV region ident.
The grounds are subdivided into Divisions One to Four, as of 1975/76.

ITV studios & their nearest league grounds

Of all the ITV regional broadcasters during the 1968-1983 period, Anglia were based nearest to a league ground, being little more than half a mile away from Norwich City. Of those who covered their own games, LWT were the furthest away from a league ground, initially over four miles away from Queens Park Rangers and then over 3 miles away from Millwall after they moved to their South Bank studios.

From nearest to farthest (by bird flight)
Anglia (Agricultural Hall Plain) - Norwich City (Carrow Road) 0.6 miles
ATV [until late 1969] (Aston Road North) - Aston Villa (Villa Park) 0.7 miles
Tyne Tees (City Road) - Newcastle United (St James' Park) 0.9 miles
Border (Eastern Way) - Carlisle United (Brunton Park) 0.9 miles
Southern (Northam) - Southampton (The Dell) 1.1 miles
HTV Wales (Pontcanna) - Cardiff City (Ninian Park) 1.2 miles
Westward (Derry's Cross) - Plymouth Argyle (Home Park) 1.3 miles
ATV [from late 1969] (Broad Street) - Birmingham City (St Andrews) 1.6 miles
Yorkshire (Kirkstall Road) - Leeds United (Elland Road) 1.7 miles
Granada (Quay Street) - Manchester United (Old Trafford) 1.8 miles
HTV West (Arno's Court) - Bristol Rovers (Eastville) 2.1 miles
Thames (Euston Road) - Arsenal (Highbury) 2.7 miles
London Weekend [from 1972] (South Bank) - Millwall (Cold Blow Lane) 3.3 miles
London Weekend [1968-1972] (Wembley) - Queens Park Rangers (Loftus Road) 4.2 miles

Studio Locations
Google Earth desktop version users can download a KMZ file of the studio locations by clicking the icon above.
This will show the exact locations of all of the ITV studio's in the 1970's as well as BBC regional centres.
Around half of the ITV studios have since been demolished. Click on the pins for details

The nearest league club to Channel TV's HQ in Jersey was Bournemouth, 107 miles away, though Torquay United was only a couple of miles further. Ulster's nearest English league ground was Workington, some 95 miles away, though they were much nearer to Stranraer in the Scottish League. STV were closest to Partick Thistle and pretty much equally distanced from both Rangers and Celtic. Grampian were based in Aberdeen. ITN's base, like Thames, was closest to Arsenal. Thames also used Teddington Studios to produce the majority of their entertainment output, which was closest to Brentford's ground. ATV's Elstree premises were nearest to Watford.

Non-English Regions football programmes 1968-1983

ScottishGrampianBorderUlsterChannel Islands

Scottish Television (based in Glasgow)
Scotsport (first aired in 1957 and continued after May 1983 until 2008)
Commentators Arthur Montford (1957-1980), Bob Crampsey (1960's), Alex Cameron (60's into '70s)*, Jock Brown (1980-1990), Gerry McNee (1990-1998), Archie MacPherson (1998-2008).
*Scottish TV commentator Alex Cameron is apparently best remembered for being assaulted by a horse's backside outside Hampden.
STV have since used Ian Crocker (2008-2009), Derek Rae (2010 - present) and Rory Hamilton (2012)
Grampian Television (based in Aberdeen, serving Northern Scotland)
Showed Scotsport
Border Television (based in Carlisle, serving the English/Scottish border areas)
Showed other region's programmes, usually Granada's, although they did occasionally show Scotsport, Shoot and around the turn of the decade (into the 1980's) Border favoured The Big Match.
Ulster Television (based in Belfast)
Showed other region's programmes
Channel Television (serving the Channel Islands)
Showed whatever Westward/TSW were broadcasting.

Carlisle UnitedWorkington
Carlisle United and Workington were the two league clubs based in the Border region.
Border TV did not cover matches of their own.

TV Times article,  August 1981

courtesy of John Bourn

Football related specials & series on ITV

Leeds Utd - United, United / United They Conquered
"United United" was shown in the Yorkshire region only around August 1968 in black & white.
This was a behind the scenes look at Leeds United, broadcast in a 30 minute slot. Jack Charlton, Billy Bremner and Don Revie talk about their hopes for the coming season (1968/69) and their experiences of the previous year when they helped the club win their first ever trophies, the League Cup and the UEFA Cup. Includes footage of both of those finals as well as a rare glimpse of the team training. Narrated by Keith Macklin. The programme was repeated two years later in the Yorkshire and Granada regions before the FA Cup final replay on 29th April 1970 at 6:15-6:45pm.

At the end of the 1968/69 season, Yorkshire showed another Leeds United programme exclusive to that region only on Thursday 1st May 1969 (11:00-11:30pm) black & white. This 'Yorksport Special' looked at the Leeds United team of the 1960's as they had just become League Champions after a 49 year wait.

Charlton Boys / The Charlton Brothers
"Charlton Boys" was shown in some ITV regions* on Saturday 2nd November 1968 (9:55-10:55pm) black & white
This was a London Weekend Television production for the "Saturday Special" slot that profiled brothers Bobby and Jackie Charlton with a commentary by Michael Parkinson.
*Surprisingly not shown in the Yorkshire or Tyne Tees regions.

"The Charlton Brothers" was broadcast by all ITV regions on Tuesday 1st May 1973 (10:30-11:15pm)
A Yorkshire Television production in which Jack and Bobby talked about their relationship as brothers off the pitch and as players on it.

George Best - For The Record / Weekend World
"For The Record" shown in the London region only, Friday 31st January 1969 (11:30pm-12am) black & white
London Weekend Television produced this documentary on George Best as part of the "For The Record" series, Best was shown playing football with children, talking about his ability and when he realised he could become a professional footballer, how training & playing come easy to him and his awareness that he won't be able to burn the candle at both ends forever. His parents are also interviewed and talk about George when he was at school - always playing football.

George Best also appeared on the Sunday 18th February 1973 edition of "Weekend World" (made by LWT and shown in all regions at 11:30am-1:00pm), Hunter Davies interviewed Best who stated that he would never change his mind about giving up football and also discussed his past, present, and future.

Lorimer's Leeds
Shown in the Yorkshire region only, Monday 24th April 1972 (?6:25-6:45pm?)
A 24 year-old Peter Lorimer talks about his life on and off the pitch at Leeds United.

Norwich City's Great Leap Year
Shown in the Anglia region only, Sunday 30th April 1972 (3::25-3:55pm)
A celebration of Norwich City's promotion to the top flight, broadcast immediately before the final "Match of the Week" of the season.

The Don Of Elland Road / Remember Leeds United
The Don Of Elland Road (Yorkshire TV 1974)"The Don Of Elland Road" was shown by some regions (YTV, Tyne Tees, ATV, Anglia & Thames) on Thursday 18th April 1974 (5:20-5:50pm)
A nostalgic look back at Don Revie's glorious career as Leeds United manager as he departs to take on the England job.

"Remember Leeds United" was shown in the Yorkshire region only, Thursday 19th May 1977 (10:30-11:00pm)
"Richard Whitely and Martin Tyler host a reunion of the greatest Leeds United team of all time in this Calendar Sport Special. Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton and Peter Lorimer are among the players who reminisce with their manager Don Revie about the good times and the bad times under his management between 1961-1974 when the team won 6 trophies. Includes footage of some of the highlights on the pitch during the period."

Charlton's Champions
Charlton's Champions (Tyne Tees TV 1974)Shown in the Tyne Tees region only, Wednesday 1st May 1974 (Time unknown)
40 minute special celebrating Middlesbrough's promotion to the top flight, managed by Jack Charlton. The footage was all shot at Ayresome Park on 6th April 1974 when Middlesbrough beat Notts County, the programme begins with the groundsman marking the pitch in the morning and ends with him forking the pitch in the evening after everybody has gone home. As well as action from the game, there are various behind the scenes sequences including the players watching "On The Ball" after their pre-match meal and a dressing room argument between the manager and his captain.

Calendar Specials - Clough Comes To Leeds / Goodbye Mr. Clough
"Clough Comes To Leeds" was shown in the Yorkshire region only on Friday 2nd August 1974 (Time unknown), it was a documentary about the appointment of the new Leeds United Manager, Brian Clough.

"Goodbye Mr. Clough" was another programme exclusive to the Yorkshire region on Thursday 12th September 1974 (Time unknown - it was a late programme change). This was a 30 minute live studio discussion between Brian Clough & Don Revie chaired by Austin Mitchell, examining the reasons why Brian had been sacked from his position as manager of Leeds United after only seven weeks in the job.

World In Action "Trouble Afoot"
Networked on Monday 2nd December 1974 (8:30-9pm), Granada
"Professional footballers - as part of one of the biggest businesses in the world - are the only group of workers bought, sold, lent and exchanged on an open market - the transfer system. World In Action investigates the rows brewing between professional footballers and the Football Association about players' contracts and the rules restricting the clubs' rights to sign foreign players."

Now You're Gonna Believe Us
Shown in the Tyne Tees region only, Tuesday 27th April 1976 (7:00-7:35pm)
Special programme celebrating Sunderland's promotion to the top flight.

All In The Game
First series broadcast on ITV from 21st July - 1st September 1976 (networked in a Wednesday evening slot at 7:00-7:30pm)
Second series broadcast on ITV from September - October 1977 (Day/Times varied by region)
This was an HTV produced series recorded at Bristol City's ground featuring eight clubs taking part in a knock-out fitness/skills contest, it was presented by Dickie Davies with Brian Moore commentating, Norwich City and Derby County reached the final of the first series, other teams involved were Bristol City, Hearts, Leeds United, Manchester United, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.
The eight clubs who took part in the 2nd series were Bristol City, Ipswich Town, Leeds United, Leicester City, Manchester City, Queens Park Rangers, St Mirren and Wolverhampton Wanderers, the final contested by Leicester City and Manchester City.

Play Soccer Jack Charlton's Way / Skilful Soccer / Positive Soccer
First broadcast on ITV, Sep-Oct 1976, Oct-Dec 1977 & Feb-Mar 1979
Tyne Tees produced three football education series of seven half hour programmes in which Jack Charlton coached a group of 12-14 year olds, mostly from Framwellgate Moor School in Durham plus a selection of Middlesbrough trainees including future 'Boro star Stan Cummins. It was probably best remembered for an outtake included on "It'll Be Alright On The Night" in which one of the schoolboys booted the ball into Charlton's groin. The first series, filmed in June/July 1976, was called "Play Soccer - Jack Charlton's Way" and debuted in the Tyne Tees region on Saturday 4th September 1976 at 11-11:30am*, Jack Charlton was the manager of Middlesbrough at the time, but he was in charge at Sheffield Wednesday by the time the 2nd series went out which was entitled "Skilful Soccer", this series being broadcast in the Tyne Tees region on Sundays from 30th October 1977 at 9:30-10am*. The third series was called "Positive Soccer With Jack Charlton" which Tyne Tees ran on Sunday mornings from 11th February 1979 to 25th March 1979, this final series featured apprentices from Newcastle United.

*Yorkshire, Border and Ulster all showed the first series in the same Saturday morning slot as Tyne Tees. LWT and Anglia showed it at the earlier time of 9:25am, Scottish, Southern, Granada and ATV screened it at 9:45-10:10am (I remember sitting through it waiting to see "Tiswas"), Westward showed it at 10am and Grampian at 12pm. HTV showed it a day later on Sunday afternoons at 1:10pm. As for the 2nd series; LWT, ATV, Granada, Anglia, Scottish and Border all showed it a day earlier than Tyne Tees in various Saturday morning slots, Southern, Ulster and Yorkshire broadcast it on Sunday mornings, Grampian on Sunday afternoons. The 3rd series also went out on Sunday mornings on LWT, Southern and Yorkshire, whilst HTV showed it on Sunday afternoon's. ATV, Granada, Anglia and Westward screened it a day earlier on Saturday mornings.

Series One "Play Soccer - Jack Charlton's Way"
All archived.
1. Making better use of sports facilities
2. Passing
3. Ball Control
4. Heading And Goalkeeping
5. Correct way to kick a ball
6. Controlling ball above the waist
7. Dribbling And Running

Series Two "Skilful Soccer"
Granada's archive logs the series as "Jack Charlton Soccer".
1. Shooting
2. Heading
3. Passing And Movement
4. Goalkeeping
5. Creating Space
6. Dead Ball Situations
7. Tricks & Dummies

Series Three "Positive Soccer With Jack Charlton"
All archived as "Jack Charlton Soccer" and undated.
1. Coaching Children
2. Pressure Training
3. A Day in the Life of a Coach
4. A Day in the Life of a Coach pt.2
5. Amateur Part-Time Coaching
6. World Cup Part 1
7. World Cup Part 2

Focus On Soccer
First broadcast on ITV, September - October 1978
The TVTimes entry for 8th September 1978 reads; "In this new series of films made in co-operation with the Football League, some of England's top professionals talk about their skills and demonstrate training techniques. Sequences from League matches bring home the relationship between training and performance."
Seven half hour episodes were produced by HTV and broadcast in that region in a 5:15-5:45pm slot from Friday 8th September 1978 to 29th October 1978. Other regions showed it on different days at different times - Granada, ATV and Westward on Saturday mornings from the 9th September. LWT, Southern, Anglia, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and Border on Sunday mornings from the 10th.

1. "The History Of The Game And It's Basic Skills" with Mick Channon
2. "The Goalkeeper" with Ray Clemence
3. "The Defender" with Colin Todd
4. "The Midfield Player" with Trevor Brooking
5. "The Winger" with Gordon Hill
6. "The Striker" with Kevin Keegan
7. "The Team" with Matt Busby & the current Manchester United squad

All seven programmes are archived. It was also distributed on film to various countries abroad and translated into French, Arabic, Spanish and German.

Great Managers, Great Players
Shown in the GRANADA region only, Friday 9th March 1979 (10:30-11:15pm)
A one off programme produced by Granada Television. The TV Times entry reads; "Sir Matt Busby, Joe Mercer, Bill Shankly - Three of the most famous post-war managers in British soccer explain what makes "greatness" in the world's most popular game. Between them, they have been in charge of some of the most exciting talents ever to appear on a football field, players who have captained club and country and become household names in the process. But which players can be termed the greatest? The three retired managers look back and decide on an elite group of players they are convinced will be immortalised as the "greatest" ever."
The programme is archived but incorrectly dated 8th March 1979.

Brian Moore Meets...
An intermittent LWT networked series.

1. Fri 16/Nov/1979 (9:00 -10:00pm) - Kevin Keegan
2. Fri 11/Jan/1980 (9:00 -10:00pm) - Niki Lauda
3. Fri 20/Jun/1980 (9:00 -10:00pm) - Bjorn Borg
4. Sun 05/Apr/1981 (10:30-11:30pm) - Seve Ballesteros
5. Fri 17/Apr/1981 (7:30-9:00pm) - Captain Mark Phillips
6. Sat 29/May/1982 (10:15-11:15pm) - Willie Carson

World In Action - The Man Who Bought United
Networked on Monday 28th January 1980 (8:30-9pm)
"Investigates the unorthodox way Louis Edwards became majority shareholder of Manchester United using a series of secret cash payments and incorrect share transfer entries. Cash payments were also used in winning contracts for the Louis Edwards family meat business. Includes interviews with some of the previous shareholders and records a telephone conversation between Louis Edwards and the son of one such shareholder."  Apparently the Granada cameras got a frosty welcome when they covered United v Wolves the following Saturday.

Up For The Cup
Trailer for 'Up For The Cup' 18/Oct/1980Networked from Saturday 6th September 1980 - 1st November 1980 (6:45-7:30pm)
An ATV series which fused the concept of a football knock-out tournament with a variety show contest, "refereed" by David Hamilton with professional footballer's and managers acting as "linesmen" judging and awarding points to entertainers selected by two teams supporters clubs. Bolton won the final and received the 'ATV Challenge Cup' from Billy Wright.

1. Charlton Athletic v Cardiff City. 2. Bolton Wanderers v Southampton. 3. Walsall v Coventry City. 4. Manchester City v Nottingham Forest. 5. Sunderland v Norwich City. 6. Charlton Athletic v Coventry City. 7. Bolton Wanderers v Manchester City. 8. Norwich City v Charlton Athletic. 9. The Final - Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic.

Networked on Monday 9th February 1981 (10:30-11:30pm) *Tyne Tees showed it 30 minutes later.
A Granada production. "Malcolm Allison and Tony Book were the main characters in a management team that spent nearly £3 million on building a Manchester City side that was unsuccessful. The programme follows the last few days of Allison's reign at City, his dismissal and the subsequent interview and employment of John Bond as new manager, the rise of the team under Bond and the chance draw which brought Allison back to Maine Road in the League Cup when City played Crystal Palace, the team Allison went to manage after his sacking."

World In Action - The Bankrupt Game
Networked, Monday 15th February 1982 (8:30-9pm)
Granada production. "World In Action followed the developments at Bristol City Football Club where their top 8 players were made redundant and a new board of directors was formed leaving the old board to sort out all the financial debts. The majority of clubs in the league are in financial trouble and many chairmen believe the maximum wage should be re-introducted. The World In Action team filmed behind the scenes activities at Bristol City during the turbulent week in which the players finally agreed to accept redundancy settlement and leave. Includes views of chairman of Manchester City Peter Swales. There is an exclusive interview with the group of eight."

Past Masters (Series 2)
Shown in the Yorkshire region only, Friday 28th May 1982 - Friday 11th June 1982 (6:30-7:00pm)
This was a three part YTV series presented by John Helm reminiscing on past glories. Series 1, broadcast the previous year, had focussed on Cricket.

1. "The Barnsley Reds" (Guests Danny Blanchflower & Sidney Normanton)
2. "The Huddersfield Terriers" (1920's, guests George Mutch, Bob Hesford & Vic Metcalfe)
3. "Blades and Owls" (Guests Derek Dooley & Alf Ringstead)

Paisley: A Champion's Farewell
Paisley: A Champion's Farewell (ITV 1983)Networked, Saturday 7th May 1983 (11:15pm-midnight)
A Granada TV tribute to Liverpool manager Bob Paisley who was to retire at the end of the 1982/83 season after nine years at the helm. On this penultimate Saturday of the league season, Brian Clough traced Paisley's glorious years including 14 major titles, culminating in a League Championship and League Cup double in his final season.

Other football related stuff on ITV, 1968-1983

09/Sep/1968 - "It's Trueman", (Granada region only, 6:05-6:30pm), "The Fanatics", Brian Trueman investigates football supporters obsessive enthusiasm for the game.
12/Jan/1969 - "Sports Arena" (LWT region, 2-2:30pm), Alan Hardaker (Chief of Football League) and Denis Howell (Minister for Sport) on Football Violence. Not archived.
23/Mar/1969 - "Sports Arena" (LWT region, 2:30-3:00pm), Joe Mercer interviewed by Michael Parkinson (Held by BFI).
27/Apr/1969 - "Sports Arena" (LWT region, 2:30pm), profile of Alf Ramsey (as part of The Big Match Special which also showed Cup Final highlights).

22/Nov/1969 - "Frost on Saturday".LWT, (Networked 11:10pm-12am), Chat show - George Best is one of the guests along with Frankie Howerd and Barry Humphries.
26/Nov/1969 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Bobby Charlton is the subject of show 2 of the 1st series on ITV (BBC had axed it in 1964)
04/Jan/1970 - "Face The Press", (LWT region only, 2:15-2:45pm), Brian Clough. Not archived?
25/Jan/1970 - "Sports Arena" (LWT region only, 2:10-2:45pm), Jimmy Greaves interviewed
25/Mar/1970 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Joe Mercer
23/Jul/1970 - "Take Me To Your Leader", (Granada region only, 6:05-6:30pm), Episode 5 looked at the career and ambitions of Alan Hardaker (Chief of the Football League).

15/Dec/1970 - "Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width", Thames, Sitcom series - Peter Osgood appeared in an episode set around a football match between a Catholic church and Jewish synagogue
06/Jan/1971 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Bobby Moore
01/May/1971 - "Aquarius" - A feature on The Kop was included on this edition of LWT's arts programme (London region only, 10:15-11:15pm).
04/May/1971 - "People Work Here", A Yorkshire Television production for ITV Schools. One episode in the series was titled "Football".
12/May/1971 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Matt Busby

22/Aug/1971 - "Man In The News", LWT. Derek Dougan (London region only, 11:45pm-12:15am). Tape may have been wiped.
17/Nov/1971 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), George Best
09/Jan/1972 -  "Another Sunday And Sweet F.A.", Granada, (Networked Sunday night play, 10:15-11:15pm) Jack Rosenthal comedy about two amateur football teams.
08/Mar/1972 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Gordon Banks
10/May/1972 - "What The Paper's Say", Granada, (London & Granada only, after midnight) Danny Blanchflower fronted this edition looking at reports on the cup final & the media treatment of current stars compared to his day.

10/Jan/1973 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Bill Shankly
02/Mar/1973 - "On The Buses", LWT (& some other regions 8:30-9pm). Popular sit-com - this edition of 7th series titled "The Football Match" (management decide on a depot football team trained by Inspector Blake, Bob McNab cameo).
18/Mar/1973 - "Achilles Heel", LWT, (Networked Sunday night play, 10:15-11:25pm) written by Alan Clarke (not the Leeds player) about a fictional professional footballer played by Martin Shaw.
25/Mar/1973 - "Frost Programme", LWT (Networked 11:15pm-12:15am), "Darlington FC".
02/May/1973 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Jack Charlton

30/Dec/1973 - "Meanwhile, Back in Sunderland", (Tyne Tees region only, 3:05-3:30pm). Documentary which captured the mood of the town whilst the FA Cup final was on.
16/Jan/1974 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Derek Dougan
16/Mar/1974 - "Russel Harty Plus", (LWT region only, 9:35-10:15pm). Terry Venables was a guest on this edition of the chat show and sang "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?"
??/Mar/1974 - "Let's Go to Football" (Granada region only, various times), 30 second advert shown in the North West on Friday nights to encourage people to go to games.
24/Apr/1974 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Don Revie

06/Aug/1974 - "Village Hall", Granada, (Networked 9-10pm), play by Willis Hall about an amateur team starring George Cole and Lewis Collins.
09/Sep/1974 - "You'll Never Walk Alone", Yorkshire TV, (Networked 8:30pm), Comedy short starring Brian Glover and Maureen Lipman as two Leeds fans travelling by train to the Cup final.
23/Sep/1974 - "Denis", (Granada region only, 10:50-11:20pm), A documentary about Dennis Law - his professional and home life (Archived as "Kick Off" but listed as "Granada Reports Special")
19/Feb/1975 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Denis Law
19/Mar/1975 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Dickie Davies

12/Oct/1975 - "London Weekend Show", LWT, (London only 11:30am-12pm), this edition looked at Football apprentices.
23/Nov/1975 - "The London Programme", LWT, (London only 11:10pm-12:10am), this edition included a feature on Brentwood Town and Chelmsford City.
11/Jan/1976 - "Granada Profile", (Granada only 11-11:30pm), Gordon Burns interviews Francis Lee.
08/Feb/1976 - "Red Letter Day (Match Fit)", Granada, (Networked 10-11pm), Football play written by Brian Glanville.
02/May/1976 - "Granada Profile", (Granada only 1:30-2pm), Kevin Keegan tells Gordon Burns why he aims to be playing on the Continent in about two years time.

06/Jun/1976 - "European Penalty Prize Final" (LWT 2:25-3:10, other regions at diff times) From Wembley, recorded a week or so beforehand, commentator Brian Moore
29/Sep/1976 - "Saturday's Heroes", Thames, (Networked 9:00-10:00pm), three part series. "Ha'way The Lads (Jimmy Seed)", "Saturday Night at the (Crystal) Palace",  "Vince (Hilaire)"
29/Dec/1976 - "Decade of Change", Thames, (Networked 10:40-11:40pm), Brian Glanville looks back at the past decade of international football since England won the World Cup.

14/Sep/1977 - "Star Spangled Soccer", Yorkshire TV, (Networked 10:30-11:15pm), Ian Woodridge looks at the techniques with which the game is presented in the USA.
23/Oct/1977 - "The London Programme", LWT, (London only 11pm-12am), London clubs in financial crisis (Guests include George Best & Brian Glanville)
28/Dec/1977 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Bob Paisley
07/Jan/1978 - "Our Show", LWT, (London & Southern only 9:00-11:00pm), Brian Moore was a guest on this edition of the children's Saturday morning show alongside Kenny Everett & Pierre the Clown.
20/Jan/1978 - "An Audience With Jasper Carrott", LWT, (London only 10:40-11:10pm), Stand up comic includes story of going to Old Trafford to follow Birmingham City.
14/Mar/1978 - "Get it Together", Granada TV, (Networked 4:20-4:45pm), a football themed edition of the children's pop/variety series.

05/Sep/1978 - "Star Games" (Thames TV), celebrity version of It's A Knock Out, the series included a regular five-a-side football section with Gerald Sinstadt commentating.
15/Dec/1978 - "Reports Extra", (Granada only 10:30-11pm), "The Huyton Boys", Reunion of Schoolboys Football Trophy winners of 1971 & the failure of all but one (Peter Reid) to make it to the top.
14/Feb/1979 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Kevin Keegan
06/Mar/1979 - "Watch Your Language", ATV (Networked for Schools, 10:00-10:18am), this edition 'Watching Games' included Hugh Johns explaining his technique to a TVTimes competition winner.
02/Nov/1979 - "Carrott Gets Rowdie", LWT (Networked 9-10pm), Comedian Jasper Carrott visits Tampa Bay Rowdies in a documentary exploring the soccer boom in the USA.
18/May/1979 - "The London Programme", LWT (London only 11:10pm-12:10am), Looks at the "decline" of the football hooligan.

30/Nov/1979 - "Double Vision", (Granada only 10:30-11pm), Gordon Burns chairs debate "Is the one million pound player bad for football?", includes Malcolm Allison & Ian Greaves.
27/Feb/1980 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Emlyn Hughes
19/May/1980 - "Mossley Goes To Wembley" (Granada only 10:30-11pm), documentary of Mossley AFC's trip to Wembley in the FA Trophy Final v Dagenham.

29/Oct/1980 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Laurie McMenemy
23/Nov/1980 - "Credo", LWT (All regions except Scottish & Grampian, 6:10-6:40pm), Exploration of sectarian rivalries in Galsgow. Interviews with Celtic and Rangers fans.
20/Feb/1981 - "Extraordinary People Show", Yorkshire TV (Networked 4:45-5:15pm), Kevin Keegan is the subject of this edition in a series for children.
22&29/Mar/1981 - "Skin", LWT (London only 2:15-2:30pm), Racism, the NF and the British Movement at London's grounds / The rise in black star players (inc Vince Hilaire and Justin Fushanu).
30/Mar/1981 - "Calendar People", (Yorkshire only), Raich Carter.
20/May/1981 - "Live From Two", (Granada only, 2-2:50pm), Shelley Rhode interviews Bill Shankly and ex PM Harlold Wilson who talk about their childhood, careers and passion they both share for football.

09/Sep/1981 - "Live From Two", Granada (Networked, 2-2:25pm), Shelly Rhode interviews Denis Law, Mike Summerbee and Fred Eyre.
09/Dec/1981 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Jackie Milburn
17/Feb/1982 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), John Toshack
19/Feb/1982 - "The London Programme", LWT (London only 11-11:35pm)), "Sick As A Parrott", financial problems in football, focusses on Crystal Palace and Fulham.
01/Mar/1982 - "Murphy's Mob", Central (Networked 4:45-5:15pm), first in a children's drama series based around a fictitious football club, filmed at Watford's ground (later series at Derby).
04/Mar/1982 - "Yesterday", (Granada only, 2:30-2:45pm), Looking back twenty years when Accrington Stanley closed down and resigned from the Football League.
??/Mar/1982 - "Robson's Choice" Tyne Tees (regional slots), 1 hour documentary following the fortunes of schoolboys on trial at Ipswich Town under the scrutiny of manager Bobby Robson.
22/May/1982 - "The Game" (Granada), Paul Pender play based on two Scotland fans watching the 1978 World Cup on TV.
06/Jun/1982 - "A Captain's Tale", Tyne Tees, (Networked 10-11:30pm), Drama by Neville Smith telling the story of West Auckland winning a proto World Cup in 1910, starring Dennis Waterman.

09/Aug/1982 - "Rowan's Report", Yorkshire, (Networked, 4:30-4:45pm), Children's show, this edition followed Leeds apprentice Neil Aspin.
22/Aug/1982 - "Football's My Game", (Granada only, 1:30-2:15pm), Trevor Francis narrates the progress of school leavers Michael Phelan (Burnley) and Darron McDonough (Oldham).
05/Feb/1983 - "Munich Remembered", Granada, (All region's at various times over weekend), Tribute to the Man Utd team of 1958, eight of whom died in the Munich air crash 25 years earlier.
16/Feb/1983 - "This is Your Life", Thames, (Networked 7:00-7:30pm), Kenny Dalglish

Big League Soccer
Launched in 1979, this was a weekend highlights programme produced by Thames TV for export to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Brian Moore presented the show and it usually featured three matches, often including BBC games. The series ran until the end of season 1987/88.

Schoolboy Internationals on ITV
The following matches were all shown LIVE on ITV as part of "World of Sport" on Saturday afternoon's. Commentators as listed in TVTimes.

09/Jun/1973    LIVE - England Schoolboys 2 Scotland Schoolboys 4 *Hugh Johns (Alan Curbishley played for England)
01/Jun/1974    LIVE - England Schoolboys 4 West Germany Schoolboys 0 *Brian Moore (Kenny Sansom played for England)
07/Jun/1975    LIVE - England Schoolboys 0 Scotland Schoolboys 1 *Brian Moore
05/Jun/1976    LIVE - England Schoolboys 6 France Schoolboys 1 *Brian Moore (Clive Allen played for England)
18/Jun/1977    LIVE - England Schoolboys 1 West Germany Schoolboys 2 *Hugh Johns
27/May/1978  LIVE - England Schoolboys 3 Scotland Schoolboys 0 *Brian Moore
09/Jun/1979    LIVE - England Schoolboys 2 West Germany Schoolboys 2 *Martin Tyler & Ian St John
07/Jun/1980    LIVE - England Schoolboys 4 Scotland Schoolboys 5 *Brian Moore & Ian St John (Paul Rideout scored a hat-trick for England)
13/Jun/1981    LIVE - England Schoolboys 1 West Germany Schoolboys 2
05/Jun/1982    LIVE - England Schoolboys 0 Scotland Schoolboys 0
11/Jun/1983    LIVE - England Schoolboys 3 Scotland Schoolboys 3

Youth football on ITV
09/Jun/1974    LIVE 2nd Half - Plymouth 3 Sheffield 1 [Youth Club Trophy Final] *from Wembley, Sunday 3:55-4:50pm, Gerry Harrison commentating
14/Jun/1975    LIVE - Plymouth 3 Merseyside 1 [Youth Club Trophy Final] *from Wembley as part of "World of Sport" 3:10-5:00pm

The Big Match Replayed
First broadcast on ITV, 14th May 1996
A series of selected episodes of the London Weekend Television highlights programme.
It was repeated in a middle-of-the-night networked slot around 2004-ish.
This list was compiled by Stuart Croucher

1). 7th January 1978 (FA Cup Third Round weekend)
Chelsea 4 Liverpool 2 / Everton 4 Aston Villa 1 / Sheffield United 0 Arsenal 5

2). 26th September 1976
Fulham 4 Hereford United 1 /Derby County 2 West Bromwich Albion 2 / Ipswich Town 3 Arsenal 1

3). 7th February 1976
Crystal Palace 3 Swindon Town 3 / Norwich City 3 Arsenal 1 / Newcastle United 4 Derby County 3

4). 1st April 1972
West Ham United 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0 / Ipswich Town 1 Chelsea 2 / Coventry City 2 Manchester United 3

5). 30th January 1977 (FA Cup Fourth Round Weekend)
Arsenal 3 Coventry City 1 / Swindon Town 2 Everton 2 / Ipswich Town 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

6). 6th March 1977
Chelsea 2 Blackpool 2 / Manchester United 3 Manchester City 1 / Sunderland 6 West Ham United 0

7). 7th October 1977
Queen’s Park Rangers 1 Everton 5 / Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 / Stoke City 0 Crystal Palace 2

8). 17th September 1978
Chelsea 1 Manchester City 4 /Derby County 3 West Bromwich Albion 2 / Leeds United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2

9). 8th December 1974
Tottenham Hotspur 3 Newcastle United 0 / Birmingham City 0 Stoke City 3 / Sheffield Wednesday 4 Manchester United 4

10). 16th February 1975  (This was an FA Cup Fifth Round weekend )
West Ham United 2 Queen’s Park Rangers 1 / Ipswich Town 3 Aston Villa 2 / Everton 1 Fulham 2

11). 31st December 1978
Arsenal 3 Birmingham City 1 / Stoke City 2 Notts County 0 / Manchester United 3 West Bromwich Albion 5

12). 1st October 1972
Queen’s Park Rangers 3 Cardiff City 0 / Coventry City 3 Chelsea 1 / Leeds United 1 Liverpool 2

13). 27th November 1977
Queen’s Park Rangers 2 Manchester United 2 / Sunderland 1 Luton Town 1 / Everton 6 Coventry City 0

14).  20th August 1978
Arsenal 2 Leeds United 2 / Sheffield United 1 Orient 2 / Norwich City 3 Southampton 1

The Big Match Revisited
The Big Match RevisitedFirst broadcast on ITV4, 7th February 2008
"The Big Match Revisited" differed from "The Big Match Replayed" in two ways. Rather than being a series of memorable episodes from different season's "Revisited" stuck with one season only and showed a programme from the corresponding weekend, it would also occasionally throw up an alternate region's programme instead of London Weekend's package. The title "The Big Match Revisited" never actually appeared on screen during the initial run, ITV4 pretty much showed the programmes as they were originally aired but some material had to be excised in order to fit in the extra commercial break required for modern day broadcasting (There had only been two breaks during a one hour show in the 1970's and 1980's, there were now three, so about 5 minutes of material was cut from each show).

1st Series, Season 1982/83
Tx'd February 2008 - May 2008
Showed a corresponding weekend's show from 25 years ago, starting with 05/Feb/1983 and ending with the final day of the league season, 14/May/1983.
The cuts in this series appear to have been post match interviews and the pools news.
All episodes were repeats of LWT's The Big Match except....
05/Feb/1983 - Match Time (Granada)
05/Mar/1983 - Match Time (Granada)
02/Apr/1983 - The Saturday Match (TVS)
16/Apr/1983 - Match Time (Granada)
14/May/1983 - The Saturday Match (TVS)

*ITV4 began repeating the 1982/83 series on 18th February 2012.

2nd Series, Season 1978/79
Tx'd January 2009 - May 2009*
Showed a corresponding weekend's show from 30 years ago, starting with 30/Dec/1978 and ending with the FA Cup Final on 12/May/1979. Original break bumpers were now replaced with new "Revisted" captions (except for the final edition which retained the 1979 World Of Sport Cup Final Special bumpers).
Post match interviews were now largely left intact, the excised portions appear to have been the news round-ups.
All episodes were repeats of LWT's The Big Match except....
30/Dec/1978 - The Kick Off Match (Granada)
20/Jan/1979 - The Kick Off Match (Granada)
10/Feb/1979 - The Kick Off Match (Granada) *Elton Welsby standing in for (a presumably ill) Gerald Sinstadt.
17/Mar/1979 - Football League Cup Final (ITV Sport) *Re-edited to give the impression that this was an edition of "The Big Match"
21/Apr/1979 - The Kick Off Match (Granada)
05/May/1979 - The Kick Off Match (Granada)
12/May/1979 - FA Cup Final (ITV Sport) *Sourced from the live Saturday broadcast and re-packaged for 2009 as "The Big Match"

*ITV's 'Men & Motors' channel began repeating the 1978/79 series on 20th May 2009.

ITV football archive programmes
Post 1983 productions that covered the classic '68-83 period

Cloughie's Golden Oldies
26/Apr/1987 - 14/Jun/1987
Brian Clough introduced vintage highlights of Midlands clubs in action in the 1970's and early 1980's, the theme tune was the classic Star Soccer jingle. The six part series of 30 minute programmes was only broadcast to the Central region.

Best & Marsh - The Perfect Match
22/Jan/1988 - 18/Mar/1988
Tony Wilson hosted this eight part series, prompting George Best and Rodney Marsh to reminisce on two 1970's matches plucked from the archives in each half-hour programme. Although this was a non-networked Granada production, the footage was not exclusively concerned with North West clubs and some other region's screened it the following year. New Order provided the theme tune which was later released on the b-side of their single "Round and Round"*. The shows were themed as follows; 1. George & Rod, 2. Goalkeepers, 3. Great Teams: Derby & Leeds, 4. The Liverpool Years, 5. Local Derby's, 6. Goalscorers, 7. British Clubs in Europe, 8. The FA Cup.**

*After hearing the Best and Marsh tune, the FA asked New Order to come up with the official England song for the 1990 World Cup - the result being World In Motion.
**Match highlights included in the series; Show 1 - Northampton 2 United 8 from 1970 and Fulham 4 Hereford 1 from 1976. Show 2 - Liverpool 2 Stoke 1 match from 1972. Show 7 -  Spurs 5 Dynamo Tiblisi 1 from 1973 and Liverpool 3 St Ettiene 1 from 1977. Show 8 - Hull 2 Stoke 3 from 1971 and Liverpool 2 Manchester United 2 from 1979.

21 Years of London Football
A 60 minute special looking back at the LWT era of football coverage was followed by a series - each show focussing on a classic match.

The Channon & Ball Video Show
15/Mar/1990 - 23/May/1990
Presented by David Bobin with Mike Channon and Alan Ball. Not networked.

Soccer in the 70s
Gary Lineker's first presenting role. The ten part half hour series looked back at each season of the 1970's with relevant studio guest's (starting with 1970/71 and concluding with 1979/80). It wasn't networked, but it was shown in at least three ITV region's.

"The People's Final" - The League Cup Story
A very good one hour special narrated by Clive Tyldesley with footage from all League Cup finals since 1967 (Broadcast before the Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester United final).

Yesterday's Heroes
Series One: 19/Oct/1993 - 14/Dec/1993
Series Two: 01/Nov/1994 - 20/Dec/1994
Presented by Elton Welsby in a 30 minute slot, the programmes would feature two guests each week who would look back at highlights of their playing career. At least one other region (HTV) showed it too.

Series One
19/Oct/1993 Graeme Souness & Howard Kendall
26/Oct/1993 Lou Macari & Dennis Tueart
02/Nov/1993 Norman Hunter & Tommy Smith
09/Nov/1993 Duncan McKenzie & Liam Brady
16/Nov/1993 Alan Ball & Mike Channon
23/Nov/1993 Francis Lee & Eddie Gray
30/Nov/1993 Ray Clemence & Peter Shilton
07/Dec/1993 George Best & Rodney Marsh
14/Dec/1993 Peter Osgood & Malcolm MacDonald

Series Two
01/Nov/1994 Denis Law & Joe Royle
08/Nov/1994 John Toshack & Geoff Hurst
15/Nov/1994 Jack Charlton & Emlyn Hughes
22/Nov/1994 Bob Latchford & Andy Gray
29/Nov/1994 Frank Worthington & Charlie George
06/Dec/1994 Tony Currie & Bruce Rioch
13/Dec/1994 Kevin Keegan & Trevor Francis
20/Dec/1994 Stan Bowles & Mike Summerbee

There's Only One Brian Moore
20/May/1994 - 11/Oct/1996
Initially a three part/one hour slot series celebrating the LWT commentator and vintage action, hosted by comedian Tim Clark with a panel of football celebrities talking about the games. A 2nd series followed from October 1995 hosted by Bob Mills and there was a final run (also fronted by Mills) in 1996.

The Rock And Goal Years
03/Oct/1995 - 05/Dec/1995
A series of half hour programmes which mixed archive footage of North West teams in action with pop hits of the day. The season's covered (not in this order) were; 1970/71, 1972/73, 1973/74, 1976/77, 1978/79, 1980/81, 1982/83, 1989/90 and 1991/92. There was also a Christmas Special and two further one-off specials; A General Election edition on 23/Apr/1997 was presented by Michael Parkinson (this looked at the years 1979 and 1990), and a one hour World Cup edition narrated by Sean Bean was shown on 12/Jul/1998.

Up For The Cup
09/Nov/1997 - 14/Dec/1997
A series of six one hour shows looking back at classic FA Cup finals, it was shown in the London region on Sunday afternoon's and was hosted by Jonathan Pearce with comments from players involved.
1. Chelsea v Leeds (1970), 2. Arsenal v Liverpool (1971), 3. Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City (1981), 4. West Ham v Fulham (1975), 5. Ipswich v Arsenal (1978), 6. Wimbledon v Liverpool (1988).

Leeds Leeds Leeds
22/Aug/2003 - 03/Oct/2003
An excellent six part history of Leeds United.

Rock 'N' Goal Years
26/Sep/2001 - 03/Jun/2008
This was Yorkshire Television's version which added local news to the mix of local football and chart hits from a particular season (there were also some World Cup editions). The half hour shows were screened over the course of several years. The Season's covered were; 1. 1969/70, 2. ?????*, 3. 1976/77, 4. 1980/81, 5. 1984/85, 6. 1991/92, 7. 1974/75, 8. 1979/80, 9. 1981/82, 10. 1990/91, 11. World Cup 1982, 12. World Cup 1986, 13. World Cup 1990. 14. 1995/96*

*Show 2 may actually have been postponed and could be 1995/96 which was screened much later than the others.

Glory Days
18/Sep/2008 - 10/Nov/2008
Stan Collymore presented this eight part series. Each 30 minute show focussed on one Midlands based club and their greatest achievements, clips from matches were interspersed with new interviews with the heroes involved. The clubs featured were; 1. Nottingham Forest (European success), 2. Coventry City (1987 FA Cup), 3. West Bromwich Albion (1968 FA Cup & late '70's), 4. Stoke City (1972 League Cup), 5. Leicester City (1990's League Cups), 6. Derby County (1970's championship season's), 7. Wolves (1974 & 1980 League Cups), 8. Aston Villa (1982 European Cup).

BBC Television Coverage

Match Of The Day
First shown on BBC2 on Saturday 22nd August 1964 (at 6:30pm) and moved to BBC1 from the start of the 1966/67 season (at 10pm), Match of the Day featured one match only until the end of 1968/69*. From 1969/70 two games were shown each week (in colour from 15/Nov/1969). Initially the 2nd game depended on which BBC region you were viewing, but from 1970/71 the regional format was dropped in favour of two networked matches.
A list of highlights shown on Match of the Day up to the end of 1991/92 season is included in John Motson's book "Match of the Day - The Complete Record Since 1964", but there are a few errors/omissions. The following list details the one's we're aware of .......

*Two cup ties were shown on MOTD on FA Cup weekends from 1966/67.

12/Nov/1966    *No MOTD this weekend due to a boxing programme being shown instead
03/Aug/1968    *The Charity Shield match is missing from Motson's book but was scheduled as an edition of "Match of the Day"
02/Nov/1968    Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0 *Motson's book doesn't mention that this week's show went out on BBC2 as a one off colour edition.
28/Dec/1968    Burnley 2 (Collins, Kindon) Leicester City 1 (Clarke) *Not 100% on this one. Motson's book does not have an entry for this date, the fixtures were decimated by snow but MOTD cameras apparently turned up at Turf Moor at the last minute and because of this they had to set up cameras in the corner of the main stand.
25/Jan/1969     *Two additional FA Cup R4 ties were shown, these were......
                        Fulham 1 (Rees) West Bromwich Albion 2 (Brown, Hartford)
                        Preston North End 0 Chelsea 0
08/Feb/1969    Watford 5 (Endean, Lees 2, Walley, Hale) Rotherham United 1 (Storrie) *David Coleman
                        Cardiff City 5 (Bird, Clark 2, Toshack 2) Oxford United 0 *Maurice Edelston
        These matches were shown on a Saturday night "Grandstand" (10:05-11:20pm) which originally intended to show FA Cup R5 games & skating, but only 4 games survived the weather.
01/Mar/1969    Manchester United 0 Everton 1 (Royle) [FA Cup QF] *is the missing 2nd match
29/Mar/1969    Manchester City 3 Stoke City 1 *is listed but was another colour edition on BBC2 only at 10-11pm, there was also a late addition to BBC1's schedule which showed a different match ...
                        Leicester City 1 (Clarke) West Bromwich A. 0 [FA Cup SF] *on BBC1 as "Soccer Special", a 20 min show to follow "Eurovision Song Contest" at 11:40pm

*Note:- Colour footage exists of Leeds United v Leicester City from 19/Apr/1969 but MOTD was NOT scheduled for BBC2 that night, so maybe they just captured some colour footage of Leicester in action for the following week's Cup Final build up on BBC2 (having already got some colour VT of Man City at home to Stoke and away at Chelsea earlier in the season).

"Match of the Day" 30th August 1969

1969/70 was the season in which the BBC experimented with regional matches shown locally as a 2nd feature after the networked main game, but these games are not listed in Motson's book. The MOTD regions were defined differently to those of ITV and were much larger, being based on the BBC's old 'home service' radio boundaries dating back to the 1930's. HTV and Westward were mostly relaying The Big Match at the time and so the BBC's regional games for the 'South & West' would have been very welcome. East Anglia and the North East were lumped in with the 'Midlands' and 'North' regions respectively, though with relatively few clubs to choose from and Anglia and Tyne Tees already picking one local match each week, it made sense for the BBC to largely ignore those areas.

The six BBC regions for 1969/70;

North *Included the North West and Yorkshire areas as well as the North East (many viewers either side of the Pennines still tuned into the Holme Moss transmitter for BBC1)
South East
South & West *This included the South West (Plymouth/Exeter/Torquay) as well as the Bristol/Swindon area and all of the clubs on the South coast.
Midlands *Including East Anglia
Northern Ireland

Here's a Radio Times article from the issue dated 9th -15th August 1969.....

"It's the great kick-off on Saturday for another season of soccer.  This will end, we hope, with England retaining the World Cup in the Aztec Stadium, Mexico City, on June 21 next year. Nearer home the season will be distinguished in another way.  For BBC-tv is introducing its most ambitious Saturday football coverage ever with a restyled, hour-long Match of the Day programme which will now include two recorded games instead of one.
Each Saturday BBC cameras will be in action at six League games.  The star national feature will continue to be shown everywhere except in Scotland, which has its own programme, but six BBC regions will now be showing as well the day's most attractive match in their area. David Coleman will host this new Match of the Day format, which will also feature late-night soccer news, the penetrating player-manager interview, and such innovations as monthly sportsmanship awards and the highly original National Kop Choir Contest. The whole thing adds up to the most expensive all-soccer weekly show in television history.  The brain-child (and long-held ambition) of Bryan Cowgill, head of BBC-tv sports programmes, it is edited by Sam Leitch, former Fleet Street Sportswriter of the Year.  Executive producer is Alec Weeks. Regular commentators will be Kenneth Wolstenholme and Alan Weeks, who will be joined by such experts as Barry Davies, former Wales and Arsenal skipper Walley Barnes and Idwal Robling, winner of Sportsnight's commentators' competition.
To sum up: on one Saturday the national Match of the Day might be, say, Chelsea v. Manchester United.  Then the South-east match might feature another London club away from home, while the North would have a wide choice of famous teams.  Midland viewers would see two of their teams in action; the Western Match of the Day territory stretches from Brighton to Plymouth; the Welsh match might involve Cardiff City, Swansea City, Newport or Wrexham."

The BBC commentators for 1969/70;

Ken Wolstenholme *known main games 23/08, 30/08, 06/09, 20/09, 27/09, 04/10, 29/11, 27/12, 10/01 & 28/02 plus South East matches
David Coleman *main games 16/08, 18/10, 25/10, 8/11, 15/11 & 6/12 plus South East matches
Barry Davies *main games 09/08, 13/12, 20/12, 21/03 (at Man.C) plus North matches, also did QPR v Swindon on 20/09 as well as presenting that edition
Alan Weeks *Midlands matches
Walley Barnes *Wales
Idwal Robling *South & West but also did Leeds v Mansfield (the FA Cup R5 match on 07/02)
Stuart Hall *North
Larry McCoubrey *Northern Ireland

These are the known BBC games not included in Motson's book for 1969/70.....
*Games shown in both the South East and South&West regions are listed as "South"

09/Aug/1969    Leeds United 3 (Bremner, Clarke, Giles(pen)) Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Greaves) NORTH & SOUTH EAST
                        Wolverhampton W. 3 (Dougan 2, Knowles) Stoke City 1 (Burrows) MIDLANDS
                        Wrexham 3 Exeter City 0 WALES
                        Southampton 0 West Bromwich Albion 2 (Suggett 2) SOUTH & WEST
16/Aug/1969    West Bromwich Albion 0 Arsenal 1 (George) MIDLANDS
                        Newcastle United 1 (Robson(pen)) Manchester City 0 NORTH *listed in Newcastle pink
        *Unknown South&West match introduced by Jeremy Carrad with Idwal Robling commentating. Carrad appears to have regularly introduced the S&W matches.
23/Aug/1969    Derby County 0 Stoke City 0 MIDLANDS
                        Sunderland 1 (Todd) Sheffield Wednesday 2 (Craig, Eustace) NORTH
                        West Ham United 1 (Hurst) West Bromwich Albion 3 (Suggett, Brown, Krzwicki) SOUTH EAST
                        Wrexham 2 (Kinsey, Griffiths) Chester 0 WALES
                        Southampton 2 (Paine, Kemp) Chelsea 2 (Osgood 2) SOUTH & WEST
30/Aug/1969    Manchester United 3 (Best, Kidd, Givens) Sunderland 1 (McGiven) NORTH
                        Coventry City 1 (Hunt) Wolverhampton W. 0 MIDLANDS
                        Swindon Town 5 (Smith, Noble 3, Billett(og)) Charlton Athletic 0 SOUTH & WEST
                        Cardiff City 2 (King, Toshack) Bolton Wanderers 1 (Wharton) WALES
                        Ards v Coleraine N.IRELAND
06/Sep/1969    Bristol City 0 Preston North End 0 SOUTH & WEST
                        Blackburn Rovers 4 (Mulvaney, Newton(pen), Martin, Hill) Middlesbrough 0 NORTH
                        Newport County 1 (Derrick) Brentford 0 WALES
13/Sep/1969    Huddersfield Town 2 (Dobson 2(1pen)) Blackpool 0 NORTH
                        Chelsea 2 (Dempsey, Osgood) Wolverhampton W. 2 (Curran 2) SOUTH EAST & MIDLANDS
                        Brentford 2 (Mansley, Ross(pen)) Swansea City 2 (Williams, Slattery) WALES
                        Bristol Rovers 3 (Jarman(pen), Stubbs, Graydon) Fulham 2 (Conway, Earle) SOUTH & WEST
20/Sep/1969    Manchester City 3 (Bell 2, Lee(pen)) Coventry City 1 (Hunt) NORTH
                        Queens Park Rangers 2 (Wilks, Clarke(pen)) Swindon Town 0 SOUTH & WEST
                        Swansea City 3 (Thomas(pen), Slattery, Evans) Northampton Town 2 (Townsend, Hawkins) WALES
27/Sep/1969    West Bromwich A. 2 (Astle, Hegan) Liverpool 2 (Graham, Hunt) MIDLANDS & NORTH
                        Tottenham Hotspur 0 Sunderland 1 (England(og)) SOUTH EAST
                        Cardiff City 4 (Toshack 3, King) Queens Park Rangers 2  (Venables(pen), Bridges) WALES
                        Plymouth Argyle 1 (Nicholls(og)) Luton Town 3 (Tees 2, French) SOUTH & WEST
                                *Main match Man Utd 5 West Ham 2 was rec in colour and prob tx'd as a UHF test transmission as well as in b&w on VHF
04/Oct/1969    Manchester City 2 (Young, Bell) West Bromwich A. 1 (Pardoe(og)) NORTH
                        Southampton 2 (Gabriel, Stokes) Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Gilzean, Greaves) SOUTH & WEST *prob South East too
                        Newport County 4 (Derrick, Hill 2, Raybould) Colchester United 1 (Light) WALES
11/Oct/1969    Middlesbrough 4 Bolton Wanderers 0 (Hickton 2, McIlroyle 2) NORTH *opening goal on 44 seconds
25/Oct/1969    West Bromwich Albion 2 (Brown, Hope) Manchester United 1 (Kidd) MIDLANDS
                        Liverpool 4 (Hughes, Hunt 2, Byrne(og)) Southampton 1 (Channon) NORTH *Not 100% on this one
        *Barry Davies commentated on the unknown South&West match (RT)
01/Nov/1969    Wolverhampton W. 1 (O'Grady) West Bromwich A. 0 MIDLANDS
                         Southampton 1 (Channon) West Ham United 1 (Brooking) SOUTH *Ken Wolstenholme
                        Cardiff City 6 (King(pen), Clark 2, Toshack 2, Sutton) Hull City 0 WALES
08/Nov/1969    Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Prendergast) Chelsea 3 (Hutchison 2, Osgood) NORTH
                         Birmingham City 2 (Murray, Vowden) Swindon Town 0 MIDLANDS
                         Swansea City 3 (Gwyther, H.Williams, G.Thomas) Crewe Alexandra 0 WALES
15/Nov/1969    Derby County 3 (Durban 2, Ashurst(og)) Sunderland 0 NORTH ?&MIDLANDS? *main game was the first BBC1 match in colour but the Derby match was b&W, Alan Weeks
                        Wolverhampton W. 2 (Lutton, Curran) Arsenal 0 ?SOUTH EAST?
                        Watford 0 Swindon Town 0 SOUTH & WEST
                        Oxford United 1 (Shepherd) Cardiff City 1 (Lee) WALES
22/Nov/1969    Luton Town 2 (Collins, Allen) Rochdale 0 *This may have actually been the main game rather than Arsenal 1 Man City 1
                         Everton 2 (Hurst, Royle) Burnley 1 (Coates) NORTH
                         Stoke City 3 (Burrows 2(1pen), Ritchie) Ipswich Town 3 (Lambet, Collard, Viljoen(pen)) MIDLANDS
                         Wrexham 3 (Kinsey, May, Smith) Newport County 0 WALES
                         Torquay United 0 Rotherham United 0 SOUTH & WEST
29/Nov/1969    Manchester City 1 (Lee(pen)) Leeds United 2 (Gray, Jones) NORTH
                        Plymouth Argyle 0 Bournemouth & Boscombe A. 1 (Meredith) SOUTH & WEST *Hugh Scully introduced this match, Robling commentating (RT)
06/Dec/1969    Nottingham Forest 2 (Hilley, Rees) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Whitham) MIDLANDS *b&W
                        Portsmouth 4 (Hiron 2, Bromley, Jennings) Preston North End 0 SOUTH & WEST
                        Cardiff City 3 (Clark 2, Bird) Watford 1 (Lewis) WALES
13/Dec/1969    Derby County 2 (Hinton, McGovern) Newcastle United 0 MIDLANDS
                        West Ham United 0 Everton 1 (Whittle) SOUTH EAST *colour
                        Newport County 0 Chesterfield 2 (Pugh 2) WALES
                        Torquay United 2 (Rudge, Welsh) Bournemouth & Boscombe A. 2 (MacDougall, White) SOUTH & WEST
20/Dec/1969    Walsall 3 (Baker 2, Taylor) Barnsley 2 (Dean 2) MIDLANDS
                        Cardiff City 1 (Clark) Charlton Athletic 0 WALES
27/Dec/1969    Arsenal 0 Newcastle United 0 SOUTH
                        Newport County 3 (Smith, Mabbutt, White) Aldershot 4 (Howarth, Gowans, Jopling, Walden) WALES
17/Jan/1970     Manchester City 0 Stoke City 1 (Burrows) NORTH
                        West Ham United 0 Manchester United 0 SOUTH EAST
                        Wrexham 1 (Griffiths(pen)) Brentford 0 WALES
                        Bristol City 1 (Bush) Millwall 1 (Dunphy) SOUTH & WEST
31/Jan/1970     Nottingham Forest 1 (Richardson) Liverpool 0 *May have been main match with Huddersfield v Carlisle the North match
                        Tottenham Hotspur 0 Southampton 1 (Davies) SOUTH EAST & SOUTH & WEST *colour
                        Cardiff City 2 (Toshack 2) Blackpool 2 (Burns, Suddick) WALES
14/Feb/1970    Burnley 1 (Casper) Derby County 1 (O'Hare) NORTH
                        Cardiff City 1 (Woodruff ) Carlisle United 1 (Balderstone) WALES
                        Plymouth Argyle 1 (Bickle) Reading 1 (Habbin) SOUTH & WEST *poss South East too
28/Feb/1970    Nottingham Forest 1 (Ingram) Everton 1 (Royle) MIDLANDS
                        West Ham United 0 Southampton 0 SOUTH EAST & SOUTH & WEST
                        Swansea City 0 Port Vale 0 WALES
21/Mar/1970    Orient 3 (Coddington(og), Jones, Taylor) Stockport County 0 *May have been main game with Manchester City 1 West Ham United 5 only shown in North & South East regions
                        Aston Villa 1 (Curtis) Blackburn Rovers 1 (Goodwin) MIDLANDS
                        Swansea City 2 (Gwyther, H.Williams) Scunthorpe United 1 (Barker) WALES
                        Exeter City 1 (Gadston) Northampton Town 0 SOUTH & WEST
28/Mar/1970    Blackpool 2 (Pickering 2) Aston Villa 1 (Hamilton) NORTH
                        Birmingham City 1 (Vowden) Preston North End 0 MIDLANDS
                        Cardiff City 0 Oxford United 0 WALES
                        Bristol Rovers 1 (Gilbert) Orient 0 SOUTH & WEST
04/Apr/1970    Middlesbrough 2 (McIlmoyle, Laidlaw) Cardiff City 1 (Clark) NORTH
                       Oxford United 1 (Skeen) Charlton Athletic 1 (Treacy)  MIDLANDS
                        Arsenal 2 (Kelly, Radford) West Ham United 1 (Greaves) SOUTH EAST
                        Plymouth Argyle 2 (Maher, Taylor(og)) Bristol Rovers 2 (Allan 2) SOUTH & WEST

*Davies ended up doing the main game on 09/08 (instead of the North regional) because Coleman had lost his voice and Wolstenholme was ill with flu. Some of the North matches were still being shot on film and some commentaries on North matches were added as the highlights were broadcast.

From 1970/71 it was two networked matches, though Wales continued to have a regional game....

Known BBC Wales games for 1970/71
07/Nov/1970   Queens Park Rangers 0 Cardiff City 1 (Phillips) *Walley Barnes

*Match of the Day replaced its' original antiquated theme tune ("Drum Majorette" by Major Statham) in August 1970. Barry Stoller composed the new theme which is still used today. Note that Mike Vickers' single "Offside" was a jolleyed-up cover version of Stoller's theme which was never used on the actual programme but often turned up on children's and family entertainment programmes as background music to a subbuteo feature, studio kick-about etc.

03/Apr/1971    Coventry City 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0 *Was also shown, so two 0-0 draws on MOTD that weekend.
08/Jan/1972     Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Peters) Manchester City 1 (Davies)
                        Stoke City 0 Arsenal 0 *Both missing from the book.
30/Dec/1972    Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton W. *This League Cup tie was the 2nd leg (not specified in the book).
09/Feb/1974    *Only one game listed, other game postponed?
31/Jan/1976     *Hereford v C.Palace had to be dropped after a newspaper let slip game was to be on TV after KO moved to 2:30pm (floodlights not good enough for colour cameras).
26/Feb/1977    *Only one game listed, most likely only one game covered because of a camermen's strike
19/Nov/1977    West Bromwich Albion 0 Manchester City 0 *was also shown
07/Jan/1978     Leeds Utd 1 (F.Gray(pen)) Manchester City 2 (Tueart, Barnes)
                        West Ham 1 (Robson) Watford 0 [FA Cup R3] *recorded but not shown due to a technical error....
                                *both were included on BBC history video's for Leeds and West Ham in the early 1990's. Barry Davies on the Leeds game which included a riot, David Coleman at West Ham.
02/Dec/1978    *The second game was going to be Manchester United v Ipswich Town but this was called off late in the day, so it was too late to move to another game.
10/Mar/1979    *Two FA Cup games, Ipswich Town v Liverpool and West Brom v Southampton, were due to be shown but there was a late strike and the games were not recorded.
26/Apr/1980    Manchester United 2 (McIlroy 2(1pen)) Coventry City (Thompson) 1 *was a third game, it's incl on BBC Man Utd history with John Motson commentating.

1980/81 (The season MOTD first switched to Sunday afternoons).....

*All dates from 08/Mar/81 are out by a day (all the dates up to this point are the Saturday dates, but they suddenly switch to the Sunday transmission date thereafter).
01/Nov/1980    Luton v Sheffield Wednesday *was a Division Two game (not Three as listed)
13/Dec/1980    Swansea City 4 Newcastle United 0 *was Division Two (not One)
10/Jan/1981     Aston Villa 2 Liverpool 0 *was shown first not third as listed. 
                        Crystal Palace 1 (Boyle) Stoke City 1 (Doyle) *Score should be 1-1 not 1-0.
02/May/1981   Preston North End 1 (Bruce) Swansea City 3 (L.James, Craig, Charles) *is missing. Des Lynham commentary, 17 minutes appeared on Youtube
28/Nov/1981   Halifax Town 1 (Graham) Scunthorpe United 2 (Cowling, Moss) *is listed as the third game in all pinks.
01/Jan/1983     Cardiff City 3 (Henneman 2(1 pen), G.Bennett) Bristol Rovers 1 (Bradd) *was shown as a third game, five minutes action with Idwal Robling commentating.
                                Note that BBC Wales had their own MOTD programme this weekend with Cardiff as the main game, there may have been other Welsh variations of MOTD too.

MOTD repeats
Classic MOTD matches were repeated in a series called Action Replay which celebrated the 20th anniversary in August 1984.
The 'UK Gold' channel repeated a selection of Match of the Day episodes in the mid-1990's but replaced the original title sequences with a new one (as well as adding commercial breaks). Early-mid 1970's editions were mostly telerecordings (filmed off a monitor) recovered from abroad and sadly these were in black & white. The ESPN Classics channel repeated the same episodes and more in the 2000's but again these were missing their original title sequence. There were also some afternoon re-runs of 1960's matches on BBC2 in the late 1990's.

There is now a site devoted to Match of the Day which lists all the games shown with commentators here.

BBC Retrospectives
The 25th anniversary of Match of the Day was marked with an excellent BBC VHS video looking back at the 1960's (starting with 1964/65 and ending with the first few colour matches at the end of 1969), a further pair of video's covering the 1970's and the 1980's followed soon afterwards.

Match of the Seventies (BBC1) 26/Jul/1995 - 02/Sep/1996 and Match of the Eighties (BBC1) 21/Jul/1997 - 25/Aug/1997 are generally regarded to be the best archive football packages ever to be produced, although both chiefly relied on BBC material (ITV footage tended to be dubbed with music or fake crowd noise, probably because this would have meant paying less for use of the clips), the shows occupied a 40/45 minute slot and each told the story of one particular season. There were two series covering the 1970's (1970/71 through to 1979/80, all narrated by Dennis Waterman) but only one for the 1980's which ended with season 1985/86 (Danny Baker narrated these). There was also Match of the Nineties with Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley covering 1989/90 - 1996/97 (So no programmes for 1986/87, 1987/88 or 1988/89).

The BBC produced World Cup Stories in 2006 (first edition shown on 07/May/2006), this was an excellent series with each episode telling the story of one particular country (England, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and France). However, in terms of original British televised World Cup footage unspoilt by overdubbed music or pointless effects, a series of shorts produced for Sportsnight in 1989 - looking back at each tournament in turn - is probably more desirable (all BBC footage though).

Sky Retrospectives

Football Years
Broadcast from 01/Oct/2002, this series was a mixture of ITV, BBC and SKY footage with celebrity talking heads (comedians, pop stars etc. as well as players) looking back at a particular season in a one hour slot - Most programmes were concerned with the 1990's but season's 1980/81 and 1983/84 were also covered.

Bobby Charlton's Football Scrapbook
Presented by Dickie Davies with Bobby and other guests making comments on the archive footage, the first edition (with Franz Beckenbauer) was broadcast on the night the Sky Sports Gold channel was launched on 01/Nov/1995.
List of known guests in alphabetical order.....
George Armstrong (Arsenal v Palace '69 & Arsenal v West Ham '76) / Jimmy Armfield (Managers) / Alan Ball (Arsenal 1970's)  / Gordon Banks (Leicester 60's & Stoke 70's) / Peter Barnes (Man City v Man Utd 1975) /  Franz Beckenbauer (World Cup Final 1966) / George Best (England v Northern Ireland 1971) /  Stan Bowles (QPR 70's) / Liam Brady (Arsenal v Man Utd '76 & '79) / Billy Bremner (Leeds European Cup 74/75) / Tony Brown (Chelsea v West Brom '79) / Keith Burkinshaw (Spurs 70's/80's) / Mike Channon (Man City '78 & Southampton '81)  / Ralph Coates (Spurs 71/72) / Tony Currie (Leeds & Sheff Utd 1970's) / Tom Finney (Chelsea v Palace '76) /  Bryan Flynn (Wales v England) / Bill Foulkes (Man Utd 1960's) /  Charlie George (Euro Matches 70's) / Johnny Giles (Chelsea v Leeds 1970) / Bobby Gould (West Ham v Wolves 70 & 74) / Andy Gray (Strikers) / Jimmy Greenhoff (Stoke '72 & Man Utd '77) /  Ron Harris (Chelsea 1966)  / Johnny Haynes (Fulham 64-66) /  Kenny Hibbitt (Wolves 1970's) /  Norman Hunter (Leeds v Man Utd 60s, Leeds v Colchester '71, England v Poland 1973, Man Utd v Leeds 1972) / Roger Hunt (Liverpool 1960's)  / Geoff Hurst (West Ham 60's)  / Pat Jennings (Man Utd v Spurs 60's) / Joe Jordan (Leeds '74 & Man Utd '81) / Frank Lampard (West Ham 70's) / Tommy Langley (Chelsea '78) /  Denis Law (England v Scotland 65 & 75, England Scotland 60's) / Dave Mackay (Spurs'65 & Derby 70s) /  Rodney Marsh (QPR 1970 & Fulham 1976) /  Stanley Matthews (European Cup Final 1960) / John McGovern (Derby '72 & Nottm Forest 79) /  Sammy McIlroy (Man Utd early 1970's) / Duncan McKenzie (Leeds & Everton mid-70's) / Frank McLintock (Arsenal 70/71) / Billy McNeill (Celtic v Inter 1967) / Bobby Moncur (Newcastle 1969) / Jim Montgomery (FA Cup Final 1973) / Arnold Muhren (Ipswich 80/81) / Alan Mullery England (1970 World Cup, Spurs 70/71) /  David O'Leary (FA Cup Giantkillers) /  Peter Osgood (Chelsea 70/71) /  Martin Peters (West Ham 60's & Spurs'70's, Man Utd v Spurs'72 & West Ham '69) /  Bryan 'Pop' Robson (West Ham 1970's), Bryan Robson (West Brom) / Don Rogers (League Cup Final 1969) / David Sadler (Man Utd 65/66) /  Tommy Smith (Liverpool EC final 1977) / Frank Stapleton (Arsenal 1977) / Alex Stepney (European Cup Final 1968) / Mike Summerbee (Man City v Man Utd 70/71, Man City 67/68, Manchester derbys 60's & 70's) /  Phil Thompson Liverpool (75/76) / Dennis Tueart (Man City 76/77) /  John Wark (Ipswich 1980's) / David Webb (Chelsea 1970's) / Ray Wilkins (Chelsea 77/78) / Peter Withe (Birmingham 75 & Villa 80/81) / Frank Worthington (Leicester 74/75) / Ron Yeats (Liverpool v Man Utd '69).

Sky also had "Days of Out Lives" presented by Jeff Stelling or Gary Newbon. At least a couple of programmes featured Manchester United players from both the 1968 European Cup and 1977 FA Cup winning teams.
"Sporting Heroes" was another series, examples of which included  Graham Taylor interviewing Denis Law and Peter Schmeichel interviewing Peter Shilton.

11/Feb/1970 - "World of Georgie Best" (BBC), 50 minute colour documentary from which many clips have been recycled ever since.
18/Feb/1972 - "The Best in Football" (BBC), Friday tea-time series of 10 minute soccer skills programmes with George Best.
02/May/1974 - "In Vision" (BBC2), How Match of the Day gets on the TV.
24/Aug/1976 - "Don't Shoot the Ref!" (BBC), a portrait of Jack Taylor - who had refereed the 1974 World Cup final.
27/Sep/1978 - "Tonight" (BBC), this edition examined dangerous football fouls, Kevin Keegan & Jack Charlton give their views
20/Dec/1980 - "Football Association Coaching Tactics And Skills [F.A.C.T.S.]" (BBC), series shown daily in a morning slot over Xmas holidays.
29/Jul/1985 - "Return of the Champions" (Yorkshire TV), highlights of the re-match of the 1966 World Cup final at Elland Road in aid of the Bradford Disaster Appeal, played the previous day. England won 6-4. YTV region only.
07/May/1990 - "The Greatest Game On Earth" (Yorkshire TV), 4 part series/30 minutes each, mostly contemporary footage.
16/Sep/1991 - "Standing Room Only" (BBC), 'TV fanzine', ran for a few years, various features of vintage interest.
21/Jan/1994 - "Fantasy Football League" (BBC), Frank Skinner and David Baddiel's comedy football series, many references to classic era, later moved to ITV.
16/Oct/1995 - "Kicking And Screaming" (BBC), excellent 6 part series on the history of football narrated by James Bolam.
25/May/1999 - "Bostock's Cup" (ITV), fictional drama about non-league team winning the '74 FA Cup (starring Tim Healy and Neil Pearson), includes archive footage of 1970s games.
2000-2002 - "Football Stories" (Channel Four), an intermittent run of 1 hour documentaries including "The Charlton Brothers",  "When Bobby [Moore] met Jimmy [Greaves]", "Football's Fight Club" (Hooliganism) and "Ultimate Rulebreakers".
06/Jun/2002 - "Three Lions" (BBC) 3 part series/1 hour each, James Bolam narrates England story, 1. 1966-1973, 2. 1974-1986, 3. 1986-2000.
03/Sep/2002 - "Jimmy Hill: Football's First Revolutionary" (Channel Four), 1 hour documentary.
10/Feb/2006 - "That Was The Team That Was" (BBC1 Scotland), 3 series (15 shows) narrated by John Gordon Sinclair, 1. Scotland 1974, others on Scottish clubs of particular season's, 23/Feb/2007 edition on Leeds of 1973/74.
25/Mar/2009 - "Clough" (ITV1), documentary which served as an antidote to the fictional novel/movie "The Damned United".
02/Oct/2009 -  ESPN compilations devoted to various clubs (titled "Liverpool Classics" etc.) sourced from ITV Sport, mostly from The Big Match.
18/Jul/2010 - "Brian Clough: The Greatest Manager England Never Had?" (BBC), 1 hour documentary
25/Feb/2011 - "Football Years" (STV), this edition told the story of Scotland's 1974 World Cup campaign.
??/Jan/2015 - "FA Cup Rewind" (BBC), series including highlights from past years.
05/May/2015 - "The Mavericks" (ITV), 3 part series which "looks at players whose skill on the pitch comes with a generous amount of problematical baggage off the field", part 1 dealt with the 1970's.
30/May/2015 - "TOTP2" (BBC), compilation of FA Cup Final songs from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Intended ITV matches for 25/Aug/1979 (Not covered due to the three month strike, these matches were billed for the Big League Soccer programme)
LWT - Arsenal 0 Manchester United 0
ATV - Nottingham Forest 4 Coventry City 1

The unscreened 12/Sep/1981 ATV match - Derby County  v Leicester City
Duncan Cavanagh writes; "I have come across a Derby programme for the 1981/82 season which has a lot of infomation about the Derby v Leicester game played a few weeks earlier - The reason the game could not be shown was that Derby breached Football League Regulation 61, because their goalkeeper, Roger Jones wore a shirt with the Derby sponsors name 'Patrick' on it. Patrick were also the shirt manufacturers. The headline in the programme was "Are We The Only Ones In The Sin Bin?". The programme says that Derby were told on August 6th that the game would be televised, and booked extra advertising space. The kit man was told not to put out the sponsored shirts, and he did so, but the goalkeeper's shirt had the sponsors name on it, none of the outfield shirts did. Roger Jones said he never put his shirt on until the team went onto the pitch. "Call it superstition or habit. That's what i do." The Derby secretary missed the kick off, but noticed after 6 minutes that the keepers shirt had a sponsors logo on it and asked the trainer to swap the shirt, but no opportunities occurred, and the shirt could not be swapped until half time. Derby were winning 3-0 at half time! Derby's argument was that there was one rule for them, and another for Liverpool, whose game v Ipswich was shown the same day, and whilst none of the Liverpool shirts had 'Hitachi' on them, the trainers tracksuit did, and this was given screen time. They also asked why it was not possible to avoid showing the Derby keeper in the first half highlights, when Derby were winning 3-0. The programme called the game a wonderful advert for English football! The game was recorded by ATV, but minutes after the full time whistle, ITV sports boss Gerry Loftus decided that the game could not be shown that night. It cost ATV £15,000. There are some conspiracy theories in the article. One was - "Is it that Patrick Sports are English and Hitachi are not? ", another was that Derby were being made an example of, a further one involved a suggested take over by Doug Ellis at the time had affected the decision."

Post 1982/83 "This is Your Life" guests of interest to the 1968-1983 period
Pat Jennings 16/Nov/1983, Bryan Robson 23/Jan/1985, Peter Shilton 19/Mar/1986,  Billy Wright 17/Jan/1990 <the show now hosted by Michael Aspel>,  Nobby Stiles 20/Nov/1991, Nat Lofthouse 07/Apr/1993, Francis Lee 27/Apr/1994, Jimmy Hill 29/Mar/1995 <show now back on BBC1, though still produced by Thames>,  John Motson 18/Oct/1996, Bob Wilson 09/Nov/1998, Mick Channon 07/Mar/2001, John Barnes 04/April/2001, George Best 06/Mar/2003 <his second appearance>

1968-1983 Football Links

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