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Tyne Tees Television (North East) Football Highlights 1962-83
The North East was the very first ITV region in England to begin showing regular football highlights when the original series of Shoot was broadcast in a 25 minute slot from Saturday 8th September 1962. Later, the programme was expanded to 55 minutes and moved to Sunday afternoon's, but it wasn't until 1977 that Shoot included the added attraction of a 2nd and 3rd match covered by the other region's - Presentation was moved from the ground to the studio that same year.

Tyne Tees commentators and presenters
1962 - Mid 1960's
George Taylor was the original face of Shoot, and he was still presenting the programme when its' 21 year run came to and end in 1983, he had also served as the regular commentator in the 1960's and continued to voice the odd match until 1973/74.
Mid 1960's - ?May 1969?*
George Bayley was originally a golf correspondent, he became better known nationally as the North East football correspondent for BBC Radio's Sports Report. He also hosted Radio Newcastle's sports programmes.
?August 1969? - ?May 1973?
Jeff Thomas - An Australian commentator.
August 1973 - May 1974
David Taylor - Like Gerry Harrison at Anglia, Taylor had apparently entered the BBC's "Find a commentator" competition in 1969.
August 1974 - May 1979
Kenneth Wolstenholme was 54 when he joined Tyne Tees having been the voice of the BBC's televised football in the 1950's and '60's. A former RAF Bomber pilot during the 2nd World War, the Lancashire born Bolton Wanderers fan joined BBC Television in 1948 and went on to describe 23 successive FA Cup finals and 5 World Cup tournaments, including England's triumphant 1966 success in which he delivered the most famous commentary soundbite of all time. His final commentary for the BBC was the 1971 European Cup Final and following his 5 year stint at Tyne Tees he went into semi-retirement before making a comeback with Channel 4 - reporting on their Italian League coverage. He died in 2002 at the age of 81.
March 1979 - May 1983
Roger Tames first joined Tyne Tees in 1976 as a reporter from the Dagenham Post, the Arsenal fan commentated on a couple of matches for Shoot towards the end of the 1978/79 season before taking over full-time from the start of 1979/80, he continued to work for the station long after the end of Shoot in 1983, presenting the last ever local ITV sports production (Soccer Night) in May 2008.

The Tyne Tees region's league teams 1962-1983
Newcastle United, Sunderland, Middlesbrough*, Darlington and Hartlepools United.
*Yorkshire Television cameras would also turn up at Ayresome Park, although by 1978 they appeared to have conceded that Middlesbrough were a Tyne Tees club.

DarlingtonHartlepoolMiddlesbroughNewcastle UnitedSunderland

What matches were shown
The following lists detail all the known Saturday matches recorded by Tyne Tees cameras for local highlights, the re-edits of other region's matches are not included here (see the other region's pages for those). For midweek games (which were networked) go here, for full details of networked Wembley Cup finals go here, for European finals see here. Given dates are for when the fixture was played (not the broadcast). In the 1970's, Tyne Tees were often forced to show LWT's The Big Match if their sole ob unit had been required for horse racing. Non-North East based matches are in italics.

1962/63 - 1967/68
Click the ball for season's 1962/63 - 1967/68

Season 1968/69
All editions of "Shoot" continued to be broadcast in 405-line black & white on VHF only.
10/Aug    Newcastle United 1 (B. Robson) West Ham United 1 (Dear) *Strike action may have prevented this match from being shown
17/Aug    Sunderland 1 (Mulhall) Southampton 0 *Strike action may have prevented this match from being shown
24/Aug    Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) Carlisle United 0
31/Aug    Sunderland 1 (Suggett) Newcastle United 1 (B. Robson)
07/Sep    Sunderland 2 (Porterfield, Mulhall) Leicester City 0
14/Sep    Middlesbrough 3 (Gates 2, Hickton) Birmingham City 1 (Vincent)
21/Sep    Sunderland 0 Manchester City 4 (Lee 2, Bell, Summerbee) *George Bayley listed as comm in TVT
28/Sep    Newcastle United 2 (McNamee, Allen) Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Pearce, Mulbery) *George Bayley listed as comm in TVT
05/Oct    Newcastle United 0 Leeds United 1 (Charlton)
12/Oct    Darlington 0 Rochdale 0
19/Oct    Middlesbrough 2 (McMordie, Downing) Fulham 0
26/Oct    Sunderland 3 (Harris 2, Mulhall) Coventry City 0
02/Nov   Newcastle United 0 Leicester City 0
09/Nov   Darlington 3 (Robson, Lawton, Gauden) Peterborough United 3 (Price 2, Hall)
16/Nov    ?
23/Nov    Sunderland 2 (Harris, Herd) Burnley 0
30/Nov    Newcastle United 4 (Dyson, B.Robson 2, Foggon) Southampton 1 (Paine) *YTV were at Middlesbrough
07/Dec    Sunderland 3 (Palmer, Suggett, Mulhall) Chelsea 2 (Baldwin, Birchenall)
14/Dec    *Intended match Middlesbrough v Sheffield United was postponed
21/Dec    Sunderland 2 (Palmer, Harris) West Ham United 1 (Hurst)
28/Dec    Showed Yorkshire TV's match *Intended match was probably postponed
04/Jan     Middlesbrough 1 (Allen) Millwall 1 (Possee) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
11/Jan     Sunderland 1 (Suggett) Everton 3 (Royle 2, Kendall)
18/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (B.Robson, Davies) Arsenal 1 (Gould)
25/Jan     Newcastle United 0 Manchester City 0 [FA Cup 4th Round]
01/Feb    Sunderland 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0
08/Feb    Showed Southern's match *Only 4 fixtures played from all divisions
15/Feb    Showed LWT's match
22/Feb    Middlesbrough 2 (Hickton(pen), Webb) Blackpool 1 (Craven)
01/Mar    Darlington 6 (O'Neill 2, Robson, Gauden 2, Hale) Workington 2 (Spencer, Trail)
08/Mar    Newcastle United 1 (Horsfield) Burnley 0 *YTV were at Middlesbrough
15/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
22/Mar    Newcastle United 1 (Sinclair) Sunderland 1 (Suggett)
29/Mar    Middlesbrough 0 Cardiff City 0
05/Apr    Sunderland 0 Arsenal 0
12/Apr    Middlesbrough 2 (Maddren, McMordie) Bury 3 (Kerr, Arrowsmith 2(1pen))
19/Apr    Sunderland 2 (Kerr, Tueart) Wolverhampton W. 0
17/May   Probably showed Granada's match *billed as "Afternoon Sport"

A memorable season for Newcastle in which they won the Fairs Cup (now known as the UEFA Cup) - Their first ever European adventure began with a 4-0 home leg win v Feyenoord, then Sporting Lisbon and Real Zaragoza were overcome in the 2nd & 3rd rounds before Vitoria Setabul were beaten in the Quarter-finals, Newcastle were paired up with Glasgow Rangers in the Semi-finals, United came away from Ibrox with a 0-0 draw (highlights on BBC Scotland only) and the home leg was won 2-0 to set up a 2 leg final with Újpesti Dózsa, a 3-0 win in the 1st leg of the final at St.James Park was as convincing as could be hoped for (highlights were shown on BBC1's "Sportsnight" 9:05-10pm) but Newcastle found themselves 2-0 down at half-time in the return leg in Hungary - yet they went on to win 6-2 on aggregate with three 2nd half goals courtesy of Bobby Moncur, Preben Arentoft and Alan Foggon (highlights were again on BBC1). In the league, Newcastle finished 9th with 21 goals from by Bryan Robson, Sunderland were 17th. 2nd tier Middlesbrough finished 4th. 3rd tier Hartlepool were relegated after one season. 4th tier Darlington finished 5th.

Season 1969/70
Many ITV regions began transmitting in colour from November, but all of this season's editions of "Shoot" continued to be broadcast in black & white.
09/Aug    Sunderland 0 Coventry City 0
16/Aug    *Yorkshire TV were at Middlesbrough 2 Leicester 1, Tyne Tees probably showed this too (WOS racing from Ripon)
23/Aug    Showed YTV's programme - Leeds United 1 (Jones) Newcastle United 1 (Scott)
30/Aug    Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) Aston Villa 0
06/Sep    Sunderland 2 (Tueart, Kerr) West. Bromwich Albion 2 (Suggett, Brown)
13/Sep    Newcastle United 0 Derby County 1 (McFarland)
20/Sep    Hartlepools United 0 Colchester United 0
27/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (Robson) Wolverhampton W. 1 (McCallion)
04/Oct    *World of Sport racing from the North East
11/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Foggan) Liverpool 0
18/Oct    Sunderland 1 (Hughes) Arsenal 1 (Sammels)
25/Oct    Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 1 (Osgood)
01/Nov   *World of Sport racing from the North East
08/Nov   Newcastle United 3 (Dyson 2, Davies) Sunderland 0 *Jeff Thomas commentated
15/Nov   *World of Sport racing from the North East
22/Nov   ?
29/Nov    *Intended match Newcastle United v West Bromwich Albion was postponed
06/Dec    Sunderland 2 (Harris, Park) Ipswich Town 1 (Viljoen)
13/Dec    *World of Sport racing from the North East
20/Dec    *Intended match Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers was postponed
27/Dec    Sunderland 1 (Baker) Manchester United 1 (Kidd) *Man U goal missed due to technical problems
03/Jan     Middlesbrough 2 (McIlmoyle, Downing) West Ham United 1 (Stephenson) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
10/Jan     *Intended match Newcastle United v Southampton was postponed
17/Jan     Sunderland 2 (Hughes, Harris(pen)) Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Morgan)
24/Jan     Middlesbrough 4 (McMordie, Smith, Hickton(pen), Laidlaw) York City 1 (Boyer) [FA Cup 4th Round]
31/Jan     Newcastle United 0 Crystal Palace 0
07/Feb    Carlisle United 1 (Winstanley) Middlesbrough 2 (Hickton, Downing) [FA Cup 5th Round]
14/Feb    *World of Sport racing from the North East (Sunday Times lists Middlesbrough v Sheffiled United but this was PP'd)
21/Feb    Probably showed YTV's programme - Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) Manchester United 1 (Sutton) [FA Cup QF]
28/Feb    Newcastle United 1 (McNamee) Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Pearce Chivers)
07/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
14/Mar    FA Cup SF *Networked highlights of Chelsea/Watford
21/Mar    ?
28/Mar    ?
04/Apr    Newcastle United 5 (Smith, Davies, Robson 3(2pens)) Manchester United 1 (Charlton)
01/May   "Football Non-League Final"

Newcastle finished 7th and defended their Fairs Cup title all the way to the Quarter-finals - Dundee United, Porto and Southampton were overcome before they lost out to Anderlecht on away goals. Sunderland were relegated from the top flight in 21st place. In the 2nd tier Middlesbrough again finished 4th and John Hickton returned to the top of the division's scoring charts with 24, 'Boro also reached the FA Cup Quarter-finals, going out to Manchester United in a replay at Old Trafford. In the 4th tier both Darlington and Hartlepool had to apply for re-election.

Season 1970/71
Tyne Tees are said to have began broadcasting in colour on 17th July 1970, the Times still lists the channel as being in black & white until September but footage from Sunderland's match v Watford as used on "The Big Match" on 23rd August is in colour. Once they did make the switch, the sole Tyne Tees colour outside broadcasting unit was often required to cover racing from Newcastle/Redcar etc. on Saturday afternoon's for "World of Sport" which meant no "Shoot" on those weekends (An alternate region's programme would be shown instead)..
15/Aug    Newcastle United 3 (Smith, Foggon, Gibb) Wolverhampton W. 2 (Dougan, Curran) *first colour "Shoot"?
22/Aug    Sunderland 3 (Park, Hughes, Kerr) Watford 3 (Walley, Wigg, Lees) *colour, Jeff Thomas commentating
29/Aug    Showed ATV's "Star Soccer" - Swindon Town 2 (Horsfield, Gough) Sunderland 0
05/Sep    Showed Yorkshire's "Soccer" programme
12/Sep    Newcastle United 0 Liverpool 0
19/Sep    Showed Yorkshire's "Soccer" - Sheff Utd 1 (Dearden) Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) *Tyne Tees colour ob covered racing for "World of Sport"
26/Sep    Newcastle United 0 Coventry City 0
03/Oct    Sunderland 4 (Porterfield, Harris, Park, Baker) Bolton Wanderers 1 (Fletcher)
10/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Robson) Arsenal 1 (Graham)
17/Oct    Carlisle United 1 (Owen) Middlesbrough 0
24/Oct    Darlington 0 Northampton Town 0
An ITV technicians colour strike affected programmes until mid-February, some highlights would now be recorded in black & white
31/Oct    Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Middlesbrough 2 (Laidlaw, Downing) Watford 2 (Scullion 2) *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
07/Nov   Showed Southern - Southampton 2 (Channon, Gabriel) Newcastle United 0
14/Nov   Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Middlesbrough 3 (Hickton, Downing, McIlmoyle) Charlton Ath. 0 *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
21/Nov   Sunderland 0 Sheffield United 0
28/Nov   Showed Grananda's "Football" - Blackburn Rovers 0 Sunderland 1 (Kerr) *Tyne Tees covered racing
05/Dec   Hartlepool 0 Lincoln City 0
12/Dec   Newcastle United 2 (Robson, Dyson) Huddersfield Town 0
19/Dec   Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) Hull City 0 *Tyne Tees covered racing
26/Dec   Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Leeds United 3 (Giles, Epens, Clarke) Newcastle United 0
02/Jan    Showed Granada coverage of Manchester United 0 Middlesbrough 0 [FA Cup 3rd Round]
09/Jan    Newcastle United 0 Stoke City 2 (Greenhoff, Burrows)
16/Jan    Sunderland 2 (Watson, Hughes) Carlisle United 0
23/Jan    Showed LWT's FA Cup 4th Round match *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
30/Jan    Showed other region's highlights programme *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
06/Feb   Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 1 (Hudson)
ITV technicians colour strike now ended, all programmes in colour from now on
13/Feb   Showed YTV's "Soccer" *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
20/Feb   Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) Sheffield Wednesday 0 *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
27/Feb   League Cup Final *Networked highlights
06/Mar   Showed another region's programme - FA Cup QF's
13/Mar   Sunderland 0 Portsmouth 0
20/Mar   Showed YTV's "Soccer"
27/Mar   FA Cup SF *Networked highlights of Arsenal/Stoke
03/Apr    Showed YTV's "Soccer" *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
10/Apr    Newcastle United 1 (Tudor) Leeds United 1 (Lorimer)
17/Apr    Sunderland 0 Leicester City 0
24/Apr    Newcastle United 1 (Tudor) West Ham United 1 (Hurst) *YTV were at Middlesbrough
01/May   Showed YTV's "Soccer" *Tyne Tees ob covered racing

Newcastle had again qualified for the Fairs Cup and they knocked out Inter Milan in the opening round but then suffered a 2nd round exit in a penalty shoot out to Pecs Dozsa. In the league the Magpies finished 12th. In the 2nd tier Middlesbrough finished 7th and with 25 goals John Hickton was the division's top scorer for the third time, Sunderland finished 13th. Down in the 4th tier Darlington were 12th, Hartlepool again had to apply for re-election in 23rd.

Season 1971/72
The Times has "Shoot" scheduled for every Sunday afternoon from the start of the season until the end of January.
14/Aug    Sunderland 1 (Watson) Birmingham City 1 (Bowker)
21/Aug    Newcastle United 3 (Macdonald 3(1pen)) Liverpool 2 (Hughes, Keegan) *Jeff Thomas commentated, L'pool missed pen
28/Aug     Showed Yorkshire's programme *according to the Newcastle pink, Tyne Tees ob covered racing
04/Sep     Showed LWT's "The Big Match" *Sunday Times lists Newcastle v West Ham but this match was not covered
11/Sep     Showed Yorkshire's programme *Newcastle pink
18/Sep     Showed Yorkshire's programme *Newcastle pink, Tyne Tees ob covered racing
25/Sep     Sunderland 4 (Pitt, Tueart 2, Hamilton) Preston North End 3 (Ham, Lyall, McIlmoyle) *Listed in the World of Sport Almanack 1972
02/Oct     Newcastle United 0 Derby County 1 (Hinton)
09/Oct     Darlington 1 (Hale(pen)) Stockport County 2 (McMillan, Webber) *Newcastle pink
16/Oct     Middlesbrough 2 (Hickton, Vincent) Portsmouth 1 (Reynolds) *Newcastle pink
23/Oct     Newcastle United 0 Manchester United 1 (Best)
30/Oct    *Probably showed LWT or Yorkshire programme, Tyne Tees ob covered racing
06/Nov    Middlesbrough 0 Preston North End 1 (Tarbuck) *Sunday Times, Newcastle pink
13/Nov    Sunderland 0 Blackpool 0 *Sunday Times
20/Nov    Newcastle United 2 (Macdonald 2) Nottingham Forest 1 (Cormack)
27/Nov    Showed LWT's "The Big Match" *Sunday Times, Tyne Tees ob covered racing
04/Dec    Middlesbrough 0 Birmingham City 0 *Sunday Times
11/Dec    Sunderland 2 (Hughes, Tueart) Fulham 1 (Barrett) *Sunday Times
18/Dec    Sunderland 3 (Pitt, Hughes, Kerr) Millwall 3 (Bolland, Smethurst, Possee) *black & white (prob due to poor light/mist)
01/Jan     Sunderland 1 (Kerr) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Stuart)
08/Jan     Newcastle United 4 (Hibbitt, Tudor 2, MacDonald(pen)) Coventry City 2 (Rafferty, Mortimer) *Sunday Times
15/Jan     Sunderland 3 (Chambers, Watson, Porterfield) Sheffield Wed 0 [FA Cup R3] *Sunday Times lists this but not 100% as Newcastle v Hereford (PP'd) was the intended match (WoS Almanac)
22/Jan     Middlesbrough 2 (Hickton 2) Sunderland 0
29/Jan     Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Huddersfield Town 0 Newcastle United 0 *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
05/Feb    Showed LWT's "The Big Match" *FA Cup 4th Round day, YEP lists "Shoot" (poss intended to show Cardiff v Sunderland, but WoS Almanac does not list that game for HTV or TT)
12/Feb    Sunderland 3 (Tueart 2, Porterfield) Oxford United 0
19/Feb    Showed LWT's "The Big Match" *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
26/Feb    Showed YTV's "Soccer" *FA Cup R5 day, Tyne Tees ob covered racing, Times says they showed Granada's programme
04/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
11/Mar    Middlesbrough 2 (Mills 2) Oxford United 1 (Sloan) *Sunday Times
18/Mar    Showed LWT's "The Big Match" *FA Cup QF's. Tyne Tees ob covered racing
25/Mar    Showed LWT's "The Big Match" *Tyne Tees ob covered racing
01/Apr    Sunderland 0 Hull City 1 (Wagstaff)
08/Apr    Showed YTV's "Soccer" *Tyne Tees ob probably covering racing at Kelso/Beverley, Times says "The Big Match"
15/Apr    Possibly Middlesbrough 1 (Spraggon) Norwich City 0 *Sunday Times lists this, YEP lists "Shoot", but it's not in the WoS Almanac and it was also FA Cup SF day
22/Apr    Hartlepool 2 (Waddell, Potter) Northampton Town 0 *Sunday Times
29/Apr    Showed YTV's "Soccer" - Middlesbrough 3 (McMordie, Vincent, Mills) Hull City 0 *Tyne Tees ob covered racing

Newcastle ended the season in 11th with their new £180,000 superstar striker Malcolm Macdonald chipping in with 23 goals. In the 2nd tier Sunderland finished 5th, Middlesbrough 9th. In the 4th Hartlepool, now managed by Len Ashurst, slightly improved to finish 18th above Darlington in 19th.

Season 1972/73
12/Aug    Showed YTV's "Football Special" - Middlesbrough 2 (Smith 2) Sunderland 1 (Latham)
19/Aug    Showed YTV's "Football Special"
26/Aug    Showed YTV's "Football Special"
02/Sep    Sunderland 3 (Tueart, Lathan, Kerr) Swindon Town 2 (Treacy, Rogers)
09/Sep    Newcastle United 2 (MacDonald, Craig) Arsenal 1 (Kennedy) *Jeff Thomas commentating
16/Sep    Sunderland 1 (Tueart(pen)) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Joicey)
23/Sep    Middlesbrough 1 (Mills) Hull City 0
30/Sep    Sunderland 4 (Lathan 2, Porterfield, W.Hughes) Nottingham Forest 1 (Richardson)
07/Oct    Showed "The Big Match"
14/Oct    Sunderland 0 Luton Town 2 (Halom, Jim Ryan)
21/Oct    Newcastle United 2 (Tudor, Hibbitt) Manchester United 1 (Charlton)
28/Oct    Sunderland 0 Fulham 0
04/Nov    Sunderland 2 (W.Hughes, Kerr) Aston Villa 2 (B.Rioch, Little)
11/Nov    Newcastle United 3 (Gibb, Howard, Macdonald) Birmingham City 0
18/Nov    Sunderland 1 (Coleman) Hull City 1 (McGill) *Sunday Times
25/Nov    Showed "The Big Match"
02/Dec    Sunderland 0 Burnley 1 (Fletcher)
09/Dec    Middlesbrough 0 Nottm Forest 0 *Sunday Times & Newcastle pink, Grimsby ET lists Newcastle 0 Southampton 0
16/Dec    Showed "The Big Match"
23/Dec    Newcastle United 2 (MacDonald(pen), Barrowclough) Manchester City 1 (Melloe)
30/Dec    Newcastle United 4 (Tudor, Nattrass, Macdonald, Craig) Sheffield United 1 (Dearden)
06/Jan     Sunderland 4 (W.Hughes, Tueart, Bolton) Brighton & Hove Albion 0
13/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (Macdonald, Nattrass) Bournemouth 0 [FA Cup 3rd Round]
20/Jan     Showed "The Big Match"
27/Jan     Sunderland 2 (Tueart, Kerr) Millwall 0
03/Feb    Sunderland 1 (Tueart) Reading 1 (Chappell) [FA Cup 4th Round]
10/Feb    Newcastle United 1 (Barrowclough) Coventry City 1 (Stein) *Newcastle pink
17/Feb    Showed ATV coverage of Wolves 1 (K.Hibbitt) Newcastle 1 (T.Hibbitt) *Newcastle pink, GET says S'land/Boro but TT ob were sched to cover racing
24/Feb    Showed Granada's "Football" - Man City 2 (Towers, Montgomery(og)) Sunderland 2 (Horswill, Hughes) [FA Cup R5]
03/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
10/Mar    Showed "The Big Match"
17/Mar    Showed ITV Sport production of FA Cup QF's *BBC covered Sunderland 2 Luton 0
24/Mar    Showed "The Big Match" *Newcastle pink, GET says N'castle/Chelsea but TT ob covered racing at Hexham
31/Mar    Showed "The Big Match" *Newcastle pink, GET says S'land/Bristol.C but TT ob prob covered the racing at Kelso
07/Apr    Sunderland 2 (Halom, Hughes) Arsenal 1 (George) [FA Cup SF] *Networked highlights from Hillsborough
14/Apr    Hartlepool 1 (Honour) Barnsley 4 (Butler 3, O'Connor)
21/Apr    Showed YTV's "Football Special"
28/Apr    Showed YTV's "Football Special"
05/May   FA Cup Final - Sunderland 1 (Porterfield) Leeds United 0 *Networked live & networked Sunday highlights

After sacking Alan Brown in November and replacing him with Bob Stokoe, 1973 turned out to be a legendary year in Sunderland's history - In one the greatest FA Cup final upsets of all time, the 2nd tier club (who finished 6th) beat the mighty whites of Leeds United 1-0 thanks to a 32nd minute goal by Ian Porterfield and a miraculous double save by Jim Montgomery, it was undoubtedly one of British football's major highlights of the 1970's and the first time a non-top flight club had won the FA Cup for 42 years. Newcastle also lifted silverware in the form of the Anglo-Italian Trophy by beating Fiorentina 2-1 in Florence, the Magpies had finished 9th in the league. In the 2nd tier Middlesbrough finished 4th having changed manager in January, Harold Sheperdson took charge until the end of the season following Stan Anderson's resignation. It was another poor season for the region's 4th tier clubs with Hartlepool 20th and Darlington rock bottom of the entire Football league.

Season 1973/74
"Shoot" shown at 2:15-3:05pm, Sundays.
25/Aug    Showed "The Big Match"
01/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (McDermott) Arsenal 1 (George)
08/Sep    Sunderland 1 (Guthrie) Cardiff City 1 (Vincent)
15/Sep    Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - Middlesbrough 0 Aston Villa 0
22/Sep    Showed ATV's "Star Soccer" - Coventry City 2 (Alderson, Stein) Newcastle Utd 2 (MacDonald, Tudor)
29/Sep    Newcastle United 2 (Tudor 2) Queens Park Rangers 3 (Thomas, Francis, Leach)
06/Oct    Sunderland 3 (Hughes, Porterfield, Halom) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Coyle)
13/Oct    Middlesbrough 1 (Smith) Hull City 0 *Sunday Times
20/Oct    Newcastle United 2 (Macdonald 2(1pen)) Chelsea 0
27/Oct    Sunderland 0 Crystal Palace 0 *Newcastle pink & Observer
03/Nov   Middlesbrough 2 (Foggon, Armstrong) Luton Town 1 (Butlin)
10/Nov    Showed "The Big Match"
17/Nov   Newcastle United 3 (Cassidy 2, Hope) Manchester United 2 (Macari, Graham)
24/Nov   Showed "The Big Match"
01/Dec    Showed Yorkshire's programme *Sunday Times & Newcastle pink
08/Dec    Sunderland 2 (Tueart, Halom) Aston Villa 0 *Sunday Times & Observer
15/Dec    Middlesbrough 1 (Boam) Nottingham Forest 0
22/Dec    Showed "The Big Match" - QPR 3 (Clement, Givens, Bowles) Newcastle Utd 2 (McDermott, Moncur) *Newcastle pink
29/Dec    Showed "The Big Match"
05/Jan      Newcastle United 1 (Howard) Hendon 1 (Haider) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
12/Jan      Sunderland 0 Oxford United 0 *Newcastle pink & Observer
19/Jan      Showed "The Big Match" - Orient 2 Sunderland 1
26/Jan      Newcastle United 1 (McDermott) Scunthorpe United 1 (Keeley) [FA Cup 4th Round]
02/Feb     Sunderland 4 (Halom 2, Hughes 2) Millwall 0
09/Feb     Newcastle United 5 (Craven(og), Bruce, Dugdale(og), Tudor, Macdonald) Coventry City 1 (Alderson)
16/Feb     Showed "The Big Match" *FA Cup 5th Round ties
23/Feb     Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - Sheffield Wednesday 0 Sunderland 1
02/Mar     League Cup Final *Networked highlights
09/Mar     Newcastle United 4 (Craig, McDermott(pen), Tudor, Moncur) Nottingham Forest 3 (Bowyer, O'Kane, Lyall) [FA Cup QF] *Result void due to crowd disorder
16/Mar     Sunderland 1 (Longhorn) Fulham 0
23/Mar     Showed YTV's "Soccer Special"
30/Mar     Newcastle United 2 (Macdonald 2) Burnley 0 [FA Cup SF] *Networked highlights from Hillsborough
06/Apr     Middlesbrough 4 (Hickton, Needham(og), Armstrong, Foggon) Notts County 0
13/Apr     Hartlepool 0 Swansea City 1 (Bruton) *George Taylor commentated on this one.
20/Apr     Newcastle United 1 (Robson) Birmingham City 1 (Francis) *David Taylor's last commentary for Tyne Tees
27/Apr     Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - York City 1 (Jones) Oldham Athletic 1 (Whittle)
04/May    FA Cup Final - Newcastle United 0 Liverpool 3 (Keegan 2, Heighway) *Networked live & networked Sunday highlights

Newcastle were no-doubt doubly determined to make an impression in the FA Cup this season following their neighbours success the previous year, United had won the cup three times during the 1950's but it had now been over 12 years since they had even reached the last eight. 1974 almost proved to be Newcastle's year in a run which included an extraordinary Quarter-final tie v Nottingham Forest which Newcastle won 4-3, but only after a pitch invasion had interrupted play when United went 3-1 down to a hotly contested penalty which resulted in Pat Howard being sent off. Despite Newcastle playing on with 10 men the FA decided that the pitch invasion had influenced the result and the match had to be replayed, the re-match at a neutral venue was drawn before Newcastle went through at the 3rd attempt and went on to beat Burnley in the Semi-final, but at Wembley they came up against a Liverpool side in dazzling form and in a one sided final Newcastle were soundly beaten 3-0. In the league, Newcastle finished 15th. England World Cup 1966 hero Jack Charlton was the new manager of 2nd tier Middlesbrough and he guided them to a Championship winning campaign. Sunderland were 6th but only two points short of a promotion place, the Rokerites cup success of the previous season had also earned them a place in Europe to compete in the Cup-winners Cup, they overcame Vasas Budapest in the opening round and then beat Sporting Lisbon 2-1 at Roker Park but lost the 2nd leg 2-0. It was now three up/three down between the top three divisions and fringe Tyne Tees club York City were one of those benefiting from the new rule as they claimed promotion by finishing 3rd in the Third tier. In the Fourth Division Hartlepool finished 11th (manager Len Ashurst was then tempted away to manage elsewhere), Darlington were 20th.

Season 1974/75
"Shoot" moved to the slightly earlier Sunday time of 2:10-3:00pm this season.
17/Aug    Newcastle United 3 (Kennedy, Macdonald, Howard) Coventry City 2 (Alderson, Hutchison) *Ken Wolstenholme now commentating for Tyne Tees
24/Aug    Middlesbrough 1 (Mills) Luton Town 1 (Butlin)
31/Aug    Newcastle United 2 (Tudor, Macdonald) West Ham United 0
07/Sep    Middlesbrough 1 (Maddren) Chelsea 1 (Hutchinson)
14/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (Tudor) Carlisle United 0
21/Sep    Sunderland 0 Bolton Wanderers 0
28/Sep    Showed "The Big Match" - main game was Tottenham 1 Middlesbrough 2
05/Oct    Sunderland 2 (Robson 2) Oxford United 0
12/Oct    Darlington 0 Barnsley 0 *One source says York City 3 (Seal 2, Hinch) Bristol Rovers 0
19/Oct    Middlesbrough 4 (Souness 2, Mills, Foggon) Coventry City 4 (Stein, Cross, Holmes 2)
26/Oct    Newcastle United 0 Leicester City 1 (Earle)
02/Nov   Hartlepool 3 (Gauden 2, Dawes) Workington 0
09/Nov   Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - Sheffield Wednesday 3 (Ferguson, McMordie, Potts) York City 0
16/Nov   Newcastle United 5 (Cannell, Macdonald 2, Kennedy, Barrowclough) Chelsea 0
23/Nov    Showed Granada's "Football"
30/Nov    Newcastle United 2 (Macdonald, Howard) Manchester City 1 (Marsh)
07/Dec    Sunderland 4 (Halom, Hughes(pen), Malone, Robson) Portsmouth 1 (Mellows)
14/Dec    Middlesbrough 3 (Foggon, Hickton, Page) Birmingham City 0
21/Dec    Newcastle United 3 (Tudor, Kennedy, Howard) Leeds United 0
28/Dec    Showed Granada's "Football" -  Everton 1 (Latchford) Middlesbrough 1 (Maddren)
04/Jan     Showed Granada's "Football" -  Manchester City 0 Newcastle United 2 (Burns, Nulty) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
11/Jan     Showed Anglia's "Match of the Week" - Ipswich Town 2 (Osbourne, Johnson) Middlesbrough 0
18/Jan     Middlesbrough 0 Arsenal 0
25/Jan     Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" *FA Cup 4th Round
01/Feb    Newcastle United 2 (Macdonald, Burns) Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton)
08/Feb    Sunderland 3 (Towers(pen), Morgan(og), Robson) Cardiff City 1 (Anderson)
15/Feb    Showed Granada's "Football" *FA Cup 5th Round
22/Feb    Showed YTV's "Soccer Special"
01/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
08/Mar    Showed "The Big Match"
15/Mar    Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - Middlesbrough 3 (Hickton, Souness 2) Tottenham Hotspur 0
22/Mar    Showed YTV's "Soccer Special"
29/Mar    Middlesbrough 2 (Murdoch, Foggon) Burnley 0
05/Apr    FA Cup SF *Networked highlights of Fulham/Birmingham
12/Apr    Darlington 2 (Cattrell, Sinclair) Mansfield Town 1 (Clarke)
19/Apr    Sunderland 3 (Bolton, Robson, Belfitt) Bristol City 0
26/Apr    Showed ATV's "Star Soccer"

Back in the top flight, Middlesbrough finished a creditable 7th and threatened to make it a successive hat-trick of North East clubs reaching the FA Cup final, but 'Boro lost 1-0 at Birmingham in the Quarter-finals, they also reached the last eight of the League Cup - only to be knocked out by Manchester United in an Old Trafford replay. Newcastle finished 15th, won the Texaco (Anglo-Scottish-Irish) Cup and Malcolm Macdonald was the top flight's leading scorer with 21 goals, but under pressure from fans the club then decided to move Joe Harvey 'upstairs' after managing the team for 13 years. In the 2nd tier there was yet another near-miss for Sunderland in 4th - again just two points short of a promotion place, York City were 15th. In the 4th tier, Hartlepool were 13th, Darlington 21st.

Ken Wolstenholme 1974
Ken Wolstenholme, 31st August 1974
Seen here recording a separate introduction for LWT's "The Big Match"

Season 1975/76
"Shoot" shown on Sundays 2:10-3:00pm this season.
09/Aug   Newcastle United 2 (Hibbitt, Gowling) Middlesbrough 2 (Willey, Armstrong) [Anglo-Scottish Cup] *Man in underpants invades pitch
16/Aug    Showed "The Big Match" - main game was Tottenham 1 Middlesbrough 0
23/Aug    Showed YTV's "Soccer Special"
30/Aug    Sunderland 2 (Towers 2) Blackpool 0
06/Sep    Middlesbrough 3 (Hickton, Mills 2) Stoke City 0 *May have been YTV coverage, Macklin comm for them at least
13/Sep    Sunderland 2 (Halom, Hughes) West Bromwich Albion 0
20/Sep    Middlesbrough 0 Queens Park Rangers 0
27/Sep    Sunderland 4 (Robson 2, Kerr, Halom) Notts County 0
04/Oct    Newcastle United 2 (Tudor, Barrowclough) Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Pratt, Duncan)
11/Oct    Sunderland 3 (Towers(pen), Hughes, Robson) Orient 1 (Queen)
18/Oct    Newcastle United 5 (Macdonald 2, Gowling 2, Jones(og)) Norwich City 2 (McGuire, Macdougal) *YTV at Middlesbrough
25/Oct    Hartlepool 1 (Smith) Barnsley 0
01/Nov   Newcastle United 2 (Gowling, Nattrass) Arsenal 0
08/Nov   Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - Leeds United 3 (McKenzie 2, Yorath) Newcastle United 0
15/Nov   Middlesbrough 0 Leeds United 0
22/Nov   Showed "The Big Match"
29/Nov   Sunderland 2 (Robson 2) Oldham Athletic 0
06/Dec    Newcastle United 4 (D.Craig, T.Craig 2(1pen), Burns) Coventry City 0
13/Dec    Sunderland 1 (Porterfield) Oxford United 0
20/Dec    Middlesbrough 1 (Hickton) Tottenham Hotspur 0
27/Dec    Showed Granada's "Kick Off Match" - Bolton Wanderers 2 (Allardyce, Bryom) Sunderland 1 (Dunne(og))
03/Jan     Showed "The Big Match" *FA Cup 3rd Round ties
10/Jan     Newcastle United 5 (Gowling 3, Nattrass, Nulty) Everton 0
17/Jan     Showed "The Big Match"
24/Jan     Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" *FA Cup 4th Round
31/Jan     Middlesbrough 3 (Mills, Keeley(og), Maddron) Newcastle United 3 (Gowling, Kennedy, Nattrass)
07/Feb    Newcastle United 4 (Todd(og), Nulty, T.Craig(pen), Macdonald) Derby County 3 (Powell, George, Rioch)
14/Feb    Showed Granada's "Kick Off Match" *Included Stoke 0 Sunderland 0 [FA Cup R5] as 2nd match (Wolstenholme comm)
21/Feb    Showed YTV's "Soccer Special" - Leeds United 0 Middlesbrough 2 (Hickton 2)
28/Feb    League Cup Final - Newcastle United 1 (Gowling) Manchester City 2 (Barnes, Tueart) *Networked highlights
06/Mar    Sunderland 0 Crystal Palace 1 (Whittle) [FA Cup QF]
13/Mar    Middlesbrough 0 Leicester City 1 (Boam(og))
20/Mar    Showed Granada's "Kick Off Match" - Oldham Athletic 1 (Bell) Sunderland 1 (Hughes)
27/Mar    Showed ATV's "Star Soccer" - Coventry City 1 (Murphy) Newcastle United 1 (Bird)
03/Apr     FA Cup SF *Networked highlights of Crystal P/Southampton
10/Apr     Darlington 2 (Sinclair 2(1pen)) Tranmere Rovers 0
17/Apr     Showed Granada's "Kick Off Match"
24/Apr     Sunderland 2 (Bolton, Hughes) Portsmouth 0

Middlesbrough were again pride of the North East in 13th and there was very nearly an all North East League Cup final as 'Boro went one better than last season by reaching the Semi-finals, but they crashed 4-0 at Manchester City after taking a 1-0 lead in the 1st leg. Newcastle had appointed Gordon Lee as manager in the summer but yet again finished 15th for the third successive season, a degree of success came in the cups as Newcastle returned to Wembley in the League Cup final - Struck by a flu epidemic days before the match they lost 2-1, the Magpies were also among the last eight in the FA Cup (losing to Derby) alongside 2nd tier Sunderland who lost out to 3rd tier Crystal Palace, but Sunderland finally went on to win promotion to the top flight as champions, York City however were relegated in 21st. Down in the 4th tier it was pretty much business as usual with Hartlepool finishing 14th and Darlington 20th.

Season 1976/77
"Shoot" shown on Sundays at 2:15-3:05pm.
14/Aug    Newcastle United 3 Middlesbrough 0 [Anglo-Scottish Cup]
21/Aug    Newcastle United 2 (Hudson, Craig(pen)) Derby County 2 (Nish, George)
28/Aug    Showed "The Big Match"
04/Sep    Showed HTV's "Soccer Special" - Bristol City 4 (Mann, Tainton, Ritchie, Gillies) Sunderland 1 (Robson)
11/Sep    Middlesbrough 2 (Willey 2) Sunderland 1 (Greenwood)
18/Sep    Sunderland 0 Manchester City 2 (Tueart, Royle)
25/Sep    Showed "The Big Match"
02/Oct    Darlington 2 (Rowles, Lyons) Aldershot 1 (Wooler)
09/Oct    Middlesbrough 1 (Souness) Norwich City 0
16/Oct    Sunderland 0 Aston Villa 1 (Cropley)
23/Oct    Showed "The Big Match" - main game was Queens Park Rangers 2 Sunderland 0
30/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Cannell) Stoke City 0 *Yorkshire TV showed Middlesbrough 0 Leicester City 1
06/Nov   Sunderland 0 Liverpool 1 (Fairclough)
13/Nov   Showed "The Big Match"
20/Nov   Showed "The Big Match"
27/Nov   Newcastle United 2 (Cannell, Burns) Queens Park Rangers 0
04/Dec    Showed "The Big Match"
11/Dec    Abandoned match - Newcastle United 1 (Barrowclough) Ipswich Town 0 *abandoned after 32 minutes
18/Dec    Sunderland 0 Norwich City 1 (Busby)
01/Jan     Showed Granada's "Kick Off Match" - Liverpool 2 (Kennedy, Thompson) Sunderland 0 *Sunday Express
08/Jan     Showed "The Big Match" - main game was Wimbledon 0 Middlesbrough 0 [FA Cup 3rd Round]
15/Jan     Middlesbrough 2 (George(og), Mills) Derby County 0
22/Jan     Sunderland 0 Stoke City 0
29/Jan     Showed "The Big Match" *FA Cup 4th Round ties
05/Feb    Middlesbrough 2 (Mills 2) Tottenham Hotspur 0
12/Feb    Showed "The Big Match"
19/Feb    Showed "The Big Match"
26/Feb    Showed YTV coverage of Middlesbrough 4 (Mills 3, Armstrong) Arsenal 1 (MacDonald) [FA Cup 5th Round]
05/Mar    Sunderland 6 (Holden 2, Rowell 2, Kerr, Lee) West Ham United 0
12/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
19/Mar    Showed Granada coverage of Liverpool 2 (Fairclough, Keegan) Middlesbrough 0 [FA Cup QF]
26/Mar    Showed YTV coverage of York City 1 (Hinch) Grimsby Town 1 (Lewis)
02/Apr    Sunderland 1 (Lee) Queens Park Rangers 0
09/Apr    Showed YTV coverage of Leeds United 1 (Cherry) Sunderland 1 (Lee)
16/Apr    Newcastle United 3 (Gowling, Cannell, Nulty) West Ham United 0
23/Apr    Sunderland 1 (Towers(pen)) Derby County 1 (Powell)
30/Apr    Showed Yorkshire's match
07/May   Sunderland 1 (Holden) Birmingham City 0
14/May    Newcastle United 3 (Cannell 2, Oates) Aston Villa 2 (Little 2)

Tyne Tees TV now had three clubs to cover in the top flight for the first time, but it didn't last long as Sunderland could only manage one season among the elite by finishing 1 point short of safety, Bob Stokoe had left the winless club in October and Ian MacFarlane took over before Jimmy Adamson was appointed in December. There were further managerial changes at the region's other top clubs - With Malcolm Macdonald sold to Arsenal pre-season, Newcastle's Gordon Lee left for Everton in January, player power then ensured first team coach Richard Dinnis was handed the job and United went on to finish 5th - their highest finish for 26 years! Middlesbrough were 12th and again reached the FA Cup QFs (knocked out by Liverpool at Anfield) but Jack Charlton resigned towards the end of the campaign in the hope of landing the England job, 'Boro replaced him with John Neal. York City suffered a successive relegation to the basement division where Darlington finished 11th and Hartlepool 22nd.

Season 1977/78
"Shoot" moved to an earlier Sunday slot of 2:00-2:55pm this season.
20/Aug    Newcastle United 3 (Burns 2, Kennedy) Leeds 2 (Hankin, Lorimer)
27/Aug    Middlesbrough 2 (Armstrong 2) Newcastle United 0 *Newcastle pen saved in 1st minute, dog on pitch
03/Sep    Newcastle United 2 (Burns, Cassidy) West Ham United 3 (Jennings, A.Taylor, B.Robson)
10/Sep    Middlesbrough 1 (Ashcroft) Birmingham City 2 (Francis 2)
17/Sep    Sunderland 0 Bolton Wanderers 2 (Whatmore, Reid)
24/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (Gowling) Coventry City 2 (Wallace 2)
01/Oct    Sunderland 0 Brighton & Hove Albion 2 (Piper, Ward)
08/Oct    Middlesbrough 2 (Mills, Ashcroft) Manchester United 1 (Coppell)
15/Oct    Darlington 2 (Maitland, Rowles) Huddersfield Town 2 (Baines, Johnson)
22/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Burns) Chelsea 0 *Yorkshire TV covered Middlesbrough 2 Leeds 1
29/Oct    Sunderland 3 (Elliott, Ashurst, Lee) Oldham Athletic 1 (Taylor)
05/Nov   Middlesbrough 1 (Hedley) Queens Park Rangers 1 (Busby)
12/Nov   Sunderland 5 (Arnott, Greenwood, Henderson, Elliott, Lee) Bristol Rovers 1 (Staniforth)
19/Nov   Middlesbrough 0 Wolverhampton W. 0
26/Nov   Sunderland 1 (Bolton) Luton Town 1 (R.Futcher)
03/Dec    Newcastle United 2 (Burns, Nattrass) Leicester City 0
10/Dec    Showed Yorkshire's match
17/Dec    Middlesbrough 1 (Hedley) Aston Villa 0 *complete show archived  +Y
24/Dec    No fixtures played
31/Dec    Newcastle United 0 Liverpool 2 (Thompson, Dalglish)
07/Jan     Middlesbrough 3 (Mills 2, McAndrew) Coventry City 0 [FA Cup 3rd Round]
14/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (Cassidy, McGhee) Middlesbrough 4 (Boam, Ashcroft 2, Cummins)
21/Jan     Sunderland 5 (Kerr, Rowell 2(1pen), Rostron, Elliott) Sheffield United 1 (Campbell)
28/Jan     Middlesbrough 3 (Mahoney, Mills 2) Everton 2 (Telfer, Lyons) [FA Cup 4th Round]
04/Feb    Showed ATV's match
11/Feb    Showed LWT's match
18/Feb    Showed LWT & HTV's FA Cup 5th Round games
25/Feb    Middlesbrough 3 (Mills, Craggs, Mahoney) Derby County 1 (Daly)
04/Mar    Sunderland 0 Southampton 0
11/Mar    Middlesbrough 0 Orient 0 [FA Cup QF]
18/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
25/Mar    Showed Granada's match
01/Apr    Sunderland 2 (Docherty, Lee) Fulham 2 (Margerrison, Mitchell)
08/Apr    Middlesbrough 2 (Ramage, Cummins) Bristol City 0
15/Apr    Sunderland 3 (Rostron, Kerr, Lee) Notts County 1 (Sims)
22/Apr    Hartlepool United 1 (Houchen) Newport County 1 (Goddard)
29/Apr    Showed ATV's match

Middlesbrough finished 14th and yet again reached the FA Cup Quarter-finals only to suffer a frustrating exit to 2nd tier Orient, Newcastle were back in Europe but only for a 2nd round UEFA Cup exit to Bastia, and there was to be no repeat of the league form which had got them there - Richard Dinnis was sacked on 9th November and replaced by Bill McGarry but an appalling season saw them relegated in 21st. In the 2nd tier Sunderland finished 6th whilst in the basement division Hartlepool finished 21st having to apply for re-election along with York City. Darlington were only slightly better off in 19th.

Season 1978/79
"Shoot!" was moved to a late Sunday afternoon slot (3:55pm-4:50pm) this season
19/Aug    Sunderland 1 (Rowell) Charlton Athletic 0
26/Aug    Showed LWT's match
02/Sep    Middlesbrough 0 Ipswich Town 0
09/Sep    Newcastle United 3 (Withe 2, McGhee) Blackburn Rovers 1 (Gregory)
16/Sep    Sunderland 1 (Brown) Fulham 1 (Margerrison(pen))
23/Sep    Hartlepool United 3 (Houchen, Newton(pen), Goldthorpe) Halifax Town 1 (Lawson)
30/Sep    Middlesbrough 2 (Ashcroft, Mills) Arsenal 3 (O'Leary, Price, Walford)
07/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Walker) Leicester City 0
14/Oct    Sunderland 1 (Greenwood) Newcastle United 1 (Withe)
21/Oct    Middlesbrough 2 (Burns, Armstrong) Wolverhampton W. 0
28/Oct    Newcastle United 3 (Connolly, Withe, Robinson) Cardiff City 0
04/Nov   Sunderland 0 Stoke City 1 (O'Callaghan)
11/Nov   Newcastle United 1 (Pearson) Millwall 0
18/Nov   Middlesbrough 2 (Burns, Mills) Southampton 0
25/Nov   Newcastle United 1 (McGhee) Oldham Athletic 1 (Valentine)
02/Dec    Sunderland 5 (Entwistle 3, Lee, Rowell) Bristol Rovers 0
09/Dec    Showed LWT's match
16/Dec    Middlesbrough 7 (Proctor, Burns 4, Armstrong, Cochrane) Chelsea 2 (Osgood, Bumstead)
23/Dec    Showed ATV's match
30/Dec    Showed Granada's match *Sunday Express
06/Jan     Showed Yorkshire's FA Cup 3rd Round
13/Jan     Showed Yorkshire's match *Sunday Times
20/Jan     Showed LWT's match *Intended fixture was probably postponed
27/Jan     Newcastle United 1 (Withe) Wolverhampton W. 1 (Hibbitt) [FA Cup R4] *LWT show credits this to YTV with Tyler comm, but Wolstenholme comms for TT
03/Feb    Middlesbrough 1 (Proctor) Nottingham Forest 3 (Birtles 2, Robertson(pen)) *Spectator on the pitch
10/Feb    Showed LWT's match
17/Feb    Showed ATV coverage of Leicester 2 (Peake, Buchanan) Newcastle 1 (Nattrass) *only 5 fixtures from all divisions played due to bad weather
24/Feb    Newcastle United 1 (Connolly) Sunderland 4 (Rowell 3(1pen), Entwistle)
03/Mar    Newcastle United 5 (Shoulder 2(1pen), Martin, Mitchell, Connolly) Charlton Athletic 3 (Gritt, Shipperley, Robinson) *Roger Tames commentated
10/Mar    Sunderland 3 (Rowell(pen), Bolton, Rostron) Oldham Atheltic 0 *Ken Wolstenholme commentated
17/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
24/Mar    Middlesbrough 2 (Burns, Ashcroft) Birmingham City 1 (Givens) *Ken Wolstenholme commentated
31/Mar    Probably FA Cup SF *Networked highlights of Man Utd/Liverpool
07/Apr     Darlington 1 (Peachey) Newport County 0 *Roger Tames commentated
14/Apr    Showed Yorkshire's match
21/Apr    Newcastle United 0 Fulham 0
28/Apr    Sunderland 1 (Ashurst) Cardiff City 2 (Moore, Bishop) *Ken Wolstenholme commentated
05/May   Newcastle United 1 (Shoulder) Brighton & Hove Albion 3 (Horton, Ward, Ryan) *Ken Wolstenholme's last commentary for Tyne Tees

Another mid-table finish for the region's sole top flight club Middlesbrough in 12th. In the 2nd tier, Sunderland manager Jimmy Adamson had left for Leeds in August, David Merrington and then Billy Elliot took charge only to see Sunderland repeat their 70's habit of just missing out on promotion, this time in 4th - two points behind the champions, Gary Rowell netted 21 goals. Newcastle adapted to life in the 2nd tier by finishing 8th and there were predictable bottom half finishes in the 4th tier for Hartlepool (13th) and Darlington (21st).

Season 1979/80
All ITV regions (except Channel TV) were taken off the air in early August 1979 due to a strike which lasted for almost three months! (North East viewers only had BBC1 and BBC2 from 10th August-24th October). "Shoot" returned in a 4:00-5:00pm Sunday afternoon slot.
27/Oct     Showed LWT's match
03/Nov    Sunderland 2 (Arnott, Gilbert) Chelsea 1 (Johnson)
10/Nov    Newcastle United 1 (Shoulder) Cardiff City 0
17/Nov    Middlesbrough 1 (Armstrong) Bristol City 0
24/Nov    Sunderland 3 (Elliott, Cummins, Robson) Bristol Rovers 2 (Parkinson, White)
01/Dec    Newcastle United 2 (Withe, Rafferty) Fulham 0
08/Dec    Middlesbrough 0 Southampton 1 (Williams)
15/Dec    Newcastle United 4 (Shoulder, Withe 2, Cassidy) Queens Park Rangers 2 (Goddard, Roeder)
22/Dec    *All but 4 of this weekend's fixtures were played on Friday night, there were no Tyne Tees home games on the Saturday
29/Dec    Showed LWT coverage of Crystal Palace 1 (Francis(pen)) Middlesbrough 2 (Hedley, Hodgson) *Roger Tames for Tyne Tees (one source listed Newcastle v Charlton)
05/Jan     Sunderland 0 Bolton Wanderers 1 (Whatmore) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
12/Jan     Middlesbrough 1 (Armstrong) Manchester United 1 (Thomas)
19/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (Barton, Connolly) Orient 0
26/Jan     Showed LWT's FA Cup 4th Round match
02/Feb    Showed ATV's match
09/Feb    Middlesbrough 3 (Burns, Ashcroft, Armstrong) Derby County 0
16/Feb    Showed Granada's FA Cup 5th Round tie
23/Feb    Middlesbrough 1 (Burns) Stoke City 3 (Cook, Crooks 2)
01/Mar    Newcastle United 0 Watford 2 (Barton(og), Jenkins)
08/Mar    Sunderland 0 Leicester City 0
15/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
22/Mar    Middlesbrough 2 (Hodgson, McAndrew) Everton 1 (Hartford)
29/Mar    Hartlepool United 2 (Hampton, Houchen) Northampton Town 1 (Ingrams)
05/Apr     Sunderland 1 (Cummins) Newcastle United 0
12/Apr     Sunderland 1 (Arnott) Orient 1 (Coates)
19/Apr     Newcastle United 1 (Shoulder) Swansea City 3 (Stevenson, Giles 2)
26/Apr     Middlesbrough 0 Nottingham Forest 0
03/May    Newcastle United 2 (Shoulder, Rafferty) Luton Town 2 (Hatton 2)

Top flight Middlesbrough finished 9th whilst in the 2nd tier new manager Ken Knighton won Sunderland promotion as runners-up leaving Newcastle behind in 9th. Sunderland's Bryan Robson and Newcastle's Alan Shoulder both netted 20 league goals each. Hartlepool and Darlington continued to struggle in the Fourth division finishing 19th and 22nd respectively.

Season 1980/81
"Shoot" was on Saturday nights for this season, 10:15/10:30 - 11:30/11:45pm
16/Aug    Sunderland 3 (Hawley(pen), Cummins, Lyons(og)) Everton 1 (Eastoe)
23/Aug    Darlington 2 (Hamilton, Walsh) Stockport County 2 (Sword, Bradd)
30/Aug    Newcastle United 2 (Koenen, Hibbitt) Luton Town 1 (Stein)
06/Sep    Middlesbrough 0 Nottingham Forest 0 *a local 17 year old was murdered by visiting fans outside the ground afterwards.
13/Sep    Sunderland 0 Middlesbrough 1 (Jankovic)
20/Sep    Newcastle United 0 Oldham Athletic 0
27/Sep    Sunderland 4 (Robson 2, Rowell, Brown) Leeds United 1 (Parlane)
04/Oct    Newcastle United 0 West Ham United 0
11/Oct    Sunderland 1 (Rowell) Crystal Palace 0
18/Oct    Middlesbrough 1 (Jankovic) Southampton 1 (Watson)
25/Oct    *Intended match was Sunderland 0 Ipswich Town 2 (Muhren, Brazil) but Sunderland blocked it from being shown
01/Nov   Newcastle United 2 (Hibbitt, Shinton) Watford 1 (Poskett)
08/Nov   Showed Yorkshire's match
15/Nov   Middlesbrough 1 (Johnston) Manchester United 1 (Jordan)
22/Nov   Newcastle United 0 Wrexham 1 (McNeil) *YTV covered Middlesbrough 2 (Johnston(pen), Shearer) Wolves 0
29/Nov   Showed LWT's match
06/Dec    Middlesbrough 2 (Johnston, Shearer) Aston Villa 1 (Shaw)
13/Dec    Sunderland 2 (Hawley, Arnott) Arsenal 0
20/Dec    Newcastle United 0 Bristol City 0
27/Dec    Middlesbrough 1 (Ashcroft) Everton 0
03/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (Waddle 2) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Pearson) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
10/Jan     Sunderland 3 (Rowell 2, Cummins) Norwich City 0
17/Jan     Showed Anglia coverage of Luton Town 0 Newcastle United 1 (Harford)
24/Jan     Middlesbrough 1 (Bailey) West Bromwich A. 0 [FA Cup 4th Round]
31/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (Clarke, Martin) Bolton Wanderers 1 (Bennett)
07/Feb    Middlesbrough 1 (Hedley) Sunderland 0
14/Feb    Middlesbrough 2 (Proctor, Jancovic) Barnsley 1 (Lester) [FA Cup 5th Round]
21/Feb    Newcastle United 0 Bristol Rovers 0
28/Feb    Sunderland 1 (Bowyer) Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Crooks)
07/Mar    Sunderland 1 (Hinnigan) Aston Villa 2 (Evans, Mortimer)
14/Mar    Hartlepool United 2 (Houchen, Newton) Wimbledon 3 (Cork 2, Downes)
21/Mar    Sunderland 3 (Hinnigan 2, Cummions(pen)) Coventry City 0
28/Mar    Newcastle United 1 (Halliday) Chelsea 0
04/Apr     Showed LWT's match
11/Apr     Middlesbrough 1 (Shearer) Brighton & Hove Albion 0
18/Apr     Showed LWT's match
25/Apr     Sunderland 1 (Brown) Brighton and Hove Albion 2 (Robinson, Williams)
                     *also Whickham 3 (Scott, Williamson, Peck(og)) Willenhall Town 2 (Smith, Stringer) [FA Vase Final at Wembley]
02/May    Middlesbrough 2 (Jancovic 2) Ipswich Town 1 (Mariner)

For the 5th time in 12 season's Middlesbrough exited the FA Cup at the QF stage (this time to Wolves in a Molineux replay). In the league 'Boro finished 14th, newly promoted Sunderland managed to stay up this time, but not before manager Ken Knighton left to be temporarily replaced by Mick Docherty in April who oversaw a 17th placed finish. In the 2nd tier, just weeks into the season, Newcastle sacked Bill McGarry, his replacement was Arthur Cox and United finished 11th. It was a much improved season for the region's long suffering Fourth Division pair as Darlington finished 8th and Hartlepool 9th.

Season 1981/82
"Shoot" was back on Sunday afternoon's for this season, 2:30-3:30pm.
29/Aug    Middlesbrough 1 (Otto) Tottenham Hotspur 3 (Falco, Hoddle, Villa)
05/Sep    Sunderland 0 West Ham United 2 (Goddard, Cross)
12/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (Trewick) Cambridge United 0 *Yorkshire EP & Sunday Express
19/Sep    Darlington 2 (Speedie, Hamilton) Blackpool 2 (Bamber, Morris)
26/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (Trewick) Orient 0 *YEP & Sunday Express
03/Oct    Showed LWT's match
10/Oct    Middlesbrough 1 (Gunn(og)) Nottingham Forest 1 (Fashanu)
17/Oct    Sunderland 0 Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Archibald, Hazard)
24/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Shinton) Rotherham United 1 (Gooding)
31/Oct    Sunderland 0 Liverpool 2 (Souness, McDermott)
07/Nov    Showed LWT's match
14/Nov    Showed LWT's match
21/Nov    Middlesbrough 3 (McAndrew(pen), Ashcroft 2) Aston Villa 3 (Withe, Cowans, Shaw)
28/Nov    Showed Yorkshire's match
05/Dec    Newcastle United 0 Blackburn Rovers 0
12/Dec    Showed Yorkshire's match
19/Dec    Granada coverage of Manchester City 2 (Francis 2) Sunderland 3 (Cummins, Rowell, Venison)
26/Dec    Showed LWT's match
02/Jan     Showed YTV coverage of Rotherham United 1 (Towner) Sunderland 1 (Rowell) [FA Cup 3rd Round]
09/Jan     Showed Yorkshire's match *Intended match probably postponed
16/Jan     Showed Yorkshire's match *Intended match probably postponed
23/Jan     Sunderland 0 Liverpool 3 (Dalglish 2, Rush) [FA Cup 4th round]
30/Jan     Middlesbrough 0 Southampton 1 (Keegan)
06/Feb    Sunderland 0 Arsenal 0
13/Feb    Newcastle United 2 (Varadi, Trewick) Cardiff City 1 (Stevens)
20/Feb    Showed LWT's match
27/Feb    Sunderland 1 (Brown) Notts County 1 (McCulloch)
06/Mar    Middlesbrough 0 Wolverhampton W. 0
13/Mar    League Cup Final *Networked highlights
20/Mar    Newcastle United 2 (Mills, Brownlie) Oldham Athletic 0
27/Mar    Showed LWT's match
03/Apr    Probably FA Cup SF *Networked highlights of Spurs/Leicester
10/Apr    Newcastle United 0 Leicester City 0
17/Apr    Sunderland 3 (Rowell 2(1pen), West) Everton 1 (Irvine)
24/Apr    Hartlepool United 3 (P.Linacre, Newton(pen), Staff) Port Vale 1 (M.Chamberlain)
01/May   Sunderland 3 (Rowell 2(1pen), West) Brighton & Hove Albion 0
08/May   Middlesbrough 1 (Baxter) Arsenal 3 (Talbot, Davis, Rix)
15/May   Sunderland 1 (Buckley) Manchester City 0

Under new manager Alan Durban, Sunderland were now the region's leading club despite finishing one place above relegation in 19th. A change of manager at Middlesbrough proved disastrous as Bobby Murdoch's men ended their top flight campaign in last place. In the 2nd tier Newcastle finished a disappointing 9th whilst in the 4th tier Darlington and Hartlepool slipped back to mid-table in 13th and 14th place.

Season 1982/83
"Shoot" was on Saturday night's again for its' final season, 10:35-11:35pm.
28/Aug    Newcastle United 1 (Keegan) Queens Park Rangers 0 *Kevin Keegan's debut for Newcastle
04/Sep    Sunderland 1 (Rowell) West Ham United 0
11/Sep    Newcastle United 1 (Clarke) Chelsea 1 (Lee)
18/Sep    Showed LWT's match
25/Sep    Showed LWT's match
02/Oct    Middlesbrough 1 (Otto) Oldham Athletic 1 (Palmer)
09/Oct    Sunderland 1 (McCoist) Southampton 1 (Williams)
16/Oct    Middlesbrough 1 (Macdonald) Bolton Wanderers 0
23/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Waddle) Crystal Palace 0
30/Oct    Sunderland 2 (Pickering, Rowell) Stoke City 2 (Maguire, M.Chamberlain)
06/Nov   Middlesbrough 2 (Shearer, Wood) Barnsley 0
13/Nov   Showed LWT's match
20/Nov   Showed LWT's match
27/Nov   *Went out as "Sports Special" with Boxing plus other region's football, but it was presented from "Shoot" studio.
04/Dec    Showed LWT coverage of Charlton Athletic 2 (McAllister, Simonsen) Newcastle United 0
11/Dec    Newcastle United 1 (Wharton) Wolverhampton W. (Eves)
18/Dec    Sunderland 3 (Rowell 3) Arsenal 0
01/Jan     Showed LWT's match
08/Jan     Sunderland 0 Manchester City 0 [FA Cup 3rd Round] *City won replay 2-1
15/Jan     Sunderland 2 (McNaught(og), Worthington) Aston Villa 0
22/Jan     Newcastle United 4 (Wharton 2, Varadi, Keegan) Shrewsbury Town 0
29/Jan     Middlesbrough 2 (Hankin, Beattie(pen)) Notts County 0 [FA Cup 4th Round]
05/Feb    Middlesbrough 1 (Baxter) Newcastle United 1 (Keegan)
12/Feb    Showed Granada's match
19/Feb    Middlesbrough 1 (Otto) Arsenal 1 (Rix) [FA Cup 5th Round]
26/Feb    Sunderland 3 (Atkins, Rowell 2(1pen)) Manchester City 2 (Caton, Reeves)
05/Mar    Sunderland 2 (Rowell 2(1pen)) Everton 1 (Sharp)
12/Mar    Showed Granada and TVS FA Cup QF's
19/Mar    Showed LWT's match
26/Mar    Middlesbrough 3 (Bell, Baxter 2) Charlton Athletic 0
02/Apr     Showed LWT's match
09/Apr     Newcastle United 3 (Metcalfe(og), Waddle, Varadi) Blackburn Rovers 2 (Keeley 2)
16/Apr     Showed Anglia coverage of Norwich City 2 (Deehan 2) Sunderland 0 *According to Newcastle Pink
23/Apr     Middlesbrough 0 Wolverhampton W. 0
30/Apr     Sunderland 1 (West) Birmingham City 2 (Blake(pen), Harford)
07/May    Hartlepool United 3 (Hogan(pen), Staff, Dobson) Rochdale 0
14/May    Showed LWT coverage

The final season of Shoot saw the region's sole top flight representatives Sunderland finish 16th, but the main focus of attention was on 2nd tier Newcastle United who signed England striker Kevin Keegan in time for the start of the season, the Magpies improved to finish 4th (4 more points would have been required to gain promotion) and both Kevin Keegan and Imre Varadi scored 21 league goals apiece. Despite last season's relegation, Bobby Murdoch kept his job at Middlesbrough but only until the end of September, Malcolm Allison arrived a month later but 'Boro sunk to an alarming 16th placed finish. Elsewhere there was a return to the old familiar gloom of Fourth division struggle for Darlington in 17th and Hartlepool 22nd.

The "Shoot" studio, 27th November 1982
George Taylor is the presenter.
These were grabbed from a trailer uploaded to TV ARK

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