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Midweek Football Coverage
1968/69 - 1982/83

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Midweek football highlights on ITV during the 1968-1983 period were usually networked (shown by all or most regions). Initially the programmes were broadcast under no specific title and there was no theme tune, typically beginning with a shot of the crowd and a caption detailing the fixture/competition together with an introduction from the commentator. By the end of 1974/75 highlights were going out as The Mid-Week Match* and then from 1978/79 as part of Midweek Sports Special. Brian Moore tended to be the first choice commentator for midweek games circa 1969-71 (regardless of which region the game was being staged) but from around 1972 Gerald Sinstadt generally did all the North-West games and Hugh Johns covered the Midlands fixtures. Midweek Sports Special saw presentation shift from the ground to the studio where Jim Rosenthal became a regular face as the sports news reporter with Brian Moore now presenting, leaving it to other commentators to voice even the big games and internationals.

*"The Mid-Week match" is sometimes listed as "The Wednesday Special" in newspapers, this was a mid-1970's over-arching brand name for ITV's Wednesday night slot that followed "News at Ten", there was often a documentary special or other sports.

Identifying which midweek games were shown has proved to be a more difficult task than gathering details of ITV's weekend fixtures. The Football Pinks - which could often be relied upon for listings of the weekend TV games - were obviously not published on weekday nights whilst national weekday newspapers were generally not permitted to print specific details of fixtures to be shown because of the potential effect on attendance's. To narrow down potential missing televised games, the TV deals with the Football League during this period only allowed for weekend league games to be televised, so all midweek matches would have been cup ties.
Known BBC midweek games are also listed on this page (in grey) as John Motson's Match of the Day book doesn't include the games that were shown on Sportsnight.

Theme Tunes
Granada apparently began adding their Sunday "Magic Trumpet" theme to midweek games recorded in the North West in the early 1970's. By 1973/74 the midweek highlights had their own theme, but still no title. "The Mid-Week Match" first appeared in 1974/75 together with a new theme tune (similar instrumentation and feel to the BBC's long running Athletics theme, but faster), though the Yorkshire based midweek matches retained their own Sunday Soccer Special titles. The 1976/77 title sequence was a montage of goals and celebrations before the camera zooms in on a banner in the crowd with lettering spelling out "The Mid-Week Match" whilst the 1977/78 titles were one of the most imaginative ITV put together during the 1968-83 period, these included scenes of a boot-room, close ups of players getting changed, an ITV Sport camera swinging around, a zoom shot into the dazzling floodlights and a spectator entering the ground through a turnstyle.
Midweek Sports Special had two theme tunes during its' run from 1978-1991, the original opened with South American style percussion and would have made for a much better ITV World Cup 1978 theme than "Action Argentina", the rest of it was a jaunty tune played on strings. By 1984/85, possibly earlier, it had been replaced by a fondly remembered soaring theme tune which again was predominately played on strings.

The list below only includes highlights of domestic league clubs in action. For International tournaments (including qualifiers and international friendlies) click on the World Cup button below. Midweek Cup final replays and European finals are dealt with and afforded more detail on the Cup final pages. Scottish team matches are not included on this page unless they are of special interest.

InternationalsCup FinalsEuropean finals

Entries in grey are BBC games. ITV games are in white.
Presume the local commentator for ITV games unless stated*.

*Viewers in Scotland would probably have had their own commentator for televised European ties involving Scottish teams that were also shown in England. BBC Scotland, STV and Grampian had their own midweek sport shows and so most of the games listed below would not have been seen North of the border.

Season 1968/69
All football highlights during this season were broadcast in 405-line black & white on VHF only.
07/Aug    BBC showed LIVE coverage of the delayed Fairs Cup Final 1st Leg
14/Aug    No football scheduled
21/Aug    No football scheduled
28/Aug    No football scheduled
04/Sep    Arsenal 1 (Neill) Sunderland 0 [League Cup R2] *detailed on Infax, Ken Wolstenholme (RT)
                    Danny Blanchflower (ITV) covered Ipswich 2 Norwich 4 [LC R2] on 03/Sep, though for what purpose is not clear
11/Sep    BBC showed Fairs Cup Final 2nd Leg highlights
18/Sep    Manchester City 0 Fenerbahce 0 [European Cup R1 L1] *Hugh Johns, Eric Harrison director and Granada pres (TVT)
25/Sep     Estudiantes 1 (Conigliaro) Manchester United 0 [World Club Championship Final L1] *BBC showed highlights following night
                    (RT says recording flown to Chile and then transmitted via satellite to Britain, commentator most likely Coleman)
02/Oct     West Bromwich A. 2 (Brown, Hartford) Bruges 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *mentioned in TVTimes (Hugh Johns comm), WBA through on away goals
09/Oct     No football scheduled
16/Oct     Manchester United 1 (Morgan) Estudiantes 1 (Vero) [World Club Championship Final L2] *Hugh Johns commentated (Utd lost 2-1 on agg)
23/Oct     Leeds 3 (Charlton, Lorimer, Bremner) Standard Liege 2 (Gapriro, Hostini) [Fairs Cup R1 L2] *Blanchflower for YTV, Davies for network (not sched in Times)
30/Oct     No football scheduled
06/Nov    Internationals (see Internationals page)
13/Nov    Manchester United 3 (Kidd, Law 2) Anderlecht 0 [European Cup R2 L1] *Barry Davies comm for ITV
20/Nov    Arsenal 1 (Radford) Tottenham Hotspur 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Times bills "International Football"
27/Nov    Anderlecht (Mulder, Bergholtz 2) 3 Manchester United 1 (Sartori) [European Cup R2 L2] *detailed on Infax, Ken Wolstenholme (RT)
04/Dec    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Greaves) Arsenal 1 (Radford) [League Cup SF L2] *Arsenal win 2-1 on agg, Brian Moore
11/Dec    Internationals
18/Dec    Burnley 2 (Thomas, Casper) Swindon 3 (J.Smith, Bellamy(og), Noble) [League Cup SF R] *at West Brom, Granada coverage, Barry Davies comm.
25/Dec    No Football Today
01/Jan     No football scheduled
08/Jan     BBC scheduled to show football but intended match was probably postponed
15/Jan     Internationals
22/Jan     No football scheduled
29/Jan     Aston Villa 2 (Broadbent, Martin) Southampton 1 (Channon) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *ITC export
               Manchester City 2 (Owen, Young) Newcastle Utd 0 [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Some doubt on this one now, maybe an off-tube comm for Cup final build up?
03/Feb    Watford 0 Manchester United 2 (Law 2) [FA Cup R4 Re] *Monday night, David Coleman, 8 fans injured after barrier collapsed just before HT
                    At Chelsea v Preston a BBC News reporter was attacked outside the ground
12/Feb    [FA Cup R5] *BBC sheduled to show one of several re-scheduled 5th round ties with Ken Wolstenholme (RT), 3 games listed on Infax....
                    West Brom v Arsenal, Tottenham v Aston Villa and Chelsea v Stoke, 2 of these were probably reports only
19/Feb    West Bromwich Albion 0 Dunfermline 1 (Gardner) [ECWC QF 2nd Leg] *Dumfermline win 1-0 on agg
26/Feb     Manchester United 3 (Best 2, Morgan) Rapid Vienna 0 [EC QF 1L] *David Coleman
05/Mar    *BBC scheduled to show football, either Rapid Vienna 0 Man Utd 0 [EC QF 2L] or Leeds United 0 Ujpest Dozsa 1 [Fairs Cup QF 1L], Ken Wolstenholme (RT)
12/Mar    Newcastle 5 (Foggan, Robson 2, Davies, Gibb) Vitoria Setubul 1 (Junior) [Fairs Cup QF 1L]
                    *Tyne Tees opted out of networked coverage of international action to show Newcastle, who were wearing a change kit at a snowy St James' Park
19/Mar    No football scheduled
26/Mar    Scottish League 1 (Wallace) English League 3 (Tambling. Ball, Casper) *Granada coverage, programme is archived
02/Apr    No football scheduled
09/Apr    No football scheduled
16/Apr    Internationals
23/Apr    AC Milan 2 (Sormani, Hamrin) Manchester United 0 [European Cup SF 1L] *Ken Wolstenholme, Fitzpatrick sent off forUtd (footage is TR).
30/Apr    No football scheduled
07/May   Home Internationals
15/May    Manchester United 1 (Charlton) AC Milan 0 [European Cup SF 2L] *Thursday night, David Coleman, Utd lose 2-1 on agg (Milan keeper knocked out by missile at start of 2nd half)
21/May   Tyne Tees, Border and Scottish showed Newcastle Utd 2 (Scott, Sinclair) Glasgow Rangers 0 [Fairs Cup SF L2] *Newcastle win 2-0 on agg

Season 1969/70
13/Aug    No football scheduled
20/Aug    No football scheduled
27/Aug    No football scheduled
03/Sep     Probably Wolverhampton W. 1 (McCalliog) Tottenham H. 0 [League Cup R2] *ITC ref to Wolves v Spurs fixture
10/Sep    Internationals
17/Sep    Leeds 10 (O'Grady, Jones 3, Clarke 2, Giles 2, Bremner 2) Lyn Oslo 0 [European Cup R1 L1] *Ken Wolstenholme
24/Sep    [League Cup R3]
01/Oct     Manchester City 3 (Oakes, Bell, Bowyer) Athletico Bilbao 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *City win 6-3 on agg, Brian Moore comm. Archived.
08/Oct     No football scheduled
15/Oct     Queens Park Rangers 3 (Clarke 2, Bridges) Wolverhampton W . 1 (Wilson) [League Cup R4] *Infax, Ken Wolstenholme (RT)
22/Oct     Internationals
29/Oct     Manchester City 3 (Bell 2, Summerbee) Queens Park Rangers 0 [League Cup R5] *Brian Moore commentated. Archived.
05/Nov    Internationals
12/Nov    Leeds United 3 (Giles, Jones,2) Ferencvarosi 0 *Brian Moore listed in TVTimes
ITV and BBC1 officially start colour broadcasts on 15th November, some midweek football highlights are still in b&w due to poor floodlighting
19/Nov    Manchester United 1 (Kidd) Derby County 0 [League Cup QF Replay] *colour "Grandstand Special", Ken Wolstenholme (colour VT)
26/Nov    Arsenal 3 (Radford, Graham 2) Sporting Lisbon 0 [Fairs Cup R2 L2] *3-0 on agg. David Coleman (colour VT)
                Cardiff City 1 (Bird) Goeztepe 0 [ECWC R2 L2] *BBC Wales only, Cardiff lose 3-1 on agg
03/Dec    Man City 2 (Bell, Lee(pen)) Man United 1 (Charlton) [League Cup SF L1] *tape is b&w, Brian Moore comm (2nd leg was drawn 2-2), Archived.
10/Dec    Internationals
17/Dec    Manchester Utd 2 (Edwards, Law) Manchester City 2 (Bowyer, Summerbee) [League Cup SF L2] *Ken Wolstenholme (colour)
24/Dec    No football scheduled
31/Dec    No football scheduled
07/Jan     Probably Coventry 1 (Martin) Liverpool 1 (Graham) [FA Cup R3] *BBC showed either this or one of three replays, Barry Davies (RT)
14/Jan    Internationals
21/Jan    No football scheduled
28/Jan    Leicester City 4 (Lochhead 2, Farrington, Nish(pen)) Southampton 2 (Paine, Channon) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *AET, listed in "The Stage & Television Today"
04/Feb    No football scheduled
11/Feb    Leicester City 0 Liverpool 2 (Evans 2) [FA Cup R5 Replay] *David Coleman (Infax incorrectly dates this as the 10th)
18/Feb    No football scheduled
25/Feb    Internationals
04/Mar    Standard Liege 0 Leeds United 1 (Lorimer) [European Cup QF L1] *TVTimes lists Brian Moore as commentator
11/Mar    No football scheduled
18/Mar    Leeds United 1 (Giles(pen)) Standard Liege 0 [European Cup QF L2] *Infax, David Coleman (RT), BBC Scotland showed Celtic 0 Fiorentina 1 (3-1 agg)
23/Mar    Leeds United 0 Manchester United 0 [FA Cup SF Replay] *Monday night, most regions showed this. 2nd Replay on Thu 26th not scheduled for TV
01/Apr    Leeds United 0 Celtic 1 (Connelly) [European Cup SF L1] *Brian Moore
08/Apr    No football scheduled
15/Apr    Celtic 2 (Hughes, Murdoch) Leeds United 1 (Bremner) [European Cup SF L2] *136,505 attendance, Ken Wolstenholme comm. 3-1 on agg
                    Man City 5 Schalke 1 [ECWC SF L2] likely shown abroad and Barry Davies off-tubed a goals report for screening on the BBC

Season 1970/71
05/Aug    Hull City 1 (Chilton) Manchester Utd 1 (Law) [Watney Cup SF] *Utd won on pens, networked coverage, commentator Hugh Johns
12/Aug    No football scheduled
19/Aug    No football scheduled
26/Aug    No football scheduled
02/Sep    No football scheduled
09/Sep    Huddersfield Town 0 Nottingham Forest 0 [League Cup R2] *listed in "The Stage & Television Today"
16/Sep    Everton 6 (Ball 3, Kendall, Royle 2) Keflavik 2 (West(og), Ragnarsson) [European Cup R1 L1] *Ken Wolstenholme
23/Sep    Probably Arsenal 2 (Radford, Armstrong) Lazio 0 [Fairs Cup R1 L2] *Brian Moore (TVT)
30/Sep    Chelsea 5 (Hollins 2, Hutchison 2, Hinton) Aris Thessaloniki 1 (Alexiadis) [ECWC R1 L2] *Brian Moore, Chelsea won 6-2 on agg
07/Oct    Probably Tottenham H. 2 (Pearce, Chivers) Sheffield Utd 1 (Hemsley) [League Cup R3] *ITC export, TVTimes states Thames prod with Brian Moore comm
14/Oct    Under 23 game at Leicester - England U23 3 (Royle, Robson, Kidd) West Germany U23 1 (Weist), David Coleman (RT)
21/Oct    European Football incl on Sportsnight, poss one of three Fairs Cup ties in England or Everton away in the EC
28/Oct    Manchester United 2 (Charlton, Best) Chelsea 1 (Hollins) [League Cup R4] *David Coleman (draw made for 5-a-side 1st round fixtures live on air)
An ITV technicians colour strike affected programmes until February
04/Nov   Everton 1 (Morrissey) B. Moenchengladbach 1 (Laumen) [European Cup R1 L2] *1st Euro tie decided on pens, Everton go through (Moore comm TVTimes)
11/Nov    Internationals
18/Nov   Manchester United 4 (Fitzpatrick, Kidd 2, Charlton) Crystal Palace 2 (Queen, Taylor) [League Cup R5] *b&w, Brian Moore
25/Nov    Internationals
02/Dec    Leeds United 6 ((OG), Clarke, Bremner, Charlton, E.Gray 2) Sparta Prague 0 [Fairs Cup R3 L1] *b&w, Brian Moore
09/Dec    Hibernian 0 Liverpool 1 (Toshack) [Fairs Cup R3 L1] *Barry Davies (footage b&w TR), Liverpool won 2nd leg 2-0
16/Dec    Manchester United 1 (Kidd) Aston Villa 1 (Lochhead) [League Cup SF L1] *b&w, Brian Moore
23/Dec    Aston Villa 2 (Lochhead, McMahon) Manchester Utd 1 (Kidd) [League Cup SF L2] *Ken Wolstenholme
30/Dec    No football scheduled
06/Jan     Yeovil 0 Arsenal 3 (Radford 2, Kennedy) [FA Cup R3] *Barry Davies, kicked-off at 3pm
        Possibly showed a 2nd match, Chelsea 2 (Baldwin, Houseman) Crystal Palace 0 [FA Cup R3 Replay], due to other match being an afternoon KO
13/Jan     No football scheduled
18/Jan     Leeds United 3 (Lorimer 2, Giles) Rotherham Utd 2 (Womble, Bentley) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *BBC had Monday highlights
27/Jan     ITV football scheduled, only cup tie tonight was Watford 1 Oxford 2 [FA Cup R4 Re] but may have shown match from previous night
03/Feb    Internationals
ITV technicians colour strike now ended
10/Feb    Sportsnight included "Ford Fives European Festival" 5-a-side tournament from Edinburgh featuring 50s & 60s greats, David Coleman (RT)
17/Feb    Manchester City 1 (Bell) Arsenal 2 (George 2) [FA Cup R5] *David Coleman
24/Feb    Under 23 game at Hampden - Scotland U23 2 (Kelly, Robb) England U23 2 (Lloyd, Currie), David Coleman
03/Mar    No football scheduled
10/Mar    Liverpool 3 (Evans 3) Bayern Munich 0 [Fairs Cup QF L1] *David Coleman, L2 drawn 1-1
                Cardiff City 1 (Clark) Real Madrid 0 [ECWC QF L1] *Idwal Robling for BBC Wales, Barry Davies elsewhere
                    Ajax 3 Celtic 0 [EC QF L1] on BBC Scotland
15/Mar    Possibly Leicester City 0 Arsenal 1 (George) [FA Cup QF Re] *Alan Weeks, Monday night. A late programme change?
17/Mar    Scottish League v Football League *at Hampden Park, Brian Moore
24/Mar    Manchester City 2 (Mellor, Doyle) Gornik Zabrze 0 [ECWC QF L2] *Archived, Gerald Sinstadt, 2-2 agg, City won replay 3-1 (BBC previewed FA Cup SF's)
31/Mar    Arsenal 2 (Graham, Kennedy) Stoke City 0 [FA Cup SF Replay] *at Villa Park, David Coleman
07/Apr     No football scheduled
14/Apr     Liverpool 0 Leeds 1 (Bremner) [Fairs Cup SF 1L] *David Coleman
21/Apr     Internationals
28/Apr     Manchester City 0 Chelsea 1 (Healey(og)) [ECWC SF L2] * Gerald Sinstadt, Chelsea win 2-0 on agg
05/May    Sportsnight showed Evening Standard London five-a-side football, David Coleman (RT)
26/May    [Anglo-Italian Cup] *Sportsnight, RT mentions AIC and Fairs Cup but latter not played, David Coleman listed as commentator

Season 1971/72
04/Aug    Halifax Town 0 West Bromwich Albion 2 (Suggett 2) [Watney Cup SF] *Barry Davies for "Watney Cup Soccer Special"
11/Aug    No football scheduled
18/Aug    No football scheduled
25/Aug    No football scheduled
01/Sep    No football scheduled
08/Sep    West Bromwich Albion 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Pearce) [League Cup R2] *Infax, David Coleman (RT)
15/Sep    No football scheduled
22/Sep    No football scheduled
29/Sep    Probably Arsenal 4 Stromsgodset 0 [European Cup R1 L2] *TVTimes bills Thames prod with Moore comm, 7-1 on agg
06/Oct    Nottingham Forest 1 (McKenzie) Chelsea 1 (Webb) [League Cup R3] *ITC export ref, Brian Moore comm/ATV prod listed in TVTimes
13/Oct     Internationals
20/Oct     Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0 [ECWC R2 L1] *David Coleman (RT)
27/Oct     West Ham United 2 (Hurst, Robson) Liverpool 1 (Graham) [League Cup R4] *Infax, David Coleman (RT)
03/Nov    Wolves 4 (Dougan, Weiner(og), Mansfelt(og), Van Den Bergh(og)) ADO Den Haag 0 [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *3 OG's! TVTimes lists Hugh Johns/ATV prod (7-1 agg)
                     Possibly in addition - Arsenal 3 (Kennedy, George, Radford) Grasshoppers 0 [European Cup R2 L2] *5-0 on agg
                     BBC Sportsnight had Daily Express National 5-a-side football earlier that night, David Coleman (RT)
10/Nov    Internationals
17/Nov    West Ham United 5 (Robson 3, Best 2) Sheffield United 0 [League Cup QF]
24/Nov    *ITV had football, though not obvious what - England U23? Wolves away in UEFA? Texaco Cup SF? or possibly a match played the previous night.
01/Dec    Internationals
08/Dec    Stoke City 1 (Dobing) West Ham United 2 (Hurst(pen), Best) [League Cup SF L1] *David Coleman (RT)
15/Dec    West Ham United 0 Stoke City 1 (Ritchie) [League Cup SF L2] AET *2-2 on agg, replay required
22/Dec    Chelsea 3 (Osgood, Garland, Hollins(pen)) Tottenham H. 2 (Naylor, Chivers) [League Cup SF L1] *David Coleman
29/Dec    No football scheduled
05/Jan     Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Chivers, Peters(pen)) Chelsea 2 (Garland, Hudson) [League Cup SF L2] *Brian Moore, Chelsea win 5-4 on agg
12/Jan     No football scheduled
19/Jan     [FA Cup R3 Replay] *One of three ties on the BBC (most likely Man Utd 4 Soton 1 or Leicester 2 Wolves 0), David Coleman (RT)
26/Jan     Stoke 3 (Bernard, Dobing, Conroy) West Ham 2 (Bonds, Brooking) [League Cup SF 2nd re] *Granada coverage, Sinstadt comm
02/Feb    No football scheduled
09/Feb    Leeds United 2 (Clarke 2) Liverpool 0 [FA Cup R4]
16/Feb    Under 23 game at Derby - England U23 2 (Channon 2) Scotland U23 2 (Dalglish 2)*Included on Sportsnight with Boxing, David Coleman (RT)
23/Feb    No football scheduled
01/Mar    [FA Cup R5 Replay] *BBC, prob one of two ties played the previous night, Arsnl 0 Derby 0 or Mboro 0 Man U 3, David Coleman (RT)
08/Mar    Ajax 2 (Muhren 2(1pen)) Arsenal 1 (Kennedy) [European Cup QF L1] *Brian Moore
          *STV had live coverage of  Ujpest Dozsa 1 (Horváth) Celtic 2 (Horváth(og), Macari) [European Cup QF L1] at 4:10-6:20pm
15/Mar    Football League 3 (Currie 2, Doyle) Scottish League 2 (McQuade, Stern) *at Middlesbrough, exists
22/Mar    Arsenal 0 Ajax 1 (Graham(og)) [European Cup QF L2] *David Coleman
29/Mar    No football scheduled
05/Apr    Totttenham H. 2 (Perryman 2) AC Milan 1 (Benetti) [UEFA Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
12/Apr    Sportsnight previewed the FA Cup SF's. Granada rec of Man Utd 1 Man City 3 with comm must have been for Friday "Kick Off"
19/Apr    Arsenal 2 (George(pen), Radford) Stoke City 1 (Greenhoff(pen)) [FA Cup SF Replay] *played at Everton
               Wolverhampton W. 2 (Daley, Munro) Ferencvaros 1 (Ku) [UEFA Cup SF L2] *Hugh Johns, Wolves win 4-3 on agg
26/Apr    Probably Derby 2 (Hinton(pen), Davies) Airdrie 1 (Whiteford) [Texaco Cup Final L2] *Derby win 2-1 on agg, TVTimes lists Johns & ATV director
07/Jun    [Anglo-Italian Cup] *10:30-11:25pm, TVTimes lists Hugh Johns & Director Tony Parker so must have been Midlands (Leicester, Birmingham or Stoke)

Season 1972/73
02/Aug    Burnley 0 Bristol Rovers 2 (Prince, Bannister) [Watney Cup SF] *"The Watney Cup Soccer Special" 10:25-11:25pm, Barry Davies
               Peterborough United 0 Sheffield United 4 (Mackenzie, Dearden, Woodward(pen), Hemsley) [Watney Cup SF] *Alan Weeks
09/Aug    No football scheduled
16/Aug    No football scheduled
23/Aug    No football scheduled
30/Aug    No football scheduled
06/Sep    Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Chivers, Gilzean) Huddersfield Town 1 (Pugh) [League Cup R2]
13/Sep    Derby County 2 (McFarland, Gemmill) Zeljeznicar Sarajevo 0 [European R1 L1] *Barry Davies (RT)
20/Sep    No football scheduled
27/Sep    *TVTimes lists Moore comm on "Top European Cup match" (Times says b&w so maybe Zeljeznicar Sarajevo 1 Derby 2 but Leeds 1 Ankaragueu 0 [CWC] has been suggested)
04/Oct    [League Cup R3] *One tie on Sportsnight along with Show Jumping, David Coleman (RT), possibly Villa 1 (Rioch) Leeds 1 (Charlton)
11/Oct    Internationals
18/Oct    Internationals
25/Oct    Derby County 3 (McFarland, Hector, McGovern) Benfica 0 [European Cup R2 L1] *David Coleman
               Wrexham 3 (Tinnion, Smallman, Muzinic(og)) Hadjuk Split 1 (Jouenic) [ECWC R2 L1] *BBC Wales had their own "Sportsnight to show this, footage is b&w
31/Oct     Liverpool 2 (Keegan, Toshack) Leeds United 2 (Jones, Lorrimer) [League Cup R3] *Tuesday night programme on ITV, Gerald Sinstadt
08/Nov    Leeds United 2 (Cherry, Jones) Carl Zeiss Jena 0 [ECWC R2 L2] *tape is b&w, Leeds win 2-0 on agg, Keith Macklin
15/Nov    Internationals
22/Nov    Probably Leeds Utd 0 Liverpool 1 (Keegan) [League Cup R4 Replay], If not then R5 tie from previous day, David Coleman (RT)
29/Nov    Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Chivers, Gilzean) Red Star Belgrade 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L1] *David Coleman
06/Dec    *Chelsea v Norwich [LC SF L1] was PP'd, poss showed Spurs 3 L'pool 1 [LC QF Re] instead, David Coleman (RT)
13/Dec    Liverpool 3 (Boersma, Heighway, Toshack) Dynamo Berlin 1 (Netz) [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Sinstadt comm, 3-1 on agg
20/Dec    Wolverhampton W. 1 (Hibbitt) Tottenham Hotpsur 2 (Pratt, Peters) [League Cup SF L1] *Hugh Johns, 2nd leg was drawn 2-2
27/Dec    No football scheduled
03/Jan     BBC showed Wembley friendly to mark entry of UK, Ireland & Denmark into European Union  - "The [New] Three" 2 (Jensen, Stein) "The [Existing] Six" 0, Barry Davies (RT)
10/Jan     No football scheduled
17/Jan     Leicester City 1 (Farrington) Arsenal 2 (Radford, Kelly) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Leicester in all white, David Coleman
24/Jan     Internationals
29/Jan     Norwich 0 Leeds 5 [FA Cup R3 Re] *played Monday with Alan Weeks comm, poss shown on Wed Sportsnight but no football billed in RT
07/Feb    Manchester City 2 (Bell, Booth) Liverpool 0 [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Gerald Sinstadt
                    Tottenham H. 3 (Chivers, Gilzean, England(pen)) Derby 5 (Hector 2, Davies 3) [FA Cup R4 Re] AET *Presumably shown abroad. Barry Davies off-tubed the goals for a BBC report
14/Feb    Internationals
21/Feb    No football scheduled
27/Feb    Sunderland 3 (Halom, Hughes 2) Manchester City 1 (Lee) [FA Cup R5 Re] *Tuesday night, tape is b&w, Gerald Sinstadt
07/Mar    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Evans) Vitoria Setubal 0 [UEFA Cup QF L1]
14/Mar    *Westward covered Plymouth 3 Santos 2 [Friendly] with a commentator but probably only for local news, Pelé played in this game
21/Mar    Derby County 2 (Hector 2) Spartak Trnava 0 [European Cup QF 2L] *Derby win 2-1 on agg, TVTimes lists Hugh Johns as comm with ATV director
28/Mar    Internationals
04/Apr    *Sportsnight previewed the FA Cup SF's
11/Apr    Juventus 3 (Altafini 2, Causio) Derby 1 (Hector) [European Cup SF L1] *David Coleman, VT of 10/Apr L'pool 1 Spurs 0 [UEFA SFL1] also exists - poss ITV
18/Apr    No football scheduled
25/Apr    Derby County 0 Juventus 0 [European Cup SF L2] *Derby missed pen and lost 3-1 on agg
02/May    ITV Showed 5-a-side football

13th December 1972

Season 1973/74
14/Aug    Bristol Rovers 0 Hull City 1 [Watney Cup SF] *John Motson, shown the following night with the other SF
15/Aug    Stoke City 4 (Hurst, Pejic, Greenhoff, Conroy) Bristol City 1 (Ritchie) [Watney Cup SF] *Barry Davies for "Watney Cup special"
22/Aug    No football scheduled
29/Aug    No football scheduled
05/Sep    No football scheduled
12/Sep    No football scheduled
19/Sep    Ipswich Town 1 (Rubinan(og)) Real Madrid 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Gerry Harrison, L2 drawn 0-0
26/Sep    Internationals
03/Oct    *BBC showed European action with Barry Davies (RT), something of Leeds was also shown but not full commentary
08/Oct    [League Cup R2] *one of 13 ties on a Monday, newspapers (and RT) bill football for "Sportsnight"
17/Oct    Internationals
24/Oct    *Sportnight European football, Ipswich, Leeds and Sunderland were at home, Lpool at Red Star, Barry Davies (RT)
31/Oct     Stoke City 1 (Pejic) Middlesbrough 1 (Brine) [League Cup R3] *Granada coverage with Gerald Sinstadt, ITC
06/Nov    Liverpool 1 (Lawler) Red Star Belgrade 2 (Lazarevic, Jankovic) [European Cup R2 L2] *Tuesday night, Sinstadt comm. Red Star won 4-2 on agg
14/Nov    Internationals
21/Nov    Sunderland 0 Liverpool 2 (Keegan, Toshack) [League Cup R3] *Barry Davies
28/Nov    *Sportsnight European football, UEFA Cup R3 L1 - either Ipswich 1 Twente 0 or Leeds 1 Vitoria Setubal 0, Spurs away in Tbilisi. Barry Davies (RT)
05/Dec     Newcastle Utd 3 (Tudor 2, Clark) Birmingham City 1 (Francis) [Texaco Cup R2 L2] *Barry Davies
12/Dec     Tottenham H. 5 (McGrath, Chivers 2, Peters 2) Dynamo Tbilisi 1 (Ebralidze) [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Brian Moore comm. 6-2 on agg
19/Dec     Wolverhampton W. 1 (Richards) Liverpool 0 [League Cup QF] *Hugh Johns, afternoon KO due to '3 day week' (short prog at 9:30-10pm)
26/Dec    No football scheduled
02/Jan     No football scheduled
09/Jan     Hendon 0 Newcastle United 4 (MacDonald, Hibbitt, McDermott (pen), Tudor) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *At Watford, Barry Davies
               Hereford United 2 (Naylor(pen), Jones) West Ham United 1 (Best) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *John Motson, both games KO'd at 1:30pm
16/Jan     Manchester City 4 (Summerbee, Lee 2(1pen), Law) Coventry City 2 (Alderson 2) [League Cup R5 Replay] *Barry Davies
23/Jan      Norwich City 1 (Mellor) Wolverhampton W. 1 (Richards) [League Cup SF 1L] *9:30-10pm due to '3 day week', Wolves won L2 1-0 on Saturday
30/Jan      Aston Villa 2 (Morgan, Evans) Arsenal 0 [FA Cup R4 Replay] *9:30-10pm due to '3 day week'
06/Feb     No football scheduled
13/Feb     International
19/Feb      Leeds United 0 Bristol City 1 (Gillies) [FA Cup R5 Re] *Played on Tuesday afternoon due to "3 day week" preventing use of floodlights, Keith Macklin (QPR had refused to be shown)
27/Feb      No football scheduled
06/Mar     Ipswich Town 1 (Beattie) Lokomotiv Leipzig 0 [UEFA Cup QF L1] *David Coleman (RT)
13/Mar     U23 match - England U23 2 (Mills, Latchford) Scotland U23 0 *at Newcastle, John Motson
18/Mar     Newcastle United 0 Nottingham Forest 0 [FA Cup QF Re-match] *At Everton on a Monday
20/Mar     Poss Tottenham H. 3 (Chivers, Coates, Peters) FC Cologne [UEFA QF L2]*No football sched Wed but exists with Moore comm on-site, perhaps late change for Thames only
27/Mar     Internationals
03/Apr     Liverpool 3 (Hall, Keegan, Toshack) Leicester City 1 (Glover) [FA Cup SF Replay] *at Villa Park, highlights on Sportsnight, David Coleman
10/Apr     Celtic 0 Atletico Madrid 0 [European Cup SF L1] *Brian Moore, 3 Spanish players sent off & police on pitch to separate players, Celtic lost 2nd leg 2-0
17/Apr     No football scheduled
24/Apr     Atletico Madrid 2 (Gárate, Adelardo) Celtic 0 [European Cup SF L2] *David Coleman (Sportnight would have showed extra-time live had there been any)
01/May    *ITV had Evening Standard 5-a-side football (all London clubs involved), Brian Moore comm. BBC showed The Sun football awards

Gerald Sinstadt introducing midweek highlights on 6th November 1973

Season 1974/75
07/Aug    Probably West Ham 1 Luton Town 2 [Texaco Cup R1] *If not then Peterborough 1 Birmingham 1 (both were group games), not billed in RT
14/Aug    No football scheduled
21/Aug    No football scheduled
28/Aug    No football scheduled
04/Sep    No football scheduled
11/Sep    Aston Villa 1 (Nicholl) Everton 1 (Latchford) [League Cup R2] *Barry Davies (Villa won replay 3-0)
18/Sep    Leeds United 4 (Clarke 2, Lorimer(pen), Jordan) FC Zurich 1 (Katic) [European Cup R1 L1] *Keith Macklin
24/Sep    Poss Leeds Utd 1 (Clarke) Huddersfield T. 1 (Gowling) [League Cup R2 L2] AET *2-2 on agg, replay required, a late prog change? YTV only?
02/Oct    Wolves 3 (Bailey, Daley, Dougan) Porto 1 (Palmer(og)) [UEFA Cup R1 L2] *Porto win 5-4 on agg. Not 100%, Barry Davies listed in RT
09/Oct    [League Cup R3]
16/Oct    Sportsnight 1 hour 20 min, only Show Jumping billed in Times and no football billed in RT but 5 LC R3 replays played tonight
23/Oct    Liverpool 1 (Keegan) Fernecvaros 1 (Mate) [ECWC R2 L1] *Barry Davies
30/Oct    Internationals
06/Nov   Leeds United 3 (McQueen, Bremner, Yorath) Ujpest Dozsa 0 [European Cup R2 L2]
13/Nov    Manchester United 3 (Macari 2, Morgan) Burnley 2 (Noble, Hankin) [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
20/Nov    Internationals
27/Nov    Derby County 3 (Bourne 2, Hinton) Velez Mostar 1 (Vladic) [UEFA R3 L1] *Barry Davies
04/Dec    [League Cup QF] *3 ties played, Mboro 0 Man Utd 0 or Norwich 1 Ipswich 1 most likely
11/Dec    Newcastle United 3 (Tudor, Bruce, Cannell) Southampton 0 AET [Texaco Cup Final L2] *4-2 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt, ITC export
18/Dec    Manchester United 3 (Pearson, McIlroy, Macari) Middlesbrough 0 [League Cup QF Replay] *Barry Davies
25/Dec    No football today
01/Jan     No football scheduled
08/Jan     Derby County 2 (Lee, Rioch) Orient 1 (Fairbrother) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Raw unedited footage archived.
15/Jan     Chester 2 (Owen, Moore) Aston Villa 2 (McDonald, Graydon) [League Cup SF 1L] *Barry Davies
22/Jan     Norwich City 1 (Suggett) Manchester United 0 [League Cup SF L2] *3-2 on agg, Brian Moore comm, ITC
29/Jan     Arsenal 3 (Armstrong 2, Matthews) Coventry City 0 [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Barry Davies (RT) for "Sportsnight", orig sched for Tuesday as "FA Cup Special"
05/Feb    Internationals
10/Feb    Wimbledon 0 Leeds United 1 (Giles) [FA Cup R4 replay] *Monday night FA Cup Special on BBC1, Barry Davies.
18/Feb    Derby County 0 Leeds United 1 (Nish(og)) [FA Cup R5] *A Tuesday "Midweek Match", Hugh Johns, archived
24/Feb    Leicester City 0 Arsenal 1 (Radford) [FA Cup R5 2nd Replay] *Monday night "Midweek Match"
05/Mar    Leeds United 3 (Jordan, McQueen, Lorimer) Anderlecht 0 [European Cup QF L1] *David Coleman comm, played in fog
12/Mar    Internationals
19/Mar    Anderlecht 0 Leeds United 1 (Bremner) [European Cup QF L2] *Brian Moore, clip online is b&w, 4-0 to Leeds on agg
25/Mar    Leeds United 0 Ipswich Town 0 [FA Cup QF 2nd Replay] *at Leicester on Tuesday, Ipswich won 3rd replay on Thursday
02/Apr    Sportsnight previewed the FA Cup SF's
09/Apr    Leeds United 2 (Bremner, Clarke) Barcelona 1 (Asensi) [European Cup SF L1] *David Coleman. 2 FA Cup SF Re's not covered
16/Apr    Internationals
23/Apr    Barcelona 1 (Clares) Leeds 1 (Lorimer) [European Cup SF L2] *Gordon McQueen sent off but Leeds win 3-2 on agg, Brian Moore
30/Apr    No football scheduled

Season 1975/76
20/Aug    No football scheduled
27/Aug    No football scheduled
03/Sep    Internationals
10/Sep    Norwich City 1 (MacDougall) Manchester City 1 (Watson) [League Cup R2] *Brian Moore comm, held by BFI
17/Sep    Probably Hibernian 1 Liverpool 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Definitely shown in Scotland. If not in England then either Everton home to AC Milan or EC Slovan Bratislava v Derby, Barry Davies (RT)
               Wrexham 2 (Griffiths, Davis) Djurgardens 1 (Krantz) [ECWC R1 L1] *BBC Wales only, Idwal Robling
24/Sep    *Times/RT only bills boxing & speedway on Sportsnight, there were 2 LC R2 replays played (Scottish & Grampian showed Celtic v Stenhousemuir)
01/Oct     Derby County 3 (Bourne, Lee 2) Slovan Bratislava 0 [European Cup R1 2L] *Hugh Johns
08/Oct     Aston Villa 1 (Gray) Manchester United 2 (Macari, Coppell) [League Cup R3] *David Coleman
15/Oct     No football scheduled
22/Oct    Derby County 4 (George 3(2pens), Nish) Real Madrid 1 (Pirri) [European Cup R2 L1] *Barry Davies, Ipswich UEFA rec by Anglia prob for local news
               Wrexham 2 (Ashcroft 2) Stal Rzeeszow 0 [ECWC L1] *BBC Wales, Idwal Robling
29/Oct    Internationals
05/Nov    West Ham United 3 (Paddon, Robson, Taylor) Ararat Erevan 1 (N.Petrosian) [Cup-Winners Cup R2 L2] *Hammers win 4-2 on agg, Brian Moore
12/Nov    Manchester City 4 (Tueart, Hartford 2, Royle) Manchester United 0 [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
19/Nov    Internationals
26/Nov    Middlesbrough 1 (Armstrong) Fulham 0 [Anglo-Scottish Cup Final L1] *John Motson
03/Dec    Burnley 0 Middlesbrough 2 (Mills, Maddren) [League Cup QF] *Archived
10/Dec    Liverpool 3 (Case 3) Slask Wroclaw 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Liverpool win 5-1 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt, Archived
17/Dec    No football scheduled (except BBC Scotland who showed Scotland match)
24/Dec    No football scheduled
31/Dec    No football scheduled
07/Jan     Newcastle United 2 (Gowling, T.Craig(pen)) Queens Park Rangers 1 (Masson) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Barry Davies
14/Jan     Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Pratt) Newcastle United 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
21/Jan     Manchester City 4 (Hartford, Oakes, Barnes, Royle) Middlesbrough 0 [League Cup SF L2] *Man City win 4-1 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt, held by BFI
28/Jan     Stoke City 1 (Greenhoff) Manchester City 0 [FA Cup R4] *Hugh Johns
04/Feb    No football scheduled
11/Feb    No football scheduled
18/Feb    Newcastle United 0 Bolton Wanderers 0 [FA Cup R5 Replay] *John Motson
23/Feb    Newcastle U. 2 (Burns, Gowling) Bolton W. 1 (Jones) [FA Cup R5 2nd Re]*at Elland Road, Barry Davies, must have been a late programme change
03/Mar    Dynamo Dresden 0 Liverpool 0 [UEFA Cup QF L1] *Brian Moore comm, Clemence saved pen
09/Mar    Wolverhampton W. 2 (Kindon, Richards) Manchester United 3 (Pearson, Greenhoff, McIlroy) [FA Cup QF Re] *Tuesday night, ITC export
17/Mar    Liverpool 2 (Case, Keegan) Dynamo Dresden 1 (Heidler) [UEFA QF L2] *David Coleman, 2-1 on agg
               Wrexham 1 (Lee) Anderlecht 1 (Rensenbrink) [ECWC QF L2] *"Sportsnight Wales", Idwal Robling, 1-2 on agg
       *STV had LIVE coverage of Sachsenring Zwickau 1 Celtic 0 [ECWC QF L2] at 1:55-4:25pm (highlights on BBC1 Scotland), Celtic lose 1-2 on agg
24/Mar    International
31/Mar    Eintracht Frankfurt 2 (Neuberger, Kraus) West Ham 1 (Paddon) [ECWC SF L1] *Barry Davies
07/Apr     No football scheduled
14/Apr     West Ham 3 (Brooking 2, Robson) Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Beveringen) [Cup-Winners Cup SF L2] *Brian Moore, Hammers win 4-3 on agg
                     Curiously BBC also had European soccer billed for 14/Apr edition of Sportsnight, poss just a report on Lpool v Barcelona
21/Apr     *Goal of the Season on Sportsnight

Season 1976/77
25/Aug    No football scheduled
01/Sep    Aston Villa 3 (Little 2, Graydon) Manchester City 0 [League Cup R2] *Barry Davies
08/Sep    Internationals
15/Sep    Manchester City 1 (Kidd) Juventus 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *John Motson
21/Sep    Aston Villa 2 (Gray 2) Norwich City 1 (Suggett) [League Cup R3] *Tuesday, ITC export reel (Newspapers have revised programmes from TVTimes)
                    Poss Derby 1 (George(pen)) Notts County 1 (O'Brien) [LC R3] played Wed, TVTimes bills football for Wed not Tue
28/Sep    Crusaders 0 Liverpool 5 (Keegan, Johnson 2, McDermott, Heighway) [European Cup R1 L2] *BBC1 in Northern Ireland only (Irish commentator)
29/Sep    Manchester United 2 (Macari, McIlroy) Ajax 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L2] *Utd win 2-1 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt, archived (Alan Weeks commentated on Hearts 5 Leipzig 1)
06/Oct    International
13/Oct    Internationals
20/Oct    Manchester United 1 (Hill) Juventus 0 [UEFA R2 L1] *Barry Davies
27/Oct    West Ham United 0 Queens Park Rangers 2 (Bowles Clement) [League Cup R4] *John Motson
03/Nov    QPR 5 (Givens 3(1pen), Bowles, Clement) Slovan Bratislava 2 (Ondrus, Capkovic) [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *QPR win 8-5 on agg
                     Recording of Derby 2 AEK Athens 3 [UEFA Cup R2 L2] probably made by ATV for Greek TV (b&w), but not shown in UK *Derby lose 2-5 on agg
10/Nov    International
17/Nov    Internationals
24/Nov    Queens Park Rangers 3 (Givens, Webb, Bowles) FC Cologne 0 [UEFA R3 L1] *Barry Davies
01/Dec    Manchester United 0 Everton 3 (Dobson, King 2) [League Cup QF] *Gerald Sinstadt, archived
08/Dec    *Only boxing & ice skating billed on Sportsnight, poss Cologne 4 QPR 1 [UEFA R3 L2]
15/Dec    No football scheduled
22/Dec    No football scheduled
29/Dec    *ITV showed "Decade of Change - World Soccer 1966-1976" documentary
05/Jan     No football scheduled
12/Jan     Chelsea 0 Southampton 3 (Macdougall, Channon, Peach(pen)) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Tape lost?
19/Jan     Derby 3 (Hales, James, George) Blackpool 2 (Walsh, Spence) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *John Motson, may have intended to show PP'd QPR v Villa [LC SF L1]
25/Jan     *ITV had a "Mid-Week Match" scheduled for Tuesday, prob intending to show QPR v Villa [LC SF L1] which was again PP'd
02/Feb    Derby County 1 (James) Colchester United 0 [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Barry Davies (RT)
09/Feb    Internationals
16/Feb     Aston Villa 2 (Deehan 2) Queens Park Rangers 2 (G.Francis, Eastoe) [League Cup SF L2] *2-2 on agg, replay required
22/Feb    Queens Park Rangers 0 Aston Villa 3 (Little 3) [League Cup SF Replay] *played at Highbury on Tuesday, Brian Moore
02/Mar    St Etienne 1 (Bathenay) Liverpool 0 [European Cup QF L1] *John Motson & Don Revie. Full camera crew at QPR 3 AEK Athens 0 but just report shown in UK
08/Mar    Manchester United 2 (Greenhoff 2) Southampton 1 (Peach(pen)) [FA Cup R5 Replay] *A Tuesday "Soccer Special" on BBC1, Barry Davies
16/Mar    Liverpool 3 (Keegan, Kennedy, Fairclough) St Etienne 1 (Bathena) [European Cup QF L2] *Lpool win 3-2 agg, Sinstadt, archived, LC Final Replay not shown
23/Mar    No football scheduled
30/Mar    Internationals
06/Apr    FC Zurich 1 (Risli(pen)) Liverpool 3 (Neil 2(1pen), Heighway) [European Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
13/Apr    League Cup Final 2nd Replay (See Cup finals page)
20/Apr    Liverpool 3 (Case 2, Keegan) FC Zurich 0 [European Cup SF L2] *Liverpool win 6-1 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt, archived
27/Apr    Liverpool 3 (Neal(pen), Case, Kennedy) Everton 0 [FA Cup SF Replay] *at Maine Road, John Motson
04/May    Sportsnight profile of Liverpool FC

Season 1977/78
24/Aug    No football scheduled
31/Aug    Newcastle United 0 Millwall 2 (Seasman, Pearson) [League Cup R2]
07/Sep    Internationals
14/Sep    St Etienne 1 (Synaeghel) Manchester United 1 (Hill) [ECWC R1 L1] *Barry Davies
21/Sep    Internationals
28/Sep    Ipswich 5 (Whymark 4(1pen), Mariner) Landskrona 0 [UEFA Cup R1 2L] *Gerry Harrison, Man U was 1st choice until thrown-out after fan trouble in 1st leg
05/Oct    Manchester Utd 2 (Pearson, Coppell) St Etienne 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *Utd re-instated after appeal but played at Plymouth.
12/Oct    Internationals
19/Oct    Liverpool 5 (Hansen, Case 2, Neal(pen), Kennedy) Dynamo Dresden 1 (Hafner) [European Cup R2 L1] *Gerald Sinstadt, Archived
26/Oct    Aston Villa 1 (Gray(pen)) QPR 0 [League Cup R3] *Barry Davies
02/Nov   Manchester United 5 (Coppell 2, Nicholl, Murca (2 og's)) Porto 2 (Seninho 2) [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *John Motson, Porto win 6-5 on agg
09/Nov   *Sportsnight showed Daily Express National 5-a-side, John Motson (RT)
16/Nov    Internationals
23/Nov    Ipswich Town 3 (Gates, Whymark, Talbot) Barcelona 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L1] *Barry Davies
30/Nov   Bolton Wanderers 1 (G. Jones) Leeds United 3 (Graham, Jordan, F.Gray) [League Cup R4] *Archived
06/Dec    Liverpool 6 (Thompson, McDermott 3, Fairclough, Dalglish) SV Hamburg 0 [European Super Cup L2] *Tuesday, Liverpool win 7-1 on agg, archived
14/Dec    *BBC1 had Sports Review/Personality of the Year award
21/Dec    No football scheduled
28/Dec    No football scheduled
04/Jan     No football scheduled
11/Jan     Manchester United 4 (Macari 2, Pearson 2) Carlisle United 2 (Tait, Rafferty) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *John Motson.
18/Jan     Manchester City 0 Arsenal 0 [League Cup QF] *arry Davies  + "The Story of the World Cup Part 1"
25/Jan    *Only "Story of the WC part 2" billed for Sportsnight, One LC QF replay played previous night
31/Jan     Nottingham Forest 2 (Robertson, Withe) Manchester City 1 (Kidd) [FA Cup R4] *Tuesday highlights, Hugh Johns
08/Feb    Leeds United 1 (E.Gray) Nottingham Forest 3 (Withe 2, O'Hare) [League Cup SF L1]
15/Feb    *Forest v Leeds [LC SF L2] with Coleman (RT) was PP'd at last minute (freezing fog), Sportsnight thought to have showed Arsnl 0 L'pool 0 from previous night (with off tube?)
22/Feb    Internationals
01/Mar    Aston Villa 2 (McNaught, Deehan) Barcelona 2 (Cruyff, Zuviria) [UEFA Cup QF L1] *Hugh Johns, Villa lost the 2nd leg 2-1
08/Mar    U21 Match - England U21 2 (Woodcock 2) Italy U21 1 (Bagni) [SF L1] *John Motson
15/Mar    Liverpool 4 (Callaghan, Dalglish, McDermott, Neal) Benfica 1 (Nene) [European Cup QF L2] *John Motson, Lpool win 6-2 on agg
22/Mar    League Cup Final Replay (See Cup Finals page)
29/Mar    Borussia Moenchengladbach 2 (Hannes, Bonhof) Liverpool 1 (Johnson) [European Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
05/Apr    No football scheduled
12/Apr    Liverpool 3 (Kennedy, Dalglish, Case) Borussia Moenchengladbach 0 [European Cup SF L2] *Liverpool win 4-2 on agg
19/Apr    Internationals
26/Apr    *Sportsnight had Goal of the Season

Season 1978/79
23/Aug    No football scheduled
30/Aug    Blackpool 2 (Davidson 2) Ipswich Town 0 [League Cup R2] *The first ever "Midweek Sports Special", Gerald Sinstadt
06/Sep    No football scheduled
13/Sep    Nottingham Forest 2 (Birtles, Barrett) Liverpool 0 [European Cup R1 L2] *Hugh Johns
20/Sep    Internationals
27/Sep    Liverpool 0 Nottingham Forest 0 [European Cup R1 L2] *John Motson
               Wrexham 2 (McNeil, Cartwright) Rijeka 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *Idwal Robling, shown in Wales only as late change, agg 2-3, Rijeka line-up incl deaf player Damir Desnica
04/Oct    Manchester United 1 (Jordan) Watford 2 (Blissett 2) [League Cup R3] *Barry Davies
11/Oct    No football scheduled
18/Oct    AEK Athens 1 Nottm Forest 2 [European R2 L1] *Hugh Johns (in b&w), "On the Ball" showed colour single camera footage with St John voiceover
25/Oct    Internationals
01/Nov    Nottingham Forest 5 (Needham, Woodcock, Anderson, Birtles 2) AEK Athens 1 (Bajevic) [European Cup R2 L2] *John Motson
08/Nov    Norwich City 1 (Peters) Manchester City 3 (Barnes, Channon, Kidd) [League Cup R5] *Barry Davies
15/Nov    No football scheduled
22/Nov    *Sportsnight had 5-a-side football with John Motson
29/Nov    Internationals
06/Dec    West Bromwich ALbion 2 (T.Brown 2(1pen)) Valencia 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Hugh Johns, WBA win (3-1 agg)
                     Arsenal 1 (Sunderland) Red Star 1 (Savic) [UEFA] also rec with full crew but may have been for Yugoslav TV, TVTimes says Moore "introduces coverage"
13/Dec    Nottingham Forest 3 (Mcgovern, Robertson, Birtles) Brighton & Hove Albion 1 (Ward) [League Cup QF]
19/Dec    Liverpool 2 (Huges, Fairclough) Anderlecht 1 (Rensenbrink) [Super Cup L2] *Tue. Only 2 mins worth due to pic quality (fog), 3-4 on agg, Coleman (RT).Unsched cricket shown after
27/Dec    No football scheduled
03/Jan     No football scheduled
10/Jan     Southend United 0 Liverpool 0 [FA Cup R3] *John Motson, L'pool won replay 3-0, orig intended to show a R3 replay.
17/Jan     Nottingham Forest 3 (Birtles 2, Robertson) Watford 1 (Blissett) [League Cup SF L1] *Hugh Johns
24/Jan     Leeds United 2 (Currie, Hankin) Southampton 2 (Holmes, Williams) [League Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
31/Jan     Fulham 1 (Margerrison) Manchester United 1 (J.Greenhoff) [FA Cup R4]
07/Feb    International
12/Feb    Manchester United 1 (J.Greenhoff) Fulham 0 [FA Cup R4 Re] *Monday "Football Special", Gerald Sinstadt (not Johns as listed in TVT)
21/Feb    Wrexham 2 (Davies, McNeil) Tottenham Hotpsur 3 (Jones 3) [FA Cup R4 Re]
26/Feb     Nottingham Forest 0 Arsenal 1 (Stapleton) [FA Cup R5] *Monday highlights, Barry Davies
07/Mar    Nottingham Forest 4 (Birtles, Robertson, Gemmill. Lloyd) Grasshoppers Zurich 1 (Sulser) [European Cup QF L1] *John Motson
14/Mar    Manchester United 2 (Jordan, McIlroy) Tottenham Hotspur 0 [FA Cup QF Replay] *Barry Davies
21/Mar    Grasshoppers Zurich 1 (Sulser(pen)) Nottingham Forest 1 (O'Neill) [European Cup QF L2] *Forest win 5-2 on agg, Hugh Johns
                     W.B.A 1 (Regis) Red Star 1 (Sestic) [UEFA Cup QF L2] recorded by ATV or BBC, but prob for Yugoslavia (2-1 agg)
28/Mar    No football scheduled
04/Apr    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1 (J.Greenhoff) [FA Cup SF Replay] *at Everton, John Motson
11/Apr    Nottingham Forest 3 (Birtles, Bowyer, Robertson) Cologne 3 (Van Gool, Muller, Okudera) [European Cup SF L1] *Hugh Johns
18/Apr    No football scheduled
25/Apr    Cologne 0 Nottingham Forest 1 (Bowyer) [European Cup SF L2] *Barry Davies

TV Times clipping for the first ever edition of "Midweek
Sports Special" broadcast on 30th August 1978.

Season 1979/80
All ITV regions (except Channel TV) were taken off the air in early August 1979 due to a strike which lasted for almost three months!
01/Aug    LIVE 2nd Half - West Bromwich Albion 4 (Lin Luofeng(og), Regis, A.Brown, Barnes) China XI 0 [Friendly] *John Motson, BBC2 (8:25-9:15pm)
15/Aug    No football scheduled
22/Aug    No football scheduled
29/Aug    Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Pratt, Hoddle) Manchester United 1 (Thomas) [League Cup R2 L1] *Barry Davies
05/Sep    No football scheduled (ITV may have had League Cup R2 L2 action had they been on air)
12/Sep    ITV would have shown internationals
19/Sep    ITV probably would have shown a European R1 L1 match
26/Sep    Manchester City 1 (Robinson) Sunderland 1 (Chisholm) [League Cup R3] *John Motson
03/Oct    Everton 0 Feyenoord 1 (Budding) [UEFA Cup R1 L2] *Barry Davies, Everton lose 0-2 on agg
10/Oct    No football scheduled
17/Oct    Internationals
ITV finally back on air
24/Oct    Nottingham Forest 2 (Woodcock, Birtles) Arges Pitesti 0 [European Cup 2R 1L] *Forest won L2 2-1, Nick Owen. Shown Thursday (not all regions)
31/Oct    West Bromwich Albion 0 Norwich City 0 [League Cup R4] *John Motson
07/Nov    Ipswich Town 1 (Beattie) Grasshoppers 1 (Sulser) [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *Barry Davies, Grasshoppers through on away goals
14/Nov    Soccer scheduled for Sportsnight, Forest 3 Bristol City 0 [LC R4 Replay] only cup tie tonight, 1 the previous evening, no football billed in RT
21/Nov    Internationals
28/Nov    5-a-side football with John Motson
05/Dec    Norwich City 1 (Reeves) Liverpool 3 (Johnson 2, Dalglish) [League Cup QF]
12/Dec    No football scheduled (Sportsnight might have showed LC QF Replay but nothing billed)
19/Dec    No football scheduled
26/Dec    No football scheduled
02/Jan     No football scheduled
09/Jan     Manchester United 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Ardiles) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *David Coleman (Glenn Hoddle had to go in goal for over an hour)
16/Jan     Sportsnight were due to show LC SF highlights but both ties were frozen off
22/Jan     Nottingham Forest 1 (Robertson(pen)) Liverpool 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Tuesday, John Motson, this was a late programme change
30/Jan     Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Armstrong 2) Swindon Town 1 (McHale) [FA Cup R4 Replay]
06/Feb    Internationals
12/Feb    Liverpool 1 (Fairclough) Nottingham Forest 1 (Robertson(pen)) [League Cup SF L2] *Tuesday, Forest won 2-1 on agg
20/Feb    Aston Villa 1 (Evans) Blackburn Rovers 0 [FA Cup R5 Replay] *Not 100%
27/Feb    No football scheduled
05/Mar    Nottingham Forest 0 Dynamo Berlin 1 (Riediger) [European Cup QF L1] *Hugh Johns, Forest won 2nd leg 3-1
12/Mar    No football scheduled
19/Mar    Dynamo Berlin 1 (Terietzki(pen)) Nottingham Forest 3 (Francis 2, Robertson(pen)) [European Cup QF L2] *John Motson
26/Mar    Internationals
02/Apr     No football scheduled
09/Apr     Nottingham Forest 2 (Francis, Robertson(pen)) Ajax 0 [European Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
                Arsenal 1 (Bettega(og)) Juventus 1 (Cabrini) [ECWC SF L1] *John Motson
16/Apr     Arsenal 1 (Sunderland) Liverpool 1 (Fairclough) [FA Cup SF Replay] AET *at Villa Park, John Motson
                West Ham United 2 (Devonshire, Lampard) Everton 1 (Latchford) [FA Cup SF Replay] AET *at Leeds, Barry Davies
23/Apr     Ajax 1 (Lerby) Nottingham Forest 0 [European Cup SF L2] *Brian Moore, Forest win 2-1 on agg
                Juventus 0 Arsenal 1 (Vaessen) [Cup-Winners Cup SF L2] *Not 100%, Arsenal won 2-1 on agg, Martin Tyler (may be off-tube)
28/Apr     Arsenal 1 (Sunderland) Liverpool 1 (Dalglish) [FA Cup SF 2nd Replay] AET *at Villa Park, Monday, Brian Moore
01/May    Arsenal 1 (Talbot) Liverpool 0 [FA Cup SF 3rd Replay] *at Coventry, Thursday, Brian Moore

Season 1980/81
20/Aug    No football scheduled
27/Aug    Manchester United 0 Coventry City 1 (English) [League Cup R2 L1] *Coventry also won 2nd leg 1-0
03/Sep    Leeds United 1 (Graham) Aston Villa 3 (Withe, Shaw 2) [League Cup R2 L2] *1-4 agg, Barry Davies  for "League Cup Special"
10/Sep    Internationals
16/Sep    Newport County 4 (Gwyther, Moore, Aldridge, Bruton) Crusaders 0 [ECWC R1 L1] *BBC Wales only (late change/infax), Idwal Robling
17/Sep    Manchester United 1 (McIlroy) Widzew Lodz 1 (Surlit) [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *John Motson
24/Sep    Everton 1 (Gidman) West Bromwich Albion 2 (Moses, Robertson) [League Cup R3] *Gerald Sinstadt
01/Oct    Nottingham Forest 0 CSKA Sofia 1 (Kerimov) [European Cup R1 L2] *Forest lose 2-0 on agg, Hugh Johns
               West Ham 5 (Pike, Cross 3 Goddard) Castilla 1 (Bernal) [ECWC R1 L2] *behind closed doors, Martin Tyler (just 3 mins allowed to be shown), 6-4 agg
08/Oct    Norwich City 1 (Powell) Ipswich Town 2 (Mariner 2, Muhren) [League Cup R3 Replay] *John Motson
15/Oct    Internationals
22/Oct    Aberdeen 0 Liverpool 1 (McDermott) [European Cup R2 L1] *John Motson
29/Oct    Manchester City 5 (Tueart 4, Bennett) Notts County 1 (Christie) [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
05/Nov    Liverpool 4 (Miller(og), Neal, Dalglish, Hansen) Aberdeen 0 [European Cup R2 L2] *Liverpool win 5-0 on agg, Sinstadt
12/Nov    No football scheduled
19/Nov    Internationals
26/Nov    Ipswich Town 5 (Brazil, Wark 3, Mariner) Widzew Lodz 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L1] *Gerry Harrison, 2nd leg lost 1-0
02/Dec    West Ham United 1 (Cross) Tottenham Hotspur 0 [League Cup QF] *Tuesday, Brian Moore
10/Dec    No football scheduled, BBC1 had Sports Review/Personality of the Year
17/Dec    No football scheduled
24/Dec    No football today
31/Dec    No football today
07/Jan     Brighton & Hove Albion 0 Manchester United 2 (Nicholl, Birtles) [FA Cup R3 Replay]*David Coleman
14/Jan     Manchester City 0 Liverpool 1 (R.Kennedy) [League Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
21/Jan     No football scheduled
27/Jan     Coventry 3 (Thompson 2, Daly) West Ham Utd 2 (Bonds Thompson(og)) [League Cup SF L1] *Tuesday, Hugh Johns
28/Jan     Exeter City 3 (Kellow 3(1pen)) Leicester City 1 (Melrose) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Chris Fear commentating, Two Midweek Sport Specials this week!
04/Feb    No football scheduled
10/Feb    West Ham United 2 (Goddard, Neighbour) Coventry City 0 [League Cup SF L2] *Tuesday, West Ham win 4-3 on agg
18/Feb    Exeter City 4 (Hatch, Pearson, P.Rogers, M.Rogers) Newcastle United 0 [FA Cup R5 Replay] *John Motson
25/Feb    International
04/Mar    Liverpool 5 (Souness 3, Lee, McDermott) CSKA Sofia 1 (Yonchev) [European Cup QF L1] *Barry Davies
                     *John Motson's voice is on footage of both West Ham and Ipswich QF games, neither is listed in his book and RT only bills one match, so these were prob off-tubes for "Football Focus"
10/Mar    Ipswich Town 1 (Muhren) Nottingham Forest 0 [FA Cup QF Replay] *Gerry Harrison
               Wolverhampton W. 3 (Eves, Richards, Bell) Middlesbrough 1 (Hodgson) [FA Cup QF Replay] *Hugh Johns, late programme change as "Midweek Sports Special", 2 games shown
18/Mar    Newport County 0 Carl Zeiss Jena 1 (Kurbjuweit) [ECWC QF L2] *HTV had own pres but also main match on MSS, Bob Symonds comm, Newport lose 3-2 on agg
                CSKA Sofia 0 Liverpool 1 (Johnson) [European Cup QF L2] *Liverpool win 6-1 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt
                     Also Dynamo Tbilisi 0 West Ham 1 (Pearson) [ECWC QF L2] *Martin Tyler (might be off-tube as only 1 game billed), Tbilisi win 4-2 on agg
25/Mar    Internationals
01/Apr    League Cup Final Replay (See Cup finals page)
08/Apr    Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0 [European Cup SF L1] *2nd leg was drawn 1-1, Liverpool through on away goals
               Ipswich Town 1 (Wark) FC Cologne 0 [UEFA Cup SF L1] *Gerry Harrison, 2nd leg won 1-0 (only 1 match billed but 2 apparently shown)
15/Apr    Tottenham Hotspur 3 (Crooks 2, Villa) Wolverhampton W. 0 [FA Cup SF Replay] *at Arsenal, John Motson
22/Apr    Bayern Munich 1 (Rummenigge) Liverpool 1 (R.Kennedy) [European Cup SF L2] *Barry Davies, 1-1 agg Lpool win on away goal
               FC Cologne 0 Ipswich 1 (Butcher) [UEFA Cup SF L2] *John Motson, RT only bills one match

Season 1981/82
02/Sep    No football scheduled
09/Sep    Internationals
16/Sep    Ipswich Town 1 (Thijssen) Aberdeen 1 (Hewitt) [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Barry Davies
23/Sep    Internationals
30/Sep    Aberdeen 3 (Strachan(pen), Weir 2) Ipswich 1 (Wark(pen))  [UEFA Cup R1 L2] *Aberdeen win 4-2 on agg, Brian Moore
07/Oct    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Archibald) Manchester Utd 0 [League Cup R2 L1] *David Coleman's last commentary
14/Oct    Internationals
21/Oct    Southampton 2 (Keegan(pen), Channon) Sporting Lisbon 4 (Jordan, Holmes(og), Fernandes 2) [UEFA Cup R2 L1] *Barry Davies
                    Plus brief highlights of AZ Alkmaar 2 Liverpool 2 [EC R2 L1] (Probably just an extended report or an off-tube).
                    Goals from Villa's match with Martin Tyler commentating was shown on the Friday edition of "ATV Today"
28/Oct    Manchester United 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Hazard) [League Cup R2 L2] *Martin Tyler, Spurs win 2-0 on agg
04/Nov   Liverpool 3 (McDermott (pen), Rush, Hansen) AZ 67 Alkmaar 2 (Kist, Thompson(og)) [European Cup R2 L2] *Martin Tyler, Liverpool win 5-4 on agg
               Aston Villa 0 Dynamo Berlin 1 (Terletzki) [European Cup R2 L2] *Hugh Johns, 2-2 on agg, Villa through on away goals. (Two matches billed)
11/Nov    Leicester City 0 Aston Villa 0 [League Cup R3] *Barry Davies
18/Nov    Internationals
25/Nov    Aston Villa 2 (Cowans(pen), Withe) Leicester City 0 [League Cup R3 Re] *Alan Parry
                     *Also 5-a-side football with John Motson
02/Dec     Barnsley 1 (Aylott) Manchester City 0 [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
09/Dec     [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Either Dundee Utd 5 Winterslag 0 (agg 5-0) or SV Hamburg 3 Aberdeen 1 (agg 5-4)
16/Dec    No football scheduled
23/Dec    No football today
30/Dec    No football scheduled
05/Jan     Brighton 3 (Thomas, Case, McNab(pen)) Barnet 1 (Sargent) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Martin Tyler, cameras arrived at last min after M'boro v QPR was PP'd
                    *Notts County v Aston Villa with Nick Owen comm likely to have been on "Central News" as only one game billed in Mirror
13/Jan     *League Cup QF scheduled for ITV but all ties were PP'd.
20/Jan     No football billed but "Sportsnight" may have showed Aston Villa 0 WBA 1 (Statham) [LC QF] as a late change.
27/Jan     No football scheduled
03/Feb    West Bromwich Albion 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0 [League Cup SF L1] *John Motson
09/Feb    Liverpool 2 (Rush, Dalglish) Ipswich Town 2 (Gates, Brazil) [League Cup SF L2] *Tuesday, Liverpool win 4-2 on agg
16/Feb    Orient 0 Crystal Palace 1 (Smillie) [FA Cup R5 Replay] *Tuesday, Martin Tyler
23/Feb    Home International (Tuesday)
03/Mar    Liverpool 1 (Whelan) CSKA Sofia 0 [European Cup QF L1] *Sofia won 2nd leg 2-0
               Dynamo Kiev 0 Aston Villa 0 [European Cup QF L1] *Villa won 2nd leg 2-0
               Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Miller, Hazard) Eintracht Frankfurt 0 [ECWC QF L1] *2nd leg lost 2-1 but Spurs through, Mirror does suggest three games
10/Mar    No football scheduled, Midweek Sports Special previewed the League Cup Final
17/Mar    Aston Villa 2 (Shaw, McNaught) Dynamo Kiev 0  [European Cup QF L2] *Alan Parry, Villa win 2-0 on agg
24/Mar    Internationals
31/Mar    No football scheduled, Sportsnight had an interview with England manager Ron Greenwood
07/Apr    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Roberts) Barcelona 1 (Olmo) [ECWC SF L1] *John Motson
              Aston Villa 1 (Morley) Anderlecht 0 [European Cup SF L1] *Alan Parry, Mirror bills only one game
14/Apr    Internationals
21/Apr    Anderlecht 0 Aston Villa 0 [European Cup SF L2] *Villa win 1-0 on agg, Martin Tyler. Fighting between rival fans
12/May    Cardiff City 0 Swansea City 0 [Welsh Cup Final L1] *Idwal Robling, BBC Wales opt out but also shown on regular "Sportsnight" with ECWC final
19/May    Swansea City 2 Cardiff City 1 [Welsh Cup Final L2] *Idwal Robling for "Sportsnight Wales", brief highlights on network "Sportsnight" too.

Season 1982/83
25/Aug    No football scheduled
01/Sep    No football scheduled
08/Sep    No football scheduled
15/Sep    Colraine 0 Tottenham Hotspur 3 (Archibald, Crooks 2) [ECWC R1 L1] *Ulster only "European Soccer Special" 11:40pm-12:25am, Irish commentator
               Manchester United 0 Valencia 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *John Motson for Sportsnight (also showed goals from Spurs match)
22/Sep    Internationals
29/Sep    Ipswich Town 3 (Gates, McCall 2) AS Roma 1 (Maldera) [UEFA Cup SF L1] *Roma win 4-3 on agg, Gerry Harrison
06/Oct    Stoke City 1 (Thomas) West Ham United 1 (Stewart) [League Cup R2 L1] *Football on Sportsnight, John Motson
13/Oct    Internationals
20/Oct    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Archibald) Bayern Munich 1 (Breitner) [ECWC R2 L1] *Barry Davies
27/Oct    Newcastle United 1 (Clarke) Leeds United 4 (Saunders(og), Worthington, Butterworth, Connor) [League Cup R2 L2] AET *John Motson, Leeds win 4-2 on agg
03/Nov   Aston Villa 4 (Shaw 3, Walters) Dynamo Bucharest 2 (Multescu, Iordache) [European Cup R2 L2] *Peter Brackley
10/Nov    Bradford City 0 Manchester United 0 [League Cup R3]
17/Nov    Internationals
24/Nov    Southampton 4 (Williams, Moran, Puckett, Holmes) Manchester City 0 [League Cup R3 Replay] *Gerald Sinstadt
30/Nov    Manchester United 2 (McQueen, Whiteside) Southampton 0 [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies (played Tuesday 30th, shown on Wednesday 1st)
08/Dec    Probably Werder Bremen 1 (Voeller) Dundee Utd 1 (Hegarty) [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *2-3 agg, Barry Davies (clips shown on Football Focus)
15/Dec    Internationals
22/Dec    No football scheduled
29/Dec    No football scheduled
05/Jan     No football scheduled
12/Jan     Newcastle United 0 Brighton & Hove Albion 1 (Ward) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Barry Davies
               Manchester City 2 (Hartford, Cross) Sunderland 1 (Chisholm) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Alan Parry, 2 matches shown? (only 1 billed in RT)
19/Jan     Manchester United 4 (McQueen 2, Coppell, Robson) Nottingham Forest Forest 0 [League Cup QF] *Martin Tyler
26/Jan    Aston Villa 3 (Shaw, Cowans(pen), McNaught) Barcelona 0 [Super Cup L2] AET *Alan Parry, three sent off
                   Mirror & RT bills Soccer Six tournament with Motson and Davies
02/Feb    Leeds United 1 (Butterworth) Arsenal 1 (Rix) [FA Cup R4 Replay] AET *John Helm,
               Norwich City 2 (Bertschin, Roberts(og)) Coventry City 1 (Hateley) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Gerry Harrison. Mirror bills 1 tie only but 2 were definitely shown.
08/Feb    Liverpool 3 (Souness, Neal(pen), Hodgson)  Burnley 0 [League Cup SF L1] *John Motson for Tuesday "Cup Soccer Special"
15/Feb    Arsenal 2 (Woodcock, Nicholas) Manchester Utd 4 (Whiteside, Stapleton, Coppell 2) [League Cup SF 1L] *Tuesday match shown on Wed MWSS, Brian Moore
23/Feb    Manchester Utd 2 (Coppell, Moran) Arsenal 1 (Meade) [League Cup SF L2] *6-3 on agg, Gerald Sinstadt, also Home International
02/Mar    Aston Villa 1 (Cowans) Juventus 2 (Rossi, Boniek) [European Cup QF L1] *Barry Davies
                     Bayern Munich 0 Aberdeen 0 [ECWC QF L1] *Archie MacPherson, shown in Scotland and possibly on "Sportsnight" too
09/Mar    No football scheduled
16/Mar    Liverpool 3 (Neal(pen), Rush, Hodgson) Widzew Lodz 2 (Tlokinski(pen), Smolarek) [European Cup QF L2] *Lodz win 4-3 on agg, Martin Tyler
23/Mar    No football scheduled, Sportsnight had England manager Bobby Robson discussing team selection
30/Mar    Internationals
06/Apr    Aberdeen 5 (McGhee 2, Black, Simpson, Weir) Waterschei 1 (Gudmundsson) [ECWC SF L1] *Martin Tyler (for English viewers)
13/Apr    *Thames only - 5-a-side on "Thames Sport Special" with Jim Rosenthal commentating (Derek Thompson presented, Simon Reed reported)
20/Apr    No football scheduled
27/Apr    Internationals

02/Feb/1983Brian Moore hosting the 02/Feb/1983 edition of Midweek Sport Special

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