Fread Barton

Although there is no blood relationship between the Hearnden family and Freda Barton, there is a strong connection. Freda was a close friend of Ada Hearnden, and there are apparently a number of photos of the Hearnden family among the collection. Various newspaper articals refer to her; that below is the article which first sparked my iterest in her:
An exhibition of Freda Barton pictures will be held this month in west Malling - the village where she was a professional photographer from about 1905 until her death in 1940.
Again there will be some photographs whose subjects are still unknown to The Malling Society, which is staging the show.
Visitors will be asked to identify the pictures wherever possible. A short talk on the fascinating Freda will also be given during the afternoon.
Several of the "mystery" prints were given to the society last year by Mr and Mrs Alan and Lucy Jarrett of Lime Crescent, East Malling. They were among the effects of Mr Walter Wenbourne, who died after living for 63 years in the same house in Police Station Road, West Malling.
Mr Wenbourne was a brother of Mrs Jarrett and son of Ada Wenbourne, who was Freda's best friend. The family lived previously in Dutch Cottage on the London road, where Lucy was born.
Exhibitions of Freda's photographs always attract wide interest.
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