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P.337 - (cxxxvii.)

1661, September 8. Will of Robert Longstaff of Great Assby, co. Westmorland. To Robert Longstaff of Soulby, his brother's son, 1s.; to Annas Longstaff, sister to said Robert, 1s.; to his wife Annas one-third of his houses and ground; to Elizabeth Longstaff 1s.; to Edward Close the younger of Great Asby 1s.; to Annas Clemett 1s.; to his godson Henry Farley of Little Ormside 1s.; Wife Annas residuary legatee and sole executrix.
Witnesses: Henry Farley, Xtopher Ebbitson, John Robertson.
Proved 10 November 1675.
[ Great Asby is about 5 miles south-east of Soulby, Little Ormside is two and a half miles north east of it.]

Kirkby Stephen Parish Register.

1657 May 11. Robert Langstaff = Agnes Hartley.
1657 May 16. Margaret da. of Robert Langstaff de Sowleby,bap.
1659 April 15. Jennet da. of Robert Langstaff de Sowleby, bap.
1687 Sep. 17. Isabell da. of Robert Langstaff de Sowleby, bap.

1699, April 3. Will of Thomas Longstaff of Swindellside on Stainmore Daill, co. Westmorland. To be buried at Brough. To his dau. Jane Nicholson 5s.; to her husband Thomas Nicholson all his husbandry gear; to his dau. Jane's eight children 13 hoggs and 3 shearings, that is everyone of them two sheep; to his grandson Thomas Nicholson one why two years old; to his granddau. Isabell Nicholson one why two years old; to his dau. Isabell Towanson 5s.; to her two children Thomas Towanson and Jane Towanson one cow each; to her husband Thomas Towanson 5s.; his executor to build his daughter Isabell Towanson a house that " must lye in five pounds, and to give her two stone of woole during her natural life sufficient fflice wool." To his dau. Margaret Longstaff all his household stuff. Executors and executrix, his son-in-law Thomas Towanson and and Edward Hallowday and his dau. Margaret Longstaff.
Witnesses: George Longstaffe, William Longstaff.
Proved 5 May 1699 .
[Brough lies at the mouth of Swindale.]

P.338 - (cxxxviii.) Appendix VIII - Wills at Carlisle.

1703-4 March 6. Will of John Longstaff of Rose Castle, co. Cumberland gentleman. Executor to sell the land purchased from Thos. Poole of Welton. To nephew John Longstaff 20; to nephew William Longstaff 20; to nephew Lawrence Longstaff 20; to niece Mary Longstaff 20; to nephew Thomas Longstaff; 10; to Mr. John Nicholson his horse; to Mr. Thomas Nicholson 20s.; to Nancie Nicholson 10s.; to Mary Nicholsont 10s.; Pegge Nicholson 10s.; to Mrs. Dorothy Miller 10s.; to Mrs. Betty Warden 5s.; to Mary Moor 8s.; to Isabel Monkhouse 5s. Residuary legatees, brothers Thomas Longstaff and Lawrence Longstaff.
Witnesses: Jo. Nicholson, Wm. Railton, Jno. Pollock, Tho. Barker.
Proved 25 March 1704 .
[ Rose Castle is close to Hawksdale, and about 7 miles south-south-west of, Carlisle.]

1713, May 3. Will of Margaret Longstaffe of Carlisle, widow. Mother of Mercy Briscoe and sister Mary Briscoe guardians of her children. To daus. Mathilda Longstaffe, Margaret Longstaffe, and Elizabeth Longstaffe, all being infants, the whole of her personal estate. Appoints executors her brother -in-law John Briscoe of Crofton, Esquire, and John Nicholson of Langdale, Esquire. Appoints supervisors Rt. Rev. William, Lord Bishop of Carlisle, and her brother-in-law David Bell of Orton, co. Cumberland, clerk.
Witnesses: Edward Carlile, George Knowler, Tho. Raylyon, and Tho. Dobinson.
Proved August 1712.
[ See York will of George Longstaff, 1709-10, and PEDIGREE OF LONGSTAFF OFCARLISLE.]

1701 Nov. 20 . Mr. George Longstaff of the City of Carlisle = Mrs Margaret Briscoe of Great Orton. [ Great Orton Parish Register.]
Great Orton is near Carlisle. The late to Mr. J. P. Earwaker called attention to the use of the prefix "Mr," which is seldom used in that Register, and at it that Margaret Briscoe was a daughter of the incumbent.
From Hunter's "Familiae Memorum Gentium," p. 1101, we glean that William Gilpin, Barrister-at -Law and recorder of Carlisle, who died 1724, was guardian of the Langstaff or Longstaff girls, and his three sons married three of them, viz.:
1723 June 3. John Bernard Gilpin of Scaleby = Mathilda Longstaff, spinster.
[ Marriage Bond, Carlisle.]
Hunter says that John Bernard was born at Scaleby ( north-east of Carlisle) 24 January 1701, that he entered the army, died 1776, and was buried in Carlisle Cathedral; that Matilda was the eldest daughter of George Langstaff, that she died 1773, aet. 70 , and was buried at Carlisle, leaving a son, the Rev. William Gilpin, Vicar of Boldre, co. Hants, and Prebendery of Salisbury, who died 1804, aet. 80.
1723, June 3. William Gilpin of Scaleby = Margaret Longstaff.
[ Marriage Bond, Carlisle.]
Hunter describes William as of Graystock ( south of Carlisle), and adds that there was issue a son, born 1724. He adds ( without giving a date):
George Gilpin = Elizabeth Langstaff.
Hunter says that George was born at Scaleby 29 August 1706, and that Elizabeth was the third daughter of George Langstaff. They had issue a daughter Margaret.

P.339 - (cxxxix.) Appendix VIII - Wills at Carlisle.

1716, October 31. Will of Robert Langstaff of Sandforth, Warcop, co. Westmorland, yeoman. To his brother James Langstaff 2s. 6d.; mentions a dau.of his. To sister Agnes Riberby a young heifer; to wife Margarett his household goods and a life interest in his lands and tenements; to nephew Robert Langstaff one-third of his estate; to nephew Robert Clawson the like;to bastard son Robert Bradley the like; to nephew Robert Dixson 40s.; to nephew John Robinson 4; to cousin Hannah Fawcett 40s.; to cousin Elizabeth Mattisson 5; to godson Robert Frankland 35s.; to servant Barbary Watson 5s.; Executor, Edward Steadman of Sandford, yeoman.
Witnesses: William Fawcett, Richard Sanderson, William Tinkler.
Proved February 1715-16.
[See next will, also will of Robert, 1785.]
[Sandford is within one and a half miles of Warcop, to the north-west; Warcop is some three miles west of Brough.]

1723-4, January 25. Will of Margarett Langstaffe of Warcop, co. Westmorland. Sister Agnes Riberby. Names some others as in husbands will. Nephew Thomas Mattison residuary legatee and executor.
Witnesses: Agnes Tinkler, Richard Fawcett, Mathew Gibson.
Proved December 1724.
[See preceeding will.]

1759, May "fought." Will of Simon Langstaffe the elder of Green Crag upon Stainmore, Brough, co. Westmorland, yeoman. To son Richard Langstaffe 50; to dau. Elizabeth, wife of William Alderson, 5; to dau. Phillis, wife of George Brunskill, 10; to dau. Mary, wife of William Hutchinson, 10. Son Simon Langstaff residuary legatee and sole ex'or.
Witnesses: Thomas Bird, Mary Moss, [? Sarah Fenton.]
Proved 10 June 1761.
[Green Crag lies very high on the edge of the moors three miles north-east of Brough.]

1767, July 22. Administration of the goods of George Longstaff, late of Whingill, yeoman, deceased, granted to Ann Longstaff his widow.
Inventary taken by John Rogerson, Richard Brunshill, William Thompson, and Edward Cowperthwaite. 47 13s. 10d.
Sureties to BOND: John Longstaff of Blackscarr, Westmorland, yeoman, and Edward Holiday of Stainmore, Westmorland, yeoman.
[Whingill is close to Kirkby -Stephen.]

Kirkby Stephen Parish Register.
1729 Dec. 13. John son of John Langstaffe of Black Scarr, bap.

1785, February 9. Will of Robert Langstaff of Bloan, parish of Brough, co. Westmorland, yeoman. To his daughter Mary, the wife of Miles Monkhouse, 1 1s.; to his granddaughter Ann Monkhouse 10; when she attains 21 years; to his wife Ann Longstaff his furniture; to his sons John and Thomas the rest of his effects upon trust to pay interest

P.340 - (cxl.) Appendix VIII - Wills at Carlisle.
thereof to his wife Ann during her life or widowhood, and on her death or re-marriage to divide such residue into six shares, and to pay one share to his son John, one share to his son Thomas, one share to his son Robert, one share to his son-in-law Thomas Abram, one share to his daughter Ann, wife of Joseph Jackson, and the remaining share to his grandchildren, the children of his daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Simon Longstaff. Sons John and Thomas ex'ors.

Witnesses: William Atkinson and Michael Waistell.
Proved at Carlisle 1 June 1785.
[Bloan is close to Brough. See will of Robert, 1715.]

Kirkby Stephen Parish Register.

1712-13 Jan. 1. Robert s. of James Langstaff of Soulby, bap.
1725 May 10. James Langstaff of Soulby, a householder, poor, aged 76, buried.

Court Books.
1725, Ellinor, named as widow of James Langstaff, and Robert as heir.
1740, Robert Langstaff mentioned.






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