A&R Model Show & Fair 2004

        Anderton & Rowlands 150th CELEBRATION YEAR! 


Boasting a history that can be traced back to the middle of the nineteenth century, 2004 sees the well-known West Country amusement caterers Anderton & Rowland celebrate their 150th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, the firm decided to hold a celebratory event  that took place alongside their huge summer fair on Torre Abbey Meadows, Torquay, on Wednesday and Thursday, 4-5 August.

The Wednesday was a preview day, mostly for the benefit of enthusiasts, whilst on the Thursday A&R there was a road run and a civic reception, at which they will entertained mayors and other dignitaries from around the West Country.

Heading the line up of attractions was the A&R Marenghi Grand Organ, delivered new in 1906, and still owned by George DeVey. 

Representing nearly a century of the firm’s transport was on show including a selection of the engines to have survived, and now in preservation. 

Burrell Showmans Engine “Gladiator” courtesy of Dave Goodwin

Burrell Showmans Engine “Dragon”, courtesy of  the Chamberlain family

Burrel Showmans Engine “The White Rose of York”, 

This latter engine was acquired by A&R in 1923 when they bought Alf Payne’s four-abreast Gallopers complete with its two Burrells; the other being “Queen Mary”. The “White Rose” eventually passed to Pat Collins, and was renamed “The Griffin”. When decommissioned by Collins the engine was acquired by Bill Hunt, and was last steamed in the early 1960’s. After many years absence she eventually returned to the West Country, on loan to Dingles Steam Village. Acquired by local enthusiast John Atkinson late last year, the “White Rose” has had a major mechanical overhaul in the Dingles’ workshop this winter, including the fitting of a new boiler barrel and smokebox, and it is hoped she will be at Torquay, otherwise still very much in “ex-showland” condition.

Fowler Showmans Engine “Lion”, courtesy of Arthur Thompson

Burrell Showmans Engine "Vangaurd" owned by the Richards family

At night all 5 engines generated to run their own lights whilst the organ played into the evening.

Moving on to the post-War transport, two of the firm’s Scammell Showtracs - “Gladiator”  delivered new in 1946, and still owned by George DeVey:

 “Dragon” – delivered new in 1946, and still owned by Colin DeVey 

Scammell Highwayman "Demetrius"

Right up to date was this beutifully lettered ERF Ttactor Unit owned by Rowland DeVey:

Lion and Dragon getting steam up ready for the road run

A large marquee was also set up on Torre Abbey Meadows for the model show and the Thursday civic reception.

Dave Homers Speedway


Scammell showtrac models 

Arthur Dykes Collection of 1/50th models

Johns 1/50th Models

Huge display of 1/50th transport

Scale model of the Lion and a Golden Dragon Car 

Carl Barlows Paratrooper 

Carl Barlows 1/50th A&R Transport

The massive photo history board in the marquee with tables ready for civic reception 

One of the many photos showing Nelson DeVey, George DeVey II and Ernie DeVey.


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