What's it all about, Delphi?*


Jenny Howard, the splendid Fool with Bedfordshire Lace, wrote to me, asking:-

What about a page of one-liners on 'What a Character is For'? - everybody's got their own ideas on that and hearing other people's views can be very helpful in developing one's own role.

Some of my thoughts:

To get the audience on our side

As a corollary to that, to give the dancers confidence by making them more relaxed about the risk of making mistakes

To give the side more 'presence', to help them take up more space (physical and psychological)

To highlight features of the dance by dancing descant

To make our team memorable and distinctive from other similar teams

I like the idea of Characters explaining briefly why they do what they do. Not just along Jenny's line of "What does my side gain from my activities?", but also "Why me? What made me become a Fool / Animal / Character?"

I'd like to invite people to write in with their thoughts, and also with any other questions to which they'd like answers. I'll happily post up anything that comes in.


*Sorry about that - it's what comes of a) visiting Greece on holiday and consulting the Oracle at Delphi, and b) being addicted to bad wordplay.


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