A new organisation for Fools, Animals, etc?

This announcement was posted to the Morris Dance Discussion List on October 11, 2000 by Jenny Howard. It's important, and fits perfectly with the philosophy of the Cafe, so, with Jenny's permission, I've put it here for people to read and respond at their leisure.


As some of you will have already experienced, I've been asking around over the past few months to see whether there's any demand among other Fools, Animals etc for an inclusive organisation that will serve as a vehicle for us all to communicate with each other and to encourage good Fooling and peripherating in general. (There is an existing organisation which does a good job for its membership along those lines, but it is male-only and, as it is entitled to, prefers to stay that way.)

Everybody I've spoken to on the subject has said something on the lines of "Oh, what a good idea" and by no means all of them have added "As long as I don't have to organise it"; so I've decided to go for it.

Though I've primarily been thinking in UK terms, I don't see why it shouldn't be international if there's international demand, though the details would take a bit of working out and it might be better if individual countries set up their own - whatever people think is best.

There is definitely NO hostile intent towards the existing Fools' Union, with whom I hope we could co-exist peacefully and even co-operate.


So - who out there would be interested (a) in joining such an organisation and in particular (b) helping to set it up? As far as (b) goes it will probably need a face-to-face meeting if the e-mailless are not to be excluded, so if anyone who thinks they could do that would contact me we can sort out a mutually convenient time and place; if anybody with ideas to contribute who couldn't get to a meeting could also do that, on or off-list, then that would be a real help too.

I'm going to spread this round as many likely places as I can, but as Sandy said, if MDDLmembers not directly affected could pass this on to the relevant person (or other being) on their side, or anyone else they know who would be interested, then that would help too.

I do hope we can get this off the ground: the few occasions I have been able to spend time with or talk to other fools n beasts have been a great encouragement and inspiration to me as well as being fun, and I feel sure more sides would be willing to have characters, and more people would be willing to do it, if they thought there was some kind of back-up.


Jenny H


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