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21st Nov 1868 - 4th Dec 1939

Life History

21st Nov 1868

Born in Melrose, Scotland

5th Oct 1888

Married Esther DICKSON in St Marys Melrose

31st Oct 1888

Death of daughter Esther BUNYAN in Melrose

30th Oct 1888

Birth of daughter Esther BUNYAN in Melrose, Scotland

17th Dec 1889

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Rutherford BUNYAN in Melrose, Scotland


Birth of daughter Margaret Sandilands BUNYAN in Melrose, Scotland

Aug 1895

Birth of son Robert Dickson BUNYAN in Bucchurch St,Melrose, Scotland

4th Dec 1895

Death of son Robert Dickson BUNYAN in Bucchurch St,Melrose

12th Aug 1898

Birth of son George Lawson BUNYAN in Melrose, Scotland

3rd Nov 1900

Birth of son John Dickson BUNYAN in Melrose, Scotland

14th Jun 1904

Birth of son Thomas Sandilands BUNYAN in Bucchurch St,Melrose, Scotland

2nd Oct 1906

Birth of daughter Wilhelmima Isabel BUNYAN in melrose, Scotland

29th Aug 1908

Birth of daughter Helen Jane BUNYAN in Melrose, Scotland


Death of daughter Margaret Sandilands BUNYAN in Melrose


Death of son George Lawson BUNYAN in Cambrai, France


Death of Esther DICKSON in Melrose

28th Nov 1926

Death of daughter Wilhelmima Isabel BUNYAN in melrose

16th Mar 1933/4

Death of daughter Elizabeth Rutherford BUNYAN in Melrose

4th Dec 1939

Died in Melrose

Sudden Death



    George Bunyan, born 21st November 1868, Melrose.

    Below a copy of George's, original birth certificate, you will notice, on this the registrar has made a mistake, writing daughter then crossing it out and amending with son.

    George was courting a young Border lass called Esther Dickson, when she fell pregnant in February 1888; they married later that year at High Cross Church, Melrose on 5th October. There first of ten children was born on 31st Oct 1888, named Esther. But sadly died a few weeks later, from premature birth. George's occupation at this point was gardener.

    George and Esther had their second Child Elizabeth Rutherford Bunyan, Born 17 December 1898. By the time their first son James was born, George had changed jobs and was now a Journeyman/butcher.

    James Bunyan was born 1892, and Margaret Sandilands (named after George's Mother) was the next child born in 1893.  A further two years past by the time, Esther fell pregnant again, this time it was with another Boy. Robert Dickson Bunyan (named after Esther's Father) born August 1895, but unfortunately he died five months later from Bronchitis 3rd December 1895.

    George Lawson Bunyan was next born August 1898; George was an apprentice butcher and was working in the family butchers shop (James Bunyan & Son) in the High Street. John Dickson Bunyan was born next 3rd November 1900.

    My grandfather Thomas Sandilands Bunyan was born next, 14 June 1904, (see profile) two years passed by and Wilhelmima Isabel Bunyan was born 2nd Oct 1906. A further two more years went by and the final member of the Bunyan's to be born was Helen Jane Bunyan, 29th August 1908. By now George had become a master butcher and was running his late fathers shop and slaughterhouse.

    Out of the remaining Eight Children a Further Two more died before there parents, they where Margaret Sandilands Bunyan. Who worked as a Dressmaker, died aged only 19 from Septicaemia (Blood Poisoning).

    The other was George Lawson Bunyan or Boy as he was known was killed in Action during World War 1 in Cambia 1917, there is a war memorial monument at High Cross Church where you can see George's Name.

    In the year 1918 Esther died of Heart Disease, Esther was buried Melrose Abbey along with her Four children. George continued working in the Butchers shop along with the help of his Two sons John and James. John, James and Thomas, where all keen Rugby players that played for the Melrose club.

    In 1926 George lost another member of his family Wilhelmima aged only 20 from Consumption or Tuberculosis.

    George's eldest boy James married Margaret Young Mulvie they had five children, James continued to work along side his father until 4th January 1939, when he died. (Cause not known)

    Exactly 11 months went by and on the 4th December 1939 George Bunyan, Master Butcher from High Street, Melrose died suddenly. In a newspaper clipping below states "George had been at work in the slaughterhouse the previous day", working right up until his last day!

    George was buried along side his wife, children and parents, in Melrose Abbey.

    John was admitted to Peel hospital where he died after a very long illness 26th Feb 1952. Below one of the many sympathy cards, the family received at John's Funeral, held at the Abbey, on 28th Feb'1952.

    Helen Jane Bunyan or Ella as she was known, did not marry until the age of 44, to James Ballantyne. They had no children, the marriage only lasted ten years, as James sadly passed away in 1962. Ella never re-married and stayed in Melrose until her death 1993. (it was said that she never once crossed the border into England, as she didn't like them very much!)

    It is not sure weather George originally got on well with his father during his early adult life, as he seemed to have been left out of his will. This could have been due to the fact that he got a young woman pregnant and had to marry her shotgun style!

    Unfortunately we will never now what the real reasons were, but he did eventually inherit the butchers shop and garage, in the name of James Bunyan & Son.

    This concludes the information I have on George & Esther Bunyan's family.

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