A growing Body of Evidence

These scientific studies and reports show without doubt that long-term exposure to microwave radiation may cause serious illnesses to those living near microwave transmitters (mobile phone masts).

Epidemiological Studies & Scientific Reports

Inadequate Radiation Protection Guidelines
Many scientific Reports and Studies refer to the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). To understand why these emission guidelines are seen as giving no protection read this article first..

The BioInitiative Report - August 2007
This report from an International group of scientists and researchers documents serious concerns about existing radiation limits from sources such as mobile phones and masts, powerlines, and other sources of exposure to EMF.
The report concludes that the existing standards are inadequate and do not protect public health. read the BioInitiative report here..

Naila Study - Proximity to phone masts and cancer incidences
The result of this study in Naila (Germany) shows that the risk of newly developing cancer was three times higher among people who had lived during the past ten years (1994-2004), within a distance of 400m from a cellular transmitter (mobile phone mast), in comparison to those who had lived further away.

Increased Incidence of Cancer near a Cell-Phone Transmitter Station
This study from Netanya in Israel revealed an association between an increased incidence of cancer and living in proximity to a cell-phone transmitter station.
The measured levels of microwave radiation in the area were far below current guidelines based on the thermal effects of RF exposure (see ICNIRP above).

How Exposure to Base-station Radiation can Adversely Affect Humans
Dr G. J. Hyland at Warwick University (UK) reports on how RF microwave exposures below emission guidelines cause biological changes leading to ill-health effects and more serious cancer related diseases through long-term (chronic) exposure to RF microwave radiation ..
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UK Health Protection Agency, serious health affects warning [May 2005]
Austrian scientists prove that radiation from third generation (3G) mobile phone masts affects brainwaves and can seriously damage health.. Full Story [opens in New window]..



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