Pendle Residents against Insensitive Siting of Masts (PRISM) are a local residents organisation striving to change the potentially dangerous microwave technology imposed upon residents from Mobile Phone Base-station Masts.

Based in Nelson in the borough of Pendle Lancashire, our main objective is to ensure mobile phone masts are not imposed upon residents without their consent and that phone masts are erected away from homes, hospitals, schools and nurseries.

History - Campaigning for a safer future

Originally formed in 2004, PRISM have gone from strength to strength and now have the support of all councillors in the borough in their effort to gain stricter control over siting of mobile phone masts.

Realising the potential for mobile operators to overwhelm our borough with intrusive and potentially dangerous masts, Pendle Council have adopted a serious stance and in 2005 lobbied parliament via the local Pendle MP to support a private members bill for stricter control over mobile phone mast sitings.

Why we are campaigning for safe siting

Many eminent scientists throughout the world continuously maintain that the long-term effects of exposure to pulsed radiation (as that emitted from phone masts) may cause adverse health effects in humans. There is a lot of doubt about the safety of mobile phone transmitters when they are placed close to where people (especially children) live, sleep or work. More on reported health studies and effects..

The UK bases it's radiation exposure guidelines on the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The ICNIRP guidelines only take into account the 'heating effects' of the radiation with total disregard for the 'non-heating' (non-thermal) biological effects. It is these non-thermal effects which many scientists say may cause illnesses to people who are exposed long-term.
Click here for more on the inadequacy of the ICNIRP guidelines..


The erection of poorly-sited mobile phone masts is causing significant concern across the country. Whilst the devolved administrations in Northern Ireland and Scotland have already adopted tougher planning controls, in England there remains a presumption in favour of development inherent in the current planning system which overrides environmental and safety concerns, and sidelines the views of local people.

PRISM will campaign in the interests of local residents and address the feelings of powerlessness and anxiety currently experienced by those living under the presence
of inadequately located masts.



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