222mm Newtonian on an SkyWatcher (Sinta ?)
EQ5 mount motorised on the RA only.

The telescope tube,  10" craddles and EQ5 mount were all purchased from Orion Opitcs in Cheshire, England.

 Garden furniture
This is my patio area where the family enjoy the sunshine with cool drinks.  At night the area is transformed in to an observing area.

Garden furniture in place before the transformation.
Short leg of tripod trying to place the EQ mount in the same place twice was a bit of hit and miss so I did the following.

"S" with the upside down V marks the spot for the short leg of EQ mount as the garden slops.
west foot
I found that if I can get 2 legs in the same place twice its not too bad for polar aligning.

This spot marks the place for the west leg.
Short leg in place
Because my garden slopes I have to have the tripod legs at different lengths but one leg is always shorter than the other two.

Short leg now in place.
EQ5 placed Place the mount down on the spots marked for the tripod feet then start to assemble the extra bits like the bar with the weights etc.

EQ5 mount with the craddle opened.
craddles head Closer view of craddles.
Bubble level Bubble level to level the tripod.  Only when the telescope and weights have been added do I think about leveling the whole mount.  I have found that if I level the tripod before the weights and the telescope are mounted the bubble does not sit in the middle any more and stars wander.
Declination dial Alt adjustment (black dial) and RA cog of the motor.  
Motor for focusing
Home built motor focuser.  I did this as I have found that manual focusing moves the telescope off target.
This idea of the elastics works but it stretches too much so I have to come up with another idea.
Finder telescope Home built finder scope of 42mm X 8.  This has since been updated to a 50mm X 8 finder made from an old pair of 16 X 50mm binoculars. 
RA and Polar sccope covered RA covered.  This cover protects the finder scope from being moved or accidently damaged.
RA and Polar scope uncovered RA un-covered now showing the RA,  Month dial and the polar-scope.
Here you can see the Polar finder scope.
222mm on mount 222mm Newtonian placed in the craddles.
Second image of 222mm on mount Another view of the telescope placed in the craddles.  Also now on view is the Mylar solar filter.
Rear view of telescope A third view of the telescope but from slightly behind.
Close up of mirror cell Here is a closer look at the mirror cell.  I found I had to update the springs as they were not holding the mirror still and the weight of the mirror use to move itself from the centre of the tube.
 Hand controller for focusing Focus motor hand box.  2 buttons for winding in and out and the dial for speed adjustment.
RA hand controller EQ5's RA motor hand box for drive correcting.  I have since updated this with the 2 motors, one for the RA and one for the DEC.