Forthcoming Productions

At present all of our time is taken up with puppetry workshops and due to this, we have no plans for any forthcoming productions. However, we are working on several projects that we hope to launch in late 2008 or early 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you do childrens' parties?
A: No.
Q: How much do you charge?
A: That totally depends on what it is that you want.
Q: How far will you travel?
A: See below.
Q: Tea or coffee?
A: Tea please. Milk, no sugar.

With regards to any pricings, as stated, this would depend on whether you wanted a simple half-day workshop for a single group of children, or a whole day with the entire school. You may also want to us to work with you on a project that might last several days or even over a longer time frame. Travel times would also have to be a consideration, as would start times. If your school or college is a major distance from our base and an early morning start is envisaged, then an overnight stay may have to be arranged. B&B of course (Not 5 Star).

Q: Do you only offer puppet making workshops?
A: No.

As part of my own degree studies I worked with one school on a cultural project over a period of several weeks. I rehearsed one group in a dramatic representation of a real event in their chosen country's history. I taught the students the National Anthem of that country. We made flags and banners, created costumes & masks & sang traditional songs. We created artworks that reflected the history of that country, produced a visual display consisting of food, art, advertising and photography. Also with the cooperation of the school catering staff, we had a themed lunch on the performance day. A project like this can involve the whole school (Head teacher and Site Manager included).
At one school, we created processional candlelit lanterns from willow canes and tissue paper. These were then used in conjunction with storytelling activities. Storytelling sessions have also taken place in conjunction with 'SureStart'.

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