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Having seen puppetry used in the classroom first-hand, having used puppets ourselves in a classroom situation and having met and spoken to professional puppeteers, we can attest to the power of the puppet to educate and entertain. Our hope is that after one of our workshops you will agree with our beliefs.

Puppetry is not ingrained in the collective psyche of this country in the same way that it is in those of other ancient cultures. Although it may be that the foundation for this to take place is being laid by the many practitioners (teachers and professionals alike), whose faith leads them to believe in the power of the puppet to communicate on a multitude of different levels.
Two important barriers that can be challenged through puppetry are those of cultural ignorance and religious intolerance. An important step in social development for children is finding ways in which to communicate with others and through this social interaction come to the realisation that they are not the centre of the universe and that theirs is not the only opinion.

The Power of the Puppet

The Puppet play is blessed by God, and because of this it will never die. 
(Indian proverb)

Accessibility and adaptability are the keynotes of puppetry, and rather than needing the school hall or theatre for its performance space, a puppet play can be performed in a space no larger than a table top. 

Chris Foster 2006

A boost to the child's confidence & self esteme

Accessability & adaptability are the keynotes of puppetry


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Through puppetry children can learn new ways to express themselves while learning new skills. leading the child on a path of self discovery and expression that helps instill confidence and boost self-esteem.

Kevin Frisch 2006

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In the puppet we have all those elements necessary to interpretation and in the puppet stage every element necessary to a creative and fine art. E. Gordon Craig (1872-1966) Actor, director, designer & artist.

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