At Otley Methodist Church we are very proud of our history and heritage, yet we are also aware of the challenges that we face in the twenty-first century to make the church relevant to today’s society. It is after all on the foundations laid down by our ancestors that we build the future. Our town has had a Methodist presence for over 250 years and during that time the church has had to constantly evolve, and that is still our challenge today, to share the love of God with all in the town in new, exciting, and innovative ways in order to meet the spiritual needs of our society today.

In this section you will find details on our heritage weekend, the various churches that have existed over the years, John Wesley’s visits to Otley and his friendship with the Ritchie family.

A brief history of Methodism in Otley

Heritage weekend

Heritage weekend 2010

First church – Green Lane Chapel

Second church – Nelson Street

Third church – Boroughgate

Fourth church – Boroughgate (Present building)

John Wesley and the Ritchie family

John Wesley’s writings about Otley from his journal

John Wesley’s letters to Elizabeth Ritchie (Coming soon)

Other Methodist churches in Otley (Coming soon)

Our church today

A history of the church organ

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A history of the Methodist Church

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