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How can a simple act of kindness change a human heart?
“No one has ever done anything for me for free – you have restored my faith”, were the words of a woman who not long ago had been almost violently opposed to us helping her. She simply couldn’t believe that we would want to help her – no strings attached. A bit off the wall though it was, a group of us were offering to clean toilets for all local shops and pubs as a sign that we cared. Only a colleague of the woman had saved us from being barged out of her shop, intervening to say, “well why not?”. While we cleaned, another group from the church coincidentally had popped into the shop giving away free packets of sweets. It had broken something down in the woman and with tears rolling down her cheeks the middle aged shop owner expressed her shock and joy at the simple practical act of kindness we as a small group from the local church had done for her.

In that moment, in a very unusual way I admit, we had simply been able to be an image of the love of God to her. A way in which she could understand that God cared. The French Summer Connection will be four days of small acts of kindness offered without conditions to people of all backgrounds. A free barbecued meal, a piece of cake, served with a friendly smile, a family fun week for your bored children and free sports activities to exhilarate, are all ways in which we can simply communicate something which is very profound.
In a world where statements like; ‘you don’t get anything for free’ and ‘you get what you deserve’ are common place, where is the voice which says; ‘You are loved just as you are’ and ‘Don’t fear you are not alone’ and ‘you are worth dying for!’. The Bible is full of them but many are simply not reading the Bible to hear them today.

Church and Mission go together like Fire and Heat, they can’t be separated. A fire without heat is just an illusion and so is a Church without mission. We are compelled by the love of God to make Him known to others and in a supposedly ‘post Christian’ nation where many no longer know the story of the Prodigal son, we have to be a visible way in which people can understand God’s love and hunger to know it more.
As the organiser I want to urge you to be part of the French Summer Connection because there are few things more rewarding than realising a small act of kindness, which you were a part of, unlocked a hurting human heart to the sure and certain hope we have in God. I also want to encourage you that when we last did a Barbecue project like this nearly 70 people wanted to be invited on an Alpha Course after it. With prayer and God’s grace it will be a catalyst for a life change for many in the neighbourhood.
Please see Fred King to see how you can be involved. 

Duncan Stow – French Connection Organiser – see Duncan and friends Barbecuing on our cover this month.



Pauline & Bob Dobson will be holding a STRAWBERRY TEA

At 27 Cambridge Grove on Saturday 15th July from 2pm onward.

All Proceeds to Mission Without Borders

Your support will be much appreciated.



Throughout the last six years, I have met regularly with Howard Chaplin, David Burland and (initially) Stuart Homann, to plan and develop ideas. The challenge has always been to put the ‘fun’ into fundraising – organising things that would appeal to the widest possible audience (one preferably involving those in the wider community).
We didn’t do anything on our own though, it truly has been a great team effort. The list of events has already been circulated and thanks go to all those groups and individuals for their time, energy and enthusiasm in helping us turn the ideas into reality. To those who bought tickets and enjoyed events with us, those who have baked or made, sold or stewarded, we offer sincere thanks. Extra special thanks on behalf of those who came go to the ever-present catering ladies (where would we have been without a 7.30pm start and a cup of tea at the interval?).
Following the successful completion of fundraising for the Redevelopment Appeal, the committee established to organize events has now ceased to meet.
The money raised at our events since September 2005 has in fact been specifically for our church’s donations to charities (e.g. Leeds Faith in Schools and other charitable organisations).
My thanks go to all of you for your continued support throughout the last six years and in particular to Howard and David.

Jeremy Pullan.

Thank you to Jeremy for all his hard work and to his able assistants David and Howard. We understand that enough money has now been raised to fulfil our charitable giving for this year.


Over the last two months, food and fellowship has been enjoyed on Thursday lunch times.
My thanks to the three teams who have prepared the food, and to the many friends who have partaken around the table. £555.80p has been realised for Church Funds.
Sylvia King

I would like to thank everyone who has helped and partaken in the Soup & Sweet Lunches to help raise money for a water supply for a Bosnian family. The total raised was £384.  Thank You. Pauline Dobson.

THE FOCUS TEAM acknowledge with thanks the donation of £1 given to help with the production costs of the Focus Magazine. Whilst we endeavour to keep  the magazine free of charge we are always most grateful for donations of any size to help meet our costs. Please remember to share your copy with friends and neighbours. All items for inclusion in the August edition should be handed in to Mrs Joan Monte by Sunday 23rd July. Thank You.

EXTRA REMINDER… On Sunday 4th June, there will be NO Services in our Church.



The Pentecost Service in the morning will be held at 11am in the Market Square in Otley, organised by Churches Together in Otley.

The Evening Service will be held at Morley at 6pm. This is a District Service conducted by the Rev M Townsend, District Chairman. Those in need of, or can help with transport should contact Howard or Gill Chaplin.

Again, on June 18th there will be NO Service at our Church. The Service will be held at the Parish Church, commencing at 9.30am.



As previously mentioned in Focus, Gill and Fred will be retiring from Venture Club at the end of July.
As we look towards the future of the Club we are asking again if there is anyone who is interested in taking over leadership. Some weekly help will still be available but we need someone who is interested in working with young people to head up the team and take the club into the future.
If you are interested please contact Gill Chaplin on 463830 or Fred King on 464151.
Please keep this plea on your Prayer List.


Quote from Easter People



The Circuit Missions Walk was blessed with good walking weather. A total of 22 walkers took part from Bramhope, Pool and Otley, including Friends from New Life. Setting off from Norwood, lunch was taken at Little Almscliff after which the majority returned to Norwood while seven intrepid walkers continued to Beaver Dyke Reservoir. When all the monies are collected we should raise £250. Thanks to all who supported the event and to Jade and Jodie Westgarth for charming the sponsors and completing the short walk.
There will be Coffee Mornings on 23rd June for Missions and 14th July for HCJB Ecuador. Any support will be most welcome. 


Following Duncan Stow’s address at the 7th May morning service there is still need for volunteers in all areas (see May Focus for full details) but these include:-

Showering facilities            Coffee & Cake Refreshments

Mums & Tots style Creche            Get alongside & talk

Assist at BBQ, Sports & Kids activities…Continuing PRAYER



The situation in Nepal has much improved, Parliament has re-formed, strikes and demonstrations have been called off, political prisoners released, food supplies will flow more freely, the Maoists have called a 3 month cease fire and agreed to talks with the Government. Paul & Sarah give thanks for our supportive prayer. This gives optimism for stability in the country and hope for improvement from the hardship the Nepali people have suffered. We pray that Paul and all at United Mission to Nepal will have improved opportunities to progress the work the Lord has called them to do. We give thanks that the Lord has kept Paul & Sarah, Jack and Asha safe and secure through the troubles and trust in Him to continue to hold them in His protective hands.

Fred King.

See recent reports of Sarah & Paul in the Wharfedale & Airedale Observer Newspaper.



Christians in places of power now have a rallying point for prayer – thanks to Bible Society.
A new website has been set up, promoting the latest prayer needs for those with responsibility of governing our country.
Run by the CHRISTIANS in PARLIAMENT group, the site also offers information about issues relating to politics and Christianity, including downloadable leaflets and links to other relevant websites.
“We’re delighted to support Christians in Parliament with this important development”, says Bible Society’s Parliamentary officer, Dr David Landrum. “This will help Christians across the country to join together in prayer for the vital decisions that affect our lives – and the lives of people around the world”.

Dorset Doctor is carrying on a family tradition – by promoting Bible Society in his locality.
“My uncle was General Secretary of the Ceylon Bible Society”, says Lasantha Wijisesinghe, a Consultant Surgeon in Bournemouth. “So I’m thrilled to help spread the Word and carry on the family links”.



The Leprosy Mission (TLM) is a leading international Christian development agency active in 30 countries. We have served people affected by leprosy since 1874. Our work covers education, detection, medical treatment, rehabilitation and the reintegration of people into their communities.
Leprosy is still a huge problem worldwide: we employ 2,000 national and international field staff and our annual budget is over £10 million. We rely on individuals, churches, trusts and government agencies to support our work.
Leprosy is caused by a mycobacterium. It is not highly infectious and symptoms can take 20 years to show. Since 1981, 14 million have been treated with multidrug therapy (MDT). Every year more than 400, 000 new patients are diagnosed and registered for treatment – almost one a minute.
Would you support us? Visit

We have received a word of thanks from Kathy & David Woodward, in Glossop, Derbyshire following the death of David’s mother, who died after a fall.
Since then Kathy has been looking after grandchildren, David has gone on 3 days retreat to Holy Island and they have arranged an exchange of contracts on a property in Abergele. This was duly completed and builders organised for a loft conversion etc. They joined the Library, met neighbours and had a birthday tea with Emma (now 10 years old), and spent two nights on camp beds at Ruth’s home. They hope to move in on 1st August. They hope to use local buses during warm weather and join in Welsh language classes so they can practice with their bi-lingual granddaughters. They wish to pass on love and best wishes to us all. We wish them well in their retirement.



The Concert held on 13th May by the Wetherby Light Music Singers was a great success. Thanks to Christine Whittle, our Treasurer, who organised it. It was good to see the hall full of enthusiastic singers, and a good audience. Thanks to those from Otley, Guiseley, Bramhope and Yeadon who supported us. A small but very helpful team of ladies supplied the refreshments during the interval. A very good evening. Thanks to everyone involved.
On a positive  note, our broken windows have now been replaced, and gardening has improved the frontage of the building. The Otley, Pool and Arthington Senior Group held a very successful Coffee Morning in Mid April, and they hope to have Coffee Mornings on Thursday from 10-12noon on 22nd June, 27th July and 24th August. Also they may possibly have a lunch on Wednesday 12th July. All this is very good news for Pool, and is a good form of Outreach.
Finally a little booklet was produced by Christine, and two more of our ladies to celebrate the work of Jane Whitely, using some of her journal notes and recipes, and this was sold at the May 13th Concert, to help Church funds, help Outreach and the Cry in the Dark Appeal. Some booklets priced £1 are still available for sale.



This Summer Sunday 9th July is celebrated as NCH Sunday, prayer cards and gift aid envelopes are available if anyone wants them. Please remember NCH in your prayers this weekend in particular. Our appeal for used computer ink cartridges continues, and also the occasional old mobile phone, and foreign & old coins and bank notes still turn up. Thank you.

Roger Bareham.

We remember in prayer our young people who will be awaiting examination results in the summer weeks. We uphold in prayer all friends ill at home or in hospital or in nursing homes. We remember our friends away from Otley who receive our Focus magazine. We ask for travelling mercies for any who will be going on holiday – may they return refreshed. We remember too our minister, Alistair as he continues his sabatical.

Daddy’s girl: A young  father was taking care of his baby daughter while his wife went to town shopping. He decided to go fishing and he had to take the toddler along. “I’ll never take her along with me again!” he told his wife that evening. “I didn’t catch a thing!”  “Oh, next time I’m sure she’ll be quiet and not scare the fish away,” his wife said. But the father said gloomily. “No, it wasn’t that. She ate all the bait”

The new minister, encouraged by the numbers in church for his first sermon began: “I have never had the pleasure of preaching to such a dense crowd before”.

Seasoned travellers, the missionary and his wife went to book reservations at the airlines counter. They humbly requested: “Two tickets to wherever our luggage is going” 

The fruit of the Spirit is not excitement or orthodoxy:

It is character.



Women’s Network of the Methodist Church – Leeds District

SUMMER FESTIVAL on Tuesday 13th June 2006 at 2.30pm

The King’s Way Church Ossett

Speaker Rev’d M J Townsend (District Chairman)

Induction of Pam Santry as President & Josie Burdon as Vice-President

Refreshments available after the event


Storms, Solitude & Soul Searching

103 days alone in the Atlantic is a talk by Rosalind Savage at

8pm June 22nd at Cookridge Methodist Church

Admission by Ticket only £3.50 – Tickets are expected to sell quickly

And can be obtained from 011326763976

For more details about the Rowing Race please look at the website



We would like to thank, most sincerely, our friends in church for the prayers, kind thoughts, cards and flowers that we received during Edward’s recent stay in St James’ Hospital.

Also, to Alistair, our grateful thanks for the hospital visit which was deeply appreciated.   Edward & Myrle Brear.



Our friends at Starbeck Methodist Church invite us to share in their 75 years of Worship & Fellowship on the 24th & 25th of June, ‘Come and Let’s Celebrate’ Everyone is welcome to join them at all their events as they celebrate their 75th Anniversary. Tickets can be obtained by ringing Aileen & Leith Nowell on 01423 887939 or email;
Saturday 24th June 9.30-5pm. Exhibition & Flower Festival ‘Heroes of our Faith’
Refreshments & Cake Stall: Coffee Shop 9.30-12noon and 1.30-5pm  Light Lunches 12noon-1.30pm
ORGAN CONCERT  2-4pm given by Chris Thompson
Organist for all occasions . Turning the church organ into a mighty
Wurlitzer for God’s work
7.30pm ‘Shepherd Building Group Brass Band’ York Formerly the Nestle Rowntree Band “LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS”

Sunday 25th June Anniversary 10.45am Celebration Family\Parade Service. Preacher Rev Alan Bolton
12.15pm Faith Lunch (tea & coffee provided)
2.30pm Open Air Service “Songs of Praise” Preacher Rev Alan Bolton  Refreshments after service

WORSHIP – WITH THE SIMPSONS? From Valley, Shildon, Darlington….We recently decided to try a Café-style worship entitled “Soup with the Simpsons”. We served, well yes, soup and a roll, while the assembled company watched an episode of the Simpsons. Afterwards, we had discussion groups led by facilitators. We got some useful feedback on how relevant people thought the Church was in the 21st century. The whole thing proved an ideal opportunity for church members to share their faith.


The Monday Bible Fellowship continues to meet at 7.30pm Susan’s home
10-10.30am Shoppers Service in Room 2 – all welcome
10-noon Saturday Coffee Mornings – Please support


Fri   2
10-noon Coffee Morning for St George’s Crypt

Sat  3
8am Prayer Breakfast @ U.R.C.

Sun  4
No Services @ our church – see inside for details

Mon 5
7.30pm Church Life Meeting

Thu  8
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers Club

Fri   9
10-noon Coffee Morning for Network

Sun  11
10.30am Worship led by Rev H Harrell 6pm @ Hawksworth

Tue  13
2.30pm Network Summer Festival – details inside

Thu  15
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers Club

7.30pm Essence Fellowship @ Salvation Army

Fri   16
10-noon Coffee Morning for L.W.P.T.

Sun 18
9.30am Service @ Parish Church   6pm Miss Coleman Father’s Day

Thu 22
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers Club
8pm @ Cookridge Methodist Church ‘Ocean Rower’ details inside

Fri  23
10-noon Coffee Morning for Missions

Sat 24 & 25th @ Starbeck Methodist Church Weekend Celebrations

Sun 25
10.30am Worship&Baptism 6pm Worship & Communion Rev Spandler

Fri  30
10-noon Coffee Morning for British Legion



Sat  1
8am Prayer Breakfast at our church

Sun  2
10.30am Rev L Holmes  6pm. Mr K Tattersall

Thu  6
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers Club

Fri   7
10-noon Coffee Morning Vacant

Sun  9
10.30am Parade – Mrs J Walls. 6pm @ Burley

Wed 12
6.30pm Church Outing – details inside

Thu  13
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers Club
7.30pm Essence Fellowship @ Salvation Army

Fri  14
10-noon Coffee Morning for HCJB.

Sat 15
2pm Strawberry Teas @ Pauline & Bob’s details inside

Sun 16
9.30am Communion – Rev M Godfrey  10.30am Mrs Bosomworth
6pm Worship Mrs V Morrissey

Thu  20
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers Club

Fri   21
10-noon Coffee Morning Vacant

Sun  23
10.30am Mr Brown  6pm Worship & Communion Rev T Jeffries ITEMS FOR THE AUGUST EDITION OF FOCUS TO Mrs J Monte please

Tue 25
1.30pm Focus Team Meeting

Wed 26
Summer French Connection Begins – details inside

Fri   28
10-noon Coffee Morning Vacant

Sun 30
10.30am Rev F Spandler  6pm Mr L Petit United Service