For Otley Methodist Church

April 2007


Deputy Chairman’s Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends

We would all assent to the view that discipleship heightens our sense of responsibility in both the personal and corporate sense. Following in the steps of Jesus means that we are responsible for each other’s well being, and also means that we are responsible for the planet on which we live, and for the life it sustains. Our faith journey both moulds and fashions life style. Our life of devotion affirms the sacredness of relationships, and our spirituality helps us decide priorities and values in both life and ministry.

The Gospels make it clear that Jesus was exemplary in bearing the responsibilities of what it means to love, and fulfilling them to the end. There is never a hint of evasion or of forsaking; the latter is left to his disciples. The season of Lent sees us focusing on the core realities of discipleship and the way in which a life of compassion and care was so cruelly hounded to Calvary.

Who indeed was responsible?  Certainly Scribe and Pharisee bear some responsibility. Certainly Herod and Pilate bear some responsibility, as does the wider community for failing to probe and question what ‘hidden agendas’ lay behind the charges brought against Jesus.

On reflection, a good deal of responsibility seems to me to fall on the disciples too. What agenda or motivation lies behind their request to sit ‘on the right or left hand of their master’? Was the initial following without reserve coloured by a desire for power rather than for service? Was Passiontide a last ditch attempt to secure status and prestige for themselves?

Responsibility for the ills of our society, where alas the innocent still suffer and the compassionate go unrecognised, rests upon us all. In this season of Lent, we stand, or should it be kneel, before the Cross, acknowledging our evasion of responsibilities in a blaze of forgiving love.

With every good wish

John Sadler

Thursday 2nd May

Everyone is invited to a new Membership Course based on the booklet ‘Called by Name’. This short course is open to all the Circuit Churches and our first meeting will be at Otley.
The course will include Bible Study on the themes below and will be suitable for those seeking Baptism and Confirmation, becoming a Member of the Methodist Church or as a refresher course.

We will study:-
Commitment    The Methodist Church
Salvation    Worship
Assurance    Learn and Care
Holiness    Service
The Body of Christ    Evangelism 

If you would like to join the group please contact the Minister.


This year, Easter day falls on 8 April. The week leading up to it, which begins with Palm Sunday on 1 April, is very special in the church year, and is known as Holy Week.
Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the day when the Church remembers the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The gospels tell us that he had gone up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, and that when he entered the city, the crowds gave him a rapturous welcome, throwing palm fronds into his path. On this day churches world-wide will distribute little crosses made from palm fronds in memory of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.

The next highlight of Holy Week falls on Maundy Thursday. Maundy Thursday focuses on one of the final acts concerning Jesus to be related in John’s Gospel-the washing of the disciples’ feet by Jesus. The ceremony of the ‘washing of the feet’ of members of the congregation came to be an important part of the liturgy (regular worship) of the medieval church, symbolising the humility of the clergy, in obedience to Christ.

In England, in by-gone years, as an affirmation of humility, the monarch would wash the feet of a small number of his or her subjects. This has now been replaced by the ceremony of the ‘Maundy money’, in which the Queen distributes specially minted coins to the elderly at cathedrals throughout England.
Good Friday is the day on which Jesus died on the cross. It is the most solemn day in the Christian year, and is widely marked by the removal of all decorations from churches.

The custom of observing a period of three hours’ devotion from 12midday to 3pm on Good Friday goes back to the 18th century. The ‘Three Hours of the Cross’ often take the form of an extended meditation on the ‘Seven Last Words from the Cross’, with periods of silence, prayer, or hymn-singing.
Lent ends with Holy Saturday. The Eastern Orthodox churches hold the ‘Paschal Vigil’ – a late evening service which leads directly into the following Easter Day.


Following a wonderful Home Missions Weekend shared with Rev Steve Wild and Rev Bev Hollings, I have received this encouraging letter from Cliff College.    Mrs Irene Greenwood.

Thank you very much for the kind and encouraging letter regarding my visit to Otley. My day preaching at Otley will certainly be marked as one of my red letter days – I thoroughly enjoyed being with you all and meeting some old friends, which did my heart good. I am glad that the Holy Spirit worked in such a wonderful way and I shall continue to keep holding you all in my prayers.
Mike was preaching with you last Sunday and said that he had a blessed time – I knew he would – you are good people and there are lots of good opportunities for you.
Incidentally, in doing some research for the College I discovered that the Methodist minister who was the founder of Cliff, Thomas Champness, was a minister in the Otley Circuit before he started Cliff College. I had not realised that you had that link. He said it was an idyllic time in his ministry!
Keep up the good work at Otley and we will be glad to see you here at Cliff anytime, especially during the Festival. God bless.
Steve Wild.



This is the theme for the Pentecost Weekend Festival to be held at Cliff College on Friday 25th to Spring Bank Holiday Monday 28th May. (Accommodation available until Tues am). There will be Stimulating Preaching, Inspiring Music and Seminars, Fresh Expressions & New Ways of Being Church, the Evangelical Express steam train to Matlock & an open-air meeting in the Park. Also a Celebration of the bi-centenary of Primitive Methodism, a special Ranters Service (this was used for Evangelistic Services in the 19th Centuary) with Steve Wild and the North Staffordshire Youth Choir.
Other events are--Daily Bible Studies with Rev Dr Phil Meadows (Post-Graduate Tutor), Rev Ashley Cooper (Stoke on Trent) & Rev Debbie Hopkinson (Chesterfield).
Special World Church meetings led by overseas students.
A Special Event, ‘The Journey’ a Musical by Storm Ministries (Worthing Christian Youth). There will be a full programme for children & young people. Also LNE – Cliff’s renowned Late Night Extra. Lots of live music, thrilling worship, teaching, fun and fellowship.
Accommodation is available in the College, Stanton Centre, Broadbelt and Eagles Buildings, along with pitches for camping or caravans. If you are camping you can buy meals in Chadwick’s Refectory or from our take-away facilities. Snacks, bread, cakes, milk and basic items are available from the camper’s shop.
Booking hotline: 01246 582321 or if you can only come for Spring Bank Monday, this will be a great day out – activities and events to suit all ages.
Main speaker Rev Dr Sandy Roger, Principal, Faith Mission Bible College, Scotland – former Cliff Evangelist. Other speakers will be Graham Carter, President of the Methodist Conference; Dudley Coates, Vice President of Conference; Ivan McElhinney, President of the Irish Methodist Conference; Mark Hammond, Methodist Minister, Fleetwood and Ginney Cassell, Pentecostal Pastor, Worthing.
Also Christian Market Place: Free admission (with opportunities to donate towards expenses & the work of the College) Large Car Parks (charge £2.50)
Events from 9.30am-11.30pm – come and go as you wish.  
Food available or bring your picnic. Regular visitors have the opportunity to introduce friends to the wonderful atmosphere of Cliff College.  
Where is the College? Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Hope Valley, Derbyshire – on the main Manchester to Chesterfield road (A623), between Calver and Baslow. 5 miles from Bakewell, with Chesterfield & Matlock 10 miles, Sheffield 12 miles, & 15 miles from the M1 Motorway.  


Since December 2006, Wednesday morning badminton sessions have been unable to take place, as there have been insufficient players.
We are hoping to recommence play on Wednesday 18th April at 10.30am. Sessions last until 12noon and the cost is £1.00per session, with refreshments included. The sessions are held in the Wesley Hall, and players should use the entrance off Walkergate (towards the Maypole from the Post Office).
The group plays socially and for fitness rather than competitively. If you are interested in joining us (both men and women are welcome) please phone…

The Hopes & Dreams Choir 

They have begun rehearsing “From Pharaoh to Freedom” of which there will be a performance at Burley Methodist Church on SATURDAY 16TH June as part of their Church Anniversary Weekend Celebrations. You are advised to book the date Now!

Follow up to the ‘One Way’ event.

As you may remember from February’s Focus the Christian Union at Staffordshire University held a weeklong mission ‘One Way’ between 26th February and 2nd March. It was a fantastic albeit a very tiring week and I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you all about it!  From Monday to Friday God was in complete control, there were no hiccups to speak of and things went really smoothly.
Our CU has shrunk a lot over the year, at the moment we have 16 regulars, but that didn’t stop the gospel getting out onto the campus.  We were absolutely amazed at the amount of people that came to the events that were put on.  On the Monday night we had a “Grill a Christian” event with a panel of 4 people ready to take on any questions thrown at them.  We had at least 30 people there, some Christians but mainly non-Christians including several Muslims.
The Tuesday evening saw the event of the week, a 5-course meal to which we had 73 people, over 50 of whom were non-Christians! We were blown away that so many came and so thankful to our chef (a previous CU member) who came back to Stoke to cook an amazing meal.  On the Wednesday night we had an international event, which to be honest we weren’t expecting many people to come but God had other ideas! 42 people came for games and fish and chips! On the Thursday night we had a quiz which 20 or so people came to.
At each event Roger Carswell did a short gospel talk and invited people to find out more.  We are in the process of starting a student Alpha course run jointly between the CU and the Chaplaincy.
We have been blessed so much by God’s amazing grace.  He has provided for us in every way, in people power, finances, co-operation with the union, and sleep!  It was a fantastic week and as a CU we bonded really well in sharing the gospel with our friends and others on campus.  Please keep in your prayers the work of Christian Unions across the nation, and the work that they do to live and speak for Jesus in a student world.
Sarah Newton


Amongst their other responsibilities the Services Team is required to carry out an environmental audit of our premises and activities. As a consequence of this and spurred on by the high cost of energy (even after recent reductions), attention has been paid to improving the efficiency of the lighting systems in various parts of the buildings.

Progress to date is summarised as follows:-
Other than the high level flood lights, all of the Sanctuary & Foyer is now fitted with low energy lighting. This provides a reduction in consumption from 5kW/hr to 0.9KW/hr.
Note that the high level flood lights together continue to consume 3.5KW/hr.
The ladies & gents toilets have been fitted with mains voltage LED lamps at 1.5W each replacing the previous 12v 50W lamps; this yields a reduction in consumption from 1.2KW/hr to just 36W/hr. The lighting level seems adequate.
Tests in the circulating area proved the LED lamps were not bright enough. However miniature florescent lamps at 7W or 11W are now available.
These have been tried and judged satisfactory. They will be used to replace the 50W lamps and achieve a further energy saving of 500W/hour, without reducing overall illumination.
Work is continuing and comments will be appreciated.
John F Hastings.


Easter Monday Norwood Refreshment Day

We need support for both baking and helping to serve on the day, if you can assist with either of these could you please contact Pauline Dobson (baking) or Fred King (helping on the day). Monies raised will be split equally between Nepali Christian Relief Services through Paul & Sarah Wright and towards the refurbishment of our Church Foyer.

KAAZ (Kids at Ashfield Activity Zone)

The C.T.O. run monthly fun days continue to go well with 40 to 50 children attending each month and several parents staying in the coffee area. Have you got a particular skill or interest you could share with the children, if so please contact Susan Pullan or Fred King. (eg. Irene Greenwood has offered to do Bell Ringing one month). 

The Coffee Morning for Mission Without Borders raised £180. Thank you to all who supported. 

The Kings with the Wrights in Nepal – part 3

The Sunsari ‘Cluster group’ I visited with Paul and his assistant Suresh is in the eastern Terai, the narrow strip of lowland that runs the length of Nepal north of the Indian border. Our short flight was delayed due to fog (internal flights are not guided but rely on the pilots being able to see where they are going) but we did get glimpses of both Everest and Kanchenjunga. U.M.N. has moved from the direct running of projects to supporting Nepali N.G.O.s and giving technical advice, and have set up Cluster groups in 5 Districts. Sunsari has areas of dense population, and being on the East – West highway the main transport artery and there is also a link road to India, it has a considerable mobile population. A consequence of this is an HIV/AIDS problem and that is one of the cluster’s areas of work together with Education, Enterprise Development, and Women and Children. Being Paul’s first visit to Sunsari he ran an interactive session with the cluster staff so they would appreciate where disaster management might impact on their own work areas, and how they might integrate it in.
For our accommodation we were guests of Jan and Maaike a lovely Dutch couple who are working for U.M.N. at Sunsari and sponsored by Tear Fund. Walking through Hitahari to Jan and Maaika’s we bought 18 bananas for 23p, we also passed a Christian rickshaw repair shop who also hire out rickshaws each one of which has a cross painted on it. Being much lower than Kathmandu it was considerably warmer and although there is virtually no malaria in Nepal we slept under mosquito nets as there were mossies about. We were also warned to check the floor with a torch if we got up in the night as Maaike had once discovered a snake in their bedroom.!!
With Arjun the cluster leader, a Nepali Christian, we visited several N.G.O.s (Non Government Organisations) and also the Chief District Officer both to establish contacts and identify the main disaster problems. (Nepal is on an earthquake fault line but there are many other smaller situations that occur that can also be classed as disaster). The main disaster problems were identified – flooding, an annual event at monsoon time, some villagers have to move out every year – epidemics (cholera) due to poor sanitation – fire, cooking inside thatched roofed huts on open fires, which can easily spread from hut to hut. This is a common mishap throughout rural Nepal. The Red Cross is organised on a District basis, has junior and youth sections, assists neighbouring Districts and also responds internationally where it can.
One N.G.O. we visited was Ramganj Yuma Club working with the Moosha ethnic group who are annually affected by flooding which has actually been worse since an irrigation canal to improve crop growth was constructed, they also suffer giant hailstones piercing their thatched roofs. These people are some of the poorest in Nepal. We saw an enterprise project – women making stools, they make three a day and I was charged a Fair Trade price of 60p for one.
We returned to Kathmandu to a power cut. The British School Christmas Presentation was excellent, humorous and very colourful, each year did their own play, Jack was one of the Magi in his. For our final weekend we all went to Chitwan on a jungle safari, viewing one-horned rhinos from our elephant observation. Last morning we awoke to rain so we had to use umbrellas on our final elephant safari, but Jack and Sylvia took the sensible option of staying at the lodge. This had been a wonderful way to end a truly memorable visit.
Paul and Sarah very much appreciate the prayer support they receive.


William Wilberforce & John Newton lit a fire of righteous anger against Britain's slave trade. Actor Andrew Harrison portrays both men in a unique one-man play. Andrew Harrison tours ‘The Walk’ throughout 2007. The tour goes to Liverpool, Hull, Southwark, Bristol, the Houses of Parliament, Greater Manchester, the Methodist Conference, the Edinburgh Festival and the Cotswolds. For further details about these venues, or to be involved in hosting or organising performances, please contact Bible Society on 01793 418222 or to purchase a copy of ‘The Walk’ on DVD contact Bible Society as above.
Donation Fact:: It costs a £1,500 a week to keep ‘The Walk’ on the road and around £250 to take the show into a local school.

The Bible Sunday Resource pack ‘Chain Reaction’ can be used at any time of the year. It includes ‘The Unchanging Word’, a small group guidebook exploring the issues behind abolition. The rest of the pack looks at how the Bible sustained and informed the campaigners as they battled for their cause.


The April meeting is on Wednesday 18th April and is being held in the upstairs meeting room (Room 7) at Church. Our invited speaker for the evening is Andrew Edwards, who presents the BBC Radio Leeds breakfast show with Georgey Spanswick each weekday morning.

Andrew began broadcasting at Kingstown Hospital Radio in his hometown, Hull, making his professional radio debut as a sports reporter on Viking Radio. He started his career in journalism at the Hull Daily Mail, before joining the BBC as a trainee in 1989. He’s worked at BBC Radio Leeds since 1993 and began presenting the breakfast show fulltime two years later – twelve years of 3.30am alarm calls! Andrew is the holder of a Silver Sony award and was BT Radio News Broadcaster of the Year for the North East in 2000.

He lives in Leeds with his partner, BBC Look North reporter and presenter, Cathy Killick. They have a six-year-old daughter. Andrew enjoys running (he has completed the great North Run for the last two years), photography and singing (but not in public!), and has been chairman of Rawdon AOS. He combines his on air career with teaching radio journalism and spent six years lecturing at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

We hope as many 1812 members as possible can attend and would invite anyone else from Church to come along if they wish to do so. We feel it will be a very interesting evening.


At Pool we are getting used to the new sound system and loop. Our joint Anglican Methodist World day of Prayer service was at our church, and with the various speakers and readers, the system was very useful and put to full test. The Women’s Fellowship use the system in the Fellowship room, as have the Pool Parish Council at a recent Council meeting.
The system will be used again fully on Maundy Thursday from 10am to 12noon when we will have a joint village children’s Activity morning, with stories, arts and crafts, games and readings and conclude with a short children’s service. Once more we are going into Pool School to help with assemblies, one on the theme of Maundy Thursday is planned for the 29th March, others will follow in the Summer Term, and perhaps visits from different classes in the school to visit our church where they can see ‘the mice’ and glass altar tableaux of the last supper.
Our main event of April is the visit by the Wetherby Singers at 7.30pm on Saturday 21st, with an added display of work by the Pool Art Group. Tickets which include refreshments are priced at £3.50 for adults and £1 for children. (Please see advertisement above).


The Women’s Fellowship at Pool have been collecting for NCH. This past year and after a recent meeting when I spoke on the present work of NCH in the North East Region, the boxes were handed in for counting and a wonderful total of £163.55p was given to NCH. The Fellowship has agreed to support NCH again this coming year.
We have recently had two Store Collections at Morrison’s Yeadon, when £146.50p was raised and very recently at Morrison’s Guiseley.
At Circuit Meeting I distributed the “Welcome to NCH” booklets and collected many more old mobile phones and used computer ink cartridges, plus some old coins, so a trip to NCH Harrogate is due.
Thank you to everyone for your support. God Bless. 
Roger Bareham.



At the heart of Wesley’s great hymn, ‘And can it be?’ is the doctrine of Christ’s atoning death at Calvary. We are now looking at the next great event in Christ’s life, his resurrection. In the New Testament these two events do not simply follow one another in logical succession; rather Paul links them indissolubly in the redemption story. ‘He was delivered for our offences (the Cross) and raised again (the Resurrection) for our justification’ (Romans 4:25). Charles Wesley does likewise in his glorious Easter anthem.

Christ the Lord is risen today! 
Sons of men and angels say.
Raise your songs and triumph high,
Sing, ye heavens, thou earth reply.

Charles wrote the hymn in 1739, a year after his Pentecost Sunday evangelical conversion, and the year in which he began his open-air preaching. Like all his hymns that followed in the next four decades, this hymn is full of New Testament references and allusions. A great stone was rolled into the opening of the grave where Jesus was laid, and as Matthew records, the Jewish authorities ‘made the tomb secure, sealing the stone and setting a guard’ (27:66). But all to no purpose! Christ, the Lord of Life, could not be imprisoned by death!

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal
Christ hath burst the gates of hell.
Death in vain forbids Him rise
Christ hath opened Paradise!

The NT teaches that Christ’s resurrection was the Father’s seal of approval on his obedient life and atoning death. His resurrection was the proof that he was indeed Jesus Christ the Lord, as Paul argues in Romans 1:4. ‘Declared to be the Son of God….by the resurrection from the dead’. Charles Wesley works these great salvation truths into this verse. ‘Love’s redeeming work is done’. ‘Once He died our souls to save’. ‘Lives again our glorious King’. ‘Where, O death, is now they sting?’ ‘Second life we all receive’. ‘In our Heavenly Adam live’. As our Lord promised his disciples long ago – and still promises us, ‘Because I live, you will also live’ (John 14:19)
The Resurrection of Christ, viewed as a historical fact, is only part of the NT teaching. His conquest of death he now shares with all his people. Christians are the people of the Resurrection! We are now ‘made alive with Christ;’ ‘raised up with him’, and already seated ‘in heavenly places’. (Ephesians 1:4-6). Charles Wesley takes up this great theme of how believers share in their Lord’s resurrection power.

Risen with him we upward move 
Still we seek the things above…..
Soar we now where Christ hath led 
Following our exalted Head.
Made like him, like him we rise
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies.

Christ has conquered hell! Death has lost its sting! The grave is spoiled! What a Saviour! What a gospel! What a glorious hope!
Dr. H B McGonigle.


Dorothy & Geoff Adamson wish to thank all their friends for the Condolences and various kinds of sympathy received following the death of their youngest son Richard. Your prayers and support have been much appreciated through this very difficult time.

We send our love & continue to uphold Dorothy and Geoff in our prayers.

We offer our Condolences to Alice Mutch on the recent loss of her grandson. We remember Alice in our prayers.

We offer our Congratulations to Mabel Andrews who recently celebrated her 80th Birthday and send kind wishes from the church family.


With the exception of Good Friday the Friday Shoppers Service at 10-10.30am will continue throughout April  Anyone most welcome

Saturday Coffee mornings continue through April 10-12noon – Any offers of help to Betty or Margaret please

Sun   1 Palm Sunday
10.30am Worship Led by Rev A Newton

Mon  2
Holy Week Afternoon Fellowship Service at Teal Beck
7.30pm ‘Journey to the Cross’ at the Bridge church – also on
Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening at the Bridge church.

Thu   5 Maundy Thursday

7.30pm ‘Journey to the Cross’ & Communion at The Bridge Church

11am Service with URC friends in the Wesley Hall
‘Journey to the Cross’ also at 7.30pm at the URC ‘Journey to the Cross’

Sat   7 Holy Saturday
8am Prayer Breakfast hosted by New Life at the Salvation Army
7.30pm at URC ‘Journey to the Cross’

7am Service at the Chevin Cross
8.30am Communion led by Rev A Newton followed by Breakfast
10.30am Easter Morning Worship led by Rev K Reed with Communion – this is also a Church Family Parade Service with presentation for Focus Easter front.
6pm Circuit Service at Guiseley

Mon  9 Easter Monday
Refreshment Day at Norwood.

Fri  13
10-noon Coffee Morning for Bridge Church Venture Scout Stuart Andrew to raise cash for Scouts going to Nepal for their Centenary Celebrations

Mon 16
2.30pm Afternoon Fellowship Primitive Methodists in Otley J.Calverley

Tue  17
1.30pm Focus Team Meeting @ 23a Prince Henry’s Road

Wed 18
7pm Church Prayers in the Vestry anyone welcome

7.30pm 1812 Group Andrew Edwards of Radio Leeds anyone welcome

Thu 19
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers
7.30pm Worship Consultation Meeting

Fri   20
10-noon Coffee Morning for Mission Without Borders

Sat   21
Cross down from the Chevin – all help appreciated
7.30pm Wetherby Light Music Singers @ Pool Methodist Church

Sun 22
10.30am Morning Worship led by Rev A Newton

Mon 23 St. George’s Day.
2.30pm Afternoon Fellowship Christian Aid Meeting @ URC

Thu  26
1.30-2.45pm Toddlers

Fri   27
10-noon Coffee morning for Fitness over 55’s

Sun  29
10.30am Morning Worship led by Mrs Susan Pullan
6pm United Service led by Rev A Newton with URC members

Mon 30
2.30pm Afternoon Fellowship A Wesley Hymn Sing