For Otley Methodist Church

August 2007




Dear Friends,
It has been a considerable privilege to serve you as Chair of the Leeds District for the past thirteen years. I can still recall my sense of surprise at being appointed and the very steep learning curve I went through in the first few months of transition from circuit ministry!
There have been many changes in the Leeds District during my time here and I seem to have been involved in most of them. I have had the joy of sharing in hopes and dreams which, by God’s grace, have borne fruit and moved the mission of the Church along in significant ways. I have also been part of some difficult situations where human weaknesses or lack of resources have meant that we have not been able to progress as we had hoped. Above all, I will take with me memories of working with some wonderful people, Methodists and ecumenical partners, lay and ordained. It is when we have grasped opportunities and faced problems together that we have known the reality of God’s Spirit moving amongst us. None of us can exercise ministry in isolation, God’s work is always done in partnership. When we learn that, progress can be made.
Thirteen years is quite a long time to be in post. Although I still have energy and enthusiasm for this work the District needs fresh ideas and direction. I know you will receive these from my successor the Revd Dr Liz Smith and I warmly commend her to you. And I need some new challenges, which will undoubtedly come my way as Superintendent of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Circuit. I look forward to them! God  bless and keep you all.


Dear Friends,
It is good to have the opportunity to share a few thoughts with you in advance of our move to the Otley and Aireborough Circuit in August. Jean and myself are both children of the manse and so throughout our lives we have become accustomed to the itinerant lifestyle. That is not to say that moving is not without its problems! We all know that moving house and living in a new area can be a difficult experience and so we would value the thoughts and prayers of the church community at a time of change.
This time we shall be sharing the experience with our newly adopted daughter Chloe who is two and half years old. She was placed with us on Thursday 3rd May and she has brought us great joy and happiness. She is full of life and character and shows great resilience, particularly when you consider all the changes she has experienced in her short life. Moving to Otley will be one more change which no doubt she will take in her stride.
We are looking forward to moving to Otley and recognize what a beautiful part of the world you live in and it will be a real privilege to share that experience with you as a church community. We have travelled through the town many times on the way to holidays in the Yorkshire Dales, but we never imagined a time when we might be living and working there. Sometimes God moves in mysterious ways!
Throughout her professional life my wife Jean has been a fully trained paediatric and emergency nurse and has often been at the sharp end of things in local Accident and Emergency Departments. I have no doubt that once settled Jean will be looking round for work of some kind that fits round family life, but it may be in a different capacity and a different context. She will also be looking for a good choir, as her life-long passion is singing and she has been a member of the Ramsey Choral Society in recent years. She knows she is moving to an area with a good tradition of singing and music!
Our move to Otley represents my third appointment, having served in Long Eaton & Peterborough and I will be resuming my responsibilities as Superintendent of the Circuit in which I am placed. Although we are living in difficult times, when the church finds itself increasingly marginalized in a secular society, I passionately believe in the importance of belonging to a Christian community. It is important for us to have a discernible place in which we can gather with others to celebrate the love of God and be empowered to live out our faith in the world. The church is the ‘body of Christ’ as Paul says in the New Testament, for that reason it is a community of grace in which a group of people hold themselves accountable to God for their ongoing formation as Christian disciples. Within that community we travel together as pilgrims, sharing our joys and sorrows, our hopes and disappointments, our experiences of life and death, knowing that the God revealed to us in Jesus and in the life-giving presence of the Spirit is with us. This of course echoes the words of Christ to his disciples at the end of Matthew’s gospel,
‘And lo, I will be with you always until the end of the age’
See you soon, Every Blessing, Julian, Jean and Chloe.


On behalf of the church family and all the stewards, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Alistair, Carol, Sarah & Tim for all that they have given over the last ten years. Alistair’s ministry among us in Otley and Pool has been an enormous blessing, as has his whole family. We thank God for Alistair’s time and talents, which he has freely offered in service to God and we pray a special blessing upon them as they embrace the change that awaits them as they move to Baildon.
With heartfelt thanks, Jill Pullan, Senior Steward.

Once again David and myself would like to thank everyone for their prayers, support, good wishes and friendship during my recent stay in hospital. We very much appreciate your continued love and kindness. Thank you. God Bless.
Pam and David Pears.

From Edward & Myrle Brear. We would like to thank, most sincerely, our friends in the Church Fellowship for their prayers, enquiries, letters and cards during Edward’s recent stay in hospital, and on-going recuperation. Especial thanks to Alistair for his visits, and to Florence & Alan Moore for taking Myrle to see Edward, and for visiting at home. It is all deeply appreciated.

Mary Simpson would like to say Thank You for all cards, phone calls, and messages of concern, following the death of her daughter Louise. They were all greatly appreciated. 

THE FOCUS TEAM wish to acknowledge with grateful thanks the kind donations amounting to £19 given to help with the production costs of Focus.

Please remember to share your copy with friends and neighbours. Please also note items for inclusion in the September issue should reach Mrs Joan Monte by Sunday 19th August, ready for the Focus Team meeting on MONDAY 20th August. Items for the October issue should reach Mrs Monte by Sunday 16th September ready for the Team meeting on TUESDAY 18th September.

We offer our Congratulations to Miss Sarah Newton who has gained a 2:1 degree in English Literature. We wish her every blessing as she continues her studies at Leeds University. WELL DONE SARAH.

We offer our Condolences to Mr Malcolm Smith on the death of his wife Doris. You are remembered in our prayers.

Please also remember in your prayers Alistair and family as they move into the Manse at Baildon and our new Minister Julian and family as they too settle into the Manse here in Otley.

We hold in our prayers all who are coming to terms with loss, illness, or awaiting hospital results, or indeed are ill in hospital, not forgetting those who look after loved ones at home or those who are in care homes.

We pray that those who are awaiting results of examinations are not disappointed by them. We pray for those who will be facing new challenges in their education and for our young people that God will keep them safe in His loving care.

We pray for travel mercies for all who may be going away on holiday, and for those who feel lonely at holiday times.

We pray for better summer weather and for all who have endured the floods and damage to their homes and lands. May God be with you all.

In Memoriam. 

Ruth Bell Graham passed away on Thursday 14th June 2007. We thank God for her life and work. Please remember Dr Graham and the family in your prayers. A 40,000 ft. square Library depicting the life of Evangelist Billy Graham has been opened in Charlotte, USA. The Library is designed to resemble a barn recalling Billy Graham’s childhood on the family dairy farm in Charlotte. The home place where Billy Graham grew up has been re-located adjacent to the Library so visitors can walk through virtually the same house that sat on the Charlotte dairy farm. The Library highlights the continuing work of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Graham was a pioneer in utilising media and publishing for Ministry. There are also displays showing Ruth Bell Graham’s home life, her adventures as a missionary’s daughter in China and her life time devotion to Christ and her family. Visitors can enter the Library through the building’s focal point – a 40 foot-high glass cross.
Dr Graham has done the “work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5) throughout his life, calling people to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ. His message has never changed, and God has honoured the preaching of His Word.


Out of the Ordinary tour ’07
7.30pm Friday 28th September at Harrogate International Centre
Tickets £10.00 Book on line:
Box Office 0845 130 8840
More info: Mark McKnight 01423 507527

Leeds Methodist Choir
Invite You
Come & Sing with them!

 Have you enjoyed choral singing in the past? Or always wanted to give it a go?
Are you free on Tuesday evenings in Spring & Summer?
Would you like to perform on stage in the Town Hall?
Leeds Methodist Choir would like to welcome new singers for the 2007 season
There is no need to be a Methodist nor a need to attend a church of any denomination. 
You won’t need to audition and you won’t need to memorise the music – we sing from copies.
Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays from 7.30pm-9pm at Oxford Place
We will be working towards the performance of Rossini’s Petite Messe Solenelle 
and a group of opera choruses that we will perform on Wednesday 3rd October
Annual subscription £27.50 (which includes music hire)
For more info: or ring 0113 2785921 or email

Come on now, you know you’re fed up of all those makeovers & reality shows on TV. 
Come & have some fun with us – the members of Leeds Meths.Choir.  



Come & join a group from Otley Methodist Church to see and hear
this spectacular musical on Tuesday 18th September at 7.15pm  
Enjoy free entry to Harewood’s Adventure Playground, Bird Garden &
Grounds anytime during that day on presentation of your ticket  

ook through Louise Bullen before 31st August  
Call 0113 218 1013 daytime or 0113 284 3888 evenings


Finding a Bible led a Hindu prisoner to finding Christ, according to a remarkable report from a prison chaplain. “It was the end of a long day and I was feeling tired and irritable”, said the chaplain. Arriving at the inmate’s room just before the daily lock-up, she had found him some incense sticks. “I don’t want them”, came his shock reply. The Hindu said he had found a Bible, read it and wanted to be a Christian. “Is it alright to make up my own prayers”, he said. Not surprisingly, the chaplain was stunned into silence. She rushed back into the office for a registration form, which would allow him to go to religious services.
He has been attending chapel ever since.


A time to say THANK YOU for support for various Missions events, Pauline Dobson’s Strawberry Tea raised £320 for Mission Without Borders. With terrible weather leading up to the day the afternoon was pretty fine with people managing to sit out in Pauline & Bob’s garden.
The Missions Coffee Morning in July raised £130.
Most Missionary Collecting Boxes have been handed in recently for counting. Over the passed 12 months this method of donating to World & Home Missions has amounted to £360. If anyone would like to take a box to help you “store” your loose change please see Gill Chaplin or Fred King.

The Circuit Missions Walk will have raised £220 when all the monies promised are collected. With all the recent wet weather some slight variations to the route had to be made to avoid flooded fields and submerged stepping stones. Undeterred by the weather 12 hardy walkers (including 3 children) from 4 churches within the circuit set off from the Bingley Road towards Sconce Lane and the edge of Baildon Moor. Dropping down to cross Gill Beck (by a footbridge) we then climbed up to Hawksworth where friends from the chapel provided us with a warm drink. Shortly after lunch the two walks were due to split with the shorter walk returning via Riva Reservoir to the cars whilst the longer walk continued to Menston & Burley Woodhead before cutting back along the edge of Hawksworth Moor to Bingley Road. When it came to the point of splitting into the two walks everyone opted for the longer walk, including Adam aged 9, Megan and Emily both only 6. All three of them walked extremely well. When we reached Burley Woodhead the children & their parents left the rest of the group to walk back to Burley but only after they had been convinced that the distance back to Burley was the same as completing the organised walk. They had been dropped off at the start point so it saved calling transport out and so reduced their carbon footprint. The weather improved as the walk progressed finishing in glorious sunshine, and gave great views across to Hawksworth from Baildon Moor, Baildon from Hawksworth, and the Wharfe valley as we climbed out of Hawksworth.
Frequently there are vacant coffee mornings in August so we are taking up one of these on Friday 10th August for Sahara Children’s Home in Kathmandu to help towards extending their kitchen. FRED KING.


After Alistair’s last Parade Service on 8th July, 56 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, parents and leaders boarded a coach for Forbidden Corner at Coverham, Wensleydale. The coach left immediately after the service, lunch being delayed until we got there to lessen the chance of travel sickness, and although the bucket was called for it wasn’t actually used. Set in the grounds of Tupgill Park Estate, Forbidden Corner is a giant maze with not only wooded paths but also underground passages leading to chambers with several exits. There are some 24 “objects” to try and locate around the grounds, some groups managed to find most of them whilst others just enjoyed wandering about and trying not to get too lost. Considering the extremely wet weather of previous weeks and even travelling through a heavy shower we were blessed with fine weather, but keeping dry was an impossibility for some of the lads as they got wet at every water hazard they encountered. The adults were far more successful at keeping dry, and though most of the lads enjoyed exploring the underground chambers some of the parents were much happier out in daylight and had no intention of squeezing through some of the narrow gaps. All had an excellent afternoon, and we didn’t manage to loose anyone permanently (I think the leaders had mixed feelings about that). Fred King.   

‘A BRAND PICKED OUT OF THE FIRE’ Zechariah Ch.3v12  

Included in the quarterly magazine of the Trinitarian Bible Society is an account of a wonderful miracle, which God accomplished in answer to prayer. The T.B.S. publishes and distributes the Holy Scriptures throughout the world in many languages. They also help fellow believers where they can to become established in the truth. In Australia it is actively involved with the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship Bible College. This began in 1985 and is now situated in Forrestdale, some 15 kilometres south-west of Perth in a partly rural area. At this point in time they are building a new lecture and administration block for up to 70 students to study at the Bible College. This is a big outlay financially. All was progressing well until – and I now quote the article directly from the magazine – “On the front page of many newspapers in February was a report of the extensive bush fire we had. The fire which was deliberately lit by an arsonist burnt for three days. All the residents of the area had to evacuate, including those from the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship Bible College. At 2.00am, the college staff and students stood at a safe distance praying that the Lord would spare the college. As the fire went straight through their entire property their hearts failed them. ‘Not our will but thine be done’, they prayed, knowing that everything must have been burnt; nothing could possibly survive that raging fire. 
The next morning they were allowed to return to see what was left. To their great joy, not a building, not a vehicle, not any of the college equipment was damaged. The lawns were still green, the flowers in the garden were still colourful, and although trees all around were burnt, one group of trees behind the swimming pool was untouched. Everything that did  not matter was burnt out, but everything of importance was spared. God controlled the spread of the fire around the property; an immediate answer to prayer!”
I thought when I read this, what a wonderful testimony to God’s almighty power, and His loving care in answering prayer for something beyond the ability of man to cope with. The word of God to Abraham came to mind in Genesis Ch.18 v 14, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” The answer is no.
Keith L Rawling.


Members of our church had travelled to join other friends and family to share in the joyful occasion of seeing an Otley Methodist Church ‘old boy’, Rev Dr Martyn Atkins handed John Wesley’s Field Bible by the outgoing President of Conference, the Rev Graham Carter. It certainly was a moment of ‘Great Expectations”. Also a moment of great pride to all who knew Martyn. There was a moving moment when The Rev Jeffrey Sharp, one time Minister at our church, enjoyed a few minutes being seated in Wesley’s chair at the invitation of the new President, The Rev Dr Martyn Atkins.
In his inaugural address Martyn spoke of his privilege of being elected to Wesley’s chair and of the love and support he has received from many people during his life and ministry to the present day. Martyn spoke of renewal, evangelism, mission and community ministry and fresh expressions of church. In his closing words he said, “Amid all our tiredness and jadedness are winds of change, senses of divinely inspired discontent and promise. We are in a kairos time of transition when the possibilities of further decline and possible extinction or deep renewal both lie open to us. The clock on the wall marks time and we wonder if our work is done. It is not. God’s call to us continues. The Spirit beckons us to follow. The Spirit says it is time. Amen.”

Through our Focus pages we send our Love, Greetings and Congratulations to Martyn and family, also to the new Vice-President Ruby Beech. Please remember them both in your prayers as they begin their year of office.

On Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September 2007.

On the Saturday we will be joining with our friends from the Parish Church for a Harvest celebration of God’s goodness to us. The event will be held at our church from 6pm-8pm. We will be sharing in a Harvest meal, there will be table games and a quiz, as well as our first ever Harvest ‘Wheat Drive’ (it’s like a Beetle Drive but at Harvest time). Tickets for this event will be available from the stewards from 1st September, priced at Adults £2 Children £1 Family £5.
We will decorate the church with flowers which may be brought to the church on Thursday evening (27th) or early Friday morning (28th) for the ladies to arrange. Any gifts can also be left then or brought on the Sunday morning. The flowers will be available for distribution to the sick and elderly after the Sunday morning service and any help with this will be appreciated.
Our Harvest Festival celebrations will continue with services being held in both the Methodist and the Parish Church on Sunday morning 30th Sept. In our church we shall have a collection of tinned and dried goods which will go as in previous years to Caring for Life in Cookridge. Envelopes will also be available for monetary gifts to the Methodist Relief & Development Fund, if you wish to give in this way instead. Please feel free to donate as you feel led. All these gifts have been greatly appreciated by the recipients in previous years. Waitrose have also donated dried and tinned goods and we are hopping that they will be kind enough to do so again.
On the Sunday evening, we will be having a joint service at the Parish Church to continue our celebrations of God’s goodness and also to think about how we can share His goodness and care for the poor. There will be an offering for charity.
Our Harvest Festival morning service will also include ‘Back to Church Sunday’ – see below for full details:- 

Back to Church Sunday

On Sunday 30th Sept 

We will be participating in a national event entitled ‘Back to Church Sunday’
This date falls on our Harvest Festival. During September we will be encouraging many people who once attended church to ‘Come Back’. This will be by means of personal invitation and leaflets. Please read September’s Focus and Notice Sheet for further details nearer the time.


On Saturday 1st September we will be having ‘Open Church’ from 4pm-6pm to welcome our new minister and his family – Rev Julian Pursehouse and his wife Jean and their daughter Chloe. The invitation is open to all those who would like to call in for light refreshments. This informal and friendly welcome will take place in the Wesley Hall. Please put this date in your diary and come and join us to give Julian and his family a real Yorkshire welcome. If you would like transport to be arranged please contact Jill Pullan on 01943 872615.  


The Circuit Service to formally welcome our new Minister will be held at church on Sunday 2nd September at 6pm. Refreshments will be available after the service. Please do try and support this wonderful occasion.

Administration Support for our new Minister

Our new Minister, Rev Julian Pursehouse will also be our new Circuit Superintendent Minister. We are hoping to be able to support Julian by providing administration support. We are extremely grateful for an offer already received for one morning per week. We would ask that you prayerfully consider this matter and if you feel you may be able to help in this way or would like further details, please contact Jill Pullan on 01932 872615.


We are still seeking to appoint at least two new leaders in Discoverers. Please continue to remember this need in your prayers. Please contact Howard Chaplin if you feel you may be able to assist either full or part time.
Will you please make a note in your diaries that Discoverers will not meet in August. This is because of holidays for both staff and children. Also note that the children will not go to classes on Sunday the 29th July which is Alistair’s final service. Howard Chaplin.

Tea persons
for Toddlers
as a few vacancies have occurred.

Every 3rd Thursday afternoon from 1.50pm for about half an hour. Duties are pouring the much required cup of tea and washing up and supervising behaviour in the Tea Room. If more people volunteer the Rota may be longer than 3 weeks.
ALSO WANTED.. Card for craft work needed, any colour, various thicknesses.  Paper also needed but not as urgent.
For both above please ring or see Christine 463878 or Maggie 466742 or ring Pre-School 077768876808 Mon-Fri 8.30-12.15pm or Thursday 1.30-3pm.  Maggie Wilkinson – Assistant Pre-School Leader.


One of the more interesting findings in the 2005 English Church Census was that a third, 34%, of churches in England grew in the period 1998 to 2005. That’s about 13,000 growing churches.
It is considerably more than the 21% of churches which grew between 1989 and 1998 – some 8,000 in total. 5,000 more growing churches must be good news!
The 34% varied by denomination. Some, like the Church of England at 36% were very similar, and some, like the Roman Catholics and Methodists much less (at 23% and 25% respectively). One denomination, the Pentecostals, saw over half, 51%, of its churches growing in the period, the next nearest being the New Churches (or House Churches) with 44%.
However, when it is asked, “Why are these churches growing?” the answers are less favourable. Most are growing because people are leaving the declining churches and joining the growing congregations (what is sometimes called transfer growth or “Shifting the chairs on the Titanic”). While of course some people are coming to the faith, and perhaps more so in growing churches, the plain fact if that overall there are more deaths than conversions.
By Dr Peter Brierley, former Executive Director, Christian Research.  

Derry Brabbs

We again bring to your notice the Lecture by Derry Brabbs on Saturday 13th October – the internationally famous photographer. See full details in last month’s issue of Focus.

His lecture will feature two halves, one being the journey and photographs of the Pilgrim Routes to Santiago de Compostella and the second compilation entitled Dales & Lakes featuring some of best photographs from the Herriot and Wainwright books.

The cost of tickets are £6 for Adults & £5 for concessions. Tickets now available, offered on a “first come, first served” basis. Demand will be high so book early. Contact David Burland - Church Life chairman on 466884

OK, OK, 
but some folk have to think about it early

depicting trees from around the world

At the Church Life committee the subject of Christmas Windows was discussed and this year we would like to decorate these on the theme of “Christmas Trees around the World”, incorporating different types of trees used by different countries at Christmas.
We are asking for volunteers to decorate the windows on this theme (plenty of early notice for you to get your ideas for designs together and plan your trees).
We plan to have the illuminated Nativity scene in the Foyer again, with Mary and Joseph seen journeying on one side of the Foyer windows to the Stable, with a new figure, an angel guarding over them. On the opposite side will be two shepherds (mannequins kindly donated from M&S Owlcoates), and their sheep. In the centre will be arranged the stable and some new animals, plus a new model of the Inn Keeper. On Christmas Eve Mary & Joseph will be in the stable but on Christmas morning baby Jesus will appear in the manager.
We would like to open the church on Saturday 1st December from 10-12noon and the following Advent Saturdays so that we may invite the community to view the church and have Carols being played. We would like to offer Christmas refreshments at the Saturday Coffee Mornings.
We need volunteers therefore a) 2 people each on Saturday mornings to be in the church/Foyer to welcome folk and direct them through to refreshments, b) helpers at the Coffee Morning & c) offers to bake mince pies and/or a Christmas cake for cutting into slices or make Christmas biscuits.
The Church Christmas tree will be put up on 6th December but will only be decorated with white lights until Sunday 15th December when we are asking all organisations within the church to decorate it as a “Christmond” Tree with various white decorations. Details of these will be given to the Uniformed and Youth Leaders in September in order that they can plan a week or couple of weeks in their programmes at the end of November to make these. They will then be hung on the tree at the Parade Service on 15th December.
Please give your name to David Burland if you are willing to help to make this idea of a Christmas Tree Festival a real success – it depends on us all. Maybe we will be able to bring the true meaning of Christmas through the Festival to a lot of people in Otley.

David is waiting for his phone to ring with your offer of help NOW- Ring him on 466884.   

Is Your Church a Safe place for children & young people?
Wednesday 12th September at Guiseley Methodist Church 7.30pm
An update on Safeguarding awareness & practice – sessions suitable for:-
All workers involved in children’s and young people’s activities
Members of Safeguarding groups and/or person/s responsible for procedures and documentation
Church Stewards and Church Council members
Anyone who is interested in maintaining the safety & welfare of children, young people and their workers.
The session will be led by Hilary Murden (District Safeguarding Adviser) 01943 876930 & Christine King (District Group member) 

Top Shelf Campaign

Claire Curtis-Thomas, MP for Crosby, has launched a campaign to protect young children from exposure to sexually explicit material. Magazines such as Zoo or Nuts and newspapers like the Daily & Sunday Sport are often easily available in newsagents, and sit alongside comics or with easy reach of children. If you want to take action to call for these kinds of publications to be put out of reach of children, write to your MP and the manager of your newsagents.
To learn more about the campaign visit:

Otley Parish Church

Stephanie & Paul Luxton are pleased to announce the commencement of the 3rd running of the Marriage Course on September 4th here in Otley.  
The course has been a real enrichment time for many happy marriages who have enjoyed a relaxed romantic atmosphere alone together for the evening.
Your support in talking about this course would be very much appreciated as  they go town wide. Whilst the course is based on Christian principles couples are welcome with or without a church background. Many couples who are not churchgoers have enjoyed and been benefited from the course.
The course consists of 7 evenings at a candlelit dinner at tables for two, then a DVD talk with an opportunity to discuss the talk together as a couple while music is being played to keep the conversation private. They have had a very positive feed back and amongst them especially from men who have found it very unobtrusive with privacy respected. They have received many positive comments about how the course has enriched relationships.
They are grateful to Churches Together in Otley who are sponsoring and supporting them fully with this ministry to the whole town. Also you may be surprised to know that they have a team of 15 helpers that either cook or serve on the evening and do so for no more than twice during the course. If any more volunteers  would like to serve marriage in this way, would they please phone Stephanie or Paul below;  they are so grateful to all their helpers.
The website is and this gives more information.

Stephanie & Paul Luxton are happy to answer any questions and chat about the course, just phone them on 01943 463922

 Can you find the BOOKS OF THE BIBLE?

There are 30 books of the Bible in this paragraph. Can you find them?

This is a most remarkable puzzle. It was found by a gentleman in an airplane seat pocket, on a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, keeping him occupied for hours. He enjoyed it so much, that he passed it on to some friends. One friend from Illinois worked on this while fishing from his john-boat. Another friend studied it while playing his banjo. Elaine Taylor, a columnist friend, was so intrigued by it she mentioned it in her weekly newspaper column. Another friend judges the job of solving this puzzle so involving, that she brews a cup of tea to help her nerves! There will be some names that are really easy to spot. That’s a fact. Some people, however, will soon find themselves in a jam, especially since the books are not necessarily capitalized. Truthfully, from answers we get, we are forced to admit it usually takes a minister or scholar to see some of them at the worst. Research has shown that something in our genes is responsible for the difficulty we have in seeing the books in this paragraph. During a recent fund-raising event, which featured this puzzle, the Alpha Delta Phi-Lemonade booth set a new sales record. The local paper, The Chronicle, surveyed over 200 patrons who reported that this puzzle was one of the most difficult they had ever seen. As Daniel Humana humbly puts it “The books are all right here in plain view hidden from sight”. Those able to find all of them will hear great lamentations from those who have to be shown. One revelation that may help is that the books Timothy and Samuel may occur without their numbers. Also, keep in mind, that punctuation and spaces in the middle are normal. A chipper attitude will help you compete really well against those who claim to know the answers. Remember, there is no need for a mad exodus. There really are 30 books of the Bible lurking somewhere in this paragraph waiting to be found.

With thanks for this article from Hilda Pickard from Pool Church.  


The Friday Shoppers Service 10-10.30am will continue throughout August
Saturday Morning Coffee 10-noon will also continue

1 Wed  
7.15pm Service Team Meeting

3 Fri     
10-noon Coffee Morning for Flower Ministry

4 Sat     
8am Prayer Breakfast @ OMC-Society of Friends

5 Sun 
10.30am Morning Worship Mr D Tate
10.30am @ Pool M.Church Morning Worship Mrs J Bosomworth

10 Fri    
10-noon Coffee Morning for Missions (Nepal Orphanage)

11 Sun 
10.30am Morning Worship Mr D O’Donnell
10.30am @ Timble M.Church Morning Worship Mr M Dock

15 Wed 
7.30pm Publicity Meeting @ 23a Prince Henry’s Road

17 Fri
10-noon Coffee Morning for the Historical Society

19 Sun            
10.30am Morning Worship Mr N Revis
10.30am @ Pool Mrs L Hurst
FOCUS ITEMS to Mrs Joan Monte please

20 Mon  
1.30pm Focus Team Meeting @ 4 Riverside Avenue

21 Tues Blood Donors in Wesley Hall

24 Fri    
10-noon Coffee Morning for Cookridge Methodist Church

26 Sun
10.30am Morning Worship Mrs V Morrissey
10.30am @ Pool M.Church Rev F Spandler (Communion)

28 Tue  
7.30pm Welcome Service for Rev Liz Smith New District Chairman @ Batley Central Church

31 Fri    
10-noon Coffee Morning for Over 55’s Fitness Club


1 Sat     
8am Prayer Breakfast Venue to be announced 
4-6pm Open Church Welcome to Rev J Pursehouse & family

2 Sun     
10.30am Morning Worship & Communion Rev J Pursehouse
6pm Circuit Welcome Service for Rev J Pursehouse, Preacher Rev L Smith 

5 Wed  
7.30pm Local Preachers Meeting @ Guiseley

12 Wed 
7.30pm Safeguarding Children Meeting @ Guiseley

13 Thu  
7.30pm Stewards Meeting @ Jill & Howard’s Home

16 Sun  FOCUS ITEMS to Mrs Joan Monte please

17 Mon  
7.30pm Circuit Meeting @ Yeadon

Focus Team Meeting @ 4 Riverside Avenue

19 Wed 
8pm Wardens/Stewards Meeting @ O.M.C.

20 Thu  
7.30pm Pastoral Meeting

1 Fri    
10-noon Coffee Morning for Missions

24 Mon  
2.30pm Afternoon Fellowship Rev J Pursehouse (Communion)

27 Thu  
7.30pm Worship Consultation Meeting