Chronos (Time), Hydor (Water) and Mneme (Memory) are integral components of my imagery. My visual language and inspiration are derived from the essence of change and mood of the seas & skies and their intimate relationship with the horizon. Focusing on the memory of the image than rather the image itself, I explore the essence of a single moment and its relationship with time,space and serenity, giving the viewer a glimpse into a world offering emotional solace.

Born at the foothills of Mt Pelion on the east coast of Greece, my work has assumed a fundamental association with the most formative memories of my childhood." As a child I would sit for hours breathing the essence of the sea feasting my eyes on infinite horizons where mysteries and apprehensions, hope & beliefs would make my mind wonder, seeking the solace of a new beginning....."

I relay my emotions and experiences on to canvas with a rhythmic and energetic yet serene manner, exploring and experimenting with texture and media creating a contemporary and abstract representation of seascapes & endless horizons. Going beyond mere nostalgia but encouraging the viewer to share the sentiment and theme of the painting while allowing them to create their own level of intimacy with the image according to their emotions and memories.