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I have too many hobbies and will be detailing some of the progress I make as time goes by.

Engineering: I like making swarf in my Workshop! I was lucky enough to be taught how to use a lathe when I was at college, unfortunately this was a long time ago so I've forgotten a great deal. I bought a Myford ML10 about 6 years ago played around with it a bit and then upgraded to a circa 1969 Myford Super 7B a couple of years ago and have been slowly improving since then. I bought a Dore-Westbury Mk 2 milling machine at the same time which has proved to be perfect for Model Engineering. After a while I needed something more than Workshop projects so started on ....

Live Steam: I'm currently building a Hunslet 4-6-0 Narrow Gauge Steam Loco. This Engine was originally built to haul munitions and supplies to the trenches in the Great War. The model is made to run on 3.5" gauge. The drawings I'm using were published in Model Engineer magazine in 1982-84, drawn by Robin Dyer. He called the engine "Spencer". I'm documenting the build on-line as much to remind myself what I did as anything though I hope the machining setups might be useful for others. See my build notes

Live Steam: I'm an active member of my local Model Engineering Club - North West Leicestershire Society of Model Engineers See my contact page for the details.

Casting: I've bought a Kasenit Gas fired Furnace which I've converted to use Propane. I still haven't cast anything yet but hope to have a go at green sand casting this summer. See Kasenit Info

Pattern making: I've made some patterns for the Gingery Atkinson Cycle Engine. I hope to cast some Aluminiumparts for this.

Collecting: Magazines "Model Engineer" and "Model Engineers Workshop" Note really a hobby but a great store of information.

Comments? Let me know what you think of my website. Your emails do spur me on to make more pages!

Whats NEW!


See Spencer on the NWLSME stand at the Midlands Model Engineering Show this weekend.


I've added a links page links page to keep Phill Grant in Australia happy! (thanks for your email Phill)


I've added another page on Boiler Making (part 7) for Spencer, which covers Making the Firehole Ring, Attaching the Firehole, Attaching the boiler Bushes, Attaching the Girder Crown Stays, Assembling the rear of the firebox and Attaching smoke tubes to firebox..


I've added another page on Boiler Making (part 6) for Spencer, which covers Making the Firehole Ring, Fitting the Backhead Stays, Boring out the large holes in the backhead, Tapping the regulator bush and Fitting Outer Wrapper.


I've added another page on Boiler Making (part 5) for Spencer, which covers more boiler bushes and fitting the dome bush.


I've added another page on Boiler Making (part 4) for Spencer, which covers the boiler bushes.


I've added another page on Boiler Making (part 3) for Spencer, with the Throatplate and barrel coming together.


I've added another page on Boiler Making (part 2) for Spencer, now the girder stays are complete.


A bit more progress on the boiler for Spencer


I've been teaching myself Silver Soldering


After quite a bit of faffing around I've finished flanging the boiler plates for Spencer


I've machined the Driving and Coupled Wheels! for Spencer.

I've added a page with some info on my Kasenit Gas fired Furnace as this seems to be the search which is hitting my home page most often!


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