Homemade Puzzles

Some of the videos I make, when I’m not making boxes.  Click on an image to play that video.

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Me Me

Ever found that you’re talking to yourself?

Beamish Tram Efx

Playing around with

some tram shots.

Always on my Mind

Can’t get that music out

of your head?


What do you do, when

there’s no more work to do?

The Meteor Storm

When you hear of  meteors,

start digging a hole...

A Helping Hand

A combination of  live action and 3d animation.

3 Men in a Garden

The old split-screen camera

trick, used twice.

Beamish Tram Efx 2

Playing around some more

with Beamish tram shots.


Lots of tram shots, combined together.

An Exercise in Emotion

Maybe a journey back

into the past?


Another split-screen shot,

with more splits...

Just a Minute

How much stuff can you get

into a one minute video?


Another split-screen shot, with a transfer...

A Nice Cup Of Tea

There’s nothing like a nice cup of  tea....

Do Horses dream?

If  so, what would they dream about?

Close Up

Close up shots of  clockwork works

Riding on top of the Car

Our grandparent’s courting days

Fade Away

Having a bad day?

Me too...

Mix Up

Playing around with some weird effects

Who do you Know?

People that have appeared in films


You’ll all know this tune....


Messing about with still images.


Ryhope Pumping Station.