CA Tournaments  2012

May 16/17 2012 AC Tournament

In spite of the necessary three hour limit, with eight players playing five games over two days, only one game went to time. Brian Havill (18) was the star turn on Day One in warm and pleasant conditions, winning all three of his games quite emphatically.

Day Two was cooler but stayed dry and by the final round three people were still in with a chance, having won three out of four matches played.  Robin Barry (10) beat Quiller Barrett (9) +3 in a game that could have gone either way until the last turn. Mike Bowser (3 1/2) was beaten by Keith Rhodes (6) +3 despite taking an early lead.

That left Keith and Robin with four out of five wins but, as they hadnít played each other during the event, the decider came down to hoop difference with Keith just making it by +29 to +19. Itís a bit of an embarrassment winning in your home tournament, especially when youíre also the manager, but results were checked and adjudged fair and proper!

Thanks to all who helped before and during the tournament and also to the groundteam for presenting the lawn in such magnificent condition once again.

May 21st 2012 GC Doubles Handicap

Report by Peter Ross

The inaugural Letchworth GC Handicap Doubles was won by local pairing John Skingsley and Robert Staddon, in a close and fiercely fought final against Ray Mounfield (Ashby) and Susan Brooks (Letchworth).

Twelve pairs entered the tournament, from clubs as far flung as Guildford & Godalming, Leighton-Linslade, and Ashby, as well as from the host club Letchworth. Our two lawns were in excellent condition, and the weather was dry if a little chilly.

The schedule called for all-play-all (one 13-point game) within two blocks of six pairs, followed by a final.  The block games were hard-fought: one-third of all games went to 76, and in only four games out of thirty did the winning margin exceed three hoops. As no-one was keen to impose time limits, this resulted in a long day before we resolved who would play in the final; but a day that was enjoyed by all.

In the end, both blocks produced a clear winning pair, by margins of two games in Block A and one game in Block B. John Skingsley and Robert Staddon went through to the final against Ray Mounfield and Susan Brooks. This too was played as one-point game, with two extra turns being permitted to Susan. There was a great display of tactical awareness from both pairs, especially at the twelfth hoop. Needing to score in order to level the game, Ray and Susan tried to delay the run until they were able to set up a rush to the golden hoop.  John and Robert recognised this and played to force their opponents to take the hoop before they could set the rush.

The game went to six all, and after playing to the golden hoop Susan used her remaining extra turn to wire her ball from John's. By a quirk of the lawn, and much to Ray's dismay, John's ball skirted the hoop and then rolled to a blocking position.  A lengthy tussle ensued, terminated only when Ray elected but failed to run the hoop rather than clear the opposition, who promptly seized the opportunity to claim the tournament.


John Skingsley won the Letchworth Golf Croquet Tournament

 by Ray Mounfield at Letchworth CroquetClub   16 June 2012

 John Skingsley won the Letchworth GC Tournament.

 Nine players contested the one-day "B" level Golf Croquet Tournament  held at Letchworth CC. With eight participants having a handicap of 2 and the other being a 3 there were many close matches and everyone won at least one game.

 The lawns were in excellent condition and quite fast, but gusting winds and intermittent light rain made play tricky at times. Andrew Gregory,  more used to playing competitive AC, won his first four competitive GC  games, but failed to build on this early success. After seven rounds of play John Skingsley and Peter Ross each had six wins, Peter having lost a game to John and John having lost to Christine Mounfield (the only lady player). Going into the final round either leader could have won the  tournament but neither managed to secure a win, John losing to Mike  Huxley and Peter to Christine.

 So John Skingsley, having beaten Peter, was awarded the Letchworth tankard and bottle of beer.
All agreed that it was a good event which had attracted local players  and some from further afield. It was particularly pleasing to see Derek Old and John Moore who had made the long journey from the North East.