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Our latest invention is our Rude Cube, designed for one of our customers. We can now offer this exiting new system, proven to be a great income generator.

Used in lap dancing clubs throughout the country to showcase their girls pole dancing routines.


To the right are some examples  
 of our retrofit Digital Jukeboxes .
 All our new Digital Jukeboxes  
come video compatibility i.e able to play  
video tracks (MPG) on an external monitor .

Below are images and specifications of our new slim  
 Digital Jukeboxes fitted with state-of-the-art four channel  
amplifier. The jukebox is also available as a  
 home play unit supplied without coin acceptor, hence slightly  
cheaper than the commercial unit  

 If you would like to convert your old CD Jukebox to Digital or       would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us  



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Video Option Fitted
As Standard On All Of Our New Digital Jukeboxes

Features & Specifications
Of Our New Digital Jukeboxes

* 15 inch TFT Monitor
* Through glass projective Touch Screen
* Mini ITX Mother Board
* 80 Gb Hard Drive (Upgradable)
* 512 Mb RAM
* Dual Graphics output for Video support
* 4 x 100 Watt RMS Amplifier with LCD Remote control
* Supports RVC+
(Extra Functions: Credit/Freeplay/BGM on-off)
* Mono or Stereo Modes (Stereo mode for home use)
* Karaoke or Announcement modes
* Versatile on screen credit settings
* On screen book keeping
* Customisable colour user interface
* Full or timed Background Music (BGM) modes
* One button Transfer, for ease of uploading music
* Small slim, light-weight cabinet
* Alphabetical Track/Artist search
* Advertising screen for use with external monitor
* And much much more .....................

Images of a our
New Digital Jukeboxes
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Alternative Art Work - Customised Art Work Available

The Astrojuke - Novelty Digital Jukeboxes

The Astrojuke

At the jukebox madness show in October 2004 we demonstrated the versatility of our digital jukebox system by fitting it into a novelty cabinet, this was our "Astrojuke" Now owned and operated by jukebox45s.

If you are looking for a jukebox with a difference; perhaps a life-size Marilyn Monroe or Elvis, a psychedelic 70's creation, or maybe you have your own idea; we can create it for you.

Steve Robinson (Robinson's Jukeboxes)

Alternative Digital Jukeboxes Art Work (Lightning)
Alternative Digital Jukeboxes Art Work (Tranquil)
Alternative Digital Jukeboxes Art Work (Lunar)
Alternative Digital Jukeboxes Art Work (Band Box)
Digital Jukebox Interface
Digital Jukebox Interface

Digital Jukeboxes

On Site Installations Available in the UK

All our Digital Jukeboxes come fully CE approved and licensed with Microsoft software, also all music is PPL licensed & approved
And come with full free technical support and a full 30 day money back guarantree if not fully satisfied

Conforms to European Safety Regulations
Licensed & Approved By The Microsoft Corporation
Phonographic Performances Ltd
The Rude Cube

Statement From Robinson's Jukeboxes

Robinson's Jukeboxes Ltd have been involved in litigation against Herondata Sales Ltd , concerning the use of Robinson's Jukeboxes copyrighted software in Herondata Sales Ltd digital jukeboxes . The matter has been settled on the basis that such copyright is the sole property of Robinson's Jukeboxes Ltd and that Herondata Sales Limited will make no further use of our copyrighted work. A significant sum has been paid to Robinsons Jukeboxes Ltd.




Please be aware that the digital jukebox software and manual are the sole property of Robinsons Jukeboxes Limited. Any unauthorised distribution, selling or copying of this copyrighted work is strictly forbidden and appropriate steps will be taken to deal with infringements. Please make us aware of any seller whom you suspect maybe breaking these guidelines.