Aristotle (384BC-322BC)


ristotle is one of the three most famous Ancient Greek Philosophers, along with Plato and Socrates.
He was one of the greatest thinkers and his written works encompass all major areas of thought.

He was born in Stagira, Macedonia, then an independent kingdom, now part of Northern Greece. His Father Nicomachus was a court physician to the King of Macedonia and taught his son all he knew about medicine and biology. Unfortunately Aristotle's Mother and Father died when he was young , and so ended a possible career as a doctor. He was then brought up by his Uncle Proxenus, who taught him Greek, poetry and rhetoric.

At the age of seventeen Aristotle became a student at Plato's Academy in Athens.
After finishing as a student, Aristotle became a teacher at the Academy where he
remained for twenty years, teaching rhetoric and dialectic.

Aristotle shared Plato's love for knowledge but revised many of his ideals by focusing on observation and experience rather than thought and discussion. When Plato died in 347BC Aristotle left the Academy and travelled to Assos. Here he taught the king's son, Alexander the Great.

In 335 BC Aristotle founded his own school, the Lyceum in Athens at the request of the then King Alexander the Great . But in 323BC, after the death of the King he had to leave Athens for Chalcis.
he following year Aristotle died at the age of 62.

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Aristotle Quotation:
"The whole is more than the sum of its parts"