New Site!

Ok I believe I said "check this space" and that was no idle comment. Things have changed, mainly tweaks here and There, a spot of dusting some painting that sort of thing. Now I think everyone who is a member can be proud of our online Sanctuary.

I really want some input into the site. What would you like to see on here? Maybe something that will keep you coming back, but what? Last time out I asked for your input and the response was limited but ive shaken that off and now im asking again.
Below is a list of what I want you to do;

  • Complain (through e-mail)
  • Advise (through e-mail)
  • Invite Your Friends (In person and through the send link button)
  • Train Hard (In class)

    Brand New Site. In the previous post I pointed out that all the sections where not online, however now they are. Check this space...

    Brad Wood
    Site Admin.


    "The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. "