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Price: 11.99

Description: An introduction to the Labachako style of Nunchaku (Chako) taught in the Sanshu uk school of kung fu and m.m.a (mixed martial arts). This book covers foundation level techniques for anyone wishing to learn Nunchaku (chako) using visual and written examples. This style is open to anybody from any style or background. A must buy for any martial artist!
This book was written by Tom Metcalf (the class teacher)This item must be bought online

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Training Kit

Medium Weight Kung Fu Suit
Price: 20.00
Descrption: Medium Weight Kung Fu Suit. White. White Toggle Fasteners to Jackets. 100% Cotton. Kung Fu Trousers with Elastic Cord waist and Elasticated Ankle for all sizes
Order Number: 001

Training Shoes

Fei Yue Training Shoes WHITE
Price: 15.00
Descrption: Light Weight Training Shoes. WHITE
Order Number: 002
Fei Yue Training Shoes BLACK
Price: 15.00
Descrption: Light Weight Training Shoes. Black
Order Number: 003

Training Equipment

Boxing - Weighted Gloves Punching - 1kg
Price: 17.00
Descrption: New Weighted Gloves For More Intense Workouts. Red In Colour, Made of soft comfortable neoprene.
Order Number: 004
Mesh Tote Bag
Price: 17.00
The perfect gear bag for your wet or damp sparring gear. Black mesh. Solid end panels. Web handles.
Order Number: 005
Skipping Rope: Leather
wooden handles. Great Swivel design for fast action.
Price: 10.99
Order Number: 006

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