Our Performance Team

Here at SANSHU UK we have a performance team that works in cooperation with local theatre production directors. We are involved in fight choreographing, minor stunt work, extras, demonstrations and lots more. There are always opportunities to join the performance team or you may be asked to if you wish to during class, if you’re training hard! It is not a competition to gain entry and all students are welcome to audition. It is not an essential part of training just something you can opt to do on the side if this interests you!

Meet Our Performance Team

  • Maricris Hilario
  • Lewis Cross
  • Chris Waller
  • Erik Chatburn
  • Michael Chatburn
  • Harry Chatburn
  • Ryan Chatburn

    All above are available to talk to in class, just pop along.

    Sound Good??

    If you are intrested but would rather speak to someone before coming along this is an option as always, contact us using the link at the top of the page.


    "To know the road ahead ask those who are coming back."