Class are taken by Tom Metcalfe who has been practising martial arts from a young age. He has preformed on stage with the shaolin monks and various martial art masters including mater Wu Bin, and has a long history of kung fu training in both southern and northern shaolin styles. He teaches traditional northern shaolin gong fu forms and sanshou with influences from thai boxing, kickboxing and western boxing as well as FMA (Filipino martial arts). His goal is to promote the growth of martial arts as a whole.

Shifu Information

Shifu has been practising the martial arts since the age of 14.Excelling in traditional Shaolin Kung fu and Mixed martail arts. Instructed by the honourable Shifu Yang of the Shaolin Culture school a 34th generation shaolin disciple, there he excelled in northern shaolin kung fu, chi gong, tao lu's and Chinese orthodox boxing. There he practised traditional forms taught in the shaolin temple (China) such as wu bu quan, xiao hong quan, tong bei quan and da hong quan and various weapon applications. Prior to this he was instructed by Shifu Robin Ford excelling in southern shaolin kung fu was taught both lau gar and hung gar and kickboxing/ sanshou. Shifu has also trained in western boxing, muay thai, Wu Shu, tae kwon do, arnis, judo and various other styles.

He has trained with Jet Li's (the Movie Star) master, Mater Wu Bin and was taught Jets Li's first Wu Shu form.

He has preformed in front of the Hong Kongs Chief of Police for the K-Star TV global competition

He was held as a reserve for BBC THREE's 'The Last Man Standing' programme in 2007

He has helped choreograph fight scenes for local theatre performances, and appeared in AIDA as a fighting soldier in Egypt.

He has appeared in the show 'Tai Chi & Shaolin Kung Fu' featuring Chinas leading masters organised by The Chen Style Tai Chi Centre hosted by Shaolin Culture Centre.

He appeared in performances with the shaolin monks/disciples and The Famous Grand Master Chen Zhen Li in shows hosted in the Bromley area.

He has taught Security guards in South East London, both Self Defence and controlling the situation courses.

He was awarded a participants award in Germany by Shifu Shi Yan Hai of Shaolin Zentrum who also appeared in the Kung Fu DVD The Wheel Of Life.

He has performed at the previous school Sanshu for a tai chi documentary for SKY ONE

Shifus goal is to help promote Shaolin Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts


"He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who dose not ask the question remains a fool forever."