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Price: 11.99

Description: An introduction to the Labachako style of Nunchaku (Chako) taught in the Sanshu uk school of kung fu and m.m.a (mixed martial arts). This book covers foundation level techniques for anyone wishing to learn Nunchaku (chako) using visual and written examples. This style is open to anybody from any style or background. A must buy for any martial artist!

This book was written by Tom Metcalf (the class teacher)This item must be bought online

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Living Chi - The Ancient Chinese Way To Bring Life Energy And Ha
Price: 15.00
Descrption: By Gary Knor. How chi works. How to enrich your chi flow through breathing, massage, meditation, diet and feng shui. How to exercise properly. Book contains 143 pages.
Order Number: 012
Advanced Dragon's Touch - Book
Price: 21.99
Descrption: By Master Hei Long. In this book, Master Hei Long focuses on 20 pressure points you can use as targets of counter strikes. More than 50 practical applications for the featured anatomical targets. Softcover book contains 270 pages
Order Number: 014


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