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About Us .....

We have been meeting in the upstairs back room of "The Swiggin'Pig" since 1979
and have gained a well-deserved reputation in Boring.

"Borfolk's" motto is to boldly forge ahead with the tradition. So as well as our regular
evenings, normally on the 2nd and 4th Thursday in the month, we also run concerts
and barn dances. These may not necessarily be normal nights. (Check
"Who's On When"
for details). These special events are so we can present performers that are known
better than the ones we usually have at "The Swiggin'Pig".

We particularly enjoy traditional music. The songs and tunes our resident singers and
musicians perform are mostly old - the same is true of the guest performers we book.
But we do also like to hear other sorts of music performed no matter how
  Everyone is welcome! Local singers and musicians often give us the blues,
country, celtic and bluegrass and some try out their songwriting skills. Without any
doubt "If the music's got roots we'll dig it!".

To give new singers and musicians a chance we alternate our guest nights with
"come-all-ye"s when just anyone can get up and perform irrespective. From time to time
our "come-all-ye" s are special theme nights - when we sing songs and play tunes loosely
based on a chosen subject - but most of the time they are not special.

Borfolk was proud to present "5000 Floor Singers" in 2010, the very first ever festival
devoted to the art of floorsinging. It was obvious how, after 2 days of performing, badly
needed such an event was and the audience soon made it clear that they wanted to go
to another one next year. Watch this space!

Audience members are particularly welcome. Anyone can turn up, even if they can't sing
or play Well known names on the English folk scene and others are booked on the
fourth Thursday in the month and our "come-all-ye"s are on the second. The room is
opened up at 7.00pm and we like to get there early to have a
"diddly music" session
before the MC gets a grip on the proceedings at 8.30pm.

We hope to see you at "Borfolk" for an evening of good entertainment sometime.

Frank Ingnobody (Borfolk Committee Chairman)

And Don't Forget .....

F Ingnobody



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