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Hekety + Pete Rees
Saturday 14th April - 8.00 'til 11.00

We finish our 2006/07 season in the same way as we began, with an energetic young
band from Sheffield, Hekety. As Gordon Potts has pointed out that, as well as being
superb musicians the members Hekety are also great dancers "and it shows. It really
shows in everything they play. And the tunes 'rock'. In the folkiest way of course.

Calling the dances, we welcome back Pete Rees on his second visit this season to
Godalming Borough Hall.

As mentioned above, the members of Hekety are superb musicians and many of
them are members of the concert band Crucible who will be performing at the
Music Institute in Guildford the night before, Friday 13th(!) April.

Admission 10.00 (9.00 members)
Online Box Office Closed - There will be plenty of tickets available on the door

* If you are a member of GBH Ceilidhs your ticket will be 1.00 cheaper

Phone 01483 871443 for details of party rates

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