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Spain flag Spain: Torreblanca, Fuengirola, Benalmádina, Mijas, Torremolinos, are all within easy reach of each other. Gibraltar is a couple hours away. All form part of the Costa del Sol where cold country inhabitants can holiday and wear 'T' shirts in November. (Illustrated)

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An Airtours one week fully inclusive holiday at the Gardenia Park hotel in Fuengirola was the base for the holiday. With an unlimited amount of food and drink there for the taking, swimming pools (one indoor) and entertainment a good holiday could be spent without going anywhere else. It's a holiday that caters for all ages so expect to find the indoor pool a lively place rather than somewhere to quietly swim up and down. Although there was plenty of warm sunshine in November it was never quite warm enough to brave the outdoor pool. It rained on our first morning there and clouded over towards the end of the week. Nonetheless, as the photographs show it was sunny for the rest of the time.

We travelled by taxi to most nearby places and took advantage of an Airtours coach trip to see Gibraltar. Going through the Spain/Gibraltar border can be a lengthy procedure because of traffic queues. A good thing about coach tours is that all one has to do is sit there and take in the views. Sitting in the queue gave time for the sight of The Rock to sink in. Seen so many times on TV it was good to actually be there.

Towns and villages on the Costa del Sol are attractive places. They look bright and clean. There is an abundance of flowers and greenery everywhere thanks to the year round warmth and sunshine. Having said that a warm jumper and rainwear cannot be entirely dispensed with. We crammed in visiting as many places as we could within our short stay.

Benilmadina view Torremolinos beach

Mijas is high in the hills and a Spanish village as everyone pictures it. Lots of marble, white buildings and a historical atmosphere. Great views to the coast from there.

This photograph of a beach at Torremolinos shows the November weather. (Shiver away rain soaked England!)

Torremolinos promenade The Rock of Gibraltar

Torremolinos sea front looking rather deserted. It has it's crowded places but this wasn't one of them at the time.

Everybody who visits Gibraltar probably has a photograph of The Rock taken from where this one was. Just in case you haven't been there, this is it as seen from the town square.

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