Firefox toolbar layout

A compact toolbar set-up for Firefox.

Give toolbars the appearance shown above using the default theme:


Move all items from the Navigation bar (Address and Seach bars - buttons/icons). Place them in the Menu bar next to 'File - Edit' etc. (makes use of the empty space in the Menu bar).


Move favourite bookmarks from the Bookmarks toolbar to the emptied Navigation bar.


Turn the Bookmarks toolbar off.


Use the Firefox default theme with 'Use Small Icons' selected.


Give the toolbars a slightly contoured look by using a background tile.

Extensions affecting appearance:


Gives rounded ends to URL and Search bars.

Colorful Tabs

Helps to distinguish individual tabs and looks pretty.

Compact Menu

Removes rarely used functions from the Menu bar (in this case: File - Edit - View - Go).


Adds icons to various options in menus and optionally, gives them an 'XP' look.

Additions to the 'userChrome.css' file (the headings can be optionally included).

/* Reduce height of Toolbars */
toolbar {max-height: 28px !important;}
toolbarbutton {padding: 1px !important;}

/* Reduce height of tabs */
tab {height: 20px !important;
max-height: 23px !important;
-moz-appearance: none !important;}

/* Use a background image for the toolbars */
menubar, toolbox, toolbar, .tabbrowser-tabs {background-image: url("bg.gif") !important;
background-color: none !important;}
The image used: Toolbar background tile (bg.gif). Put it in the 'chrome' folder.

/* Increase text size in the URL and Search bars */
menubar > menu,
#urlbar, #searchbar, #status-bar,
#go-button > .button-box > .button-text,
#search-button > .button-box > .button-text,
{font-family: Arial !important;
font-size: 9pt !important;}

/* Make the Search box wider without using an extension */
#search-container, #searchbar {-moz-box-flex: 350 !important;}

/* Reduce the text size in Spoofstick further than the options offered */
#spoofstick-youareon {font-size: 9pt !important;}
#spoofstick-desc {font-size: 9pt !important;}

/* Remove the 'Go' word from the Go Button */
#go-button .toolbarbutton-text {display: none !important;}
#go-button .toolbarbutton-icon {margin-top: 2px !important; margin-bottom: 1px !important;}
#go-button .toolbarbutton-icon {margin-right: 1px !important;}

Other preferred extensions (not affecting appearance):

Links to authors sites. Search for the extension names on the Mozilla site if installing from there is preferred.

Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Adblock Plus
Html Validator
IE Tab
McAfee SiteAdvisor
MR Tech Link Wrapper
MR Tech Local Install
SpellBound Development
Tab Mix Plus

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