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RAF topics are written about by an ex-apprentice of RAF Locking (1953 to 1956 - 75th entry).The writer still holds an interest in the RAF and travels the world to keep in touch with other ex-apprentices from the 75th entry. Fly to this site if you have an interest in the Royal Air Force.


Greyhounds and Gliders. If you are interested in either of these topics this is a good site to visit. It has been constructed by people who have been flying and maintaining gliders for many years. They also like Greyhounds and have adopted three in succession who's racing days were over. They give the dogs a good home until the end of their natural lives.


50Plus.com. A Canadian based site with many features including an active computer help and discussion forum. Friendly advice on many aspects of computing without being blinded by science.

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AbilityMaine is a disability resource site based in Maine (US). The problems faced by those with disabilities tend to be universal, so the site is worth a visit wherever you live.

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The Funtrivia family friendly discussion forums have topics ranging from serious to, well... not quite so serious. It is also the site for online quizzes.

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