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Hello visitor. Sorry to inconvenience you with this page.

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The e-mail address above is presented as a picture (or image) so that it cannot be read by e-mail harvesting robots. Spammers send out these robots to crawl the world's web sites collecting e-mail addresses from the code that makes up web pages. Once gathered, the addresses can be used for SPAM purposes. The downside is that clicking on the image will not open your e-mail program with the address conveniently in place. A nuisance of course but we all hate SPAM don't we? It's hoped this measure will help prevent it. Thanks.

It is possible to hide an e-mail address from robots by using certain bits of script (code) within the page. However, since the new version of Internet Explorer was released (with Windows XP SP2), such scripts can give rise to a warning message saying that elements of the page have been restricted for security reasons. These 'e-mail robot' blocking scripts are harmless but the message might be enough to worry visitors. For this reason, we think it best not to use them. There are other ways of hiding e-mail addresses from web robots but there is always a danger that they will become clever enough to overcome any method used.

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