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Periwinkle Cottage

Periwinkle Cottage cross stitch
The largest of the Anchor Lilliput Lane kits. It is done on 16 count aida. Most of the fabric is stitched so it took quite a while to finish. The picture is worked using whole stitches, the detail is done with backstitch.

Make: Anchor: (Lilliput Lane Cottage kits). Pattern number: LL200. Finished size: 10" x 14" Stitched by Lynda.


Traditional Sampler

traditional sampler

The pattern was taken from a booklet containing seven different samplers. 14 count aida and DMC threads were used. There were some annoying errors in the pattern.

Make: Susan Treglown Sampler Collection. Pattern number: 90014. Finished size: 11" x 14" Stitched by Lynda.



rapunzel cross stitch

Worked on 14 count aida. This picture uses a lot of and stitches. There are also French knots, diamond eyelet, detached chain and cross stitches. Not an easy design to work but a beautiful and satisfying picture to produce.

Make: Janlynn. Pattern number: 112-93. Finished size: 9" x 13" Stitched by Lynda.

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