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Useful tip: A large alarm clock doubles up as a good wrist watch for long sighted people. Use an elastic band to hold it in place. smile

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Cross stitch & Crafts

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bullet Cross stitch/other crafts

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Photo & Graphics

bullet Restored photos-1

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bullet Old soldier photos

bullet How to colour photos

bullet How to repair photos

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Mountain Biking

bullet Visit the 'Over the Hill Off-Road Cycling.Club' website.

Holidays - Travel

bullet Bahrain

bullet Germany

bullet Hawaii

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bullet Spain

Other sites

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The Royal Air Force - Gliding - Disability - Greyhounds - Online quizzes - Web site design...

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Cross stitched special occasion cards

Special occasion cards.

These can be personalised either in the stitching or by computer generated inserts. Made by Lynda.


Dolls & more

doll collection photograph

Most of the hand made dolls, cushions and toys are given away to family and friends. These are some that are still with me. All made by Lynda.


Christmas Stocking


A Christmas item that was easy and fun to make. Make: Designer Stitches (specialists in Disney designs). Material: Felt, which is appliqued and padded. Made by Lynda.

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