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'Gallery Glass' produces a realistic stained glass effect that dries to a flexible and peelable film. Pictures are created as follows:-

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Glass Painting

photo showing glass painting Glass painted picture
Under construction and.... ....the finished painting.
1. Place a sheet of acetate (plastic sheeting) over a drawn outline, in this case a floral design.
2. Squeeze the liquid lead beading from the bottle onto the sheet along the outline of the design and leave it to dry overnight.
3. Fill in the design with the colouring paints straight from the bottle. Apply thickly.
4.To achieve a smooth texture 'comb' the paint with either a cocktail stick or a combing tool (provided with the larger kits). The picture on the left shows this being done.
5. Leave it to dry overnight. The paint is opaque when applied but clears to simulate stained glass as it dries.

Usage: The finished design can be peeled off the sheeting and placed directly onto a window pane. Since the back is smooth it clings to the glass without adhesive. Alternatively, it could be left on the acetate and hung from a window frame. There are several ways of using the glass paint. I have made some 'glass' flowers with it and decorated some lampshades.


Glass painted lampshade


'Gallery Glass' glass paint is not just for decorating windows. It can be used to enhance the appearance of many other items.


More glass painting

'Gallery Glass' provide the materials to produce leaded glass effect painting. This example is part of a design that adorns a patio door.

glass painted grapes

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