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What's in this site? Well, there are examples of: Cross stitch - Glass painting - Photograph repair, restoration and colouring. There are also some humorous articles and other topics included that might be of interest. There is no commercial purpose to the site. It's just showing the results of some our pastimes. We hope they will make an interesting browse. Thanks for visiting. Below are some samples, just click on the links for more:-

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Babies (Photo restoration/colouring)


Restored and coloured photograph

This photograph was taken in 1925 so it was about time the walls were re-decorated and the 'sofa' had a face lift, even if only digitally. Looked at under high magnification, enough clues were revealed to reconstruct the seat and background. The wallpaper is a Corel bitmap fill and is, of course, imaginary. Fortunately, the foreground was quite well defined. Even so, it took many long sessions to bring the photograph to the finished standard. Adding colour involved a mixture of object layer editing and solid fills. Photograph restored and coloured by Martin


The Royal Barge (cross stitch picture)

Thai Barge

There are no fractional stitches in this cross stitch picture, so it was fairly easy to stitch in spite of the size.

Make: PINN (all PINN kits are designed and produced in Thailand) Name: The Royal Barge Pattern number: 43-B Dimensions: 18.5"x14.5" Stitched on 14 count. Made by Lynda.


Vampires (humour)

bat If vampires don't have reflections how can they have a proper shave or make sure their fangs are clean? Take the famous Count Dracula in particular. He'd need a good memory for faces to remember what his own was like. He's a well groomed sort of chap, so if you told him he had a smudge on his cheek he'd go frantic trying to track it down. I can just see him leaping around in front of the mirror looking for a clue, wiping his face and asking if its gone yet. Of course, you tell him it hasn't just to buy a little escape time while he's preoccupied.

vampire graphic He's only got other peoples words for it that he hasn't aged a day in 400 years. If you get cornered by him, a way out could be to tell him that he's really looking his age these days ...a bit long in the tooth you might say. He couldn't check it out. He'd probably lose his self confidence and not bother to bite. Convince him that he should take in a little sunshine to improve his skin tone and 'Hey Presto' powdered vampire! So much cleaner and much less smelly than all that 'rings of garlic' and 'wooden stake through the heart' palaver.
Thought up by Martin.

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