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G A M E S  T O  M A K E  T H E
J O U R N E Y  G O  F A S T E R

“Okay,” said Dawn. “Xander’s next. If Andrew was an animal, what would he be?”  


Xander frowned, trying to think. He’d started this game as a way to make this road trip go faster, but Dawn had seized upon it with a frightening zeal. “I dunno. A Weasel, I guess.”




“Well, you know. He’s all weasel out of trouble guy.”


“Okay, That’ll do. Buffy,” Dawn turned to her sister. “If Spike was a flavour of ice cream, what would he be?”


Buffy answered without thinking, the memories resurfacing unprompted, “Mmm. Karamel Sutra.”


There was silence in the car after that.


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