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Thanks to calove, gamiila, hesadevil and especially myfeetshowit for all their support and beta reading. It's really appreciated. 


Thanks also to all the wonderful fan fiction writers out there who have kept me amused for the past few years. Cheers!


Lastly, my thanks go to the writers, casts and crews, Mutant Enemy, Fox, UPN, the WB and the CW for producing these great shows and to Sky One and Living for letting me see them in reasonable time.


My thanks to the owners of the above sites for their efforts, and those sites across the web whom I can't specify exactly, but have been a great help. I hope I haven't used anything that is the property of anyone else that I may have picked up on my magpie-esque trawls of the old 'net. If I have, please let me know and I will remove it, otherwise everything is all my own work.


I've used or might use art resources and screen captures from:


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