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S P I K E / B U F F Y



The Real Thing
(BTVS, Season 6 Post-As You Were but casually ignores canon thereafter.
For the prompt 'vampire robot')

Buffy is in for the shock of her life


Trading Faces

(BTVS Season 5 AU after Crush, for the prompt 'Trading Faces')

They’ve shared something; and it was good.



Daddy's Girl


Spike 'gives away' his daughter at her wedding, sort of



(Written for Wisteria as part of a Spuffy Ficathon, AtS Season Five)
Spike plucks up the courage to tell Buffy he's back...



I Love Her, I Hate Her
(BTVS Season Five, PG.
Post No Place Like Home? For calove's birthday)
Spike is still a bit confused

Podfic Version read by constance_b



(BtVS. Post-Chosen. Buffy and Dawn. Spike/Buffy overtones)
'She makes a solemn Venus in dirty, tatty jeans and skinny pink tee. No one knows why her head hangs low as she seems to stare into some invisible abyss, but Dawn is determined to find out.'



(Season Seven BtVS, During End of Days, PG)
Hope can wound with vicious claws.

1. Spike
2. Buffy



Tattered Valentines
(Ficlet. Season Seven BtVS, Post-First Date)
Not everyone is happy on Valentine's Day...

1. Spike
2. Buffy



(Spike/Harmony, Spike/Buffy, BTVS Season Five, rating PG.

This is a 369 (a collection of three themed drabbles of 69 words each).
Written for a challenge)
Because this thing with Buffy is wrong...



S P I K E / D R U S I L L A



Fade to Black
The world didn't turn Day Glo after all...



S P I K E / I L L Y R I A



If I Could Turn Back Time
(Spike, Illyria, karaoke bar.  AtS Post-Not Far Away. PG)
Let battle commence!



Succour & Sucker

The infamous Spike/Illyria tentacle fics!

(WARNING: NC-17. Tentacle Sex)
Spike hates Valentine's Day when he's alone. Illyria gives him something he hadn't bargained for...



S P I K E / T A R A



Secret History Sequence (Season Five?, BtVS, Spike/Tara)

Built from a challenge response from the Live Journal community


1.Cats and Dogs (Cats and Dogs Challenge)
Tara has a roving eye...


2. Naughty Thoughts (not a challenge Response)
Spike is pushing his luck...


3. Kiss Chase (not a challenge Response)
Tara is in for a surprise




S P I K E / H A R M O N Y



Not Yours

(Season 5 AtS. Written for a Bad!Sex challenge)

Warning: NC-17
What could be worse than the Destiny Desk Sex?



G E N  S T O R I E S



Old Gods, New Bonds
(AtS, During Power Play, you know the X Box bit. Illyria and Drogyn. PG)
“You must adapt or return to your rest.”




(Illyria. AtS Season Five, for Mommanerd)

Warning: Dark Themes
The only way is up...



Santa's Grotty, or a Punk Vampire's Christmas
(AtS, season Five, Post-Destiny)
Spike meets someone he doesn't expect on Christmas Eve...



 C R O S S O V E R



Divine Interruption
(BtVS/Supernatural Crossover, Spike meets Castiel)
Spike’s unlife gets a divine interruption from the angel of a rather atheist apocalypse.



Good Lordi
(BtVS/Eurovision Song Contest Crossover. Rated R for yucky bits.

Set in 2006, so Post-Chosen/Not Far Away. Buffy, Illyria, Spike, Willow, and Lordi as themselves)
Is Buffy and her gang in time to stop the Arockcalpse?



Paddington and the Punks
(Flashfic, Spike/Drusilla Crossover with Paddington Bear)
It would take more than a vampire to faze a bear like Paddington