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updated 11 June 2011

My Name is Bob

I live in the small village of Gildersome (clicking the link will tell you all about my location)

The part of Gildersome were I live lays in the shadow of Harthill at around 460 feet above sea level it is a modest location for VHF from 0 degrees through to 155 degrees which means there is not a lot much higher between here and the horizon.


My current station consists of the following

Main HF radio Yaesu FT1000 MkV field and SP-8 speaker (I have owned this radio for a few years now and is a real legend of a radio) for the audio I use a Heil gold line mic with the HC-5 insert and run that through the W2IHY EQ.


I am mainly active using Data Modes such as PSK MFSK RTTY and at the moment I am using an Icom 756 ProII which is linked to the shack computer via the Microham DIGIKEYER and running The HAM RADIO DELUXE software.

To see were I am being heard using PSK or what I am hearing click here on this text

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