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  My name is Kevin Moore and I live in England on the South coast, in a town called Brighton, in the beautiful county of Sussex, roughly 50 miles due South from London. The City of Brighton & Hove sits on the South Downs (chalk hills), which run along the South coast of England from Beachy Head to Winchester in Hampshire. If you have ever heard of the White Cliffs of Dover, then that is one end of the North Downs, which sweep up around just under London, and meet up with the South Downs about level with Southampton and the Isle of Wight. In between the North and South Downs is an area called the Weald, a fairly flat bit `till you try cycling over it, mainly used for farming. A path runs all the way along the top of each of the Downs. Called the North Downs Way and South Downs Way, they are ancient public rights of way used by travellers and pilgrims to get to Winchester, Salisbury, and Stonehenge. Nowadays people do sponsored walks along them and I mountain bike along them, --- the view is usually breath taking. This is a view from the South Downs Way on New Timber Hill looking West along the line of the South Downs, towards the Devils Dyke, with the Weald on the right. I will be joining in some of the charity cycling events shown here in 2005.

Pic of the Weald Sussex England

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  I work for a company called Thales Training and Simulation Ltd. (TTSL), in Crawley, which is about 25 miles North from my home. I designed and wrote software and hardware for full size Aircraft Flight Simulators, the type that are about 30ft high, weigh about 8 tons, and sit on the end of 6 large hydraulic motion jacks; so they're nothing like the ones that you play with on your PCs then. :) In the past I have helped to develop a FMS (Flight Management System) trainer that gives realtime full-flight fidelity, but works over the internet, from any PC, anywhere in the world. Currently I'm helping to design the new Boeing 787 simulator.

Before that I worked for a company called Applied Materials Implant Division, which is based in Horsham, which is about 28 miles North West from where I live. Applied Materials make equipment for the semiconductor industry, at Horsham we made Ion Implant machines. Very simply, there are two ways of getting the appropriate impurities, called dopants, into the silicone material. One way is to heat the silicone up and pass gasses like Phosphine and Arsine over the silicone, so that the dopant diffuses into the surface of the silicone where required. The other way is to use a small particle accelerator, (a large one, 27km long, can be found at CERN (also known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics), this throws charged atoms, called ions, of the dopant at the surface of the silicone, so that they bury, or implant, themselves into the surface, this is what we make. I was one of a team of people who wrote the control software for the Implant machine. Click her for a simplified explanation of how Integrated Circuits or 'Chips' are made. or here Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics.


* A Brief History of Aircraft Flight Simulation.

* Some Simulator Pictures.

  Some of my hobbies include sailing, which I do along the coast at Southampton and around the Isle of Wight, mountain biking, photography, music covering most genres, and of course what every computer geek loves, computing, and sometimes even what my qualifications are in, Electronics--- but not gardening, or decorating, until it becomes absolutely desperate. :)

  This is who I am, and here are some of my friends.

ARM Assembler Code data base for the Psion.

  Because I am a fan of both the amazing ARM processor, and of Psion computers, I have combined both, by generating a database of all, I hope, the ARM processor mnemonics, as a Psion DBF file. This should, hopefully, be useful to all those budding ARM assembler coders, and to Psion users interested in the processor which is at the heart of the Psion 5. If everything works correctly, you should be able to down load the zip file, by clicking on it, or however else your browser works.

I hope it is of interest/use to someone, if so let me know, or if you find errors, or corrections, or improvements, that you think may be necessary, please let me know. :) I have now included a CSV format version as well. :)

* ARMDB.ZIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.5k

* ARM-CSV.ZIP . . . . . . . . . . . 10.5k

* An html version

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